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Sentence based semantic similarity measure for blog-posts
Mehwish Aziz,Muhammad Rafi
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Blogs-Online digital diary like application on web 2.0 has opened new and easy way to voice opinion, thoughts, and like-dislike of every Internet user to the World. Blogosphere has no doubt the largest user-generated content repository full of knowledge. The potential of this knowledge is still to be explored. Knowledge discovery from this new genre is quite difficult and challenging as it is totally different from other popular genre of web-applications like World Wide Web (WWW). Blog-posts unlike web documents are small in size, thus lack in context and contain relaxed grammatical structures. Hence, standard text similarity measure fails to provide good results. In this paper, specialized requirements for comparing a pair of blog-posts is thoroughly investigated. Based on this we proposed a novel algorithm for sentence oriented semantic similarity measure of a pair of blog-posts. We applied this algorithm on a subset of political blogosphere of Pakistan, to cluster the blogs on different issues of political realm and to identify the influential bloggers.
Pbm: A new dataset for blog mining
Mehwish Aziz,Muhammad Rafi
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Text mining is becoming vital as Web 2.0 offers collaborative content creation and sharing. Now Researchers have growing interest in text mining methods for discovering knowledge. Text mining researchers come from variety of areas like: Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistic, Machine Learning, and Statistics. A typical text mining application involves preprocessing of text, stemming and lemmatization, tagging and annotation, deriving knowledge patterns, evaluating and interpreting the results. There are numerous approaches for performing text mining tasks, like: clustering, categorization, sentimental analysis, and summarization. There is a growing need to standardize the evaluation of these tasks. One major component of establishing standardization is to provide standard datasets for these tasks. Although there are various standard datasets available for traditional text mining tasks, but there are very few and expensive datasets for blog-mining task. Blogs, a new genre in web 2.0 is a digital diary of web user, which has chronological entries and contains a lot of useful knowledge, thus offers a lot of challenges and opportunities for text mining. In this paper, we report a new indigenous dataset for Pakistani Political Blogosphere. The paper describes the process of data collection, organization, and standardization. We have used this dataset for carrying out various text mining tasks for blogosphere, like: blog-search, political sentiments analysis and tracking, identification of influential blogger, and clustering of the blog-posts. We wish to offer this dataset free for others who aspire to pursue further in this domain.
Efficiency Analysis of Materialized views in DataWarehouse Using selfmaintenance
Mehwish Aziz,Shabnam Nawaz,Pakeeza Batool
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: A data warehouse is a large data repository for the purpose of analysis and decision making in organizations. To improve the query performance and to get fast access to the data, data is stored as materialized views (MV) in the data warehouse. When data at source gets updated, the materialized views also need to be updated. In this paper, we focus on the problem of maintenance of these materialized views and address the issue of finding such auxiliary views (AV) that together with the materialized views make the data self-maintainable and take minimal space. We propose an algorithm that uses key and referential constraints which reduces the total number of tuples in auxiliary views and uses idea of information sharing between these auxiliary views to further reduce number of auxiliary views.
A Family of 4-Point n-Ary Interpolating Scheme Reproducing Conics  [PDF]
Mehwish Bari, Ghulam Mustafa
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2013.33031

The n-ary subdivision schemes contrast favorably with their binary analogues because they are capable to produce limit functions with the same (or higher) smoothness but smaller support. We present an algorithm to generate the 4-point n-ary non-stationary scheme for trigonometric, hyperbolic and polynomial case with the parameter for describing curves. The performance, analysis and comparison of the 4-point ternary scheme are also presented.

Osteoma of mastoid process obstructing external auditory canal: A case report  [PDF]
Aziz Mustafa
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.44034
Abstract: Objective: To discuss the surgical treatment of recurrent osteoma of the mastoid process of the temporal bone, that obstructed external auditory canal causing unilateral conductive hearing loss. Setting: The study was carried out in ENT Clinic, University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo. Design: Retrospective review of a clinical case. Patient, Intervention and Result: We treated surgically with success a 14-year-old boy with osteoma of mastoid process, obstructing the external auditory canal of the left ear and causing conductive hearing loss. Axial and coronal computed tomography scans revealed an compact bone lesion that obstructed the canal. Complete removal of the lesion was achieved by a retroauricular approach. Conclusion: In order to achieve complete removal of the osteoma, drilling of the lesion must be performed not through the tumor, but around the osteoma, in the surrounding bone tissue.
Nemytskii Operator in the Space of Set-Valued Functions of Bounded φ-Variation  [PDF]
Wadie Aziz
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2013.36072

