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Renal effects of vasodilators in acute heart failure  [PDF]
Mattia A. E. Valente, Adriaan A. Voors
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2013.32A002

Vasodilator therapy is common in acute heart failure (AHF) patients, although evidence for morbidity and mortality benefits is limited for many of these drugs. AHF is frequently accompanied by renal dysfunction, which is a strong, independent predictor for poor prognosis. Several hemodynamic and neurohormonal effects of vasodilators—including preload and afterload reduction, activation or inhibition of neurohormonal and inflammatory cascades—have the potential to modulate cardiorenal interaction and impact renal function. However, the effect of vasodilators on renal function in acute heart failure is often poorly described. In this review, we provide an overview of the known cardiorenal effects of traditional and novel vasodilators in patients with acute heart failure.

The impact of social networks on knowledge transfer in long-term care facilities: Protocol for a study
Anne E Sales, Carole A Estabrooks, Thomas W Valente
Implementation Science , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1748-5908-5-49
Abstract: Our specific aims include: To collect social network data among staff in two long-term care (LTC) facilities; to characterize social networks in these units; and to describe how social networks influence uptake and use of feedback reports.In this prospective study, we will collect data on social networks in nursing units in two LTC facilities, and use social network analysis techniques to characterize and describe the networks. These data will be combined with data from a funded project to explore the impact of social networks on uptake and use of feedback reports. In this parent study, feedback reports using standardized resident assessment data are distributed on a monthly basis. Surveys are administered to assess report uptake. In the proposed project, we will collect data on social networks, analyzing the data using graphical and quantitative techniques. We will combine the social network data with survey data to assess the influence of social networks on uptake of feedback reports.This study will contribute to understanding mechanisms for knowledge sharing among staff on units to permit more efficient and effective intervention design. A growing number of studies in the social network literature suggest that social networks can be studied not only as influences on knowledge translation, but also as possible mechanisms for fostering knowledge translation. This study will contribute to building theory to design such interventions.Despite considerable expenditure on health services in Canada, as in most developed countries, a majority of patients still do not receive care that conforms to current evidence standards [1-9]. This leads to unnecessary illness, suffering, and death, all of which are costly to society. To date, few interventions to implement evidence-based clinical practices have been demonstrated to work consistently across settings, with different provider groups, and different clinical areas [10-12], but have not been well studied in health settings.
Indirizzi operativi per il trasferimento dei compiti catastali alle Amministrazioni locali
A. Valente
Aestimum , 1998,
Leuprolide Acetate 1-Month Depot for Central Precocious Puberty: Hormonal Suppression and Recovery
E Neely, Peter A Lee, Clifford A Bloch, Lois Larsen, Di Yang, Cynthia Mattia-Goldberg, Kristof Chwalisz
International Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2010/398639
Abstract: Children with central precocious puberty (CPP) prematurely develop pubertal pulsatile release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), leading to an increase in gonadotropin and sex steroid levels, development of secondary sexual characteristics, advancement of bone age (BA), and consequent reduction in adult height (AH) [1]. Treatment goals include hormonal suppression, cessation of development of secondary sex characteristics, halting or preventing menarche, and preservation of AH. If left untreated, children with CPP can also face psychological challenges resulting from premature physical maturation that contrasts with their immature emotional development [2].GnRH analogs (GnRHa) have been the standard of care for CPP for over 15 years [1]. Continuous exposure to GnRHa desensitizes pituitary gonadotroph receptors and suppresses luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) secretion. Efficacy of various GnRHa in CPP has been established [3–14], but truly long-term studies are limited, particularly for leuprolide. Furthermore, most GnRHa studies have not utilized sensitive gonadotropin assays that can accurately assess the extent of hormonal suppression. The objectives of this open-label treatment study of leuprolide acetate 1-month depot and long-term observational extension study were to evaluate the suppression of the pituitary-gonadal axis and the clinical sexual characteristics during treatment and to examine the long-term impact on the growth pattern, AH, and reproductive function of children treated for CPP. Initial results from the treatment period led to FDA approval of leuprolide acetate 1-month depot for the treatment of CPP. Here we report hormonal suppression during the treatment period, safety, recovery of hormone secretion, and long-term reproductive outcomes. A separate paper reports the auxological outcomes [15].All patients were na?ve to GnRHa therapy. Females with Tanner breast stage ≥2 before 8.0 years old and chronological a
Searching for behavioral homologies: Shared generative rules for expansion and narrowing down of the locomotor repertoire in Arthropods and Vertebrates
A. Gomez-Marin,E. Oron,A. Gakamsky,D. Valente,Y. Benjamini,I. Golani
Quantitative Biology , 2015,
Abstract: We use immobility as an origin and reference for the measurement of locomotor behavior; speed, the direction of walking and the direction of facing as the three degrees of freedom shaping fly locomotor behavior, and cocaine as the parameter inducing a progressive transition in and out of immobility. In this way we expose and quantify the generative rules that shape fruit fly locomotor behavior, which consist of a gradual narrowing down of the fly's locomotor freedom of movement during the transition into immobility and a precisely opposite expansion of freedom during the transition from immobility to normal behavior. The same generative rules of narrowing down and expansion apply to vertebrate behavior in a variety of contexts, Recent claims for deep homology between the vertebrate basal ganglia and the arthropod central complex, and neurochemical processes explaining the expansion of locomotor behavior in vertebrates could guide the search for equivalent neurochemical processes that mediate locomotor narrowing down and expansion in arthropods. We argue that a methodology for isolating relevant measures and quantifying generative rules having a potential for discovering candidate behavioral homologies is already available and we specify some of its essential features.
