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Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome in a Male with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Presented with Mucocutaneous Bleeding and Treated with rFVIIa  [PDF]
Maryam Hami, Hassan Ahmadnia, Zahra Rezaieyazdi, Hassan Mansouritorghabeh
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.51005

Background: Systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE) is a disorder with multiple organ involvement. Haematological abnormalities have been addressed in it, but acquired von Willebrand syndrome is a rarer phenomenon in current disease. The Case: We report acquired von Willebrand syndrome and SLE in a man with brown rash on face, gingival bleeding, easy bruising and epistaxis and laboratory finding of decreased complement, high level of anti-nuclear antibody and anti-DNA. These findings confirmed the diagnosis of SLE. He underwent kidney biopsy and experienced severe pain at the site of biopsy, but the ultra-sonography evaluation showed small sub capsular haematoma at the site of biopsy. During the next 48 hours, gradually APTT prolongation was continued and haematocrit dropped. In spite of FFP infusion and taking tranexamic acid every eight hours, there wasn’t any improvement in haemostatic condition. He received Methylprednisolone and Cyclophosphamid pulses. The patient underwent surgery to roll out vascular complication, but there wasn’t any vascular problem. On the third day, recombinant activated factor VII was infused every two hours until oozing was stopped.

Identification and Selection for Salt Tolerance in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Ecotypes via Physiological Traits
Notulae Scientia Biologicae , 2009,
Abstract: Salt stress is a serious environmental problem throughout the world which may be partially relieved by breeding cultivars that can tolerate salt stress. Plant breeding may provide a relatively cost effective short-term solution to the salinity problem by producing cultivars able to remain productive at low to moderate levels of salinity. Five alfalfa cultivars, ‘Seyah-Roud’, ‘Ahar-Hourand’, ‘Oskou’, ‘Malekan’ and ‘Sefida-Khan’ were assessed for salt tolerance at mature plant stage. A greenhouse screening system was used to evaluate individual alfalfa plants grown in perlit medium, and irrigated with water containing different amounts of NaCl. Three salt levels were achieved by adding 0, 100 and 200 mM NaCl to Hoagland nutrient solution, respectively. Forage yield, sodium and potassium contents and K/Na ratio was determined. Also, leaf samples were analyzed for proline and chlorophyll contents. The ecotypes Seyha-Roud and ‘Sefida-Khan’ had comparatively less sodium contents than ‘Oskou’, ‘Ahar-Hourand’ and ‘Malekan’ ecotypes, also potassium content increased under saline condition. Forage yield of different alfalfa ecotypes was significantly influenced by the salinity. The ecotypes ‘Malekan’, Ahar- Hourand and ‘Oskou’ were successful in maintaining forage yield under salinity stress. Sodium contents increased due to salinity in all alfalfa ecotypes however ecotypes ‘Ahar-Hourand’ and ‘Malekan’ maintained the highest leaf Na concentration. They showed higher content of K than other ecotypes but had lower K/Na ratio. It was concluded that, two ecotypes ‘Malekan’ and ‘Ahar-Hourand’ were better.
Effect of Aging on Anticipatory Postural Adjustment and Reaction Times in the Pre-Crossing Phase of Obstacle Negotiation  [PDF]
Maryam Hayati, Saeed Talebian, Hassan Ashayeri, Behrouz Attarbashi Moghadam
Advances in Aging Research (AAR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/aar.2015.45017
Abstract: Background: Obstacle crossing is the common reason of falling in older adults. Anticipatory postural adjustments phase (APAP) and reaction time phase (RTP) are two important factors in falling prediction. According to previous studies, these parameters increase in older adults at high risk falling. This study explored the effect of aging on APAP and RTP in obstacle negotiation. Method: Nineteen older adults (mean age: 66.73 ± 3.38 years) and twelve young adults (mean age: 26.5 ± 4.37 years), participated in this study. Participants take part in gait initiation task from a starting position on a force platform under two conditions, unobstructed and obstructed (obstacle placed at 1 m from the initial position). RTP and APAP were measured and Timed “Up” & “Go” test (TUG) as a functional test, recorded for all participants. Results: There was no significant difference between healthy young and older adults in RTP and APAP in the unobstructed and obstructed conditions. TUG test was the most sensitive indicator of falling between two groups. Conclusion: Information processing capacity for motor planning and proper strategy selection in pre crossing phase of obstacle negotiation did not have significant difference in healthy old and young groups. Maybe in respect to select healthy older adults without any neurological disorders and cognitive impairments, low attention demand of well learned walking and obstacle negotiation tasks, lead to perform both postural task more automatically and without any significant difference detection.
