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Fortines y pueblos en Buenos Aires del siglo XVIII: ?Una política de urbanización para la frontera?
Mundo agrario , 2006,
Abstract: although the urban development in america was not exclusive of the european colonization, the foundation of towns and cities constituted a specific politics of conquest and colonial dominance. during the second half of the xviii century and under the government of the borbones, the politics established seemed to accompany the increase and growth of the cities and the towns in spanish america, and to incentivate the urbanization of the areas of frontier of their empire. two queries articulate this work. can the proposals formulated by the colonial authorities for buenos aires be located inside the urbanization politics proposed by the borbones for frontier areas in spanish america ? if this was this way, what concretion level has this politics had during the last decades of colonial bond? the establishment of towns will be studied for the case of buenos aires during the last decades of the xviii century.
Efecto del ganado sobre los niveles de polinización en especies vegetales del monte patagónico
Ecolog?-a austral , 2008,
Abstract: livestock may indirectly affect plant pollination levels through changes in both plants and pollinators' assemblages. i studied the effect of livestock on the pollination level, estimated as the number of pollen tubes/style, on five frequent species of the patagonian monte desert (atriplex lampa, gutierrezia solbrigii, larrea cuneifolia, l. divaricata, monttea aphylla). in seven paddocks that share similar habitat characteristics but with different stocking rates, i counted pollen tubes per style of each species studied during four consecutive years. in general, pollination levels are affected more by variation between years than by stocking rates. only two of the five focal species showed changes in their pollination levels (e.g., pollen tubes/style) associated with changes in stocking rates. likewise, livestock did not affect the frequency of pollinator visits but affected cover of two of the studied species. the changes in cover (caused or not by livestock) affected directly and indirectly (e.g., through modification in pollinator visits frequency) pollination levels. results from the regressions and path analyses were consistent in relation to which species were more affected by livestock (e.g., gutierrezia solbrigii y monttea aphylla). additional information about pollen quality and nutritional plant resources would be necessary to better understand livestock indirect effects on pollination level.
Origen del melanocito normal y maligno
Acta bioqu?-mica cl?-nica latinoamericana , 2009,
Abstract: melanocytes are specialized cells that produce melanin, the most important pigment responsible for the coloration of skin, eyes and hair. the origin of melanocytes, their migration during the embryo development process from the neural crest to the epidermis, the molecular signals involved in the acquisition of both differentiated and functional states, and the issue of keeping undifferentiated reserve cells or stem cells will be discussed in this article. on the other hand, these facts will be related to the origin of melanoma, tumor pathology derived from the transformation of melanocytes. particularly, the etiology and the different models proposed to explain the origin of this disease will be discussed, especially the model of cancer stem cells.
Epidemiología molecular del virus sincicial respiratorio en pacientes pediátricos en un período de seis a?os
Acta bioqu?-mica cl?-nica latinoamericana , 2011,
Abstract: human respiratory syncytial virus (hrsv) is the leading cause of acute lower respiratory tract infections (alri) in children. despite considerable efforts there is as yet no satisfactory vaccine available. in this work, nasopharyngeal aspirates taken from hospitalized children with alri were analyzed over six consecutive epidemic seasons (1999-2004). by rt-pcr, 353 positive samples for hrsv by direct immunofluorescence were subtypified. among them, 65.7% belonged to subtype a and 34.3% to subtype b. therefore, a phylogenetic analysis was performed using rflp and sequence analysis of the g-glycoprotein gene, the main neutralizing antigen. the results for a subtype, showed that there were two main restriction patterns (pa1 and pa2) and two genotypes (ga2 and ga5) cocirculating during the period studied. the phylodinamic analysis showed that there were some genetic clades which along this period of time alternated their circulation between argentina and other countries and that other clades cocirculated worldwide. the subtype b analysis enabled the description of an unusual genetic event such us a 60 nucleotide duplication. the phylodinamic analysis showed that all of these viruses, designated ba, circulated in our country during the period studied and were associated with strains reported wordlwide, showing a common ancestor which had probably been generated in a single genetic event between 1997 and 1999 in argentina. this work contributes to a better understandig of this virus evolution, giving a fundamental role to the virology laboratory in the active molecular surveillance.
La ense?anza media y la agenda de ocupación territorial del estado argentino, 1862-1945
Historia de la educaci?3n - anuario , 2012,
Abstract: the high schools that depended of the argentine state were milestones that marked, in many cities of the country, a double means of action: the territorial occupation and the modernization. these buildings represented an attempt of the national state to establish dynamic links with the inhabitants, to generate a sense of social citizenship and the feeling of belonging to a uniform nation: the argentine nation. the aim of this work is to rebuild the institutional occupation of argentine territory. the challenge is to see the path from the ideology to the actual occupation of the territory by defining the patterns of the consolidation of the national state, focusing not on the scholar architecture of buildings, but on their presence as media representing the nation-state. the methodology consists in the use, draft and analysis of a series of maps of the occupation of the territory, the expansion of transport networks and the location of the centers of different types of high schools (colegios nacionales, escuelas industriales, escuelas de artes y oficios, escuelas comerciales y escuelas normales) in the argentine territory, at three different moments in the history of the country: the project and construction of the possible republic (1862-1916), the real republic (1916-1930) and the impossible republic (1930-1945).
