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Hipertens?o arterial e consumo de sal em popula??o urbana
Bisi Molina,Maria del Carmen; Cunha,Roberto de Sá; Herkenhoff,Luis Fernando; Mill,José Geraldo;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102003000600009
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the salt intake and urinary na+/k+ ratio in a randomized sample from an ethnically mixed urban population. methods: a randomized residential sample of 2,268 individuals aged 25-64 in vitória, es, was selected, of whom 1,663 (73.3%) reported to the hospital for standardized tests. salt, na+ and k+ intake was estimated from 12-hour urine excretion (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.) and from the monthly salt consumption at home reported in the interview. clinic arterial pressure was measured twice under standard conditions by two trained investigators, using mercury sphygmomanometry. the student t and tukey tests were utilized for statistical analysis. results: urinary na+ excretion was higher in men and individuals of lower socioeconomic level (p<0.000). no difference between ethnic groups was observed. k+ excretion was unrelated to socioeconomic level and ethnicity, but was significantly higher among men (25±18 vs. 22±18 meq/12h; p=0.002). positive linear correlation was observed between urinary na+ excretion and systolic (r=0.15) and diastolic (r=0.19) arterial pressure. hypertensive individuals showed higher urinary na+ excretion and na+/k+ ratio than normotensive individuals. reported salt intake was around 50% of the intake estimated from 12-hour urine collection (around 45% of 24-hour urinary excretion). conclusions: salt intake is strongly influenced by socioeconomic level and may partially explain the higher prevalence of hypertension in lower socioeconomic classes.
Hipertens o arterial e consumo de sal em popula o urbana
Bisi Molina Maria del Carmen,Cunha Roberto de Sá,Herkenhoff Luis Fernando,Mill José Geraldo
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2003,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Avaliar o consumo de sal e a rela o sódio/potássio urinário em amostra randomizada de popula o urbana etnicamente miscigenada. MéTODOS: Foi selecionada uma amostra rand mica de 2.268 residentes de Vitória, ES, entre 25 e 64 anos de idade. Os indivíduos foram escolhidos por amostragem domiciliar realizada em 1999/2000, dos quais 1.663 (73,3%) compareceram ao hospital para a realiza o de exames padronizados. O consumo estimado de sal, Na+ e K+ foi determinado por meio da coleta de urina de 12h no período noturno (19h às 7h) e do gasto mensal de sal domiciliar referido durante a entrevista. A press o arterial clínica foi medida duas vezes por diferentes pesquisadores treinados em condi es padronizadas, usando esfignomam metro de mercúrio. Para análise estatística foram utilizados o teste de Student e o teste de Tukey. RESULTADOS: A excre o urinária de Na+ foi mais alta em homens e em indivíduos de menores condi es socioecon micas (P<0,000). N o foi observada diferen a entre os grupos étnicos. A excre o de K+ n o se relacionou com nível socioecon mico e ra a, mas foi significativamente mais alta entre os homens (25±18 x 22±18 mEq/12h; P=0,002). Foi observada uma correla o linear positiva entre a excre o urinária de Na+ e press o arterial sistólica (r=0,15) e diastólica (r=0,19). Indivíduos hipertensos apresentaram maior excre o urinária de Na+ e rela o Na/K, quando comparados com indivíduos normotensos. O consumo de sal relatado foi aproximadamente 50% do consumo estimado pela excre o urinária de 12h (em torno de 45% da excre o urinária de 24h). CONCLUS ES: A ingest o de sal é fortemente influenciada pelo nível socioecon mico e pode, parcialmente, explicar a alta prevalência de hipertens o arterial nas classes socioecon micas mais baixas.
Between Minority and Citizenship: Legal Sensitivities Around the Regulations for Children and Adolescent Protection in Colombia
Maria del Carmen Castrillon
Universitas Humanística , 2012,
Abstract: This article participates in the contemporary debate about the social management of the rights of children and adolescents, particularly in local and institutional dynamics of protection and public assistance. To this end, we approached some institutional subjects and spaces articulated with the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) in the city of Cali, in order to document some of the effects of the new comprehensive protection law (Law 1098/2006, Code on Children and Adolescents) in the discursiveness of those in charge of operationalizing its provisions. This approach, built through semi-structured interviews and supplemented with local press information, shows a legal field full of ambiguities and contradictions, where legal sensitivities are woven with an orientation towards the inscription of children and adolescents in both citizenship discourses and discourses of compassion/repression.
