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The concept of nursing mothers regarding breastfeeding practices in the municipality of Coari (AM)
Marlene Ramos Reis,Kaliny de Souza Lira,Marcelo Lasmar dos Santos,Afranio César de Souza Pereira
Saúde & Transforma??o Social , 2011,
Abstract: Breastfeeding is results from a series of biological impulses and instinctive behavior, which were presented to all newborns, and is essential for the health of the child. Despite the encouragement of breastfeeding programs and by health professionals, the interruption of breastfeeding continues to occur significantly and early. The aimed of this study was to verify the feeding practices of mothers enrolled in Basic Health Units in the City of Coari, Amazonas. Data collection was performed by applying a semi-structured, with the main thematic knowledge about breastfeeding, to realize the difficulties breastfeeding, and factors that led to early weaning. In this way, it was found that this population has relevant knowledge regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, and that even with this knowledge, many discontinue the practice of breastfeeding early by the need of future studies, and income, is obtained by entering the labor market.
Estudo morfométrico do miocárdio em adultos com subnutri??o protéico-energética
Cunha, Daniel Ferreira da;Pedrini, Cristiane Helena;Sousa, Júlio Cláudio;Reis, Marlene Ant?nia dos;Ramos, Sidney Gon?alves;Cunha, Selma Freire de Carvalho da;Teixeira, Vicente de Paula Antunes;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X1998001100006
Abstract: purpose: to compare cardiac muscle cells width and cardiomyocyte lipofuscin pigment presence between malnourished and non-malnourished necropsied adults. methods: out of 315 necropsy protocols of adults randomly chosen, those with edema, ascitis, systemic arterial hypertension, chronic liver disease, and heart disease were excluded. malnutrition was defined by body mass index (bmi) <17kg/m2. cardiomyocytes morphometry study and lipofuscin pigment counts were performed. results: malnourished (n=8) and controls (n=4), respectively, showed statistical differences in relation to bmi (14.86±1.13 vs 22.02±0.9kg/m2), heart weight/body weight ratio (0.68±0.09 vs 0.54±0.07%), cardiomyocytes width (10.91±0.77 vs 12.90±1.82μm) and lipofuscin pigment presence (39.1 vs 54.4%). conclusion: when compared with controls, necropsied malnourished adults showed decreased myocardial fibers diameters and lower lipofuscin pigment presence. these findings might reflect altered metabolism, and would be associated with harmful clinical effects in terminally ill patients.
Observa es sobre o papel da linguagem na fenomenologia hermenêutica de Ser e Tempo
Robson Ramos Reis
Problemata : International Journal of Philosophy , 2011, DOI: 10.7443/problemata.v1i1.10012
Abstract: No § 34 de Sein und Zeit, dedicado à interpreta o da estrutura existencial do discurso (Rede), Heidegger exige que a pesquisa filosófica renuncie à filosofia da linguagem, e alcance sua clareza concitual a partir da orienta o pelas “coisas mesmas”. Aí fica sugerida uma oposi o: filosofia da linguagem versus fenomenologia, a partir da orienta o pelas “coisas mesmas”. Aqui analiso a passagem mencionada segundo dois aspectos: a) a rela o entre o método fenomenológico e a abordagem filosófica da linguagem, e b) olugar sistemático da interpreta o da linguagem na ontologia fundamental. A conclus o será de que n o apenas a fenomenologia-hermenêutica está comprometida internamente com uma abordagem filosófica da linguagem, como também encontra-se delineada na anlítica da existência um projeto qualificado de tematiza o da linguagem. Será demonstrado o escopo restrito da oposi o enunciada no § 34, assim como a natureza peculiar de uma investiga o fenomenológico-hermenêutica da linguagem.
