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Estimation of Carotid Artery Pulse Wave Velocity by Doppler Ultrasonography
Manijhe Mokhtari Dizaji,Mehdi Maerefat,Saeed Rahgozar
Journal of Tehran University Heart Center , 2009,
Abstract: Background: Pulse wave velocity (PWV) is widely used for estimating the stiffness of an artery. Various invasive and non-invasive methods have been developed to determine PWV over the years. In the present research, the non-invasive estimation of the PWV of large arteries was used as an index for arterial stiffness. Methods: A dynamic model based on the Navier-Stokes equations coupled to elasticity equations was introduced for the PWV in arteries with elastic walls. This system of equations was completed by clinical information obtained from the Doppler ultrasound images of the carotid artery of 40 healthy male volunteers. For this purpose, the Doppler ultrasound images were recorded and saved in a computer; and subsequently center-line blood velocity, arterial wall thickness, and arterial radius were measured by offline processing. Results: The results from the analytic solution of the completed equations showed that the mean value of PWV for the group of healthy volunteers was 2.35 m/s when the mean arterial radius was used as the neutral radius and 5.00 m/s when the end-diastole radius was used as the neutral radius. It is noteworthy that the latter value closely complies with that reported by other researchers. Conclusion: By applying this method, a non-invasive clinical and local evaluation of the common carotid artery stiffness via a Doppler ultrasound measurement will be possible.
The effect of bilateral activities on the improvement of upper limb function in CVA patients
Mehdi Hassanpour,Sayed Ali Hoseini,Shahram Aboutaleb,Mahdi Rahgozar
Behbood , 2011,
Abstract: 1. Dept. of Occupational Therapy, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, Iran.Background: Bilateral activity is a rehabilitation method for cerebral vascular accident (CVA) patients with proven efficacy. This study investigated the effects of bilateral activities on the affected side upper limb functions in CVA patients.Methods: In this empirical study, 21 CVA patients were assigned into case and control groups. During 8 weeks interventions the case group received bilateral activities in addition to routine treatment, which performed in both groups. Upper limb function was measured using both Fugl- Meyer and Wolf tests at the beginning and end of the 8 week of the study. Data was analyzed using Chi–Square independent and paired sample T-tests.Results: In the case group, function time and sensory motor score were increased significantly after the intervention (p=0.023 and p-0.002 respectively). There was no significant difference between the case and control groups before and after intervention. Significant difference was not seen either in case or in control group in the motor function scores during the study period.Conclusion: Performing bilateral activities could not lead to significant upper limb function improvement. Due to the small sample size and the long time passed after CVA occurring in our study, it seems that more investigations in this filed is necessary.
The Effect of Kangaroo Care on Physiologic Responses to Pain of an Intramuscular Injection in Neonates
Firoozeh Sajedi,Zahra Kashaninia,Mehdi Rahgozar,Fariba Asadi Noghabi
Iranian Journal of Pediatrics , 2007,
Abstract: Objective: Pain in neonates can be associated with various risks. So, it seems essential to find a simple and acceptable method for relieving pain. Pharmacologic agents are not recommended in neonates for pain relief in minor procedures but nonpharmacologic interventions like Kangaroo Care (KC) is found to be effective. The objective of this study was to assess the efficacy of KC on physiologic responses to the pain of an intramuscular injection of vitamin K in term neonates.Material & Methods: One hundred healthy term neonates were enrolled for this study during 2 months. The inclusion criteria were gestational age 37-42 weeks, normal vaginal delivery, birth weight 2500-4000 gr, age more than 2 hours and Apgar score more than 7 at 1 minute. They were randomly assigned to intervention and control groups. In the intervention group, the neonate was held in KC for 10 minutes before the injection until 3 minutes after injection. In the control group, the neonate was in the prone position in the isolette. The primary outcome measures were heart rate and blood oxygen saturation rate before, during and 3 minutes after injection.Findings: The heart rate during and 3 minutes after injection for neonates given KC were significantly lower than for neonates in control group (P<0.001). The blood oxygen saturation rate during and 3 minutes after injection for neonates given KC were significantly higher than for neonates in control group (P<0.001). Conclusion: KC given before injection seems to effectively decrease pain from injection. It is a simple, safe and effective analgesic and should be considered for minor invasive procedures in term neonates.
