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Awareness and attitude of radiographers towards radiation protection
Maryam Mojiri,Abbas Moghimbeigi
Journal of Paramedical Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Whereas radiology departments have potential to present hazardous effects due of ionizing radiations, awareness and knowledge of application protection guidelines and instruments among radiology technicians has an important role to safe working in these places. Therefore radiographers' knowledge regarding radiation and their healthy behaviors during work time evaluated by a special questionnaire form including different relative questions. The level of participants' awareness about necessity of application film-badge and following the periodical examination were 70% and 63% respectively. Most of them are familiar with radiation adverse effects and they apply the protection devices for themselves and patients by 83.1% and 78.9%. based on the obtained data, the employees have a good awareness about construction protection especially in door shielding and wall. Their knowledge around dose limit was acceptable and there is a significant relationship between their awareness about Maximum permissible dose and their education level (p< 0.008). Taking part in different relative courses and continuously educations will affected on radiographers' awareness about important aspects of their activities in workplace and will be ensured working with ionizing radiation.
Measurement of the illumination in official and educational places in Universities of Hamadan and comparison with international standards
Karim Ghazikhanlou Sani,Reza Habibipour,Maryam Mojiri
Pajouhan Scientific Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Introduction: There are many related factors effecting on learning and education improvements in each educational system. According to importance of lighting conditions on learning level and advancing of the performance, this study aims to evaluate the lighting conditions at classrooms and official places at Hamadan city affiliated Universities.Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, lighting conditions at educational classrooms, official places and corridors of Hamadan city affiliated universities (Azad, Buali Sina, Payame noor, Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Moaalem and Technical School) were evaluated. A calibrated Luxmeter was used for measurements of lighting intensity. All measurements were using general method based on IESNA guidelines. The gathered results were compared by national lighting standards and IESNA advised amounts.Results: the mean of lighting intensity at classrooms of evaluated universities was between 301-666 Lux. This result indicates that the lighting level of majority of classrooms is in proper range. But the uniformity of lighting at majority of places was more than 50% and was not in standard range.Conclusion: The general lighting level at all of universities was upper than the lowest standard amount and the lighting conditions estimates as good. But in majority of cases (especially at university corridors) the mean of lighting intensity was upper than maximum advised amount.
Safety observance in using of intravenous contrast media in radiology centers
Maryam Mojiri,Karim Ghazi-Khanlousani,Abbas Moghim-Beigi
Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Background: Application of contrast agents in diagnostic imaging is along with probability of adverse reactions and need to safety observance. In this study, the safety observance in using intravenous contrast media evaluated in four western provinces of Iran. Materials and Methods: A special questionnaire form was designed based on world standard guidelines and completed by radiology staffs in 40 governmental and private centers in four provinces including Kermanshah, Hamedan, Kordestan and Lorestan. Obtained data was analyzed by independent t and χ2tests. Results: The results show in the most centers there are not any uniform and coordinate protocol for using preventive drugs and access to life saving drugs and equipments. The results demonstrate a difference between governmental and private centers in existing of specific protocol for dealing with contrast reactions and also in some equipments and drugs like Canulla or Adrenaline (p=0.001, p= 0.001 and p=0.003 respectively).Conclusion: According to the results, it seems publication of special coordinate guidelines and improvement of equipments are necessary
Evaluation sensitometric properties of radiographic films at different processing solutions
Maryam Mojiri,Karim Ghazi khanloo sani,Abbas Moghim Beigi
Journal of Paramedical Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to compare the sensitometric properties of commonly used radiographic films processed with chemical solutions in different workload hospitals. The effect of different processing conditions on induced densities on radiologic films was investigated. Two accessible double emulsions Fuji and Kodak films were exposed with 11-step wedge and processed with Champion and CPAC processing solutions. The mentioned films provided in both workloads centers, high and low. Our findings displays that the speed and contrast of Kodak film-screen in both work load (high and low) is higher than Fuji film-screen for both processing solutions. However there was significant differences (p=0.000 and 0.028) in films contrast for both workloads when CPAC solution had been used. The results showed base plus fog density for Kodak film was lower than Fuji. Generally Champion processing solution caused more speed and contrast for investigated films in different conditions and there was significant difference(p=0.01) in 95% confidence level between two used processing solutions. Low base plus fog density for Kodak films provide more visibility and accuracy and higher contrast results in using lower exposure factors to obtain better quality in resulting radiographs. In this study we found an economic advantages since Champion solution and Kodak film are used while it makes lower patient dose. Thus, in a radiologic facility any change in film processor/processing cycle or chemistry should be carefully investigated before radiological procedures of patients are acquired.
