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Effects of extract, fractions and 2,3-dihydromyricetin-3-O-α-L-rhamnoside from Pradosia huberi (Ducke) Ducke on rat isolated mesenteric arteries
Medeiros, Alessandra A. N.;Medeiros, Fernando A.;Queiroz, Thyago M.;Tavares, Josean F.;Silva, Marcelo S.;Medeiros, Isac A.;
Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-695X2010000400013
Abstract: pradosia huberi (ducke) ducke (sapotaceae), an amazonian species, is popularly known as "casca-doce" and used in the folk medicine for the treatment of gastritis. the ethanol extract of the bark contains mainly polyphenolic compounds, which are known to show a large number of activities, including cardioprotective and vasorelaxant effects. the aim of this study was to evaluate the pharmacological properties induced by p. huberi ethanol extract (phee) and fractions and 2-3-dihydromyricetin-3-o-α-l-rhamnoside derived from this extract, in isolated rat mesenteric arteries. phee was separated and the following fractions were obtained: chcl3, chcl3:acoet (1:1), acoet, acoet:meoh (1:1) and meoh. we isolated 2-3-dihydromyricetin-3-o-α-l-rhamnoside from the meoh fraction, which was identified by 1h and 13c nmr spectra and compared with data in the literature. phee (1-100 μg/ml) induced concentration-dependent relaxations of 10 μm phenylephrine-induced tone (ec50=17,1±2,9 μg/ml; emax=87.4±2.9 %, n=8). the meoh fraction also relaxed mesenteric rings (ec50=31±2.0 μg/ml; emax=54±12.5%, n=6) but less effectively when compared to phee. both effects were completely abolished after removal of the vascular endothelium. the acoet:meoh (1:1) fraction and the isolated flavonoid were ineffective in eliciting vasorelaxation. the study demonstrates that phee and meoh fraction of pradosia huberi possess a vasorelaxant effect, which may be completely dependent upon endothelium. the isolated flavonoid is not responsible for this vasorelaxant effect.
Estrutura familiar e rendimentos do trabalho dos ricos
Medeiros, Marcelo;
Dados , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582004000200006
Abstract: fair redistributive measures require better knowledge of who the rich are. in order to evaluate the extent to which individuals are rich because they enjoy a differentiated family structure, this study tests three hypotheses concerning inequalities between the rich and the non-rich, relating the advantage of the rich to: a peculiar demographic structure (fertility levels, position in the life cycle, etc.); higher employment and greater yield of available labor (workforce participation and employment rates, length of workday); or occupation of better positions in the work market (higher remuneration). the hypothesis testing is based on a breakdown of families' per capita income, using data from the brazilian national household sample surveys (pnads) from 1997, 1998, and 1999. the results suggest that the existence of a wealthy elite in the country is explained mostly by inequalities in workers' remuneration rather than by the population's demographic profile or by the workforce participation and employment rates for workers from the various families.
O que é bioética
Medeiros Marcelo
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2003,
Oogenesis and egg development in triatomines: a biochemical approach
Atella Georgia C.,Gondim Katia C.,Machado Ednildo A.,Medeiros Marcelo N.
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências , 2005,
Abstract: In triatomines, as well as in other insects, accumulation of yolk is a process in which an extra-ovarian tissue, the fat body, produces yolk proteins that are packed in the egg. The main protein, synthesized by the fat body, which is accumulated inside the oocyte, is vitellogenin. This process is also known as vitellogenesis. There are growing evidences in triatomines that besides fat body the ovary also produces yolk proteins. The way these yolk proteins enter the oocyte will be discussed. Yolk is a complex material composed of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and other minor components which are packed inside the oocyte in an organized manner. Fertilization triggers embryogenesis, a process where an embryo will develop. During embryogenesis the yolk will be used for the construction of a new individual, the first instar nymph. The challenge for the next decade is to understand how and where these egg proteins are used up together with their non-protein components, in pace with the genetic program of the embryo, which enables cell differentiation (early phase of embryogenesis) and embryo differentiation (late phase) inside the egg.
Marcelo Medeiros,Marcelo Medeiros,Denize Bouttelet Munari
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 1999,
Abstract: The Nursing teaching appears in Brazil in the end of the last century in a process of confrontation of powers among State, church and medicine. Its institutionalisation is executed only thirty years after the creation of the School of Nurses of the National Department of Public Health (DNSP) in 1923, following English model of Florence Nightingale, however imported of the USA. The objective of the creation of the school was to answer to qualified personnel's needs in the combat and control of the Fever Yellows. Like this, the State implements a job market of public health in the sense of promoting the Carlos Chagas health policy reformulation. Considering that this was a quite rich period in events that delineated the contours of Brazilian Nursing at the present time, this study intends to know the movements of expansion of the Schools of Nursing in the first half of this century inserted in a context social, political and economical with views to clarify certain subjects that make possible the reflection about this phase of the history of Nursing and your possible relationships with the present and with the future, through a bibliographical study. The teaching of Nursing in our country emerges in a historical moment in that the subject of the health wins new dimensions to the first lines of a politics of health appear while one of the attributions of the State. In spite of it being institutionalised in 1923, your consolidation is only executed in 1949 with the Law 775, resultant of professional pressures through the Brazilian Association of Nursing (ABEn). In the subsequent decades to the creation of the School of Nurses of DNSP, there was a significant growth of the number of schools in the country in agreement with the determinant social, political and economical accompanying the educational politics and of health, being important the paper exercised by ABEn in the movement of expansion of the Nursing schools, adopting measures that looked for the qualification of the teaching.
