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Conhecimentos populares e educa??o em saúde na forma??o do enfermeiro
Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Saupe, Rosita;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672004000200007
Abstract: from the point of view of including the health reform in the pedagogical projects of nursing courses, in accordance with curriculum guidelines, it contextualises the formation of a nurse for health education and the importance of bringing practice and care together, as well as includes the results of research with nurses in seven towns in rural communities in the state of rio grande do sul. it is a qualitative survey with data collection by means of participatory observation, interviews, and document-based content analysis. these data were obtained in activities observed in the work of nurses in health education. it concludes that the work of nurses was full of educational actions, both collective and individual ones. on the other hand, undergraduate courses do not sufficiently prepare students to perform this role.
Pedagogia interdisciplinar: "educare" (educa??o e cuidado) como objeto fronteiri?o em saúde
Saupe, Rosita;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072006000200018
Abstract: this reflection has emerged from the difficulties in achieving public health policies, especially those that come from integration among professionals, in order to consolidate sanitary reform. in this identified reality, this article aims to contribute to the debate which intends to bring a discussion on the interdisciplinarity as a pedagogical possibility by means of - educare - education and care as a bordering object at work with health teams. beyond that, it recounts the history of the principal pedagogical models and proposes an interdisciplinary pedagogy that is in the movement of post-critical theories. it also points out some purposes, principles, and concepts that are concrete through the search for common solutions in order to face the challenges of working in an interdisciplinary team. this article offers a proposal for formal and permanent education for health professionals.
Modos de cuidar em comunidades rurais: a cultura permeando o cuidado de enfermagem
Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Saupe, Rosita;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072005000200004
Abstract: a qualitative research was developed with objective to identify the care practices of nurses who work in the basic units of health of rural cities of the state of rio grande do sul and to identify the preparation received to care for this population. documentary analysis, participant observation, and interviews were used for the data collection, analyzing them within their content. this data refers to the description of the ways of caring by nine nurses who worked with the population of these communities. in founding this study three central concepts were used: rural community, nursing care and nurse preparation. we evidenced that the nurses are a reference for the population, playing different roles in both the nursing team and their relationships with other sectors of the community. the work also reflects the influence of culture of the rural environment and the strategies used by the nurses for their preparation aiming an adequate care.
Modos de cuidar em comunidades rurais: a cultura permeando o cuidado de enfermagem
Maria de Lourdes Denardin Budó,Rosita Saupe
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2005,
Abstract: Se trata de investigación cualitativa con objetivo de identificar las prácticas del cuidado de enfermeras que trabajan en las Unidades Básicas de Salud de municipios rurales de Río Grande del Sur e identificar la preparación recibida, para el cuidado de esa población. Fueron utilizados, para la recolección de datos, el análisis de documentos, la observación participante y la entrevista, siendo los mismos analizados en su contenido. Estos datos se refieren a la descripción del modo de cuidar de las nueve enfermeras que trabajaron con la población de estas comunidades. Para fundamentar el estudio fueron utilizados tres conceptos centrales: Comunidad Rural, Cuidado de Enfermería y Preparación de la Enfermera. Se constató que las enfermeras son referencias para la población, desempe ando distintos papeles, tanto en el equipo de enfermería, como en la relación con otros sectores de la comunidad. El trabajo también refleja la influencia de la cultura del medio rural y las estrategias utilizadas por las enfermeras para su preparación con miras a un cuidado adecuado.
Pedagogia interdisciplinar: "educare" (educa o e cuidado) como objeto fronteiri o em saúde
Rosita Saupe,Maria de Lourdes Denardin Budó
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2006,
Abstract: Esta reflexión emergió de la constatación de dificultades para la realización de políticas las públicas en la salud, especialmente, debido a la integración entre los profesionales, con el propósito de la consolidación de la Reforma Sanitaria Brasile a. Con esta realidad identificada, se buscó una contribución para el debate que objetiva discutir sobre la interdisciplinariedad como una posibilidad pedagógica a través del educare educación y cuidado como objeto fronterizo en el trabajo con los equipos de la salud. Se fundamenta en los conceptos de interdisciplinariedad, objeto fronterizo y el educare. A pesar de esto, se hace un rescate histórico de los principales modelos pedagógicos y trae como propuesta una pedagogía inter-disciplinaria, que se inserta en el movimiento de las teorías pos críticas. Indica algunos presupuestos, principios y concepto que se concretan a través de la busca de soluciones conjuntas para el enfrentamiento de los desafíos del trabajo en equipo inter-disciplinario. Se trata, por lo tanto, de una propuesta de formación y de educación permanente para los profesionales de la salud.
