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Cerebellar and Visual Gray Matter Brain Volume Increases in Congenital Nystagmus
Katharina Hüfner,Thomas Stephan,Marianne Dieterich,Michael Strupp,Thomas Brandt
Frontiers in Neurology , 2011, DOI: 10.3389/fneur.2011.00060
Abstract: Structural brain abnormalities associated with congenital nystagmus (CN) are still unknown. In some patients with CN additional sensory, metabolic, or gross structural alterations can be detected. In the present study voxel-based morphometry was used to compare the gray matter (GM) brain volumes of 14 individuals with CN without associated sensory, metabolic, or obvious structural alterations (i.e., idiopathic CN) to those of a group of controls. Further, GM brain volumes were correlated with nystagmus severity as measured by sway path. Intergroup comparison exhibited significant volume increases in the human motion sensitive complex V5/MT+, the fusiform gyrus, and the middle occipital gyrus bilaterally in CN. These volume increases may be associated with excess visual motion stimulation due to involuntary retinal slip of the visual scene. A positive correlation (linear model) of nystagmus sway path with cerebellar GM volume was seen in the following areas: vermal parts VIII-X as well as hemisphere lobule II, hemisphere VI, crus I, crus II, and lobule VII-IX bilaterally. There is evidence that the reported GM volume changes in the vestibulo-cerebellum, which correlated with nystagmus sway path, might be related to the subjects‘ attempt to maintain fixation, rather than be due to the generation of nystagmus.
Ventral and dorsal streams processing visual motion perception (FDG-PET study)
Sandra Becker-Bense, Hans-Georg Buchholz, Peter zu Eulenburg, Christoph Best, Peter Bartenstein, Matthias Schreckenberger, Marianne Dieterich
BMC Neuroscience , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2202-13-81
Abstract: Group subtraction analyses showed that the visual-vestibular interaction was modified during CV, i.e., the activations within the cerebellar vermis and parieto-occipital areas were enhanced. The correlation analysis between the rCGM and the intensity of visually induced vection, experienced as body tilt, showed a relationship for areas of the multisensory vestibular cortical network (inferior parietal lobule bilaterally, anterior cingulate gyrus), the medial parieto-occipital cortex, the frontal eye fields and the cerebellar vermis. The “earlier” multisensory vestibular areas like the parieto-insular vestibular cortex and the superior temporal gyrus did not appear in the latter analysis. The duration of perceived vection after stimulus stop was positively correlated with rCGM in medial temporal lobe areas bilaterally, which included the (para-)hippocampus, known to be involved in various aspects of memory processing. The amount of head tilt was found to be positively correlated with the rCGM of bilateral basal ganglia regions responsible for the control of motor function of the head.Our data gave further insights into subfunctions within the complex cortical network involved in the processing of visual-vestibular interaction during CV. Specific areas of this cortical network could be attributed to the ventral stream (“what” pathway) responsible for the duration after stimulus stop and to the dorsal stream (“where/how” pathway) responsible for intensity aspects.
Empirical Review of Standard Benchmark Functions Using Evolutionary Global Optimization  [PDF]
Johannes M. Dieterich, Bernd Hartke
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.330215
Abstract: We have employed a recent implementation of genetic algorithms to study a range of standard benchmark functions for global optimization. It turns out that some of them are not very useful as challenging test functions, since they neither allow for a discrimination between different variants of genetic operators nor exhibit a dimensionality scaling resembling that of real-world problems, for example that of global structure optimization of atomic and molecular clusters. The latter properties seem to be simulated better by two other types of benchmark functions. One type is designed to be deceptive, exemplified here by Lunacek’s function. The other type offers additional advantages of markedly increased complexity and of broad tunability in search space characteristics. For the latter type, we use an implementation based on randomly distributed Gaussians. We advocate the use of the latter types of test functions for algorithm development and benchmarking.
La disyuntiva de Cuba: capitalismo o nuevo socialismo
Heinz Dieterich
Polis : Revista de la Universidad Bolivariana , 2006,
Abstract: Por qué del retraso o casi nulo avance de las ciencias sociales al interior del mundo de los socialismos históricos? ésta es la pregunta que se hace el autor al abordar el caso de Cuba. De su texto se desprende que la respuesta debiera buscarse no tanto en el ejercicio propio de estas disciplinas, sino en el nivel más profundo de los supuestos teóricos que las sostienen. El modelo de acumulación del socialismo real estaba en crisis ya desde fines de los a os 60, y sin embargo los países del bloque se empe aron en continuar con su aplicación, confundiendo -una vez más- los intereses de los sectores populares con aquellos del Estado y de quienes lo controlan. Cuba no sería sino el último representante de un modelo caduco de socialismo del siglo XX que niega la evidencia histórica.
Globalización y educación: la ideología Globalization and education: ideology
Dieterich Heinz
Cuadernos de Economía , 1996,
Abstract: El presente artículo, que forma parte de un estudio más amplio, analiza las relaciones entrre el proceso de globalización de la producción y la comercialización con los cambios en el sistema educativo. En particular, hace una crítica del capital humano y de las tesis del Banco Mundial, mostrando que algunos elementos que pueden tener validez en los países desarrollados se convierten en meras racionalizaciones de la desigualdad en los países en desarrollo. This article, which forms part of a wider study, analyzes the relation ships between the process of globalization of production and trade and changes in the educational system. In particular, it makes a critique of human capital theory and of the theses of the World Bank, demonstrating that some elements that may have validity in the deve loped countries are converted into mere rationalizations for inequality in the developing countries.