Efficacy of Leuprolide Acetate 1-Month Depot for Central Precocious Puberty (CPP): Growth Outcomes During a Prospective, Longitudinal Study
Peter A Lee, E Kirk Neely, John Fuqua, Di Yang, Lois M Larsen, Cynthia Mattia-Goldberg, Kristof Chwalisz
International Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1687-9856-2011-7
Abstract: This prospective, open-label study had a long-term, observational, follow-up period. Forty-nine females and 6 males were enrolled. Leuprolide acetate depot was administered intramuscularly every 28 days. Height and growth rate during and after treatment until adulthood were measured.Among 30 of 49 females having an adult height (AH) measurement, 29 had target heights available (mean = 163.8 cm) and 27 had pretreatment predicted adult heights (PAHs; mean = 157.4 cm). After treatment, the mean AH at mean age 21.8 years [range 13.7-26.7 years] was 162.5 cm, a mean height gain over baseline PAH of 4.0 cm. The mean height standard deviation score was -0.1 at AH.Treatment of CPP with leuprolide acetate 1-month depot had beneficial effects on growth rate and preservation of AH.ClinicalTrials.gov: NCT00660010Central precocious puberty (CPP) commonly refers to the development of pubertal sex characteristics as a consequence of the premature activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis before the age of 8 years in girls and 9 years in boys. The pathogenesis of CPP includes early activation of pulsatile release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), leading to an increase in secretion of gonadotropins and gonadal steroids. Central precocious puberty occurs much more frequently among females than males (greater than 20:1 ratio) [1].The treatment goals for children with CPP include hormonal suppression, regression or cessation of development of pubertal characteristics and the prevention of short stature in adulthood. Patients with CPP are at risk of short stature in adulthood because of disproportionately advanced skeletal maturation in relation to growth acceleration, resulting in early epiphyseal fusion that limits growth potential [2].Analogs of GnRH (GnRHa) have been the standard of care for the treatment of children with CPP for more than 20 years [2], with the usage of the depot form reported in 1989 [3]. However, despite the widespread use of GnRHa in t
Análisis de la suspensión de cirugía en un hospital docente
Barbosa,M.H.; Miranda Goulart,D.M.; Vieira de Andrade,E.; Mattia,A.L. de;
Enfermería Global , 2012, DOI: 10.4321/S1695-61412012000200011
Abstract: in the search for better quality indices, the suspensions of surgeries have been examined by and received attention from researchers in the field of health. high cancellation rates reveal an inadequate management that impacts negatively on the health team iself and the patient's life and and that of his or her family. this retrospective descriptive study aim to identify the rate of surgical suspension and the reasons for this procedure in a public teaching hospital. data were collected from the surgical center archive and medical archive service statistics. there was a rate of 14.14% surgical cancellations and in 1,402 (63.78%) occasions no records were found that justify the suspension of the surgeries. the results showed the following justifications for the suspensions of the surgery: 194 (8.82%) were non hospitalized patients; 182 (8.30%) for inadequate clinical conditions;, 179 (8.14%) due to administrative problems;, 94 (4.27%) for welfare issues;, 61 (2.77%) for structural issues; 40 (1.82%) for lack of patients and 46 (2.10%) for other reasons. these findings point to the need to adopt measures that will ensure patient safety and quality of service offered.
A Fabry-Perot interferometer with quantum mirrors: nonlinear light transport and rectification
F. Fratini,E. Mascarenhas,L. Safari,J-Ph. Poizat,D. Valente,A. Auffèves,D. Gerace,M. F. Santos
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.113.243601
Abstract: Optical transport represents a natural route towards fast communications, and it is currently used in large scale data transfer. The progressive miniaturization of devices for information processing calls for the microscopic tailoring of light transport and confinement at length scales appropriate for the upcoming technologies. With this goal in mind, we present a theoretical analysis of a one-dimensional Fabry-Perot interferometer built with two highly saturable nonlinear mirrors: a pair of two-level systems. Our approach captures non-linear and non-reciprocal effects of light transport that were not reported previously. Remarkably, we show that such an elementary device can operate as a microscopic integrated optical rectifier.
Correlation between magnetic interactions and domain structure in A1 FePt ferromagnetic thin films
N. álvarez,E. Sallica Leva,R. C. Valente,M. Vásquez Mansilla,J. Gómez,J. Milano,A. Butera
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1063/1.4866685
Abstract: We have investigated the relationship between the domain structure and the magnetic interactions in a series of FePt ferromagnetic thin films of varying thickness. As-made films grow in the magnetically soft and chemically disordered A1 phase that may have two distinct domain structures. Above a critical thickness $d_{cr}\sim 30$ nm the presence of an out of plane anisotropy induces the formation of stripes, while for $d
Volem viure: nacionalismo occitano en el sur francés
Contreras Romero, Valente A.;
Política y cultura , 2006,
Abstract: this paper aims to show the peculiarity of the occitan nationalist movement that arose in southern france during the 1970′s. the paper is divided in two parts: the first one explains the rise of the occitan movement, which arose from three social resurgence movements that were closely linked to economic globalization and technological modernization; it also analyzes how the locals went about building their national identity and which were the causes that did not allow for the movement to consolidate itself as a sound nationalistic movement. the second part describes the current situation of the occitan political movement and its effects on french society.
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