Estimation of Elasticity by Modeling Blood Flow Using Clinical Ultrasound Data
Mehdi Maerefat,Saeed Rahgozar,Manijhe Mokhtari-Dizaji
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: In the present study, the estimation of elastic modulus of large arteries is used as an index for arterial stiffness. At first, a dynamic model is introduced for pulsatile blood flow in arteries with elastic walls. The model is based on Navier-Stokes equations in fluid mechanics and the theory of elasticity. The system of equations is completed by clinical ultrasound data obtained from Doppler ultrasound images of carotid artery of 40 healthy male volunteers. For this purpose, Doppler ultrasound images are recorded and saved in computer and then center-line blood velocity, arterial wall thickness, and arterial radius measured by offline processing. The results from analytic solution of completed equations show that the mean elastic modulus for the group of healthy volunteers is about 213 kPa. By applying this method, non-invasive clinical evaluation of common carotid artery stiffness by Doppler ultrasound measurement will be possible, without the measurement of local blood pressure.
Comparison of Modified Ashworth Scale and Hoffmann Reflex in Study of Spasticity
Amir Hassan Kohan,Shahram Abootalebi,Alireza Khoshnevisan,Mehdi Rahgozar
Acta Medica Iranica , 2010,
Abstract: "nSpasticity is one of the common complications in upper motor neuron lesions and without appropriate treatment it causes disturbances in movement pattern. Assessments of patients are effective in patient`s management. Modified Ashworth scale (MAS) is one of the criteria in qualitative assessment of spasticity, and there are lots of controversies about its validity. The purpose of this study is to compare MAS with electrophysiological indices of spasticity. The spasticity of upper limb muscles in patients with hemiplegic cerebral palsy are measured and recorded by MAS. Then electrophysiological indices of Hoffmann reflex (H reflex) and ratio of maximum range of action potential of combined movement of flexor carpi radialis (FCR) for upper limb and soleus for lower limb were estimated. Data of 11 patients with age range 4 to 6 were analyzed. There is no significant correlation between degree of spasticity and electrophysiological indices.
Predicting Physical Well-Being after Bone Marrow Transplantation in Patients with Acute Leukemia Based on Perceived Social Support
Sheida Sodagar,Hassan Ahadi,Farhad Jomehri,Mehdi Rahgozar
Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Background: The present study focused on investigation perceived social support in predicting physical well-being after bone marrow transplantation (BMT) in patients with acute leukemia. Materials and Methods: Pre-BMT, psychosocial data were gathered on 58 patients (38 men and 20 women) between 18-45 years that selected during 13 months via census procedure. Then, physical well-being was followed up one, two and three months post-BMT.Results: Results showed that some of dimensions of perceived social support predicted physical well-being after BMT.Conclusion: In general, Attention to psychosocial factors prior to BMT and during recovery appears critical for physical well-being.
Language Characteristics of Preschool Children with Hearing Loss in Tehran, Iran
Dr. Younes Lotfi,Talieh Zarifian,Saeideh Mehrkian,Dr. Mehdi Rahgozar
Audiology , 2010,
Abstract: Background and Aim: Hearing impairment affects all aspect of individual life, specially language and communication skills. When hearing impairment is congenital or occurs early in life, the child’s ability to learn optimally through audition, will be affected. The aim of this study was to evaluate linguistic skills of preschool hearing impaired children and compare these skills with normal peers.Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was performed on 38 preschool hearing impaired children that the main handicap was severe to profound hearing loss with ability to communicate orally and 28 normal children with the same cultural and social context. Twenty four non linguistic variables including age, gender, the age of entrance of preschool center, number of hearing aids, etc. were obtained by filling a questionnaire and fifteen linguistics variables including number of utterance, morphemes, correct utterance, noun phrase, ambiguous utterance, correct sentences, compound sentences, etc. were collected by some part of TOLD-P-3 test and three complementary questions. Then we compared the data from two groups.Results: There were significant differences between number of utterance, number of correct mean length utterance, number of well-formed sentences in normal and hearing impaired group (p<0.000). There were no significant difference between unintelligible utterances, repetitive utterances and bad-formed sentences between two groups(p>0.05).Conclusion: This study showed a severe deficit in linguistic skills in preschool hearing impaired children.