Column Chromatography: A Facile and Inexpensive Procedure to Purify the Red Dopant DCJ Applied for OLEDs  [PDF]
Khadijeh Ghanbari, Hassan Aghajani, Maryam Golbabaee, Elham Naemi Khah, Seyed Hassan Nabavi, Ata Koohian
Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2011.13015
Abstract: DCJ, one of the DCM derivatives, has been used as a laser dye and a red emitter or a red dopant for OLED devices in recent decade. 4-(dicyanomethylene)-2-methyl-6-(julolidyl-9-enyl)-4H-pyran (DCJ) containing julolidine group has been synthesized for use as a red fluorescent dye molecule in organic light-emitting di- odes (OLEDs). In this paper, we reported a facile, simple and inexpensive procedure of purification of DCJ without necessity of HPLC analysis. The maximum absorption, emission, quantum efficiency are increasing in DCJ with the electron-donating of julolidine group.
Kansei Engineering and Ergonomic Design of Products
Hassan Sadeghi Naeini,Maryam Heidarpour
International Journal of Occupational Hygiene , 2011,
Abstract: The main purpose of this article was to describe the concept of Kansei and its status in ergonomics, to specialists of disciplines such as safety, industrial engineering, and specifically the associates of ergonomic design of products and industrial designers. During last decades the dominate approaches of ergonomics were mainly focused on physical aspects of human body, but along with the development of sciences, it has had a dramatic growth in human mental characteristics and has expanded from physical to cognitive, aesthetic, and recently affective domains. This study includes two parts of descriptive and review study. In the descriptive phase the scopes of ergonomics and its new approaches were focused, while in the review part by choosing the appropriate keywords, the published articles in three scientific databases were searched in the context of subject. In addition, in the basis of obtained data with an emphasis on the relevancy of ergonomics and Kansei Engineering, the position of Kansei Engineering in the growing discipline of ergonomics has been analyzed due to the authors’ perspective. In this study, recent trends in ergonomics approaches and some concepts of cognitive ergonomics and its relationship to Kansei were considered.
Possibility of Thyroidism Diagnosis by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Human Fingernail
Maryam Bahreini,Seyed Hassan Tavassoli
Journal of Lasers in Medical Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: A modern technique for elemental analysis of biological samples is laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). This technique is based on emission of excited atoms, ions, and molecules in plasma produced by focusing a high power laser pulses on sample surface. Because of several advantages of LIBS including little or no sample preparation; minimally invasive; fast analysis time and very easy to use, in this study, this method was used for investigating the mineral content of fingernails. As the trace element of nail can be changed by several pathological, physiological, and environmental factors, we analyze the human fingernails to evaluate the possibility of thyroidism diagnosis. METHODS: A Q-switched Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet (Nd:YAG) laser operating at wavelength of 1064 nm, pulse energy of 50 mJ/pulse, repetition rate of 10 Hz and pulse duration of 6 ns was used in this analysis. Measurements were done on 28 fingernails belonging to 5 hypothyroid, 2 hyperthyroid and 21 normal subjects. For classification of samples into different groups based on thyroid status, a discriminant function analysis (DFA) was used to discriminate among normal and thyroidism groups. RESULTS: The elements detected in fingernails with the present system were: Al, C, Ca, Fe, H, K, Mg, N, Na, O, Si, Sr, Ti as well as CN molecule. Classification in two groups of normal and patient subjects and also in three groups of normal, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid subjects shows that 100% of original grouped cases were correctly classified. So, efficient discrimination among these groups is demonstrated. CONCLUSION: It is shown that laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) could be a possible technique for the analysis of nail and therefore identification of health problems.
Low Magnetic Field Detection Using a CuPt Nano Structure Made on a SiO2/Si Structure
Hassan Hajghassem,Seyedeh Maryam Banihashemian,Majidreza Aliahmadi
Sensors , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/s91209734
Abstract: A Si/SiO2/CuPt structure is formed by depositing a very thin SiO2 layer between CuPt and P-type Si layers using e-beam evaporation. SEM images show the formation of CuPt nano clusters with an average size of less than 100 nm. This structure shows high sensitivity to applied magnetic fields at 77K and at low and high dc voltages such that magnetic field as low as 6 mT is detected using I-V and I-B measurements. The variation of current with various magnetic field strength at the constant voltage shows also an oscillatory behavior. The sensitivity of this structure to magnetic fields is believed to be due to small nano size of the platinum–copper structures as well as their discrete energy states and the tunneling of carriers into the insulating layer. Our results indicate that this structure may be a good candidate for small, simple, low cost and sensitive low magnetic field detectors.