O ens realissimum e a existência: notas sobre o conceito de impessoalidade em Ser e Tempo, de Martin Heidegger
Reis, Róbson Ramos dos;
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-512X2001000200006
Abstract: in this paper we examine the notion of impersonality (das man) presented in heidegger's being and time. taking as interpretative guideline the analysis of a comparison made by heidegger between the das man and the concept of ens realissimum, we maintain that the impersonality has a central ontological function within the program of the fundamental ontology. like the concept of ens realissimum in the ontoteological tradition, which played the rolle of ground of determination for things in generall, the impersonal manner of being represents the elemental source of all inteligibility. the parallel between the notions of impersonality and ens realissimum enables then a grasping of the social nature of the projection of being by the human understanding of being.
Escolaridade dos pais, desempenho no mercado de trabalho e desigualdade de rendimentos
Reis, Mauricio Cortez;Ramos, Lauro;
Revista Brasileira de Economia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71402011000200004
Abstract: parents' education is highly associated with workers' performance in the brazilian labor market. then, family background may play a role in determining the astonishing level of income inequality in brazil. using data from the social mobility supplement of the 1996 pnad (pesquisa nacional por amostra de domicílio), this paper investigates the relationship between labor earnings inequality and schooling of the parents of the workers. the results show that parental education, both through its influence on the educational level of the workers and on the returns to schooling, is related to the unequal distribution of labor earnings in brazil, although the former channel seems to be much more important.
Róbson Ramos dos Reis
Philósophos : Revista de Filosofia , 2010, DOI: 10.5216/phi.v14i2.12120
Abstract: O meu objetivo neste artigo é a formula o de uma hipótese que estabelece a conex o interna entre o risível e o pensamento do ser, oferecendo algumas dire es para um tratamento sistemático do problema do c mico na obra de Heidegger. O artigo é concluído com um comentário sobre rela o entre o c mico, o trágico e o pensamento, tomando por base a interpreta o heideggeriana de Heráclito. The main purpose of this paper is the formulation of a hypothesis about the internal link between the laughing and the thinking of Being, offering some guidelines for a systematic treatment of the issue of the comical in Heidegger's work. I conclude the paper with a remark on the relation between the comical, the tragic and the thinking, having Heidegger's interpretation of Heraclitus as a starting point.
Heidegger: origem e finitude do tempo
Róbson Ramos dos Reis
DoisPontos , 2004,
Abstract: In this paper I present the general lines of Heidegger's doctrine of temporality in Being and Time. Besides the ontological aspects that distinguish such approach, I also stress a main feature of the so-called phenomenological chronology, that is: the identification of modes of time, and the determination of an explanatory dependency relation between them. The finitude of temporality and the genesis of the modes of time from Dasein's originary temporality are both analyzed with more emphasis. The paper ends with a short review of four issues that a further analysis of Heidegger's phenomenological chronology surely must address in detail.
As cheias no sul de Portugal em diferentes tipos de bacias hidrográficas
Catarina Ramos,Eusébio Reis
Finisterra - Revista Portuguesa de Geografia , 2001,
Abstract: THE FLOODS IN THE SOUTH OF PORTUGAL IN DIFFERENT KINDS OF DRAINAGEBASINS – The regime of the Portuguese rivers depends on the space and time variation of rainfall. Portugal has clear regional contrasts in the geographical distribution of rainfall. The NW and the Central Mountain Range (Cordilheira Central) are the regions with more rainfall. The NE and the south are the driest regions. Therainfall regime is very irregular. The monthly rainfall regime is clearly Mediterranean with autumn-winter rains (November-March) and an extremely dry summer. The river flows are also very irregular, with severe droughts and surprisingly high flood discharges. These characteristics tend to worsen from NW to SE. The southern rivers have specific discharges 6 to 7 times inferior to the ones of theNW, greater irregularity (the flow in years with more rainfall may surpass 