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Repensar la Perspectiva Psicosocial Sobre el Género: Contribuciones y Desafíos a Partir de las Identidades Transgénero
Psicoperspectivas , 2012, DOI: 10.5027/psicoperspectivas-Vol11-Issue2-fulltext-197
Abstract: transgender identities pose major challenges to the dominant psychosocial perspective on sex and gender. this paper discusses some of the ways in which transgender identities can challenge the dominant sex/gender logic pervading psy science. in particular, the paper focuses on how these identities allow us to rethink two well-established dichotomies concerning the concept of gender: the sex-gender distinction and the man-woman binary. by using illustrative cases, the analysis draws upon testimonial evidences and material collected from individuals and trans-gender activists from previous research. finally, we present a discussion about the possible implications of the reformulation of these dichotomies for a psychosocial perspective on gender and identity.
Nuevos registros del parásito Probopyrus pacificensis (Isopoda: Bopyridae) en el sur de Nayarit y norte de Jalisco, México
Oca?a-Luna, Alberto;Martínez-Guzmán, Lydia Alejandra;Sánchez-Ramírez, Marina;
Revista mexicana de biodiversidad , 2009,
Abstract: new observations of probopyrus pacificensis were recorded in arroyo san francisco, southern nayarit, and arroyo palo maría, northern jalisco, in the mexican pacific, infesting the freshwater shrimp macrobrachium tenellum.
Nuevos registros del parásito Probopyrus pacificensis (Isopoda: Bopyridae) en el sur de Nayarit y norte de Jalisco, México New records of the parasite Probopyrus pacificensis (Isopoda: Bopyridae) in southern Nayarit and northern Jalisco, Mexico
Alberto Oca?a-Luna,Lydia Alejandra Martínez-Guzmán,Marina Sánchez-Ramírez
Revista mexicana de biodiversidad , 2009,
Abstract: Se presentan nuevos registros de Probopyrus pacificensis en el arroyo San Francisco, sur de Nayarit y en el arroyo Palo María, norte de Jalisco en el Pacífico mexicano, parasitando a camarones de agua dulce de la especie Macrobrachium tenellum. New observations of Probopyrus pacificensis were recorded in Arroyo San Francisco, southern Nayarit, and Arroyo Palo María, northern Jalisco, in the Mexican Pacific, infesting the freshwater shrimp Macrobrachium tenellum.
Logistic Methods in Calculating Mortality Index in Hidalgo México  [PDF]
Gerardo Martínez-Guzmán, Mario Mauricio Bustillo-Díaz, Alejandro Rangel-Huerta, Gabriel Juárez-Díaz, Apolonio Ata-Pérez, Nicolás Quiroz-Hernández, Rogelio González-Velázquez, María Beatríz Bernabe-Loranca
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/am.2015.68110
Abstract: Mortality projections in a population are based on the prior analysis of mortality in a region, hoever, there are populations where data are not available or not reflect its real mortality level, that is, the projections depend on hypothesis strength of previous data. Based on these assumptions, the mathematical method Genova I Maleras 1997 used the most recent data and the model tables from the United Nations (UN). This method was applied to a mortality survey of the population of Hidalgo State, Mexico, projecting to year 2030. This method has not been applied in Mexico.
β-Lactoglobulin's Conformational Requirements for Ligand Binding at the Calyx and the Dimer Interphase: a Flexible Docking Study
Lenin Domínguez-Ramírez, Elizabeth Del Moral-Ramírez, Paulina Cortes-Hernández, Mariano García-Garibay, Judith Jiménez-Guzmán
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0079530
Abstract: β-lactoglobulin (BLG) is an abundant milk protein relevant for industry and biotechnology, due significantly to its ability to bind a wide range of polar and apolar ligands. While hydrophobic ligand sites are known, sites for hydrophilic ligands such as the prevalent milk sugar, lactose, remain undetermined. Through the use of molecular docking we first, analyzed the known fatty acid binding sites in order to dissect their atomistic determinants and second, predicted the interaction sites for lactose with monomeric and dimeric BLG. We validated our approach against BLG structures co-crystallized with ligands and report a computational setup with a reduced number of flexible residues that is able to reproduce experimental results with high precision. Blind dockings with and without flexible side chains on BLG showed that: i) 13 experimentally-determined ligands fit the calyx requiring minimal movement of up to 7 residues out of the 23 that constitute this binding site. ii) Lactose does not bind the calyx despite conformational flexibility, but binds the dimer interface and an alternate Site C. iii) Results point to a probable lactolation site in the BLG dimer interface, at K141, consistent with previous biochemical findings. In contrast, no accessible lysines are found near Site C. iv) lactose forms hydrogen bonds with residues from both monomers stabilizing the dimer through a claw-like structure. Overall, these results improve our understanding of BLG's binding sites, importantly narrowing down the calyx residues that control ligand binding. Moreover, our results emphasize the importance of the dimer interface as an insufficiently explored, biologically relevant binding site of particular importance for hydrophilic ligands. Furthermore our analyses suggest that BLG is a robust scaffold for multiple ligand-binding, suitable for protein design, and advance our molecular understanding of its ligand sites to a point that allows manipulation to control binding.
