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Preparation of Star-Shaped Polylactic Acid Drug Carrier Nanoparticles  [PDF]
Michele Marini
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2010.11007
Abstract: Drug carrier biocompatible and biodegradable nanoparticles of about 15 nm were prepared by solvent evaporation technique from star-shaped poly(D,L-lactide) synthesized using dipentaerythritol as core and Tin (II) ethylhexanoate as catalyst.
The Importance of Health Records  [PDF]
Milena Marini
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.75073
Abstract: Health records have played an increasingly important role throughout history as an important legal document for the exercise of individuals’ rights. However, domestic legislation fails to define health records as a legally important collection of health data and documents. Recording facts and storing legally important documents are therefore the tasks of the operator. Using the prescriptive method we will determine which laws are governing the management of medical records, their safety and accessibility. Based on the descriptive method, we will describe the process of handling health records by the provider of health treatment, focusing on exposed regulatory gaps in the area of the protection of the rights of an individual. Through the analysis of the laws governing the management of health records, even after death and operator terminating the service, we will carry out inductive reasoning and provide conclusions regarding the attitude towards health records. Considering different results we can conclude that health information, especially documents relevant to the protection of individual’s rights, is not transparent. Above all, the documents in the collection are not recorded properly, thus allowing for their removal. Even the transfer of health records by the provider of health treatment is not defined, which could result in the disposal of the entire health documentation.
Sciascia on screen, tra pamphlet e thriller. Due riletture postume: 'Porte aperte' e 'Una storia semplice'
Alessandro Marini
Incontri : Rivista Europea di Studi Italiani , 2013,
Abstract: Sciascia on Screen: Between pamphlet and thriller. Two Posthumous Re-readings: Porte aperte and Una storia semplice This essay treats two adaptations of Leonardo Sciascia’s novels, that, as they appeared soon after the author’s death, stand as a sort of literary memorial to the author: Porte aperte by Gianni Amelio, published in 1990, and Una storia semplice by Emidio Greco, from 1991. The intention is to highlight the original project of transposition from novel to film by means of the structural approach and the analysis of passages that are significant to the screenplay.
Wikipedia, enciclopedia e comunità: recenti sviluppi e prospettive
A Marini
Bollettino del CILEA , 2005, DOI: 10.1472/bc.v95idicembre.1164
Abstract: Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia sul Web aperta alla lettura, alla scrittura e al riutilizzo, continua a crescere in estensione e notorietà. Dopo avere segnalati i dati che caratterizzano il suo stato attuale, si presentano le iniziative che vengono prese dalla comunità dei suoi sostenitori, comunità che si affianca al movimento per la promozione del software open source ed ormai in grado di organizzare azioni che possono avere una larga influenza. Ci si chiede quindi, considerando soprattutto il caso della versione in italiano, se la sua attuale vistosa crescita potrà mantenersi sostenuta fino ad arrivare ad un sistema di riferimento per le conoscenze di dominio pubblico di grande influenza.
Wikipedia – l’enciclopedia libera in linea a crescita rapida
Alberto Marini
Bollettino del CILEA , 2004, DOI: 10.1472/bc.v93igiugno.1149
Abstract: Wikipedia è una enciclopedia sul Web aperta alla lettura, alla scrittura e al riutilizzo che sta guadagnando rapidamente notorietà. Dopo aver descritte le modalità che consentono di partecipare al suo sviluppo, si discutono le ragioni del suo successo e ci si chiede quale ruolo potrà svolgere nei prossimi anni. Si considera soprattutto il caso della versione in italiano, ancora limitata e incompleta, ma tra quelle in maggiore crescita. Infine si sottolinea l’ opportunità di seguire con attenzione l’evoluzione del progetto.
{\it Ab--initio} finite temperature excitons
Andrea Marini
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.106405
Abstract: The coupling with the lattice vibrations is shown to drastically modify the state--of--the--art picture of the excitonic states based on a frozen atom approximation. The zero--point vibrations renormalize the bare energies and optical strengths. Excitons acquire a non--radiative lifetime that decreases with increasing temperature. The optical brightness and efficiency turn out to be strongly temperature dependent such as to induce bright to dark (and vice versa) transitions. The finite temperature experimental optical absorption spectra of bulk Si and hexagonal BN are successfully explained without using any external parameter.
