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A contribution to the better understanding of swelling in soils and soft rocks
Ana Petkov?ek,Matej Maek,Bojan Majes
Geologija , 2010,
Abstract: Swelling and shrinkage of sediments rich with clay belong to geologically conditioned risk factors. Economicloss as the consequence of volume changes in the geological catchment area of buildings and infrastructuralobjects is immense. Untimely detected swelling causes higher prices and unnecessary delays during the construction.In those cases when deep cuts and underground spaces are used as intervention into highly preconsolidatedsoils and soft rock with clay contents, failures of embankments and improperly designed supporting measures dueto swelling are not infrequent. Also periodic appearance of landslides at certain areas can be the consequence ofswelling. Some countries, such as the USA, introduced the guidelines and standards for the detection, assessmentand handling with swellable geological materials decades ago. Due to some other more urgent geologically conditionedrisks, such as landslides, earthquakes and constructions on soft ground, in Slovenia the development ofknowledge in the area of swelling soils was several years behind the knowledge in the rest of the world. With theconstruction of the Slovenian-Hungarian railway connection after 1998, motorways and the introduction of newknowledge about soil suction, also Slovenian experts were introduced to a different dimension of the problem ofswelling soils, as well as some important experiences were learned and new possibilities for the investigation andunderstanding of volume behaviour of swelling soils were opened. This is especially important for the predictedweather extremes, as only adequate knowledge will allow us to adequately explain any new phenomena in theground and prepare appropriate protection.
Les élégies de France Pre eren
Matej Hriber?ek
Babel : Littératures Plurielles , 2012,
Abstract: France Pre eren (1800-1849), grand nom de la littérature slovène, héritier de Properce et de Pétrarque et influencé par le romantisme allemand, a écrit sept élégies dans sa langue et deux en allemand. Confessions d’un enfant du siècle en proie au sentiment de la fuite du temps et conscient du mépris où la société bourgeoise tient la culture, ces élégies, qui sont souvent des hommages à des écrivains ou à des amis disparus, y mêlent un fort sentiment national et expérimentent des mètres et des formes capables de hisser la poésie slovène au rang de ses rivales italienne et germanique.
Electroporator with automatic change of electric field direction improves gene electrotransfer in-vitro
Matej Reber?ek, Cécile Faurie, Ma?a Kandu?er, Selma ?orovi?, Justin Teissié, Marie-Pierre Rols, Damijan Miklav?i?
BioMedical Engineering OnLine , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1475-925x-6-25
Abstract: For this aim we used electroporator (EP-GMS 7.1) and developed new electrodes. We used finite-elements method to calculate and evaluate the electric field homogeneity between these new electrodes. Quick practical test was performed on confluent cell culture, to confirm and demonstrate electric field distribution. Then we experimentally evaluated the effectiveness of the new system and protocols on CHO cells. Gene transfection and cell survival were evaluated for different electric field protocols.The results of in-vitro gene electrotransfer experiments show that the fraction of transfected cells increases by changing the electric field direction between electrical pulses. The fluorescence intensity of transfected cells and cell survival does not depend on electric field protocol. Moreover, a new effect a shading effect was observed during our research. Namely, shading effect is observed during gene electrotransfer when cells are in clusters, where only cells facing negative electro-potential in clusters become transfected and other ones which are hidden behind these cells do not become transfected.On the basis of our results we can conclude that the new system can be used in in-vitro gene electrotransfer to improve cell transfection by changing electric field direction between electrical pulses, without affecting cell survival.Gene therapy is an experimental method used in clinics proven to be successful in in-vitro and in-vivo conditions. For gene therapy, DNA or RNA molecules are transferred into living cells to replace, change or silence gene expression. Consequently cells change their biological nature in therapeutical purposes [1,2]. Effective and potentially safe transfer of DNA molecules into living cells has been a goal of scientific research for many years. This research is now divided into two main fields: viral and non-viral gene delivery. Viral vectors are considered to provide the highest effectiveness of DNA transfer, but they are often associated with
Tracking Cholesterol/Sphingomyelin-Rich Membrane Domains with the Ostreolysin A-mCherry Protein
Matej Sko?aj, Nata?a Resnik, Maja Grundner, Katja Ota, Nejc Rojko, Vesna Hodnik, Gregor Anderluh, Andrzej Sobota, Peter Maek, Peter Verani?, Kristina Sep?i?
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092783
Abstract: Ostreolysin A (OlyA) is an ~15-kDa protein that has been shown to bind selectively to membranes rich in cholesterol and sphingomyelin. In this study, we investigated whether OlyA fluorescently tagged at the C-terminal with mCherry (OlyA-mCherry) labels cholesterol/sphingomyelin domains in artificial membrane systems and in membranes of Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) epithelial cells. OlyA-mCherry showed similar lipid binding characteristics to non-tagged OlyA. OlyA-mCherry also stained cholesterol/sphingomyelin domains in the plasma membranes of both fixed and living MDCK cells, and in the living cells, this staining was abolished by pretreatment with either methyl-β-cyclodextrin or sphingomyelinase. Double labelling of MDCK cells with OlyA-mCherry and the sphingomyelin-specific markers equinatoxin II–Alexa488 and GST-lysenin, the cholera toxin B subunit as a probe that binds to the ganglioside GM1, or the cholesterol-specific D4 domain of perfringolysin O fused with EGFP, showed different patterns of binding and distribution of OlyA-mCherry in comparison with these other proteins. Furthermore, we show that OlyA-mCherry is internalised in living MDCK cells, and within 90 min it reaches the juxtanuclear region via caveolin-1–positive structures. No binding to membranes could be seen when OlyA-mCherry was expressed in MDCK cells. Altogether, these data clearly indicate that OlyA-mCherry is a promising tool for labelling a distinct pool of cholesterol/sphingomyelin membrane domains in living and fixed cells, and for following these domains when they are apparently internalised by the cell.