Liberación de péptidos bioactivos por bacterias lácticas en leches fermentadas comerciales
González-Olivares, L.G.;Jiménez-Guzmán, J.;Cruz-Guerrero, A.;Rodríguez-Serrano, G.;Gómez-Ruiz, L.;García-Garibay, M.;
Revista mexicana de ingeniería química , 2011,
Abstract: the aim of this study was to evaluate the release of bioactive peptides encrypted in milk proteins by proteolytic activity of lactic acid bacteria in commercial fermented milks in refrigerated storage. peptide concentration varied from 0.05 mg / ml in lf-3 (lactobacillus casei) and lf-4 (lactobacillus acidophilus) to 0.227 mg/ml in lf-5 (lactobacillus casei and s. thermophilus) and lf-1 (lactobacillus casei) after 10 days of storage, when the maximum concentration was reached. during refrigerated storage, all samples presented peptides with molecular weight lower than 14.4 kda. the fermented milk lf-2 (lactobacillus acidophilu s y streptococcus thermophilus) had the highest variety of peptides, and even peptides lower than 1.4 kda were found, some of them with aromatic amino acids, which are present in the primary structure of antihypertensive peptides. these results suggest that the concentration and diversity of peptides depends on microorganism in the fermented milk. peptides molecular weights were compared with those reported in literature for bioactive peptides, finding similarities, thus increasing the expectations to have peptides with physiological importance in fermented milks.
Filosofia e investiga o para a paz Philosophy and Peace Research Philosophie et recherche pour la paix
Vicent Martínez Guzmán
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/rccs.1015
Abstract: Como seres humanos, temos competências para organizar as nossas rela es, fazendo uso da guerra e de qualquer outro tipo de violência estrutural, cultural ou simbólica, que suponha a marginaliza o, exclus o e morte de uns seres humanos por outros e a degrada o do ambiente. Mas também é certo que temos competências para organizar as nossas rela es de forma pacífica: exprimindo ternura ou carinho nas rela es interpessoais ou criando institui es de governa o locais, estatais ou globais que promovam rela es humanas baseadas na justi a e rela es com a natureza baseadas na sustentabilidade. Neste contexto, o desafio filosófico dos estudos para a paz é a reconstru o normativa das nossas competências para fazer as pazes. As human beings, we have skills for organizing our relationships that make use of war and other types of structural, cultural and symbolic violence that presuppose the marginalization, exclusion and death of human beings and the degradation of the environment. But we also undoubtedly have skills for organizing our relationships in a peaceful way: expressing tenderness and care in interpersonal relations or creating local, state or global institutions of governance that promote human relations based on justice, as well as relations with nature based on sustainability. In this context, the philosophical challenge of Peace Studies involves the normative reconstruction of our peacemaking skills. Comme êtres humains, nous avons des compétences pour organiser nos rapports, en recourant à la guerre et à tout autre type de violence structurale, culturelle ou symbolique, ce qui suppose la marginalisation, l’exclusion et la mort de certains êtres humains par d’autres et la dégradation du milieu. Il est cependant certain que nous disposons aussi des compétences pour organiser nos rapports de manière pacifique: en montrant de l’affection ou de la tendresse dans les relations interpersonnelles ou en créant des institutions de gestion locales, étatiques ou globales qui promeuvent des rapports humains fondés sur la justice, ainsi que des rapports avec la nature fondés sur ce qui est soutenable. Dans ce contexte, le défi philosophique des études pour la paix est la reconstruction normative de nos compétences pour faire la paix.
Intervención en crisis en pacientes con trastornos de personalidad limítrofe
Claudio Martínez Guzmán
Revista Interamericana de Psicología , 2005,
Abstract: A partir de una experiencia de trabajo e investigación con pacientes en crisis dentro de servicios de urgencia psiquiátricos y de hospital general se proponen ideas acerca del abordaje de la patología de personalidad limítrofe en ese contexto. Se exploran algunas ideas sobre las particularidades del llamado parasuicidio del paciente límite y se describen elementos que deberían abordarse en una intervención de esta naturaleza y que constituyen variantes en la modalidad estándar de esta clase de terapia. Se discute acerca del tema de la dosis-efecto en la psicoterapia y se propone esta técnica como puerta de entrada en servicios masivos de atención psicológica
Review of Parker (2010) La psicología como ideología. Contra la disciplina Rese a de Parker (2010) La psicología como ideología. Contra la disciplina
Antar Martínez Guzmán
Athenea Digital , 2011,
Políticas para la Diversidad: Hospitalidad contra Extranjería
Vicent Martínez Guzmán
Convergencia , 2003,
Abstract: En este trabajo tomaremos como punto de partida las razones que podríamos tener para no ser solidarios con los de fuera , con los que tienen culturas diferentes analizando argumento de autores como Hun ting ton y Sartori. En segundo lugar, analizaremos las tensiones en tre cultura como característica de los seres humanos y la diversidad de culturas, la aparición de la noción de extra o y extranjero, el miedo a la diferencia y, en cualquier caso, la sólida relación que se manifiesta en tre los seres humanos incluso cuando nos consideramos extra os. Defenderemos que la relación en tre los seres humanos será violenta, cuando rompa esos vínculos sólidos que constituyen la solidaridad originaria de nuestras relaciones. Finalmente recapitularemos para dar indicadores de solidaridad basados en el derecho a la hospitalidad como constitutivo de la capacidad humana de ser mo rales. La tesis será que somos inmorales si no somos hospitalarios, de ahí que necesitemos políticas para la diversidad.
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