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La Regulación Cognitiva de la Acción en una Tarea de Construcción Colaborativa con Bloques, en Díadas de Ni?os de Entre Ocho y Doce A?os
Castellaro,Mariano A; Roselli,Néstor;
Psicoperspectivas , 2012, DOI: 10.5027/psicoperspectivas-Vol11-Issue1-fulltext-173
Abstract: this study qualitatively analyzed how dyads composed by children between eight and twelve years old planned actions in a collaborative block construction task. 17 dyads of children of similar age and gender were intentionally selected. all dyads were asked to build the best possible house with the available materials. the researcher ensured that children understood the importance of teamwork and of agreeing on their actions and decisions. the 17 collaborative work situations were filmed and transcribed, and conformed the basic material of this study. different types of relationship between cognitive aspects (task planning) and behavioral aspects (task performance) were identified, showing a gradation that went from the primary level (low cognitive control), to a higher level of reflexivity and cognitive control over the task.
El chateo y la interacción social directa en el aprendizaje cooperativo de díadas
Néstor Roselli,Mariano Bruno,Lisandro Evangelista
Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología , 2004,
La influencia de la desigualdad intelectual en la interacción colaborativa de díadas de ni?os de ocho a?os
Castellaro,Mariano; Dominino,Martín; Roselli,Néstor;
Psicología desde el Caribe , 2011,
Abstract: this investigation aimed to analyze the influence of intellectual inequality on collaborative interaction in eight years old children dyads. the design consisted in a case study because the sample was formed by eight dyads (16 subjects). collaborative interaction was examined as verbal dimension (message type) and social modality of task execution . data was processed both quantitatively and qualitatively. the results showed that intellectual homogeneity or intellectual heterogeneity between subjects influences mainly on verbal participation related to logical resolution of tasks. this relation was observed to a lesser extent compared to other message type and social modality execution of task.
El contenido epistémico de dos tipos de estudios universitarios y el tama?o de la clase en relación con variables objetivas: un análisis desde la perspectiva de la cognición distribuida
Dominino, Martín;Castellaro, Mariano Andrés;Roselli, Néstor;
Revista mexicana de investigación educativa , 2011,
Abstract: this research analyzes type of epistemic content and class size (contextual variables) in relation to the objective configuration of distributed cognition systems: physical/ communicating and symbolic/implementing (variables relative to carrying out the activity). the variables studied within the physical/communicating system were the basic classroom setting, the teacher's spatial behavior, students' mobility in the classroom, and students' oral participation. the symbolic/implementing system consisted of guides, bibliographical texts, and note-taking. the sample was non-probabilistic, intentional, and included 28 university classes pertaining to three majors in the social sciences and three majors in the exact sciences. the results indicated, through multivariate and bivariate analysis, highly-significant associations between the mentioned variables.
La influencia de la desigualdad intelectual en la interacción colaborativa de díadas de ni os de ocho a os
Mariano Castellaro,Martín Dominino,Néstor Roselli
Psicología desde el Caribe , 2011,
Abstract: La presente investigación propuso analizar la influencia de la desigualdad intelectual sobre la interacción colaborativa de diadas de ni os de ocho a os en el marco de una tarea de construcción de modelos con bloques. El dise o correspondió a un estudio de casos, ya que la muestra estuvo conformada por ocho díadas (dieciséis participantes). La interacción colaborativa fue examinada según su dimensión verbal (tipos de mensaje) y la modalidad social de ejecución de la tarea. Los datos se procesaron de manera cuantitativa y cualitativa. Los resultados mostraron que la homogeneidad-heterogeneidad intelectual entre los participantes influye principalmente sobre la participación verbal relativa a la resolución lógica de la tarea. Dicha influencia se observó en menor medida con relación a otros tipos de mensajes y a la modalidad de ejecución social de la tarea.