Leadership Ideas—A Study with Prospective Nursing Leaders  [PDF]
Marianne Frilund
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2015.55054
Abstract: Introduction: The study is based on P. Kostenbaums theory about leadership as greatness. His theory distinguishes four interdependent leadership “orientations”: ethics, vision, courage and reality. People with qualities have developed greatness and wisdom in their mind, as well as competence to act ethically. The leadership research has shaped a leadership figure that can be described as a picture of a hero. Aim: The aim of this paper is to find out the idea of leadership based on earlier research and analyse their relevancy for nursing-management. Method: The study is a qualitative study based on earlier studies with focus on the basic idea of leadership with relevancy for nursing management and leadership. Sex students, from a master degree program in Finland, collected data based on earlier research. Findings and Interpretation: The ideas of leadership consist of three basic ideas: leadership as greatness, leadership as interactions and relations, and leadership based on the idea of shared leadership. Discussion: The prospects for leading others are to master the balance between the degree of freedom and control, to build trust, and to provide directives and control until confidence. To lead without “meeting” makes that the employers never give desired results. The purposes of the ideas of leadership are to create trust, confidence and understanding of where the other person is located. Being seen and being confirmed is fundamental to pace an individual and create opportunities to lead within nursing care.
Mapping Trajectories of Attention to Drug Related Issues in Estonian Main Dailies  [PDF]
Marianne Paimre
Advances in Journalism and Communication (AJC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajc.2015.32005
Abstract: Illicit drugs have been a burning social issue in Estonia over the last fifteen years. Estonia has taken the lead in Europe with regard to drug-related deaths and prevalence of HIV among injecting drug users. Experimental drug use among Estonian students is more widespread than the European average. It is important to study press coverage, because according to agenda setting theory, the media plays an important role in influencing the salience of social issues on the public agenda. The aim of this article is to map fluctuations in attention received from Estonian two major dailies to different drug related issues during the last 25 years. The author focuses on issues highlighted in national and international drug reports such as drug addiction, drug related crime, spread of HIV among addicts, drug-induced deaths, drug problem in schools etc. Content analysis of almost 1000 press articles reflecting drug problems in Estonia was carried out from 1990 to 2014. The study revealed that since 1995, attention received from the major newspapers to drug related crime has been high and quite stable compared to other drug issues. Press interest with regard to problem drug use and HIV was notice a bleat the turn of the millennium and in the beginning of the new century, but almost lost by 2014. More intense periods of coverage were triggered by specific events. Only a few articles have reflected drug induced death despite the fact that Estonia is the undisputed leader in the EU regarding this indicator. This reflects that the coverage was not been in line with the drug situation in Estonia. It seems that the attention of the press depends rather on newsworthiness of the issue and the agenda setting processes.
Multicultural Working Teams and Safety Awareness: How Effective Leadership Can Motivate Safety Behaviour  [PDF]
Marianne Starren
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2016.77102
Abstract: This empirical study focuses on the diversity of cultural values and leadership preferences in multicultural working teams and how this interaction makes it difficult to guarantee and motivate safety at the workfloor. It is often hypothesized that when employees from different national identities have to work together in one team, their different cultural backgrounds make a common mental state of safety awareness very complex. In managing this diversity of cultural values, the role of leadership style could be crucial. The results show that a cultural value as uncertainty avoidance clearly has its influence on safety awareness and that this outcome is mediated by the motivating leadership style.
Tres criterios para definir una economía socialista
Heinz Dieterich Steffan
Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana , 2003,
Abstract: El Nuevo orden mundial, es un orden que está en las manos de la hegemonía económica de los países capitalistas. Estos dise an las estrategias del mercado más allá de los auténticos intereses que tienen que ver con la satisfacción de necesidades de la sociedad y de los ciudadanos. Se trata de organizar una estructura de mercado global que cumpla con los objetivos de la reproducción de la plusvalía, etc. Unaalternativa a las leyes del mercado neoliberal globalizante, se propone desde una economía de carácter socialista, entendiendo el necesario carácter social de una producción basada en la democracia participativa y en la distribución justa y equitativa de la riqueza. Esta alternativa tiene que dar cuenta de una renovación de la estructura del estado a partir de una sociedad híbrida que transite hacia la sociedad emancipada (comunismo). Esta nueva economía socialista, se desmarca de las tradicionales y estatistas, porque se basa en: la participación de los ciudadanos en las decisiones macroeconómicas trascendentales, la operación de importantes sectores de la economía nacional sobre los principios del valor objetivo y de la equivalencia; y, la participación de los ciudadanos en las decisiones microeconomías fundamentales.
Translocation techniques used to establish pen farmed Alaskan reindeer
R. A. Dieterich
Rangifer , 1990,
Abstract: Small herds of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) frequently have been needed to be established in fenced holding pens for research or commercial reasons in Alaska and other areas. Native ranges of reindeer in Alaska were not on road systems, and the diet of the native reindeer had to be changed when they were translocated to small pens. Economics of transportation and feeding played an important role in the feasibility of translocation. Gathering and holding of reindeer for shipment, transport methods, adjustment of free-ranging reindeer to confinement, and a new diet were primary considerations to insure survival. Minimal psychologic stress of short duration, thermoregulation, and physical comfort were extremely important in carrying out a successful translocation. Receiving facilities, feed, and personnel were equally important. A minimum of one month was required to adjust reindeer to confinement and diet change.
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