100 to 240 times the flow in driest years), a more severe drought (6 months), almost all are temporary, and flood peaks (200-300 times the average flow) can reach extremely high values.In the twentieth century, floods were responsible for the highest rate of casualties in natural disasters in Portugal, followed by earthquakes: one death for every seven were due to floods. The type of floods known as progressive floods mainly affects the big hydrographic basins, such as the River Tagus basin, due to the large flooded area. This kind of flood is caused by heavy rainfall periods connected to the western zonal circulation, which usually lasts several weeks. The dams’ basin system reduces flood frequency, especially in autumn when reservoirs still manage to absorb the highflows after the summer dry period, but cannot tame the river. It has even contributed to an increase of the peak flow, as in the 1979 flood. Flashfloods are another kind of floods that occur in Portugal and, unlike the former, are dangerous and deadly, such as those in 1967, 1983 and 1997. They affect the small drainage basins and are caused by heavy and concentrated rainfalls, due to convective depressions (cold pools especially active or depressions caused by the interaction between polar and tropical circulations), namely in the south of the country (Lisbon region, Alentejo and Algarve). In the small drainage basins with a natural regime (uninfluenced by a dam), it is interesting to verify the existence of a trend in these extreme phenomena over the last decades. There has been a clear intensification of flood importance during autumn months, in contrast with an accentuated diminishing in winter and spring months.This trend concerns us
Ocorrência de cisticercose (Cysticercus cellulosae) encefálica e cardíaca em necropsias
Lino Jr,Ruy S; Reis,Marlene A; Teixeira,Vicente PA;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101999000500009
Abstract: objective: to review the incidence and pathologic findings of cysticercosis diagnosed at autopsies, with emphasis on the most common organs affected. methods: reports of 1.596 autopsies performed between 1974 and 1997 at a school hospital in uberaba, mg, brazil were studied. the following data were obtained: age, sex, ethnic group, body mass index, and the site of the cysticercosis. results: the study found diagnosis of cysticercosis in 53 autopsies (3.3%). the average age of patients with cysticercosis was 50 (range: 15 to 86 years); 62.3% were male, and 64.1% caucasian. the most affected organs were: brain (79.2%), heart (22.6%), skeletal muscle (11.3%), and other organs (5.7%). no statistical differences were found comparing age, gender, ethnic group, and body mass index of the affected and the non-affected patients. in two cases of neurocysticercosis the lesions were located in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus. conclusion: both the overall incidence of cysticercosis and the incidence of cardiac cysticercosis were greater in the study than in other autopsy series from the same geographic areas. in two cases there was an association between hypothalamic cysticercosis and obesity.
Ocorrência de cisticercose (Cysticercus cellulosae) encefálica e cardíaca em necropsias
Lino Jr Ruy S,Reis Marlene A,Teixeira Vicente PA
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1999,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Realizar estudo retrospectivo relativo ao achado de les es de cisticercose e às localiza es mais comumente atingidas em exames usuais de necropsias. MéTODOS: Foram revistos, retrospectivamente, 1.596 protocolos de necropsias em Uberaba, MG, Brasil, no período de 1974 a 1997, registrando-se: a idade, o sexo, a cor, o índice de massa corporal (IMC) e a localiza o do cisticerco. RESULTADOS: Encontraram-se relatos de cisticercose em 53 (3,3%) protocolos. A média das idades foi de 50 ± 15,4 anos (variando de 15 a 86 anos), 62,3% eram homens, 64,1% brancos. As localiza es encontradas foram: encefálica (79,2%), cardíaca (22,6%), muscular esquelética (11,3%) e outras (5,7%). N o houve diferen a estatística das variáveis entre os grupos positivos ou negativos para o diagnóstico de cisticercose. Observaram-se dois casos de neurocisticercose localizados no núcleo ventromedial do hipotálamo. CONCLUS O: A ocorrência de cisticercose, bem como a localiza o cardíaca foram mais freqüentemente encontradas em rela o a outros estudos da regi o. Em dois casos de cisticercose hipotalamica havia associa o com obesidade.
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