Low Back Pain Prevalence and Associated Factors in Iranian Population: Findings from the National Health Survey
Akbar Biglarian,Behjat Seifi,Enayatollah Bakhshi,Kazem Mohammad,Mehdi Rahgozar,Masoud Karimlou,Sara Serahati
Pain Research and Treatment , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/653060
Abstract: Background. There are very few studies that had a sample size sufficient to explore the association between factors related to low back pain in a representative sample of the Iranian population. Objective. To examine the relationship between sociodemographic factors, smoking, obesity, and low back pain in Iranian people. Methods. We used Iranian adults respondents ( ?? = 2 5 3 0 7 ) from the National Health Survey. Adjusted odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals were estimated by using logistic regression. Results. The prevalence of low back pain was found in 29.3% of the studied sample. High age, female sex, being married, obesity, low-economic index, being smoker, in a rural residence, and low educational attainment, all increased the odds of low back pain. Conclusions. Our findings add to the evidence on the importance of obesity in relation to low back pain. These results can be used as a basis to reinforce health programs to prevent obesity. 1. Introduction Low back pain (LBP) is a common medical problem [1, 2] that has many outcomes including disability [3] and taking time off from work [3, 4]. LBP is a major public health problem in the USA because more than 34 million (17%) adults reported LBP only, and 19 million (9%) reported LBP and neck pain in a 3 months duration [1]. One study in Canada estimated that 84% of adults have had LBP during their lifetime [5]. Average prevalences were 59% in UK [6], 70% in Denmark [7], and 75% in Finland [8]. In the general population, the prevalence of low back pain in a 1-month and annual duration ranges from 30% to 40% and 25% to 60%, respectively [9–11]. Overweight and obesity are also public health problems, due to their rapid growth in recent decades and their related health disorders, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, some cancers, and other diseases [12]. In recent years, the statistics about obesity were appalling. In 2010, almost 43 million children (35 million in developing countries and 8 million in developed countries) were estimated to be overweight or obese [13]. It has been estimated that by 2020, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease will account for almost 75% of all deaths worldwide [14]. Because of multifactorial nature of LBP, researchers have focused on both medical and nonmedical factors such as sociodemographic factors [15–18]. One potential predictor could be age. The positive association between age and LBP has been found in some studies [19, 20]. Another predictor is sex which has shown that LBP is more common in female than in male [2, 10, 21–24]. Bener et al. found a
Fertility in Islamic Republic of Iran: Levels, Trends and Differentials during Three Decades (1967-1996)
Farahani, Mahmood Mahmoodi,Rahgozar, Mehdi,Farahani, Farideh Khalaj Abadi,Mohammad, Kazem
Canadian Studies in Population , 2002,
Abstract: English This study focuses on the fertility levels and trends of Iranian women aged10-49 years during three decades, 1967-1996. Information was collected by interviewing a systematiccluster sample of 13,253 households. The basic date of concern was the date of each live born childfor a sample of women in reproductive age and whether the live born was alive at the time of thestudy. The detailed nature of these data collected for each birth enabled fertility rates to becalculated for exact periods before the survey, for exact calendar years. Higher fertility rates werefound for the period 10-15 and 15-20 years preceding the survey. These high fertility levels areprobably due to some socio-economic changes in favor of higher level of fertility immediately afterthe 1979 revolution. However the results of the present survey show during 1967-1996, the TFR1 haddropped from 6.38 to 2.88 (an expected TFR based on fertility behavior during 1992-96). This declinewas probably due to delay in marriage and policy changes in favor of population control particularlysince 1987. Despite this potential fertility decline in recent years, Iran is expected to face