Serum ascorbic acid concentration in patients with acute Falciparum malaria infection: possible significance
Hassan, Garba Ibrahim;Gregory, Ubom;Maryam, Haruna;
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-86702004000500007
Abstract: falciparum malaria infection is associated with significant destruction of erythrocytes. this leads to the release of toxic metabolic products, including oxidant compounds.we measured the serum concentration of the antioxidant, ascorbic acid, in 129 patients presenting with acute falciparum malaria infection and in 65 healthy individuals. none of the study subjects administered any form of ascorbic acid supplementation within one week prior to participation in this study. the mean serum ascorbate concentration in infected adult males (n = 49, age range 18-50 years) was found to be 2.02 ± 0.20 mg/dl, and it was 2.03 ± 0.24 mg/dl in infected adult females (n = 56, age range 18-50 years). these values were significantly greater than the serum ascorbate levels (1.54 ± 0.10 mg/dl) in healthy adult males (n = 28) and females (n = 28) (p < 0.05). in children (age range 3 to 5 years), the serum ascorbate concentration was significantly lower (1.95 ± 0.20 mg/dl) during infection (n = 25) than in their healthy counterparts (2.9 ± 0.24 mg/dl, n = 9) (p < 0.05). it is evident therefore that ascorbic acid plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of acute falciparum malaria in adults. infected children also need to be given supplemental doses of ascorbate in view of the weakness of their immune system.
Hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solution via adsorption on granular activated carbon: Adsorption, desorption, modeling and simulation studies
Mina Gholipour,Hassan Hashemipour,Maryam Mollashahi
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Hexavalent chromium is one of the contaminants recognized as a carcinogenic and mutagenic agent. Therefore, it is essential to remove these components from wastewater before disposal. In this study, removal of hexavalent chromium via adsorption on commercial granular activated carbon (GAC) was investigated as a function of adsorbent dosage, initial solution pH, initial Cr(VI) concentrations, contact time and temperature. The batch experiments were conducted at three temperatures (17, 27 and 37°C) and the results showed that Cr(VI) removal kinetics obeys pseudo second order rate equation. Equilibrium studies showed that the experimental data fitted well with Longmuir isotherm adsorption model. Thermodynamic parameters were also determined and results suggest that the adsorption process is a spontaneous and endothermic. reversibility of Cr(VI) adsorption and repeated availability performance of the adsorbent, was investigated by desorption process. In addition, artificial neural network (ANN) was utilized to simulate the experimental data. The results showed that the training step of the network was successful and therefore, the simulation could be applied to predict hexavalent chromium removal with high accuracy.
Standardized Percentile Curves of Body Mass Index of Northeast Iranian Children Aged 25 to 60 Months
Maryam Emdadi,Mohammad Safarian,Hassan Doosti
Iranian Journal of Pediatrics , 2011,
Abstract: Objective:Growth charts are widely used to assess childrens growth status and can provide a trajectory of growth during early important months of life. Racial differences necessitate using local growth charts. This study aimed to provide standardized growth curves of body mass index (BMI) for children living in northeast Iran. Methods:A total of 23730 apparently healthy boys and girls aged 25 to 60 months recruited for 20 days from those attending community clinics for routine health checks. Anthropometric measurements were done by trained health staff using WHO methodology. The LMSP method with maximum penalized likelihood, the Generalized Additive Models, the Box-Cox power exponential distribution distribution, Akaike Information Criteria and Generalized Akaike Criteria with penalty equal to 3 [GAIC(3)], and Worm plot and Q-tests as goodness of fit tests were used to construct the centile reference charts. Findings:The BMI centile curves for boys and girls aged 25 to 60 months were drawn utilizing a population of children living in northeast Iran. Conclusion:The results of the current study demonstrate the possibility of preparation of local growth charts and their importance in evaluating childrens growth. Also their differences, relative to those prepared by global references, reflect the necessity of preparing local charts in future studies using longitudinal data.
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