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Structural Biology of a Major Signaling Network that Regulates Plant Abiotic Stress: The CBL-CIPK Mediated Pathway
María José Sánchez-Barrena,Martín Martínez-Ripoll,Armando Albert
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ijms14035734
Abstract: The Arabidopsis SOS2 family of twenty-six protein kinases (CIPKs), their interacting activators, the SOS3 family of ten calcium-binding proteins (CBLs) and protein phosphatases type 2C (PP2C), function together in decoding calcium signals elicited by different environmental stimuli. Biochemical data suggest that stable CBL-CIPK or CIPK-PP2C complexes may be regulating the activity of various substrates controlling ion homeostasis. The available structural information provides a general regulatory mechanism in which calcium perception by CBLs and kinase activation is coupled. The structural basis of this molecular mechanism and the specificity of the network is reviewed and discussed in detail.
Evaluación clínica, microbio lógica e inmuológica de la ozonoterapia en pacientes con bolsas periodontales moderadas-severas
Ripollés de Ramón,J.; Colmenero Ruiz,C.; Gallut Ruiz,J.; Zaera Le Gal,R.; Bascones Martínez,A.;
Avances en Periodoncia e Implantología Oral , 2004, DOI: 10.4321/S1699-65852004000100005
Abstract: introduction. in recent years, important progress has be en made in the knowledge of periodontal disease, from a multifactorial etiology, the responsable microbiology, the local inmunological response as also multiple aspects related to its epidemiology, etiology and its evolution. given a greater knowledge in thsese fields new techniques (pharmacological products and apparatus) are being developed to treat and detain the periodontal disease and preserve dental health. objectives. analyse the periodontal response from a clinical, microbiological and immunological point of view of a population with moderate-severe periodontal pockets and its comparison with the scraping and smoothing periodontal technique. method and matlrial. a total of 72 cuadrants with at least more than four teeth in each cuadrant and more than 6mm.pocket depth probe were studied in a population of 43 average age. toestablish comparison between both groups a cross mouth study has been done, in which half were treated with ozone and the rest with scraping technique. the variable results were evaluated: clinical, microbiological and immunological response with descriptive estadistic analysis and anova. conclusion: we can say that the periodontal treatment with ozone produces estadisticaly significant reduction in the amount of index gingival bleeding, in the microbiological periodontal parameters as also in the immunological patterns of il1b y tnf-alfa, however there is no variation in relation to the level periodon tal insertion and the depth of the periodontal pocket that requires a periodontal technique of scraping.
Actualización en los protocolos de extracción dental en pacientes anticoagulados Update in dental procedures in patients receiving oral anticoagulated therapy
J. Ripollés de Ramón,R. Gómez Font,M. Mu?oz-Corcuera,A. Bascones Martínez
Avances en Odontoestomatología , 2012,
Abstract: Las intervenciones de cirugía oral y las simples extracciones dentales pueden ser objeto de complicaciones inmediatas y mediatas desde un punto de vista hemorrágico para el profesional que interviene sobre pacientes en tratamiento con anticoagulantes orales. Los protocolos clínicos publicados en relación al enfoque terapéutico a seguir en estos casos se basa en dos vertientes: la que postula una disminución de la ingesta farmacológica del anticoagulantes y sustitución por heparina o bien aquella que preconiza su mantenimiento y el control del INR junto con unas medidas hemostáticas específicas del proceso. Nuestro propósito es evaluar los protocolos descritos en la literatura y por las sociedades médicas con el fin de iniciar unas pautas aclaratorias actualizadas. Oral surgery and easy dental extractions could be potential mediate or immediate clinical hemorrhagic complications that dental clinicians may encounter when treating patients on anticoagulant oral medication. The clinical protocols published regarding which therapeutic procedure to follow when dealing with these patients are based on two approaches: One that postulates a decrease of the pharmacological ingestion of the anticoagulants and their substitution with heparin; another which recommends their maintenance and the control of INR (international normalized ratio) together with a few haemostatic specific procedures. Our aim is, therefore, to evaluate the protocols described in the literature in order to establish a few explanatory updated guidelines for the medical associations.
Hemorragia espontánea e hipertensión arterial como complicaciones de un pseudoquiste suprarrenal: Presentación de un caso
Müller Arteaga,C.A.; Martín Blanco,S.; Calleja Escudero,J.; Torrecilla Garcia-Ripoll,J.R.; Rivero Martínez,D.; Fernández del Busto,E.;
Actas Urológicas Espa?olas , 2005, DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062005000600012
Abstract: adrenal pseudocyst are uncommon and asymptomatic tumors. we report an unusual case who had previous high blood pressure and acute hemorrhage presented with abdominal pain and shock. diagnosis was made with ultrasonography and computed tomography revealed the presence of large retroperitoneal hematoma around the superior pole of the left kidney. urgent surgery was made with a complete excision of a 10 cm. tumor with preservation of adrenal tissue and the left kidney. hystopathological diagnosis was: adrenal pseudocyst. blood pressure normalized after surgery.
Linfoma renal primario
Torrecilla García-Ripoll,J.R.; Pascual Samaniego,M.; Martín Blanco,S.; Rivera Ferro,J.; Peral Martínez,J.I.; Fernández del Busto,E.;
Actas Urológicas Espa?olas , 2003, DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062003000700012
Abstract: objective: to describe a case of primary renal lymphoma. material and methods: we presents a patient with a right renal mass which histological analysis revealed a non-hodgkin lymphoma. results: a 78-year-old male patient with right flank pain mass was referred to our service. he was diagnosed of renal mass by imaging studies. inmunohistochemical investigations revealed a b-cell-type lymphoma. he received combination chemotherapy with chop. conclusions: primary renal lymphoma is a rare disease whose existence has been questioned, because the kidney does not normally contain lymphoid tissue. its clinical presentation is like any other renal tumor and its definitive diagnosis is by histology. elective treatment is chemotherapy (chop).