Structural Bioinformatics of Protein & DNA, as Early Stimulation in Basic Education of Rural and Indigenous Communities of Oaxaca  [PDF]
Susana Lozano-Muniz, Maria del Carmen Urzua-Hernandez
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.510B053

As stated in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, children have the right to go to school for free, to play, and to have the same opportunity to develop and to learn to be responsible and useful[1]. Young children are curious by nature and they have passion for learning [2]. An environment that encourages scientific thinking is what gives young children the time, space and materials to exercise their curiosity [3]. The aim of this paper is to present a methodology for the development of educational environments based on digital technology, internet and free programs available on the web, for the use and application of structural bioinformatics protein and DNA, for early stimulation in basic education at rural and indigenous communities in state of Oaxaca, conducted in On Line Learning & Training “OLL & T”. The course is divided into 4 sections: 1)Introduction to the topic of protein and DNA structure;2)Search in protein data bank;3)Download RasTop program and use it as bioinformatics tool;4)Emulation of building a viral molecule. Workshops were given to children in elementary, middle and high school at the Universidad Del Papaloapan during the National Week of Science and Technology, every year in Oaxaca since 2007 to 2012 and in Monterrey 2010 at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León. Conclusions: positive impact was achieved in basic education in the area of natural sciences by analyzing the molecular basis of protein and deoxyribonucleic acid, theoretically and practically, as a support for teachers.

Influence of luting agents on time required for cast post removal by ultrasound: an in vitro study
Soares, Janir Alves;Brito-Júnior, Manoel;Fonseca, Dimitri Ribas;Melo, Anielo Faleiro;Santos, Suelleng Maria Cunha;Sotomayor, Nadia Del Carmen Soto;Braga, Neilor Mateus Antunes;Faria e Silva, André Luis;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572009000300003
Abstract: objective: this in vitro study evaluated the influence of luting agents on ultrasonic vibration time for intraradicular cast post removal. material and methods: after endodontic treatment, 30 roots of extracted human canines were embedded in resin cylinders. the post-holes were prepared at 10 mm depth and their impressions were taken using autopolymerizing acrylic resin. after casting procedures using a nickel-chromium alloy, the posts were randomly distributed into 3 groups (n=10) according to the luting material: g1- zinc phosphate (ss white) (control group), g2 - glass ionomer cement (vidrion c; ss white), and g3- resin cement (c&b; bisco). in g3, the adhesive procedure was performed before post cementation. after 24 h, the cement line was removed at the post/tooth interface using a fine diamond bur, and the st-09 tip of an enac ultrasound unit was applied at maximum power on all surfaces surrounding the posts. the application time was recorded with a chronometer until the post was completely dislodged and data were analyzed by anova and tukey's test (p<0.05). results: the roots were removed from the acrylic resin and inspected to detect cracks and/or fractures. the means for g1, g2, and g3 were 168.5, 59.5, and 285 s, respectively, with statistically significant differences among them. two g3 posts resisted removal, one of which developed a vertical fracture line. conclusions: therefore, the cement type had a direct influence on the time required for ultrasonic post removal. compared to the zinc phosphate and glass ionomer cements, the resin cement required a longer ultrasonic vibration time.
Monólogos: nuestra peque a esencia
Maria del Carmen Chenoll Monzó
Foro de Profesores de E/LE , 2010,
Abstract: La siguiente experiencia práctica trata, como bien dice el título, sobre los monólogos de humor que tan de moda se han puesto últimamente.Muchas veces, cuando nos encontramos ante una clase de extranjeros que quieren estudiar espa ol, se nos plantea el dilema de cómo separar las clases de cultura con las de gramática. Y por qué separarlas? Los monólogos nos permiten combinar varios aspectos, como mostrarles a los alumnos nuestra cultura más de cerca y que ellos nos muestren y comenten la suya (fomentamos de esta manera una conversación espontánea en clase y de la que todos, hasta los más tímidos, suelen participar).Además, obviamente, existe un claro segundo sentido e ironía a la que poco a poco se acostumbran (y que es uno de los aspectos más difíciles para tratar con los alumnos de E/LE) y por supuesto, con una acertada elección del monólogo, también podemos clarificar y profundizar en ciertos aspectos gramaticales que nos interesen.