Temperature Fractionation (TF) of Hg Compounds in Gypsum from Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization System of the Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant (TPP)  [PDF]
Matej Sedlar, Majda Pavlin, Radojko Ja?imovi?, Andrej Stergar?ek, Peter Frkal, Milena Horvat
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2015.612090
Abstract: Gypsum from the wet flue gas desulfurization system of the lignite fired thermal power plant Sostanj, Slovenia, can efficiently retain mercury (Hg), of which most is contained in finer gypsum fractions, with concentrations above 10 kg-1. The aim of this work was to identify and study the temperature stability of Hg species in gypsum by a temperature fractionation (TF) method. A self-constructed apparatus was used that consisted of an electrical furnace for controlled heating up to 700°C, with a heating rate of 2.2°C·min-1, and an AAS detector with Zeeman background correction. The pattern of Hg release during temperature increase depends highly on the matrix/substrate in which it is contained. Based on spiking gypsum with known Hg compounds we concluded that the largest proportion of Hg in gypsum belongs to Hg-Cl and Hg-Br compounds appearing at 160°C to 200°C, followed by smaller amounts of HgO, HgS and Hg sulfates appearing at 300°C and 450°C. Further development of methodology for identifying Hg species would require identification of the decomposition fragments of Hg and other compounds, complemented by a better understanding of Hg reactivity at higher temperatures.
Behavior of Metallic Foam under Shock Wave Loading
Matej Vesenjak,Matej Borovin?ek,Zoran Ren,Seiichi Irie,Shigeru Itoh
Metals , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/met2030258
Abstract: In this manuscript, the behavior of metallic foam under impact loading and shock wave propagation has been observed. The goal of this research was to investigate the material and structural properties of submerged open-cell aluminum foam under impact loading conditions with particular interest in shock wave propagation and its effects on cellular material deformation. For this purpose experimental tests and dynamic computational simulations of aluminum foam specimens inside a water tank subjected to explosive charge have been performed. Comparison of the results shows a good correlation between the experimental and simulation results.
Korpusová analyza jazykové p esnosti v písemném projevu student angli tiny jako cizího jazyka. / A corpus-based analysis of EFL learners’ accuracy in writing.
Franti?ek T?ma
Pedagogicka Orientace , 2013,
Abstract: This study presents a part of results of a research project from the field of foreign language learning and teaching, in which an analysis of a learner corpus was carried out. The research project dealt with the developing of university EFL learners’ communicative competence in writing in a blended learning course. The article first briefly addresses issues related to the conceptualization of developing communicative competence and measuring learners’ progress in terms of accuracy. The sample comprised 18 learners in an EFL course at the CEFR (2002) A2 level, who participated in three discussion tasks conducted online, using asynchronous discussion forums. The discussions were built on social constructivist learning theories. The main research tool was a learner corpus compiled from the texts written by the students in two online discussions. The results showed that the learners’ overall level of communicative competence in writing increased. The outcomes of the corpus analysis in the field of language accuracy remain, in some respects, inconclusive. The results indicate that the learners’ accuracy was linked to the communicated content. The study shows one possibility of using learner corpora in research in foreign didactics and highlights some of their imitations.
Gorenstein dimension of modules
Vladimir Maek
Mathematics , 1998,
Abstract: In these expository notes I discuss several concepts and results in the theory of modules over commutative rings, revolving around the Gorenstein dimension of modules. Some of the related notions are the Auslander dual, k-torsionless modules, and k-th syzygies. Essentially everything in these notes can be found, in one form or another, in the memoir "Stable module theory" by M. Auslander and M. Bridger (Mem. A.M.S., no. 94, 1969). The only difference is in presentation. In the Auslander-Bridger memoir many of the results are proved in the most general setting, e.g. over possibly non-commutative, non-Noetherian rings. The techniques used are quite abstract and unfamiliar to many commutative algebraists. Much space is devoted to the theory of satellites of functors which are exact only in the middle, etc. While such a degree of generality has many advantages, it does make the memoir difficult to read for the non-expert. My goal in writing these notes was to develop the theory in the context of commutative Noetherian rings, and to show that, in this important special case, the theory is fairly elementary and easy to build. As a practical matter, then, I wrote the notes using Matsumura's "Commutative ring theory" as the only pre-requisite; and indeed, my hope is that these notes can be read just like an extra chapter in Matsumura's book.
ENZO: A Web Tool for Derivation and Evaluation of Kinetic Models of Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions
Sta? Bevc, Janez Konc, Jure Stojan, Milan Hodo??ek, Matej Penca, Matej Praprotnik, Du?anka Jane?i?
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0022265
Abstract: We describe a web tool ENZO (Enzyme Kinetics), a graphical interface for building kinetic models of enzyme catalyzed reactions. ENZO automatically generates the corresponding differential equations from a stipulated enzyme reaction scheme. These differential equations are processed by a numerical solver and a regression algorithm which fits the coefficients of differential equations to experimentally observed time course curves. ENZO allows rapid evaluation of rival reaction schemes and can be used for routine tests in enzyme kinetics. It is freely available as a web tool, at http://enzo.cmm.ki.si.
Experiences in Testing Automation of a Family of Functional- and GUI-similar Programs.
Anna Derezińska,Tomasz Maek
International Journal of Computer Science & Applications , 2007,
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