Hidatidosis renal
Torrecilla García-Ripoll,Juan Ramón; Müller Arteaga,Carlos; Sanz Ruíz,Alejandro; Rivero Martínez,María Dolores; Corti?as González,José Ramón; Fernández del Busto,Ernesto;
Archivos Espa?oles de Urología (Ed. impresa) , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-06142006000700012
Abstract: objective: our purpose is to report a case of renal hydatidosis and its treatment. methods: the characteristics of the case are presented and discussed. results and conclusions: the hydatic disease is a parasitic infestation caused by the larvae from echinococcosis granulosus. the kidney ranks third among all visceral localitations, compromising only 2% to 4% of all cases. most of patients are asymptomatic for years and the correct preoperative diagnosis is difficult.
Unlawfulness in Western European Tort Law  [PDF]
Martín García-Ripoll
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101605
Abstract: In the wake of the German Civil Code (BGB), the codes of different countries of Western Europe include an apparently distorting requisite for an action in tort, which is the unlawfulness. This paper aims to clarify its original meaning and the possibilities of accepting it in jurisdictions where its law does not require expressly that element, including those of Common Law. Before moving directly into the problem, a clarification seems necessary for Common Law scholars, for this paper is focused on a scientific European issue. In Common Law, it is debatable whether there is a general tort law or different torts, but no matter the opinion of the different authors is , each tort is supposed to have its own requisites. In contrast, in Continental Law, the trend is to establish common requisites for all torts (although it is distinguished between “normal” and strict liability), and to insert subsequently nuances when dealing with special group of cases. This paper deals with one of these general elements of an action in tort in some codified systems: the unlawfulness, but without rejecting its usefulness in Common Law jurisdictions.
Gastrotomy closure with a new tissue anchoring device: A porcine survival study
Carlos Guarner-Argente, Henry Córdova, Graciela Martínez-Pallí, Ricard Navarro-Ripoll, Antonio Rodríguez-d’Jesús, Cristina Rodríguez de Miguel, Mireia Beltrán, Gloria Fernández-Esparrach
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2011,
Abstract: AIM: To evaluate the feasibility, reproducibility and efficacy of a new tissue anchoring device in a porcine survival model.METHODS: Gastrotomies were performed using a needle-knife and balloon dilator in 10 female Yorkshire pigs weighing 30-35 kg. Gastric closure was attempted using a new tissue anchoring device. The tightness of the closure was confirmed by means of air insufflation and the ability to maintain gastric distension with stability in peritoneal pressure measured with a Veress needle. All animals were monitored daily for signs of peritonitis and sepsis over 14 d. During necropsy, the peritoneal cavity and the gastric access site were examined.RESULTS: Transgastric access, closure and 14 d survival was achieved in all pigs. The mean closure time was 18.1 ± 19.2 min and a mean of 2.1 ± 1 devices were used. Supplementary clips were necessary in 2 cases. The closure time was progressively reduced (24.8 ± 13.9 min in the first 5 pigs vs 11.4 ± 5.9 min in the last 5, P = NS). At necropsy, the gastric access site was correctly closed in all cases with all brace-bars present. One device was misplaced in the mesocolon. Minimal adhesions were observed in 3 pigs and signs of mild peritonitis and adhesions in one.CONCLUSIONS: The use of this new tissue anchoring device in porcine stomachs is feasible, reproducible and effective and requires a short learning curve.
Phytogenic Mounds (Nebkhas): Effect of Tricomaria usillo on Sand Entrapment in Central-West of Argentina  [PDF]
Graciela Pastrán, Eduardo Martínez Carretero
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2016.84036
Abstract: Nebkhas, developed by the trapping of sand within the body of a plant, were studied in the Médanos Grandes system, arid central Argentina, during the springs of 2009-2010. The dynamics of nebkhas was studied in three draas (megadunes), and considering both orientations: leeward and windward. The Drift Potential (DP) for the study area was 42, evidencing the inactivity of the sand dunes or the scarce activity only in crests. Dominant sand movement is in south-southeast direction, with deflation processes at the southern side of the nebkhas. All nebkhas showed uniformity in the morphometry. Tricomaria usillo is the dominant plant species in the nebkha formation process; and results showed a significant positive relationship between nebkha and canopy volumes.
Remodelación cardíaca e inflamación
Martínez Rosas, Martín;
Archivos de cardiología de México , 2006,
Abstract: the cardiac remodeling is a progressive response of the heart to acute and chronic insults regardless its etiology. this process is characterized by changes in the size, shape and function and is associated with a worse prognosis in patients with heart failure. the acute myocardial infarction is the most common cause of remodeling. in the first minutes after injury in the ischemic zone there is an important augment in the synthesis and release of proinflammatory cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (tnf-α) interleukin-6 (il-6), interleukin-1-beta (il-1β) and transforming growth factor 1-beta (tgf-1β). this acute releasing of cytokines could regulate the survival or apoptosis of myocytes in infarcted zone and, their negative inotropic effects could represent an adaptative response to delimit the injury and to decrease myocardial energy demand. this significant upregulation of proinflammatory cytokines can extend to noninfarcted zone and triggers a second phase of elevated levels of cytokines that promote interstitial fibrosis and collagen deposition in the contralateral noninfarcted myocardium leading to a dysfunctional ventricle. this article will review the recent reports that support the idea of a cardioprotective role for this early inflammatory response and a deleterious role of the delayed response that mediate the fibrosis that is a typical feature of the remodeling process.
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