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Thermal Hazard Evaluation of Lauroyl Peroxide Mixed with Nitric Acid
Lung-Chang Tsai,Mei-Li You,Mei-Fang Ding,Chi-Min Shu
Molecules , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/molecules17078056
Abstract: Many thermal runaway incidents have been caused by organic peroxides due to the peroxy group, –O–O–, which is essentially unstable and active. Lauroyl peroxide (LPO) is also sensitive to thermal sources and is incompatible with many materials, such as acids, bases, metals, and ions. From the thermal decomposition reaction of various concentrations of nitric acid (HNO3) (from lower to higher concentrations) with LPO, experimental data were obtained as to its exothermic onset temperature (T0), heat of decomposition (ΔHd), isothermal time to maximum rate (TMRiso), and other safety parameters exclusively for loss prevention of runaway reactions and thermal explosions. As a novel finding, LPO mixed with HNO3 can produce the detonation product of 1-nitrododecane. We used differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermal activity monitor III (TAM III), and gas chromatography/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) analyses of the reactivity for LPO and itself mixed with HNO3 to corroborate the decomposition reactions and reaction mechanisms in these investigations.


中国物理 B , 1994,
Shared Equity Policy in Joint Ventures for Host Countries
Mei-Fang Chung
Economic Analysis and Policy , 2011,
Abstract: This paper provides a game model for examining the host overseas investment policy and MNEs equity strategy in international joint ventures. This paper refines previous Chen & Chung’s (2008) results and considers the host policy about MNEs’ joint-venture. This paper shows foreign firms increase their technology transfer incentive because less competition from the joint-venture partner when a foreign firm holds lower shares. And the holding shares of foreign firms must be not smaller than 50 percent. The host welfare increases with foreign firms’ minority equity. The equity conflict exists in the higher technology spillover and transfer cost cases. Hence, the host governments always impose investment restrictions on MNEs in the Developing countries. Otherwise, it has more loose policy in the Developed countries.
Study of Huoxue Qianyang Granules in revising the left ventricular hypertrophy of spontaneous hypertension rats
Duan ZHOU,Mei-Fang XIAO
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2006,
Abstract: Objective: To study the mechanism of Huoxue Qianyang Granule (HXQYG), a traditional Chinese compound medicine, in revising the left ventricular hypertrophy of hypertension. Methods: Spontaneous hypertension rats (SHR) were randomly divided into seven groups: untreated group, Songling Xuemaikang (SLXMK)-treated group, captopril-treated group, high-, medium- and low-dose HXQYG-treated groups, and normal control group. The systolic blood pressure (SBP) and left ventricular mass index (LVMI) were measured. The content of angiotensin Ⅱ (AngⅡ) in left ventricular tissue was determined by radioimmunoassay. The expressions of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) protein and mRNA in left ventricular tissue were analyzed separately by immunohistochemical method and RT-PCR. Results: (1) SBP and LVMI were higher in the untreated group than those in the normal control group, and they were lower in the high- and medium-dose HXQYG-treated groups than those in the untreated group, but higher than those in the captopril-treated group, and without significant difference as compared to those in the SLXMK-treated group. (2) The content of AngⅡ and expressions of ACE protein and mRNA in the left ventricular tissue in the untreated group were higher than those in the normal control group, and they were lower in the HXQYG-treated groups than those in the untreated group, but higher than those in the captopril-treated group, and without significant difference as compared to those in the SLXMK-treated group. Conclusion: HXQYG can reverse the left ventricular hypertrophy of SHR, which may be due to decreasing the amount of AngⅡ and expressions of ACE protein and mRNA in the left ventricular tissue.