a babyboom as the offspring who were born during the 1976-86 reach to the reproductive age in the comingdecades. French Cette étude porte sur les niveaux et les tendances de fertilité chez les Iraniennes agées de 10 à 49 ans sur une période de trente ans, soit de 1967-1996. L'information a été recueillie en interviewant un échantillon en grappes systématique de 13 253 ménages. La principale date qui nous intéresse est la date de naissance de chaque enfant vivant pour un échantillon de femmes en age de procréer et le fait que l'enfant soit toujours en vie au moment de l'étude. La nature détaillée des données recueillies pour chaque naissance a permis d'établir les taux de fertilité pour les périodes précises avant le sondage pour les années civiles précises. Les taux de fertilité étaient supérieurs pour les périodes de 10 à 15 ans et de 15 à 20 ans avant le sondage. Ces taux élevés sont sans doute attribuables à des changements socio-économiques favorisant une plus grande fertilité immédiatement après la révolution de 1979. Cependant, les résultats de ce sondage indiquent qu'entre 1967 et 1996, l'ISF est passé de 6,38 à 2.88 (ISF avait été établi à partir du comportement procréateur des années 1992-96). Cette chute avait probablement été causée par le fait que les femmes se mariaient plus tard et à des changements dans la politique favorisant la régulation des populations, surtout depuis 1987. Malgré ce déclin évent
Nonlinear Survival Regression Using Artificial Neural Network
Akbar Biglarian,Enayatollah Bakhshi,Ahmad Reza Baghestani,Mahmood Reza Gohari,Mehdi Rahgozar,Masoud Karimloo
Journal of Probability and Statistics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/753930
Abstract: Survival analysis methods deal with a type of data, which is waiting time till occurrence of an event. One common method to analyze this sort of data is Cox regression. Sometimes, the underlying assumptions of the model are not true, such as nonproportionality for the Cox model. In model building, choosing an appropriate model depends on complexity and the characteristics of the data that effect the appropriateness of the model. One strategy, which is used nowadays frequently, is artificial neural network (ANN) model which needs a minimal assumption. This study aimed to compare predictions of the ANN and Cox models by simulated data sets, which the average censoring rate were considered 20% to 80% in both simple and complex model. All simulations and comparisons were performed by R 2.14.1. 1. Introduction Many different parametric, nonparametric, and semiparametric regression methods are increasingly examined to explore the relationship between a response variable and a set of covariates. The choice of an appropriate method for modeling depends on the methodology of the survey and the nature of the outcome and explanatory variables. A common research question in medical research is to determine whether a set of covariates are correlated with the survival or failure times. Two major characteristics of survival data are censoring and violation of normal assumption for ordinary least squares multiple regressions. These two characteristics of time variable are reasons that straightforward multiple regression techniques cannot be used. Different parametric and semiparametric models in survival regression were introduced which model survival or hazard function. Parametric models, for instance, exponential or weibull, predict survival function while accelerated failure time models are parametric regression methods with logarithm failure time as dependent variable [1, 2]. Choosing an appropriate model for the analysis of the survival data depends on some conditions which are called the underlying assumptions of the model. Sometimes, these assumptions may not be true, for example: (a) lack of independence between consequent waiting times to occurrence of an event or nonproportionality of hazards in semiparametric models, (b) lack of independency of censoring or the distribution of failure times in the case of parametric models [1–3]. Although, the Cox regression model is an efficient strategy in analyzing survival data, but when the assumptions of this model are fail, the free assumption methods could be suitable. Artificial neural network (ANN) models, which
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