In this paper we consider the Nemytskii operator, i.e., the composition operator defined by (Nf)(t)=H(t,f(t)), where H is a given set-valued function. It is shown that if the operator N maps the space of functions bounded φ1-variation in the sense of Riesz with respect to the weight function αinto the space of set-valued functions of bounded φ2-variation in the sense of Riesz with respect to the weight, if it is globally Lipschitzian, then it has to be of the form (Nf)(t)=A(t)f(

An Energy Efficient Cooperative Hierarchical MIMO Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Mehwish Nasim,Saad Qaisar,Sungyoung Lee
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s120100092
Abstract: In this work, we present an energy efficient hierarchical cooperative clustering scheme for wireless sensor networks. Communication cost is a crucial factor in depleting the energy of sensor nodes. In the proposed scheme, nodes cooperate to form clusters at each level of network hierarchy ensuring maximal coverage and minimal energy expenditure with relatively uniform distribution of load within the network. Performance is enhanced by cooperative multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication ensuring energy efficiency for WSN deployments over large geographical areas. We test our scheme using TOSSIM and compare the proposed scheme with cooperative multiple-input multiple-output (CMIMO) clustering scheme and traditional multihop Single-Input-Single-Output (SISO) routing approach. Performance is evaluated on the basis of number of clusters, number of hops, energy consumption and network lifetime. Experimental results show significant energy conservation and increase in network lifetime as compared to existing schemes.
Mehwish Rashid,Muhammad Imran Yousuf,Muhammad Imran
Academic Research International , 2012,
Abstract: Learning disabilities can affect persons’ listening, speaking, reading, writing and mathematical skills. Difficulty in writing correct spellings is a problem that comes under written expression. Mostly spelling problems are due to deficiency in perceiving, recalling and sound symbol integration. Observation and interview were used for data collection. After keen observations in classroom and at home, and interviews of teachers, parents and subjects were conducted. Main problems of subjects included the lacking confidence, facing difficulties to adjust in a new school, problems in reading and writing as well, to spell even simple words correctly along with other social and family related problems. Careful observations depicted that subjects had auditory sequential memory deficit. Children with this deficit have difficulty in sound association, hearing and remembering the sounds in correct order. Different spelling strategies were used for improvement of students’ spellings. For example, phoneme grapheme relationship, letter clues, missing letters, mix up letters, highlighted words, spell the words by pictures, syllables, tactile exercise and continuous counseling and motivation. By using these strategies, significant progress was observed in spellings, to relate sounds with alphabets, to spell bit difficult words. The study suggests that students with learning deficits needed some extra attention, parents and teachers should give them quality time and treat with love, care, affection, value and friendship. Teachers and parents should work together for betterment of such children.
Bovine Brucellosis: Old and New Concepts with Pakistan Perspective
Muhammad Abubakar*, Mehwish Mansoor and Muhammad Javed Arshed
Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Brucellosis is considered to be one of the most widespread zoonoses in the world. According to OIE, it is the second most important zoonotic disease in the world after rabies. The disease affects cattle, swine, sheep, goats, camels and dogs. It may also infect other ruminants and marine mammals. The disease is manifested by late term abortions, weak calves, still births, infertility and characteristic lesions are primarily placentitis, epididymitis and orchitis. The organism is excreted in uterine discharges and milk. The disease is economically important, is one of the most devastating transboundary animal diseases and also a major trade barrier. Although not yet reported, some species of Brucella (e.g., B. abortus) are zoonotic and could be used as bioweapons. Brucellosis has a considerable impact on animal and human health, as well as wide socio-economic impacts, especially in countries in which rural income relies largely on livestock breeding and dairy products. Considering the poor health infrastructure and manpower in rural areas, the focus should be on preventive measures coupled with strengthening the curative health care services for early diagnosis and treatment. The incidence of brucellosis is increasing particularly in large dairy herds in Pakistan. Several studies have been conducted using sero-diagnostic techniques to determine the prevalence of brucellosis in different provinces, districts and livestock farms in government and private sector.
A New 5-Point Ternary Interpolating Subdivision Scheme and Its Differentiability
Ghulam Mustafa,Jayyada Irum,Mehwish Bari
ISRN Computational Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/924839
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