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Teacher Education and its Relations with Culture and Society: indigenous school education at the center of attention A Forma o de Professores e suas Rela es com Cultura e Sociedade: a educa o escolar indígena no centro das aten es
Maximino Rodrigues,Rogério Ferreira,Maria do Carmo Santos Domite
Bolema: Boletim de Educa??o Matemática , 2009,
Abstract: This paper reflects the current situation surrounding indigenous teacher education by means of the construction of a dialogue among three educators, two of them nonindigenous educators involved with indigenous school education and one indigenous educator committed to the education of his people. Teacher education, situated in a socio-cultural way, is the center of attention in this paper. “Listening” as a way of talking with the “other” is one of the theoretical focuses of this exercise between teacher educators and teachers, which uses dialogue as a means to increase awareness. In the dialogic process mentione, it was possible to realize how rich a dynamic between educators from different cultural contexts can be. The desire of the indigenous educator and his/her people to contribute their ideas to the construction of the indigenous school became evident. This shows the great challenge for non-indigenous educators seeking to contribute to the organization of the school education of distinct indigenous nations. Keywords: Intercultural Dialogue. Teacher Education. Indigenous School Education. Este trabalho reflete a situa o atual em torno da forma o de professores indígenas por meio da constru o de um diálogo entre três educadores, dois deles educadores n oindígenas envolvidos com a educa o escolar indígena e um educador indígena comprometido com a educa o do seu povo. A forma o de professores, de modo sócioculturalmente situado, está no centro das aten es do trabalho. A “escuta” como um meio de falar com o “outro” é um dos focos teóricos desse exercício entre formadores e professores, o qual tem o diálogo como um meio para tomada de consciência. No referido processo dialógico foi possível perceber qu o rica pode ser uma dinamica entre educadores de contextos culturais diferentes. Ficou evidente a vontade do educador/povo indígena colocar suas idéias na constru o da escola indígena. Isso mostra o grande desafio colocado ao educador n o-indígena quando visa contribuir para a organiza o da educa o escolar de distintas na es indígenas. Palavras-chave: Diálogo Intercultural. Forma o de Professores. Educa o Escolar Indígena.
Toxic Cyanobacteria in Four Brazilian Water Supply Reservoirs  [PDF]
Viviane Piccin-Santos, Maria do Carmo Bittencourt-Oliveira
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2012.31009
Abstract: Cyanobacterial blooms have become a worldwide concern due to the production of toxins harmful to humans and animals. In Brazil and worldwide, microcystins are the most frequently found cyanotoxin in water bodies. Four important reservoirs in Brazil’s Southeast and Northeast regions were sampled to identify the cyanobacteria community and the occurrence of potential toxin-producing species in the country’s public supply reservoirs. A total of 14 taxa were identi-fied, 11 of which are known as potential toxin producers. Potentially toxic cyanobacteria were recorded at concentra-tions above 20,000 cells.ml-1 in all samples from all four reservoirs, thus requiring microcystin monitoring in drinking water according to Brazilian legislation. Although the sample from Mundaú reservoir showed the highest concentration of microcystins in water, it had one of the lowest values of cells.ml-1, which demonstrates the non-correspondence between these two parameters. This calls into question the existence of a minimum level of potentially toxic cyanobacteria cells to merit the monitoring of microcystins in the treated water from these sources.
Maria Elizabeth Lucas e Sérgio Baptista da Silva (Orgs.). Ensaios etnográficos na ilha de Santiago de Cabo Verde. Processos identitários na contemporaneidade
Maria do Carmo Lorena Santos
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos , 2012,
Abstract: Os artigos coligidos neste volume inaugural da série “Estudos Sociais Cabo-Verdianos” derivam de seis teses da primeira turma do mestrado interinstitucional em Ciências Sociais (2007-2009) entre a Universidade de Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) e a Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Estes ensaios revelam bem a amplitude temática a que uma nova gera o de investigadores cabo-verdianos se dedica, sem precisar de se deslocar do seu próprio universo geográfico. Porém, e o alerta é feito de an...
