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Growth, Mortality and Yield of Barbel, Barbus plebejus (Bonaparte, 1839) in Almus Dam Lake (Tokat, Turkey)
Mehmet KARATA,M. Fatih CAN
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Growth, mortality and yield of Barbel, Barbus plebejus, in Almus Dam Lake (Turkey) were studied. A total of 201 specimens were collected from January 2003 to December 2003. The total length ranged from 15.2 to 41.5 (TL) cm and total weight ranged from 33.7 to 816.5 g. Sex ratio (1: 1.83) was biased towards females (p<0.05). A negative allometric growth was determined in population (p<0.05). The length-weight relationships for all individuals was described by the following parameters: a = 0.036, b = 2.60 with the R2 = 0.83. The population comprised of ten age groups (I to X years). The von Bertalanffy growth parameters for the entire population were: L8= 45.65±1.72 cm, k = 0.249±0.023 1/year and to = -0.711±0.102 year (R2 = 0.89). The growth performance index was 2.71. The mortality rates for whole population were found to be; Z = 0.76 1/year, M = 0.50 1/year and F= 0.26 1/year; and the exploitation rate was E = 0.34 1/year. The Bevarton and Holt model of yield and biomass per-recruit indicated that the stock of B. plebejus in the Almus Dam Lake is not over fished (Emax = 0.92, E0.1 = 0.80 and E0.5 = 0.38).
Bile peritonititis and bile fistula occurring after the operation of the hydatid cysts of liver
Feza Ekiz,Cihan Karata,Meltem Kü?üky?lmaz,Mehmet Kurt
Medical Journal of Bakirk?y , 2007,
Abstract: Objective: Ten patients who underwent hydatid cyst surgery were evaluated retrospectively show the relationship between surgical technique and postoperative bile leakeage. Material and Methods: Ten cases with different number of cysts in different diamaeters operated for hepatic hydatid disease were evaluated retrospectively. Mean age of the patients was 52.4 (14-75) with a male to female ratio of 3/7. Diagnosis was confirmed with serological tests, ultrasonography and computerized tomography. Results: A total number of 18 cysts were observed in 10 patients included in this study. Surgical operations applied were partial cystectomy for 11 cysts, cystotomy drainage for 3 cysts, intro- exion for 2 cysts, and pericystectomy for 2 cysts. Of these 18 cysts, 13 cysts had clear uid without intrabiliary rupture, and were treated by partial cystectomy or intro- exion. After these procedures two patients had complications. External biliary fistula developed in one of them and bile peritonitis with subhepatic bilioma developed in the other. Bile fistula healed spontaneously on the tenth day. Bile peritonitis was managed by inserting a periton dialysis catheter into Douglas left for 48 hours. Subhepatic bilioma was drained percutaneously under computerized tomography and bile drainage persisted for two months, which ceased spontaneously. Conclusion: It is concluded that biliary leakage after partial cystectomy or cystotomy can be avoided by suturing or clipping cut edges of pericysts.
Survival of Chemically Modified Titanium Surfaced Implants in Irradiated Jaws of Oral Cancer Patients  [PDF]
Mehmet Yaltirik, Bilge G?k?en R?hlig, Meltem ?zdemir Karata, Melike Ordulu Sübay, Rü?tü Cem Tanyel, Meltem Koray
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2015.57025
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the clinical performance of implants with chemically modified surfaces in irradiated bone in a period of five-years. Patients & Methods: 15 (6 females, 9 males, 50.2 years with a range of 38 - 60 years) patients who had been operated for oral tumors and had undergone radiotherapy were enrolled and 40 SLActive surface implants were placed (24 in the maxilla, 16 in the mandible). Implants were allowed to integrate for a period of 90 days and the stability of the implants was measured with Resonance Frequency Analyzer/Osstell? Mentor (Integration Diagnostics, Savedalen, Sweden) at implant placement, 30 days later and at the end of the 90th day. Patients follow up periods after the implant placement varied from 20 months to 60 months (mean: 45 months). Results: Two implants were lost in maxilla in healing period as a result of osseointegration failure. The survival rate was 95%. During the observation period, totally 4 implants were lost. The overall success rate was 90%. 3 of the lost implants were in maxilla and one was in mandible. The initial ISQ values of the implants differed from 20 - 71; the second values were between 24 - 71 and the last values were between 30 - 89. The implants which were lost could not show a value greater than 35. Conclusion: There was no any complication on the SLActive surface implant placed bones due to irradiation. Within the limitations of this study, it may be concluded that osseointegrated implants can be placed in irradiated bones, unless a careful patient selection and treatment planning is performed.