Produtividade de frutos do meloeiro sob diferentes níveis de salinidade da água de irriga??o, com e sem cobertura do solo
Silva, Marcelo Cleón de C.;Medeiros, José Francismar de;Negreiros, Maria Zuleide de;Sousa, Valdemício F. de;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362005000200008
Abstract: the number and the yield of fruits from two hybrid of muskmelon, submitted to different saline levels of irrigation water and soil covering was evaluated. a factorial outline was used 3 x 2 x 2 in a complete randomized blocks design with four replications. the factors were three levels of salinity of irrigation water, with electric conductivity of 1.2 dsm-1; 2.5 dsm-1 and 4.4 dsm-1 respectively, two hybrids, gold mine and trusty, with and without soil covering using black-silvery double face polyethylene film. the hybrids reacted in different ways to the salinity of irrigation water. reduction on the total number of fruits was observed only in the hybrid trusty. the marketable yield of fruits was similar in both hybrids, being reduced with the increase of the electric conductivity. for the usage of soil covering the hybrids also reacted in a different way. the hybrid trusty produced greater number of fruits and higher yield in treatments using soil covering.
Democracia e regionalismo chez Jean-Louis Quermonne
Medeiros, Marcelo de Almeida;
Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-64452008000100001
Abstract: aiming at the development of the study of non-anglophone authors in the political science literature in brazil, this text seeks to approach the issues of both democracy and regionalism in jean-louis quermonne's bibliography. it has three parts. the first situates the author in the french political science scenario through a brief biography. the second part promotes a critical and comparative analysis of quemonne's works on democracy , i.e.: le gouvernement de la france sous la vème république, les régimes politiques occidentaux and les politiques institutionnelles. the third part inquires, also critically and comparatively, about quermonne's thinking on regionalism: le système politique de l'union européenne, l'europe et le fédéralisme and l'europe en quête de légitimité. finally, this article brings some conclusive considerations, pointing out both the importance of the french, in general, and quermonne's, in particular, political thought.
Prerrogativas estatais, integra??o regional e lógica distributiva
Medeiros, Marcelo de A.;
Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-64452003000100008
Abstract: the emergency of a new paradigm of international order, based on processes of regional integration instead of the decadent national state is examined in view of the limits imposed on it by the persistence of the dynamics of the national state. the difficulty in substituting a supranational logic for the intergovernmental one is pointed out. the absence of effective supranational organizations imposes restrictions on the distribution of the gains attained through the integrationist dynamics. this is examined on the basis of the cases of the mercosul and of the european union.
Aborto no Brasil: uma pesquisa domiciliar com técnica de urna
Diniz,Debora; Medeiros,Marcelo;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232010000700002
Abstract: this study presents the first results of the national abortion survey (pna, pesquisa nacional de aborto), a household random sample survey fielded in 2010 covering urban women in brazil aged 18 to 39 years. the pna combined two techniques, interviewer-administered questionnaires and self-administered ballot box questionnaires. the results of pna show that at the end of their reproductive health one in five women has performed an abortion, with abortions being more frequent in the main reproductive ages, that is, from 18 to 29 years old. no relevant differentiation was observed in the practice of abortion among religious groups, but abortion was found to be more common among people with lower education. the use of medical drugs to induce abortion occurred in half of the abortions, and post-abortion hospitalization was observed among approximately half of the women who aborted. such results lead to conclude that abortion is a priority in the brazilian public health agenda.
Legitimidade, democracia e accountability no Mercosul
Medeiros, Marcelo de Almeida;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092008000200005
Abstract: mercosur reflects, as many other regional integration processes do, the consequences of a process of nation-state mutation, as this nation-state seems incapable of keeping acting as the vital regulator of social life. nevertheless, the perception of this mutation persists anchored on nation-state interpretations' patterns. the institutional cartography that emerges from this situation encloses some inconsistencies and incompatibilities between: on the one hand, the real demands of social actors and economic agents; and, on the other hand, the de facto political institutions shaped. this article proposes to investigate how governance has been transformed within mercosur. it focus on the intricate and complex relations between regional, national and, particularly, sub-national levels. it is composed by two parts: the first seeks to situate the problem of the relationship between legitimacy, democracy, and accountability in the sphere of regional governance and the action of sub-national actors; the second, under this prism, inquires, empirically, about the brazilian-argentinean connections and about the institutional design and relationship networks in mercosur.
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