Cylindrospermopsin in Water Supply Reservoirs in Brazil Determined by Immunochemical and Molecular Methods  [PDF]
Maria do Carmo Bittencourt-Oliveira, Viviane Piccin-Santos, Paula Kujbida, Ariadne do Nascimento Moura
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2011.36044
Abstract: It is reported for the first time in Brazil and South America the presence of cylindrospermopsin (CYN) in water supply reservoirs. CYN is a powerful hepatotoxic alkaloid implicated in outbreaks of human sicknesses. We detected CYN in different sources of water in Northeastern Brazil using molecular and immunological techniques. The highest concentrations of toxin occurred in the Jucazinho reservoir with the phytoplankton containing the potentially CYN-producing C. raciborskii and Sphaerospermopsis aphanizomenoides (previously known as Aphanizomenon aphanizomenoides). The polyketide synthase (PKS) and peptide synthetase (PS), which are directly related to the ability to produce CYN, were found in all the analyzed samples. The result of the present study emphasizes the need to improve monitoring of CYN in water bodies used for drinking and recreation, in order to avoid exposure of human populations to this toxin.
Dimensions of sleepiness and their correlations with sleep-disordered breathing in mild sleep apnea
Martinez, Denis;Lumertz, Magali Santos;Lenz, Maria do Carmo Sfreddo;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132009000600003
Abstract: objective: there are many ways of assessing sleepiness, which has many dimensions. in patients presenting a borderline apnea-hypopnea index (ahi, expressed as events/hour of sleep), the mechanisms of excessive daytime sleepiness (eds) remain only partially understood. in the initial stages of sleep-disordered breathing, the ahi might be related to as-yet-unexplored eds dimensions. methods: we reviewed the polysomnography results of 331 patients (52% males). the mean age was 40 ± 13 years, and the mean ahi was 4 ± 2 (range, 0-9). we assessed ten potential dimensions of sleepiness based on polysomnography results and medical histories. results: the ahi in non-rapid eye movement (nrem) stage 1 sleep (ahi-n1), in nrem stage 2 sleep (ahi-n2), and in rem sleep (ahi-rem) were, respectively, 6 ± 7, 3 ± 3 and 10 ± 4. the ahi-n2 correlated significantly with the greatest number of eds dimensions (5/10), including the epworth sleepiness scale score (r = 0.216, p < 0.001). factor analysis, using cronbach's alpha, reduced the variables to three relevant factors: questionnaire (α = 0.7); polysomnography (α = 0.68); and complaints (α = 0.55). we used these factors as dependent variables in a stepwise multiple regression analysis, adjusting for age, gender, and body mass index. the ahi-n1 correlated significantly with polysomnography (β = -0.173, p = 0.003), and the ahi-n2 correlated significantly with complaints (β = -0.152, p = 0.017). the ahi-rem did not correlate with any factor. conclusions: our results underscore the multidimensionality of eds in mild sleep apnea.
Hospitaliza??es por diarréia infecciosa no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Bittencourt, Sonia Azevedo;Leal, Maria do Carmo;Santos, Monica Oliveira;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2002000300023
Abstract: diarrhea is an important cause of hospitalization among infants. there are many complex factors that influence hospital use: socioeconomic and cultural characteristics, access, medical needs, and supply. the objective was to measure hospitalization rates from diarrhea among infants in rio de janeiro in 1996 and the association with demographic, geographical, and clinical data comparing differentials between public/university and private/philanthropic hospital care under the unified national health system (sus). the authors used data from the hospital information system. private/philanthropic hospitals admitted approximately four times more children than public/university hospitals. analysis shows that variation in age, length of hospital stay, and use of pediatric intensive care may reflect differences in physicians' practice styles. this may in turn influence the respective health care unit's capacity to prevent death associated with diarrhea. the authors conclude that it is necessary to continue the analysis of hospital utilization under the sus due to implications for the cost and quality of pediatric care.
Adapta??o e valida??o de construto da Escala de Satisfa??o no Trabalho
Martins, Maria do Carmo Fernandes;Santos, Gisele Emídio;
Psico-USF , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-82712006000200008
Abstract: the purpose of this study was revise semantic contents, validating and establishing the reliability of the job satisfaction scale, formed by 116 items and grouped in 14 valid factors with unsatisfactory reliability. the semantic revision retained 113 applied to 600 workers-students, 51% women, at nocturnal schools of medium and superior scholarship with average age of 26 years old. analyses of the principal components and scree plot pointed 7 to 12 components. the principal axis factoring (varimax and promax rotation) reduced the scale to 45 items grouped in 6 factors: "satisfaction with organizational support", "satisfaction with social utility of the organization and of work", "satisfaction with affective relationship at work", "satisfaction with professional recognition", "insatisfaction with inadequacy of the working opportunities" and "insatisfaction with working overload". cronbach's alfas were .86, .81, .80, .82, .85 and .81. the job satisfaction construct was confirmed like affective and composed by two sets of factors. this conclusion corroborates the literature.