Socio-political structure of Tokat at the bases of the local elections
D. Ali Arslan,Mehmet Karata,Sadettin Ba?türk,Gülten Arslan
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: The major ofjective of this study was to examine and discuss the political structure of Tokat and its place in the general political structure of Turkish society by using methods and techniques of political sociology. Structural-functionalist approach was used as the theoretical base. In the other words the formation of political power in Tokat and the overall operation and changing regularities were investigated. Both the province of Tokat and Tokat city center selected as the sampling group from the universe of Turkey. The evaluation of socio-political structure of Tokat in relation with the political structure of the Turkish society from the early 1960’s up to the present time was researched in this study.Findings clearly show that there is a overwhelming superiority of the right wing across the Tokat province. Although some seasonal differences in the proportional sense from past to present, the right political culture has been more effective in the political structure of the province.
The opinions concerning economic, social and cultural of the foreign footballers about playing football in the Turkish Professional Football Leagues
Eyüp Y?ld?r?m,Mehmet Sezen,Yüksel Savucu,?zgür Karata
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the opinions concerning economic, social and cultural of foreign footballers about playing football in the Turkish professional football leagues.The population of the study consisted of 71 foreign players from 12 teams ( . Rize, Sivas Spor, Konya Spor, Kayseri Spor, Kayseri Erciyes Spor, G. Antep Spor, Antalya Spor, Denizli Spor, Sakarya Spor, Ankaragücü, Gen lerbirli i, Ankaraspor,) in 2006-2007 football seasons in Turkcell Super League and Bank Asya 1st League category.Data had got from the questionnaire which has been done to the sample players by the researcher. Frequency, percent and arithmetic average was used for the description statistical analysis of the subjects’ personal info.As a result, it has been determined that the foreign footballers’ reason of selecting playing football in Turkey caused of economical reasons, they can create a friendship in and out of football field with native footballers, enjoying Turkish cuisine and Turkish music, telling positive opinions about Turkey when they return to their country, they want some special requests in their agreements.
Lateral Torticollis: Report of a Case Complicated by Horner’s Syndrome
Abdulkadir Ko?er,Mehmet Ery?lmaz,Ay?e Karata,?eyma ?zdem
Türkiye Fiziksel Tip ve Rehabilitasyon Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: We report a 53-year-old female patient with involuntary head rotation to the right. The diagnosis of spasmodic torticollis with shoulder elevation causing the head rotation to the right side and partial Horner’s syndrome (HS) were established. Complaints of the patient relieved after Botulinum toxin treatment. Ptosis and miosis ameliorated. This case suggested that the signs of HS in our patient were associated with lateral torticollis. Turk J Phys Med Rehab 2011;57 Suppl 2: 369-70.
Cannabis: a rare trigger of premature myocardial infarction
Yi?it ?anga,Damirbek Osmonov,Mehmet Baran Karata,Gündüz Durmu?
