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An analysis of textbooks on the Turkish language for 5thgrades in terms of critical thinking
Ergün ?ztürk,Mehmet Razgatlolu
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: This study was conducted with the aim to determine to what extent 5th grade Turkish text books included critical thinking strategies. In the study, it was examined whether course books included 5 dimensions of cognitive strategies or not. In this study, qualitative and quantitative research designs were used together. Document review was used as qualitative data collection method and 22 texts in 5th Grade Turkish text books published by Ministry of National Education and a private publishing house taught in Province of Sakarya were reviewed. This data collection tool developed was applied to the texts in accordance with the concepts determined by three individual researchers and checking process of the concepts was performed. As a result of the research, it was concluded that the texts in 5th grade Turkish text books prepared by National Education Publishing House included the strategies for developing critical thinking skills of students more than the texts in 5th grade Turkish course books prepared by the private publishing house. In addition, it was seen that both National Education Publishing House and private publishing house did not include the critical t hinking dimensions to the required extent.
Is pseudoexfoliation syndrome a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases?
Mehmet Yoku?olu
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2012,
Gertrude Bell’in An lar nda Konya
Mehmet ?P??OLU
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: The historians recognize Gertrude Bell The Queen of The Desert. In the science world as the British secret service member onbehalf of the Middle East during the First World War have done studies, students Lawrens Arabia known as the famous Britishagent, Thomas Edward Lawrence 'Hashemi together with Arabs against the Ottoman Empire have been organized because thehistory of old age to light archaeological work rather than political character has come to the fore.She is great influence in the Arab world. Arab nationalism in the region ensure that the judge has made importantaccomplishments. Therefore today in Arabia in schools, textbooks are read with the name of Awakening of the Arab awakeningare introduced as a hero.Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell, North West of England to the world income in the city of Durham. Childhood educatorsin the hands of nannies and missed passes through a disciplined process. Who completed training in London, College, OxfordUniversity Modern History section after graduating with first class degree in European travel interests.Bell's travels to Europe have passed the years 1893-1899. From Bucharest starting this trip Germany, Italy, Switzerland andFrance are into. In 1899, the Arab world are turning to Bell, the same year he went to Jerusalem. As set out here in June of 19OOSyria after move Cebelidüruz'a income. Bell's husband's aunt in the years (1902-1903) has been appointed as ambassador inTehran and she is located at Tahran. Learned Persian and some parts from the Divan of Hafiz translated into English nadpublicated it. In the same year, India, Java, Burma, China. Japan and America circulating Gerture Bell, in 1905 a new trip to theMiddle East does more. Observations publicated under the title The Desert and the Sown.Bell makes a trip to Anatolia in 1907. Over Symirna, Manisa, and came to Isparta. Bell, held here after his trip to Konya inrevenue and observations, where 40 kilometers north of Karaman with the famous archaeologist Montenegro Ramsey andinvention goes to the region and the famous Binbir Church will participate in the excavation. This study was also published by TheThousand and One Churches.Bell came to Konya after her excavations , where Maden ehri veDe le ren. She ‘s observations are in Sille and Meram. Keeplogs and notes here that under the name "Notes on a Journey through Cilicia and Lycaonia" was published in RevueArcheo ogigue.Gertrude at the beginning of the century, has an interest about the Arab world, learnt Arabic, to the desert began in herdepths of the archaeological excavations. With the outbreak of
eriye Sicil Kay tlar na G re 1748-1749 Y llar nda Konya’da Aile
Mehmet ALTAN,Mehmet ?P??OLU
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: Kad Registers are very important documents revealed that legal and economic events occurring in the territory of theOttoman.57 numbered Kadi register have 672 units .These documents are cases of inheritance, family, guardianship, judicial events,appoint officers and taxes, etc.. includes economic and social events.57 numbered kad register is covering the significant clues of the social history of the Konya although a short period of timerecord the period .As a result of this study has been understood that in Ottoman society institution of the family is very important . And muchless the number of bachelor in the community that nearly all of the adult population is married. Marriage, divorce, issues such asmahr women as men have a voice that can be seen. Screened almost negligible in Ottoman Konya no more marriage. Average offour children, their families has been understood.We do work on the subject have been covered by the book dates from 1748 to 1749 are the year. That we have examined thenumber of documents in the record book in 93 leaf 672 pieces. 152 of these documents constitutes one of the property sales.Document is followed by 80 cases with this heritage. Appointed guardian and kayyum, family law, outrage and shock, slaveemancipation, tax collection, müderris, etc. Mufti. Appointed officials and al. topics are included. That we have examined thedistribution of documents is as follows.Establishment of family life in Ottoman society, called to namzed engagement with the period after this period performed thewedding after wedding ceremony consists. Become a family enterprise providing the Marriage contract of the household is notenough for the wedding by doing his own men to build up a nest of male subjects was due bachelor say.Marriage preparation period in the kadi register form that a lot word of cutting and engagement with the case record islocated. Records in question formed the terms of engagement of contract, the parties of their obligations, the obligations of thestate from nezt shows the limits of its legal validity. In some cases as a process of engagement and commitment given by menduring this time that is required to fulfill the engagement, otherwise than by girls has right to move is understood to give up.Mahr is entirely the woman's property, but shall be given to family. You can save as expressed therein. Women and theirrelatives to marry in exchange for a dowry Mahr is not obliged to prepare. To be paid not absolute Mehr marry. Payment will bemade compulsory Zifaf. In case of divorce to women without Zifaf mehr half paid. Or parents