Competition between the electronic and phonon-mediated scattering channels in the out-of-equilibrium carrier dynamics of semiconductors: an ab-initio approach
Andrea Marini
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/427/1/012003
Abstract: The carrier dynamics in bulk Silicon, a paradigmatic indirect gap semiconductor, is studied by using the Baym-Kadanoff equations. Both the electron--electron(e-e) and electron--phonon(e-p) self--energies are calculated fully ab-initio by using a semi-static GW approximation in the e-e case and a Fan self-energy in the e-p case. By using the generalized Baym-Kadanoff ansatz the two-time evolution is replaced by the only dynamics on the macroscopic time axis. The enormous numerical difficulties connected with a real-time simulation of realistic systems is overcame by using a completed collision approximation that further simplifies the memory effects connected to the time evolution. The carrier dynamics is shown to reduce in such a way to have stringent connections to the well-known equilibrium electron-electron and electron-phonon self-energies. This link allows to use general arguments to motivate the relative balance between the e-e and e-p scattering channels on the basis of the carrier energies.
Tautological Cycles on Jacobian Varieties
Giambattista Marini
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Let C be a complex curve of genus g, let J(C) be its Jacobian and let R(C) be its tautological ring, that is, the group of algebraic cycles modulo algebraic equivalence. We study the algebraic structure of R(C). In particular, we give a detailed description of all the possibilities that may occur for g<9: we construct convenient basis and we determine the matrices representing the Fourier transform and both intersection and Pontryagin products explicitly. In particular, we estimate the dimension of R(C).
A Landscape Approach for Detecting and Assessing Changes in an Area Prone to Desertification in Sardinia (Italy)
Francesca Giordano,Alberto Marini
International Journal of Navigation and Observation , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/549630
Abstract: Land degradation and desertification processes represent a serious problem in many areas of Sardinia (Italy), as in the Nurra region where urbanization, overgrazing, and fires have induced environmental degradation and rapid land-use change. In this study, using satellite remote sensing and geographical information system, landcover and landscape change dynamics were investigated. Comparing two Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper, it was possible to assess landcover transformations, and with the FRAGSTATS software it was possible to quantify the changes of landscape characteristics in the Nurra region over a 10-years period. The images were classified into seven landcover types, and a stepwise indicator approach was adopted. The results show a decrease in cropland and an increase of forestland and urban areas. The overall change was estimated to be about 2.5% of the total study area, with two most frequent landcover conversion types: cropland to urban areas and cropland to forestland.
Safer ventilation of the injured lung: one step closer
John J Marini
Critical Care , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/cc9028
Abstract: In the previous issue, Bikker and colleagues demonstrate that electrical impedance tomography has the potential to track regional ventilation responses to decremental positive end-expiratory pressure semiquantitatively in patients with acute lung injury [1], suggesting the potential to predict the consequences of our setting choices. Such innovations are needed, as our search to find a reliable means with which to identify the optimal settings for ventilating acute respiratory distress syndrome remains unaccomplished, more than 40 years after it began [2,3].Inappropriate values for end-inspiratory or end-expiratory pressure have clear potential to damage a lung predisposed to ventilator-induced lung injury. Further-more, the driving pressure (the difference between plateau and positive end-expiratory pressures) as well as the rate at which lung inflation occurs (flow magnitude and profile) may be additional keys to safety and hazard [4]. Because we face a heterogeneous mechanical environment and multiple variables to be regulated, our progress toward forging a trustworthy tool with which to adjust respiratory life support in patients afflicted with acute respiratory distress syndrome has been glacially slow.Over the years, static airway pressures, tidal compliance calculations, contours of the inflation airway pressure-volume curve (inflection points, stress index) and, more recently, deflation curve deflection points have been suggested to offer the needed guidance [3,5-7]. Although superficially attractive because airway pressure data are easy to acquire, the idea that any airway pressure-based measurement - used alone - can provide enough information to simultaneously avoid widespread lung overstretch and tidal recruitment seems conceptually na?ve.For the airway pressure to reflect lung characteristics, two conditions must first be met: the chest wall should not contribute unduly to the recorded airway pressure, and respiratory muscle tone must be low. It is sobe

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