Hospitaliza es por diarréia infecciosa no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Bittencourt Sonia Azevedo,Leal Maria do Carmo,Santos Monica Oliveira
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2002,
Abstract: A diarréia é causa de hospitaliza o importante entre os menores de um ano, sendo influenciada por múltiplos e complexos fatores, tais como, sociais, econ micos, culturais, além de necessidades médicas e seu tipo de financiamento. O objetivo deste trabalho foi o de medir a taxa de hospitaliza o de diarréia infantil no Rio de Janeiro, em 1996, e a associa o com informa es demográficas, geográficas e clínicas, cotejando diferen as entre hospitais públicos/universitários e contratados/filantrópicos do Sistema único de Saúde (SUS). Os dados do estudo foram provenientes do Sistema de Informa o Hospitalar. Os estabelecimentos contratados/filantrópicos admitem cerca de quatro vezes mais crian as do que os públicos/universitários. As varia es observadas quanto à idade das crian as internadas, o tempo e custos médios de interna o e a utiliza o da Unidade de Tratamento Intensivo podem refletir diferen as na conduta médica, e por conseguinte, na capacidade do servi o em evitar o óbito por diarréia das crian as internadas. Conclui-se que é necessário monitorar, de forma contínua, a utiliza o dos recursos hospitalares, para atuar diretamente nos custos e na qualidade da assistência prestada.
Transtorno de conduta/TDAH e aprendizagem da Matemática: um estudo de caso
Rodrigues, Carolina Innocente;Sousa, Maria do Carmo;Carmo, Jo?o dos Santos;
Psicologia Escolar e Educacional , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-85572010000200002
Abstract: the present article aims to describe a case-study about an elementary school pupil showing high mathematics learning difficulties and previously diagnosed with conduct disorder (cd) associated to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd). initially an operational description of the case was devised, as well as the relation between cd/adhd and mathematics learning. the case study involved interviews, documental analysis, classroom observations, and interaction with the pupil in pedagogical contexts. data showed that cd/adhd did not produced the suggested math learning difficulties, although such association, along with parental and school factors, tended to aggravate the case development. specific directions and suggestions in order to reorganize the school actions on the case are presented.
Culturas juvenis, mídias e consumo: media es em educa o / Youth culture, media and consumption: educational interventions
Maria do Carmo Alves do Bomfim,,Luzineide dos Santos Concei??o
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2010,
Abstract: Estudos recentes têm enfocado a cultura juvenil, entretanto há lacunas quanto aos desejos dos jovens. O presente estudo registra resultados de pesquisas do Observatório de Juventudes, Cultura de Paz e Violências na Escola – OBJUVE da Universidade Federal do Piauí, especificamente sobre as práticas dos grupos de Hip Hop Vida na Periferia “Vida P” e Movimento pela Paz na Periferia “MP 3” e outra pesquisa sobre “Juventudes, Mídias e Violências”, objetivando compreender as media es formativas na constru o das identidades das/os jovens envolvidas/os em práticas em tais práticas de sociabilidades. S o referências teóricas desse trabalho os estudos de Adad (2004), Fischer (2008), Catani e Gilioli (2008), Bomfim (2006), Sposito (2003) dentre outras, que foi operacionalizado por meio de observa o nos espa os onde se encontravam os sujeitos dessas pesquisas e de aplica o de questionário com perguntas abertas e fechadas. Como resultados podemos registrar que as identidades dos/as jovens da periferia de Teresina s o construídas em meio a grupos de amigos, dos movimentos de que participam e de colegas do espa o escolar através de atividades culturais específicas (cine-periferia, teatro, dan as etc.) mediadas por a es formativas planejadas. N o obstante essa forma o, os/as jovens sofrem forte influência de atrativos para consumo mercadológico via institui es midiáticas, além de refor arem práticas de violência. This article deals with the modus operandi of the egressed students of higher education, native from the rural area, with work experience in their childhood and that had access to the best courses at Vale do Acaraú University, Sobral, Ceará. The discussed autobiographical research was relevant bearing in mind that, in their life history, the personal and familiar strategies preponderated over the context of poverty, subsistence, since the childhood during the primary school teaching, the adolescence in the middle school, until the youth in the university. The main strategies verified in their narratives are related to the social capital (interpersonal relationships), the knowledge and values transmitted by the family. We can verify the urgency of public policies of inclusion in the higher education in order to suit a considerable demand of people that doesn’t have access to higher education, or have access, and with difficulty, continue studying and graduate, specially at UVA (Vale do Acaraú University) that, being a state university, doesn’t apply the new “democratic” policies of teaching in higher education, such as ENEM and PROUNI. The results of the
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