1792–95 Y llar Aras nda Osmanl Konya’s nda Sosyal Ya amdan Kesitler
Mehmet BARMAN,Mehmet ?P??OLU
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: No doubt Kadi registers are very important sources of Ottoman social, political, administrative, economic and cultural historythat aspects of many ways to light an unknown or missing to complete the remaining aspects of nature are the source.We have examined in the 66-E number kadi register in the period's social history of Konya standing shed light on some socialevents occur that we have observed. These events have been observed in social life under the name of a separate chapter on thevarious topics under review were appropriate.In the first title, we have discussed the process that occurring in the social events from the establishment of the Ottomanfamily till dissolution. We tried to give in the second title the information about the Ottomans quarters (Neighborhoods). In thethird title tried to provide information about the foundation as a foundation of civilization, the Ottoman documents about thefoundation system in the light that is reflected da'valar. In fact, in this section had been wanted to share with you what evidenceswere found about the social life that the purpose of the study is that aim.Establishment of family life in Ottoman society begins with the engagement period that named as namzed. Namzed word inthe dictionary fiancee, yavuklu means. The same means used in Ottoman society. This sense has taken place in the register er'iye(Qadi Book). We have reviewed 66-E No. 2 hüccet (proof) about namzed in kadi records. The results are as follows basedon these interests:Namzed period is the period of preparation for marriage. Each other had passed recognizing a one this period . Each periodof engagement has not resulted in the marriage. Namzed in the process of candidate and their families exchange goods andjewelry gifts with things like during each other's family structure and family relations in the attitudes and behavior more closely thevalues of learning opportunity and the bride and groom candidates and family harmony with each other is concerned namzedprocess has resulted in marriage. But the bride-groom and family disputes also came out some other problems.As a social phenomenon that some social factors in premarital namzed was concerned. This type of incident does not haveother problems based on mutual consent of the Ottoman court consent decrees that the union has supported extending themarriage. Above, the Ottoman Empire, the woman's consent to the institutional (legal) is respected as stated. In these documentewe are once again observed. For those who want to prevent this consent to the union did not allow the court, so the socialpre
Does religion bring more conflict than peace? A survey of Americans’ attitudes toward religion and conflict
Mehmet Ali Balkanl?olu
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to examine Americans’ attitudes towards their disagreement with the statement that religion is more likely to reinforce conflict, especially violent conflict, than to promote peace before the September 11. Many studies showed that after 9/11 the opinion of the American people has radically changed about the potential for religion to be misused by some people for their own purposes. In this sense, we need to know Americans’ attitudes towards religion and conflict before 9/11. This is a new study clarifies the Americans’ attitudes about the issue before the 9/11 by utilizing General Social Survey (GSS) 1998 data. This article hypothesized that race, class, gender, age, marital status, political party affiliation, regional diversity, and religion make a difference in Americans’ attitudes regarding this issue. Logistic regression is used to test the hypotheses. This research shows that slightly more than half of American respondents (56%) disagree that religion brings more conflict than peace. This indicates that there is a tendency among Americans to believe that the overall effects of religion support the ideal of peace.
Dr. Fatih Mehmet DERV??OLU
Turkish Studies , 2007,
Abstract: This study tries to evaluate the sources about both the Sivas Congress (4 September 1919) and the city of Sivas in the years of national struggle where Mustafa Kemal lived in different times before the Erzurum Congress and during the Sivas Congress.The work considered to be related with the Sivas Congress have been gathered and examined under different headings. It is aimed to help the researchers who will study in this field.
Türk Edebiyat Dersinin retiminde De erler
Mehmet Kuruday?olu,Erdo?an ?ak?c?
Ana Dili E?itimi Dergisi , 2013,
Abstract: Her millet kendi kültürünü meydana getirir. Kendi kültürünü meydana getirirken ba ka milletlerin de kültürel zelliklerinden yararlan r fakat ald kültür unsurlar n kendisine uydurur. Her millet kendisine ait kültür unsurlar n gelecek ku aklara aktarma ihtiyac duyar. Bu ihtiya tamamen var olma ihtiyac ndan kaynaklan r. Milletlerin nemli kültür unsurlar aras nda dil, giyim-ku am, yemekler, tarihi yap lar, dünya g rü ü ve olu turduklar de erler vs. say labilir. Hi üphesiz bu kültür unsurlar birbirleriyle ili ki i erisindedir; hi biri birbirinden ba ms z dü ünülemez. nemli bir kültür unsuru olan de erler de günümüzde ok tart lan bir konu haline gelmi tir. “De erlerimizi kaybediyoruz.”, “De erlerimize sahip kmal y z.” vb. s ylemlerle ok s k kar la lmaktad r. De i en dünya artlar yla beraber toplumun da de i im g stermesi toplumu tedirgin etmektedir. Sosyal bilimciler de toplumun tedirgin oldu u bu konuda al malar na h z vermi tir ve de erlerin retiminin nas l ger ekle tirilece i konusu günbegün tart lmaktad r. Bu al mada, de erler retiminin nas l ger ekle ti i, aile ve okul ortam nda nas l cereyan etti i de erlendirilmi ve Türk edebiyat retimi a s ndan de erler retimi tart lm t r. Ayr ca, Türk edebiyat dersinde, de erler retimi i in kullan lacak baz y ntem, teknik ve etkinlikler tan t lm t r.
Choosing cohort for epidemiologic studies
Oben Baysan,Mehmet Yoku?olu
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2009,
Betül ?ZGER,Mehmet ?P??OLU
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2007,
Abstract: The documents of er’iye or in other word sKad registers are the first hand documents onthe researches of Ottoman social and economic history. Thus documents are very important bothsocial structure of belonging to regions and to declare state and political history fort he relationsof its governors. From this point of view this book includes a lot of documents about bothsocial and governtmental structure of Konya that a important city of Ottoman Empire. In thisstudy has been studied to bring to light historical realities from thus datas of this book.
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