Effects of Urban Wastewater on Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Soil and Corn (Zea mays L.) with Sprinkler Irrigation Method
Amin Mojiri,Zahra Amirossadat
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: As a result of urbanization, urban wastewater has increased fast, so reusing urban wastewater has become a research topic for a long time. The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of urban wastewater on accumulation of heavy metals in soil and corn (Zea mays L.) with sprinkler irrigation method. Soil samplings of 0 to 10 cm depth were taken. Corn was transplanted in these soils. The experiment consisted of two treatments including soil irrigation with water by SI system (Sprinkler Irrigation) (T1) and soil irrigation with wastewater by SI system (T2). Soil properties such as soil reaction (pH), Electrical Conductivity (EC), Organic Matter (OM), Extractable Fe, Manganese (Mn), Nickel (Ni) and Cadmium (Cd) were measured. After 40 days, samples were taken for testing. In this study, the concentrations of extractable Fe, Mn, Cd and Ni (ppm) in soil under T1 treatment were 2.44, 1.76, 0.08 and 0.36 but they (ppm) in soil under T2 treatment were 2.56, 1.90, 0.11 and 0.45, respectively. In the corn under the treatments, the concentrations of extractable Fe, Mn, Cd and Ni (ppm) in shoots under T1 treatment were 1.112, 0.362, 0 and 0 but they (ppm) in shoots under T2 treatment were 2.217, 0.924, 0.011 and 0.016, respectively. These results showed that the urban wastewater caused increase of DTPA-extractable iron, manganese, cadmium and nickel in soil and corn with sprinkler irrigation method. Accumulation of these metals in shoots was more important than in roots in SI system.
Effect of Nitrogen Rate and Plant Density on Yield and Yield Components of Sunflower
A. Mojiri,A. Arzani
Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources , 2003,
Abstract: In order to study the effects of different levels of nitrogen fertilizer and plant density on grain yield and its components in sunflower, an experiment was conducted using 'Record' cultivar at the Research Farm of College of Agriculture, Isfahan University of Technology in 1996. Four levels of nitrogen (0, 75, 150 and 225 kg/ha) and four plant densities (65000, 75000, 85000 and 95000 plants/ha) were used in a split plot arranged in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Developmental stages, plant height, stem diameter, head diameter, number of head per m2, grain yield, biological yield, harvest index, 1000-grain weight, number of grains per head, grain oil percentage, oil yield and grain protein content were measured. The results indicated that N fertilizer caused an extension of the growth period and means of days to physiological maturity. It also increased plant height, stem diameter and head diameter. While increasing plant density had an incremental effect on plant height, it negatively affected stem diameter and head diameter. N fertilizer up to 150 kg/ha increased the grain yield and biological yield, whereas higher levels of N fertilizer decreased both. Plant density of 85000 plants per hectare was observed as a suitable plant density, whereas the higher plant density had a negative effect on grain yield. N fertilizer via increasing the number of grains per head, and plant density via increasing the number of heads per unit area and also decreasing the number of grains per head influenced the grain yield. One-thousand grain weight was not affected by neither N fertilizer nor plant density. Considering the superiority of 150 kg/ha of N fertilizer and plant density of 85000 plants/ha for grain yield and oil yield, it appears that they could be recommended for producing desirable yield in the regions similar to the study region.
Constraint structure in modified Faddeev-Jackiw method
A. Shirzad,M. Mojiri
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1142/S021773230100593X
Abstract: We show that in modified Faddeev-Jackiw formalism, first and second class constraints appear at each level, and the whole constraint structure is in exact correspondence with level by level method of Dirac formalism.
Chain Structure in Symplectic Analysis of a Constrained System
M. Mojiri,A. Shirzad
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: We show that the constraint structure in the chain by chain method can be investigated within the symplectic analysis of Faddeev-Jackiw formalism.
On Uniserial Modules in the Auslander-Reiten Quiver
Axel Boldt,Ahmad Mojiri
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: This article begins the study of irreducible maps involving finite-dimensional uniserial modules over finite-dimensional associative algebras. We work on the classification of irreducible maps between two uniserials over triangular algebras, and give estimates for the number of middle terms of an almost split sequence with a uniserial end term.
The Difficulty of Symplectic Analysis with Second Class Systems
A. Shirzad,M. Mojiri
Mathematics , 2004, DOI: 10.1063/1.1828588
Abstract: Using the basic concepts of chain by chain method we show that the symplectic analysis, which was claimed to be equivalent to the usual Dirac method, fails when second class constraints are present. We propose a modification in symplectic analysis that solves the problem.

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