Direito à informa??o e direito à vida privada: os impasses em torno do acesso aos arquivos da ditadura militar brasileira
Joffily, Mariana;
Estudos Históricos (Rio de Janeiro) , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21862012000100009
Abstract: discussing the access to documents produced in the 1960's and 1970's by the brazilian military dictatorship, the article emphasizes some points: the nature of the democratic transition, the history of archives legislation, the characteristics of the archives of political repression. it is argued that the right to privacy, although being the element that, in practice, restricts access to part of this documentation, has not yet been the subject of public debate, due to the (apparent) incompatibility between the demands of social movements to unrestricted access to the sources of military dictatorship, at the collective level, and the protection of privacy, at the individual level.
Las ferias comerciales: también un espacio de trabajo y socialización. Aportes para su estudio
Trabajo y sociedad , 2011,
Abstract: aportar una perspectiva analítica para el estudio del trabajo en espacios públicos, y en particular en ferias comerciales, es el objetivo principal del presente artículo. teniendo en cuenta dicho objetivo, presentamos a las ferias como espacios universales e históricos de intercambios para luego detenernos en la realidad de las ferias en argentina. un repaso de los principales estudios sobre ferias disponibles en la literatura sociológica en particular, y de las ciencias sociales en general nos permitirá posteriormente explicitar las seis dimensiones que a nuestro entender son indispensables para la comprensión de la realidad de las ferias urbanas: dimensiones físico-estructurales, sociodemográficas, legales/institucionales, comerciales, políticas e ideológico-culturales. luego presentamos las variables a partir de las cuales consideramos imprescindible analizar y comprender la realidad de los trabajadores feriantes, para finalizar explicitando las esferas que se entrecruzan en estos espacios y las consecuencias sociales y políticas que ello conlleva.
El policía y el etnógrafo (sospechado): disputa de roles y competencias en un campo en colaboración
Etnográfica , 2012,
Abstract: the figure of the suspicious ethnographer tends to be a constant in early fieldwork. based on an anthropological experience in police schools, the aim of this article is to dismantle that construction of distrust, espionage and intransigence with which the subjects face both the ethnographer and his study, understanding it as an instance used to undermine his pretended authority and to negotiate the boundaries of the research. to declare this involves sustaining that the role of the research is not under the pure control of the ethnographer. this role, on the contrary, is highly permeable to the actions of the subjects in the field. blurred, disputed and confronted, the role of the ethnographer thus turns out, by virtue of this conflict of skills and competences, to be a sort of cooperative enterprise.
Sobre alguns usos emergentes da história oral nos Estados Unidos: o caso do furac?o Katrina
Cavalcanti, Mariana;
Estudos Históricos (Rio de Janeiro) , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21862009000100011
Abstract: the article discusses how the diffusion of digital media has engendered new usages and appropriations of oral history, as well as the political implication thus entailed. by analyzing projects centered on the testimonies of victims of the devastation brought about by hurricane katrina and developed in large american universities, the article elaborates two aspects of the production and diffusion of these testimonies: first, how contemporary appropriations of the oral history methodology lend themselves to the deliberate construction of future hegemonic memories; second, how the very proliferation of such endeavors promotes simultaneously a proliferation of victims and the fragmentation and dispersal of their testimonies.
Juventud negada y negativizada: Representaciones y formaciones discursivas vigentes en la Argentina contemporánea
Ultima década , 2005, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-22362005000200002
Abstract: this article delivers an analysis and description of the current representations and speeches regarding the contemporary young people of argentina. this representation was built based on the field job carried out with several actors (young people, old people, communications media) during years 1998 and 2004 in the city of la plata (province of buenos aires) as a part of the doctoral investigation of the authoress (chaves, 2005). the analysis of the speeches allowed the identification of several representations over the young as well as the acknowledgement of discursive formations in which such representations were included. the note includes as well a systematization of characterizations for the young people of argentina and/or latin america, carried out by other authors. as well, equivalencies are established with the offered proposal. finally, it is interpreted that the hegemonic visions towards the young people of latin america are due to the legislature juridic and restrictive model. it is said that the young people is known by the ?great no?, it is unfit (according to the juridic model) or negative (according to the restrictive model); the young are not allowed to exist as a total entity (in transition, uncomplete, nor infant nor grown up) or their practices are condemned (they are problematic youths, uncommitted, rebels or delinquents and offenders).
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