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2011,
Late Onset Poststroke Seizures
Ba?ak Karakurum G?KSEL,Mehmet KARATA,Meliha TAN,,Tülin YILDIRIM
Journal of Neurological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: The most common cause of seizures is cerebrovascular disease in elderly population. Late onset seizures are not investigated as well as early onset seizures in patients with stroke. There is no common consensus about clinical, electrophysiological and radiological features of these seizures. In this study, 55 patients with late onset seizure who had stroke history were investigated. The 49 % of patients were women, the mean ages of patients were 63.9±9.2 years. The mean of duration between stroke and the first seizure was 30.4±36.8 months and the mean of following time was 14±13 months. The 89% of patients ischemic stroke and 11% of patients had hemorrhagic stroke. The lesion localizations were cortical in 17 (30.9%) patients, subcortical in 8 (14.5%) and cortico-subcortical in 29 (52.7%). As a result 84 % patients’ lesions were cortical localization. There were partial seizure in 39 (%70.9) patients, generalized tonic-clonic seizure in 16 (29.1%) patients. 43 (78%) patients had no seizure during antiepileptic therapy. 7 (12.7%) patients had seizure after beginning antiepileptic drug due to stopping drug, low blood level of drug and ineffectiveness of drug. 5 (9%) patients had not been given drug because of first seizure and no seizure during follow-up. In conclusion, the late onset poststroke seizures seem frequently in ischemic stroke, the reccurence rate was high and partial type seizures were more common than generalized and cortical localization was seen frequently. On the other hand, this condition has good prognosis.
Mesobuthus eupeus (C.L. Koch, 1839) (Scorpiones: Buthidae) in Turkey.
Karata, A.,Karata, Ah.
Euscorpius , 2003,
Abstract: Distribution of Mesobuthus eupeus (C.L. Koch, 1839) (Scorpiones: Buthidae) in Turkey is investigated and new distributional records are given. In addition, data on the variation of the number of pectinal teeth, and some ecological features of M. eupeus are provided.
Türk Kültürü ve Milli Kimlik Ba lam nda ‘Kozmopolitizm’
Cengiz Karata
Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara?t?rmalar? Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: zetTürk kültürünün tarihi ok eski d nemlere uzanmaktad r. ‘Milli kültür’ kavram tarihi süre i erisinde olu mu bir birikimin ad d r. ‘Kozmopolitizm’kavram ise varolu u itibariyle bu birikimi reddeder. Kozmopolitizmde -kelimenin kavramsal anlam na uygun olarak- kimlik de il kimliksizlik esast r. ‘Osmanl c l k’ dü üncesi de 19. yüzy l Türkiye’sinde kozmopolitizmin bir yans mas olarak kar m za kmaktad r. Ziya G kalp, mer Seyfettin, Yahya Kemal gibi bir ok yazar m z kozmopolitizmin kar s nda durmu lard r. Buna kar n Tevfik Fikret ve Tunal Hilmi gibi ahsiyetlerin kozmopolitizme taraf olduklar a ikard r.Kozmopolitizm temelinde, ok kültürlülük ve ulus devlet mant n n anla lmas a s ndan s z konusu fikir adamlar m z n dü ünceleri ve bak a lar nemlidir.AbstractThe roots of Turkish culture goes back to ancient times. The national culture conception is the name of an accumulation formed through historical process. The conception of “cosmopolitism” rejects this accumulation in terms of its existance. “Ottomanism” idea appears as the reflection of cosmopolitism in 19th-century Turkey. Many writers like Ziya G kalp, mer Seyfettin, Yahya Kemal were opposite of cosmopolitism. However it is clear that people like Tevfik Fikret and Tunal Hilmi were in favor of cosmopolitism. The thoughts and perspectives of our thinkers are significant in terms of understanding multiculturalism and nation-state as a basis of cosmopolitism.RésuméLes racines de la culture turque remontent à une date très ancienne. Le concept de Culture nationale est le nom donné à l’ensemble des cultures construites au cours de l’histoire. Le concept de Cosmopolitisme rejette cette construction historique au cours du temps. Selon la conception du Cosmopolitisme , conformément à sa signification conceptuelle, c’est l’absence de l’identité qui est essentielle, ce n’est pas l’identité. L’idée de Ottomanisme est apparue au cours du 19ème siècle turc en étant un reflet du Cosmopolitisme . Les écrivains comme Ziya G kalp, mer Seyfettin et Yahya Kemal sont contre le Cosmopolitisme tandis que des personnes comme Tevfik Fikret et Tunal Hilmi sont pour le Cosmopolitisme.A la base de l’idée de cosmopolitisme, les réflexions et les visions des penseurs en cause sont importantes pour comprendre le multiculturalisme et la logique de l’état-nation. . " " . " " .
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