物理学报 , 1996,
Abstract: 从低温跳跃电导模型出发,计算低温下的跳跃频率,热发射率及输运能级随温度变化,分析讨论了非晶硅热激电导的低温峰。认为输运机制的变化是氢化非晶硅热激电导低温峰TM独立于起始温度T0的主要原因,TM相应于输运机制变化的温度。
The Successful Development Strategy for E-Shops from the Perspectives of Value
Te-King Chien,Mei-Fang Wang
International Journal of Electronic Business Management , 2006,
Abstract: Under fast development of the Internet, e-Shops have become an important marketing channel. Despite the growth of Internet surfers, the population with experiences of shopping online has not grown to a significant level. In addition to the incomplete online shopping environment and security issues, the insufficient understanding of most enterprises about how to manage an e-Shop is also the main reason. To provide a seasonable solution to this issue, this study would (1) derive 4 constructs, 16 categories, and 68 key success factors via literature reviews, expert interviews, Focus Group, and Delphi method; (2) establish an operation value system of e-Shops as the basis of assessing the difference in key success factors; (3) integrate the value system and the concept of Kano model to develop Kano-value model, so as to get hold of the properties and category of each key factor; (4) apply FAHP (Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process) to present the importance ranking of the 4 constructs and 16 categories as the basis for the staged development of enterprises; and finally (5) according to the ranking, establish the successful development strategy for e-Shops. It was expected that the research results would serve as a reference for more accurate systemization of e-Shops in the process of development and reduce the exploration time and possibility of failure in the process of test and trial.
Shao-Gang Hou,Mei-Fang Jin
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811054183
Abstract: In the crystal structure of the polymeric title complex, [Cd(C11H10O4)(C10H8N2)]n, the CdII cation is chelated by one 2,2-bipyridine ligand and two carboxyl groups from two trimethylisophthalate (TMIPA) anions, and is further coordinated by one carboxylate O atom from a third TMIPA anion, forming a distorted pentagonal–bipyramidal geometry. Each TMIPA anion bridges three CdII cations, forming polymeric complex sheets parallel to (001). Weak C—H...O hydrogen bonding occurs between adjacent sheets.
Ethyl 3-[2-(p-toluenesulfonamido)phenyl]acrylate
Mei-Fang Jin,Bao-Yong Zhu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809034163
Abstract: In the title compound, C18H19NO4S, the two benzene rings form a dihedral angle of 52.2 (7)°. The crystal struture is stabilized by N—H...O hydrogen bonds, which link the molecules into dimers.
A study of nurses’ job satisfaction: The relationship to professional commitment and friendship networks  [PDF]
Li-Se Yang, Hsieh-Hua Yang, Hsiu-Tzu Chen, Mei-Fang Chang, Yu-Fen Chiu, Ya-Wen Chou, Yen-Chi Cheng
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.411167
Abstract: We suggest that employees’ job satisfaction has relationship to friendship network other than professional commitment, and argue that friendship network in the same ward and across wards will have different effects on employees’ job satisfaction. A cross-sectional survey design utilizing questionnaires was selected to fulfill the research objectives. All of the 405 nurses in the En Chou Kong Hospital were surveyed. Three hundred and three nurses completed the questionnaire representing a response rate of 74.8%. The instruments included friendship network nomination, professional commitment scale, and nurses’ job satisfaction scale (NJSS). The regression model of job satisfaction was constructed, using friendship network variables in the ward and across wards and professional commitment as independent variables. R square for each model is 0.22-0.36 for the four dimensions of job satisfaction. Professional commitment is the robust predictor. The efficiency of friendship network in the ward is a good predictor, while it is negative related to satisfaction of work load. Further, the indegree in the ward is negative related to work load. Implication was discussed.
Over-expression in Escherichia coli and Characterization of Apolipoprotein AI

DING Man-Sheng,MA Wen-Feng,ZHANG Mei-Fang,LIU Da-Tao,GUO Mei-Jin,ZHUANG Ying-Ping,CHU Ju,ZHANG Si-Liang,GONG Bang-Qiang,

生物工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Apolipoprotein AI (apo AI), the major protein component of human high-density lipoprotein (HDL), is a single-chain polypeptide of 243 amino acids. Several epidemiological studies have shown that the plasma concentrations of HDL has the role of reverse cholesterol transport (RCT) and inversely correlated with the incidence of coronary artery disease. Because apo AI lacks post-translational modifications, it is convenient to express human apo AI in Escherichia coli expression system. However, there is a poor stability of the mRNA and the apo AI protein in E.coli, it is difficult to express mature apo AI in recombinant bacteria, moreover, even as a fusion protein, apo AI is still sensitive to degradation and can not be cleaved efficiently from the fusion tags. In contrast, proapolipoprotein AI (proapo AI, having an additional polypeptide containing the amino acids Arg-His-Phe-Trp-Gln-Gln at the amino-teminal of the mature protein) proved stable and undegraded in Escherichia coli, and therefore, in this research, an expression system of E.coli including a plasmid of P RP L tandem promoter was adapted to produce proapo AI. Furthermore, site-directed mutagenesis of the proapo AI cDNA was performed to generate a Clu8Asp mutation in the amino-terminal sequence of proapo AI which created an acid labile Asp-Pro peptide bond between amino acid 8 and 9, and permitted specific chemical cleavage to remove pro-peptide. After inducing with a shift of temperature, yields of recombinant proapo AI achieved about 40% of total cell protein and the recombinant proapo AI expressed proved as a form of inclusion body in cells, so protein need to renature. First of all, the protein was dissolved in buffer with denaturant, and renaturation was carried out on a hydrophobic interaction column (Phenyl Sepharose), ion-exchange chromatography and gel-filtration chromatography were then used to further purify the protein. The purified recombinant apo AI was detected by a set of tests including Western-blotting, Circular dichroism spectra and lipid-binding test, the results shown that recombinant apo AI has similar structural and lipid-binding properties identical to those of native plasma apo AI, which facilitates further research and application.
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