Trabalho educativo do enfermeiro na Estratégia Saúde da Família: dificuldades e perspectivas de mudan?as
Roecker, Simone;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Marcon, Sonia Silva;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342012000300016
Abstract: the objective of this study was to understand the difficulties and perspectives on change that nurses have identified in developing educational interventions in the family health strategy (fhs). this is a qualitative, descriptive-exploratory study. the data were collected with 20 nurses working in the fhs of the 10th regional health district of paraná, by means of semi-structured interviews carried out in april 2010, which were subjected to content analysis. the results demonstrated that nurses face difficulties in developing health education strategies with the clients, healthcare team, and administrators, especially in regards to the lack of physical, material and financial resources. however, based on the difficulties they encounter, they seek alternatives to overcome them and suggest changes aimed at improving the delivery of primary health care to the population, particularly regarding educational practices.
Práticas de cuidado em rela??o à dor: a cultura e as alternativas populares
Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Resta, Darielli Gindri;Denardin, Janete Maria;Ressel, Lúcia Beatriz;Borges, Zulmira Newlands;
Escola Anna Nery , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452008000100014
Abstract: this research aimed to detect the care giving practices related to pain presence in users of the brazil’s unified health system - sistema único de saúde. the data collection focused on interviews with 60 adults, in which 34 of these belonged to an outpatient department of a public hospital, and 26 of these patients belonged to the basic health unit. this study used thematic analysis and qualitative approach. hierarchy of care related values was observed in which women are found to be the main caregivers. the family network is activated in which the female gender is predominant in the home care giving. the continuity of the therapeutical itinerary occurs with the use of home remedies, family support and neighborhood. they also resort to god and self-medication. they seek for health service after homemade attempts. this itinerary can take some time in which the people live with the pain. the research reveals a complex net of feelings and meanings that interact with the socio-cultural environment. i can be concluded that it is important for the professionals to know care giving alternatives contextualized to the users.
A qualidade de vida na concep??o de um grupo de professoras de enfermagem: elementos para reflex?o
Beck, Carmem Lúcia Colomé;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Gonzales, Rosa Maria Bracini;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62341999000400004
Abstract: it is a qualitative study, which was realized from the concept of quality of life, adopted by meeberg (1993) and it is related to the opinion of a group of nursing teachers. it was observed that this concept is current in the speech of the people who were interviewed in a very clear way, especially in the attributes which are related to life itself and to na acceptable physical, mental, social and emotional state.
Rela??es entre profissionais de saúde e usuários durante as práticas em saúde
Schimith, Maria Denise;Simon, Bruna Sodré;Brêtas, Ana Cristina Passarella;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;
Trabalho, Educa??o e Saúde , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1981-77462011000300008
Abstract: this article presents an integrative review about studies that address the relationships between health professionals and users in health care practices. it aimed to identify aspects that were researched on the daily life of the services concerning such relationships. data were collected from the lilacs and pubmed databases based on these descriptors: user embracement; professionalfamily relations; professionalpatient relations; humanization of the care; and the bonding word associated to the single health system descriptor. two hundred and ninety studies, published from 1990 to 2010, were selected. through thematic analyses, five meaning cores were created: the relevance of the confidence in the professionaluser relationship; feelings and senses in the health care practice; the importance of communications in health care services; ways to organize health care practices and (de)colonialism. it was found that relationships established in health care practices have a transformative dimension. however, the challenge to humanize health care services remains. nursing stands out in the production of knowledge on such theme.
O exercício da integralidade em uma equipe da estratégia saúde da família: saberes e práticas
Mattioni, Fernanda Carlise;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Schimith, Maria Denise;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072011000200007
Abstract: brazil's national health care system (sistema único de saúde) advocates integrality as a guideline for its health care practices. despite advances in public health, one notes difficulties in exercising integrality in the daily practice of health services in brazil. this research aimed to better understand care practices in a family health strategy health care team and their relationship with integrality. it is a qualitative and descriptive study. data was collected using the research strategies of participant observation, interviews, and documental investigation and then submitted to thematic analysis. the following meanings of integrality were found: as a perception of the users' different dimensions and complexities; as an articulation of the ways of care; as an identification and meeting of health needs; as effort from the health care team to produce health; as care to specific groups. data analysis affirms the need to construct new practices geared to reorienting the care model in order to make it possible to exercise integrality.

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