Vertical MEMS Resonators for Real-Time Clock Applications
A. Pomarico,A. Morea,P. Flora,G. Roselli,E. Lasalandra
Journal of Sensors , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/362439
Abstract: MEMS resonators are today widely investigated as a desirable alternative to quartz resonators in real-time clock applications, because of their low-cost, integration capability properties. Nevertheless, MEMS resonators performances are still not competitive, especially in terms of frequency stability and device equivalent resistance (and, then, power consumption). We propose a new structure for a MEMS resonator, with a vertical-like transduction mechanism, which exhibits promising features. The vertical resonator can be fabricated with the low-cost, high performance THELMA technology, and it is designed to be efficiently frequency tunable. With respect to the commonly investigated lateral resonators, it is expected to have lower equivalent resistances and improved large-scale repeatability characteristics. 1. Introduction Oscillators have a very important role in modern electronics. Frequency references are in fact required in every clocked electronic system, including communication circuits, microprocessors, and samples signal processing circuits.The typical operating frequency that is generally used in time-control applications is 32.768?kHz. Nowadays, oscillators in commercial devices consist of high performance piezoelectric crystals, in particular quartz oscillators. The advantages of the crystal oscillators are that their frequency is very stable and their quality factor is extremely high. The major disadvantages are the crystal dimensions and the impossibility to integrate the crystal itself with the electronics. From the point of view of microelectronics, there is a strong boost to the development of silicon, fully integrated, oscillators. Integration is important not only for size shrinkage but also for economic purposes and power reduction requirements. MEMS (micro electro-mechanical Systems) technology allows this. It is possible to realize an integrated silicon oscillator using the mechanical properties of silicon devices. A MEMS resonator is a micromachined mechanical structure that exhibits a resonant behavior. The device is driven by a sinusoidal signal at a drive electrode, and the resulting output is read out from a sense electrode. The target specifications for commercial MEMS resonators are dictated by the system-level requirements, which are low phase noise, low power consumption, and reduced frequency-temperature drift. The micromechanical resonator must then have high quality factor, low equivalent resistance, and high intrinsic frequency stability versus temperature or, should that not be the case, high tuning capabilities. The
Scattering of GeV electrons and scaling within the mean field theory approach
Mariano, A;
Revista mexicana de física , 2006,
Abstract: electron scattering by nuclei at high momentum transfers is studied within the fermi smearing approximation (fsa), where binding effects on the struck nucleon are introduced via the relativistic mean field theory (mft). the model naturally preserves electromagnetic current conservation, since the response tensor for an off-shell nucleon conserves the same form that for a free one but with an effective mass. different parameterizations for the inelastic nucleon structure function, are used. we also analyze the behavior of the experimental nuclear response in terms of the scaling variable y associated to the model. recent cebaf data for the inclusive cross section of 4.05 gev electrons on 56fe, are well reproduced for all measured geometries. the theoretical scaling function describes properly the trend of the experimental data, except at high values of q2 and large negative values of y. future improvements to the model are proposed.
Scattering of GeV electrons and scaling within the mean field theory approach
A. Mariano
Revista mexicana de física , 2006,
Abstract: La dispersión de electrones a altas transferencias de impulso es estudiada usando la distribución de momentos de un nucleón, mientras que los efectos de ligadura se introducen mediante la teoría de campo medio relativista. El modelo naturalmente conserva la corriente electromagnética, ya que el tensor respuesta para un nucleón fuera de la capa de masas mantiene la misma forma que la de un nucleón libre pero con una masa efectiva. Diferentes parametrizaciones de la respuesta inelástica del nucleón son usadas. También analizamos la respuesta nuclear experimental en términos de la variable y de escaleamiento asociada al modelo. Los datos recientes del CEBAF para la sección eficaz inclusiva de electrones de 4.05 GeV sobre B6Fe, son bien reproducidos para todas las geometrías medidas. La función de escaleamiento teórica describe propiamente la tendencia de los datos experimentales, excepto a valores altos de Q2 y valores negativos de y. Se proponen futuras mejoras al modelo.
Pion - Nucleon Bremsstrahlung beyond the Soft-Photon approximation
A. Mariano
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: A dynamical model based on effective Lagrangians is proposed to describe the bremsstrahlung reaction $ \pi N \to \pi N \gamma$ at low energies. The $\Delta(1232)$ degrees of freedom are incorporated in a way consistent with both, electromagnetic gauge invariance and invariance under contact transformations. The model also includes the initial and final state rescattering of hadrons via a T-matrix with off the momentum-shell effects. The double differential distribution of photons is computed for three different T-matrix models and the results are compared with the soft photon approximation, and with experimental data. The aim of this analysis is to test the off-shell behaviour of the different T-matrices under consideration. Finally an alternative simpler dynamical model that incorporates the unstable character of the isobar-$\Delta(1232)$ through a complex mass, is presented. As we will see it is suitable for the study of the magnetic moment of the resonance.
Vertex-Coloring with Star-Defects
Patrizio Angelini,Michael A. Bekos,Michael Kaufmann,Vincenzo Roselli
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Defective coloring is a variant of traditional vertex-coloring, according to which adjacent vertices are allowed to have the same color, as long as the monochromatic components induced by the corresponding edges have a certain structure. Due to its important applications, as for example in the bipartisation of graphs, this type of coloring has been extensively studied, mainly with respect to the size, degree, and acyclicity of the monochromatic components. In this paper we focus on defective colorings in which the monochromatic components are acyclic and have small diameter, namely, they form stars. For outerplanar graphs, we give a linear-time algorithm to decide if such a defective coloring exists with two colors and, in the positive case, to construct one. Also, we prove that an outerpath (i.e., an outerplanar graph whose weak-dual is a path) always admits such a two-coloring. Finally, we present NP-completeness results for non-planar and planar graphs of bounded degree for the cases of two and three colors.
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