Mujeres del norte: un estudio basado en testamentos sobre la presencia femenina en Ures, Sonora
Maria del Carmen Tonella Trelles
Región y sociedad , 2001,
Abstract: El enfocar las fuentes existentes desde un ángulo diferente es el primer paso en la etapa inicial de rescate de las aportaciones femeninas en la historia. Con una muestra de 96 testamentos tomados de la comunidad del distrito de Ures, Sonora (1862-1902), fue posible distinguir algunos aspectos de los diferentes patrones de sucesión utilizados por los testantes, sus relaciones dentro y fuera del ámbito familiar, los sentimientos de afecto y desafecto y enfatizar el papel económico desarrollado por la mujer urense en sus roles de mujer soltera, casada y viuda. Estos aspectos ayudan a entender por qué algunas se convirtieron en sostén del hombre o de su familia y le dieron textura a la vida cotidiana para demostrar que las mujeres en su calidad de actores sociales, están presentes y forman parte de un periodo histórico.
Planejamento institucional: capacidade de conduzir a??es
Soto, Maria Josefa Del Carmen Martinez;
S?o Paulo em Perspectiva , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-88392003000300020
Abstract: this text addresses the daily need for planning in the workplace, developing institutional guidelines and obtaining efficiency in production and management. associated with the activity of planning is the capacity to coordinate, and the qualities of persistence and motivation.
Effectiveness of a nursing psychoeducative intervention as a helping tool in children′s mourning work
Maria del Carmen Pérez González
NURE Investigación , 2009,
Abstract: The children grief has many special characteristics determinated by the childhood features. Several studies consider that children may have anxiety reactions, fears, depression and disadaptated behaviour when a relative is fort.The objective of this study is to know the effectiveness of a psychoeducative intervention of a Primary Care nurse in preventing misadaptative behaviours related to grief in children.To achieve this objective, a randomized controlled trial with an experimental group and a control group has been designed. 198 children and teenagers will be included in it (there will be randomized assigned 98 on each group) from 5 to16 years old, having been affected of a relating grief, belonging to the Primary Care Centers of the 9, 10 and 11 areas in Madrid Community. Children and teenagers included in the experimental group will take a psychoeducative intervention based on 7 individualized weekly sessions. Measures of the punctuations obtained on the Children Behaviour Test will be made when children will be included in the study and after 3, 6 and 12 months.
Tourism and excursion: the rural qualifying adjective: a study about the experiences and potentialities of the Old North Region of Paraná, Brazil Turismo e excursionismo: o qualificativo rural : um estudo das experiências e potencialidades no Norte Velho do Paraná
Maria del Carmen Matilde Huertas Calvente
Semina : Ciências Sociais e Humanas , 2002,
Abstract: This study focuses the contemporary diversification of tourism under the Geography perspective, having the rural tourism as its main theme, and as sub-themes its potentiality, regulation, impacts and perspectives. Among the current trends of the social practices of tourism there is the valorization of rusticity and natural landscapes – the rural areas are, therefore, also considered appropriate for leisure. In rural tourism does not have a predetermined concept. In the discussion of what it is or what is must be, in the interrelation among the several agents connected to its regulation, some possibilities are put into perspective: the activity can be a means to a modernization, which excludes large number of Brazilian population; on the other hand, it can be a way of integrating these people in the transformations the society needs. The final text was divided was divided into five parts: the diversification of tourism while a contemporary process, examining its current trends; the different contributions which support conceptual understanding of the main theme and survey of the problems and benefits; the different actions which have an influence on rural tourism; at different levels; the elements of potentiality; and a picture of the rural tourism in the studied region. The empirical survey dealt with the incipient development of tourism in the rural areas of Old North Region of Paraná, based on the new trends, on the experiences carried out by their supporters as well as on the profile of the farm owners who are engaged with this activity as an economic alternative, or as visitors. Through the necessary relation between the theoretical and empirical approaches, there is an attempt to contribute to the knowledge, understanding and analysis of this expanding phenomenon, not yet thoroughly dealt with by geographical studies. Este estudo enfoca a diversifica o contemporanea do turismo, na perspectiva da Geografia, tendo o turismo rural como tema central e como sub-temas a sua potencialidade, regulamenta o, impactos e perspectivas. Entre as tendências atuais da prática social do turismo está a valoriza o da rusticidade e de paisagens naturais – as áreas rurais passam, portanto, a serem encaradas também como um território de suporte para as atividades de lazer. O turismo rural, no caso brasileiro, n o possui um conceito já determinado, e na discuss o do que é ou deve ser e na interrela o entre os vários agentes ligados à sua regulamenta o algumas possibilidades s o vislumbradas: a atividade pode servir para uma moderniza o que exclui grandes parcelas da
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