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The introductive experience of Half-Way Houses - Quantitative and qualitative analysis
Jaqueline Q. de Macedo,Maria de F. de A. Silveira
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2009,
Abstract: Due to Psychiatric Reform, the attention in mental health has changed the paradigm and models of assistance, like the appearing of the Half-way House Service. This service has the objective of offering a new kind of attention to the ex-hospitalized who don’t have the family’s support anymore, to return to the community and who come from long-term psychiatric institutionalization. This research’s objectives are the knowing and understanding the resident’s perception about the Assisted Living Facilities, catching up on information about their clinical conditions and describing their daily lives. It’s a transversal, descriptive and exploratory research with an quantitative and qualitative approach. The data collection was done by semi-structured interviews. The results showed the existence of six Assisted Living Facilities in Campina Grande, with 45 residents, being 56% men, 31% aged between 40-49 years old, and and average of institutionalization (63%) of 21 to 30 times, being 33% between 11 a 20 years old. Through the speeches a search for the autonomy is perceived, pointing towards two categories: Taking care of yourself and Participation in housework, according to the possibilities of each dweller. However, the lack of will to do activities, a characteristic in the asylum institutions is still updated. So, the quality of life provided by this service has in the reconstruction of the social interactions, its greatest therapy, complex and in construction, because it’s recent, reasoned in paradigm of psychosocial rehabilitation and important for the social reinsertion of the previously institutionalized patients.
Workshops zu Sensitivit t, Expressivit t und Kreativit t: Wie Subjektivit t und Reflexivit t in den qualitativen Forschungsprozess integriert werden k nnen Workshops of Sensitivity, Expressiveness and Creativity: A Path to Integrate Subjectivity and Reflection in Qualitative Research Talleres sobre sensibilidad, expresividad y creatividad: un camino para integrar subjetividad y reflexión en la investigación cualitativa
Maria de Fátima de A. Silveira,Dulce Maria Rosa Gualda,Vera Sobral,Ademilda Maria de S. Garcia
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2003,
Abstract: (Kranken-) Pflege ist ein privilegierter Bereich, um Emotionalit t, Intuition und Sensibilit t zum Ausdruck zu bringen – und damit ein m glicher Ausgangspunkt für die Konstruktion von Forschungsthemen und die Datengenerierung in qualitativen Studien. Die Autorinnen verdeutlichen dies am Beispiel einer Doktorarbeit, deren Daten im Rahmen von Workshops zu Sensitivit t, Expressivit t und Kreativit t erhoben wurden und bei der ethnographische Verfahren zum Einsatz kamen. Die Workshops waren R ume der kollektiven Wissensproduktion, der gemeinsamen Reflexion und des Handelns; Wirklichkeit sollte dabei im Austausch von Theorie und Praxis expliziert werden. Indem die Teilnehmenden zugleich als Subjekt und Gegenstand der Forschung agierten, konnte der Asymmetrie zwischen Beforschten und Forschenden entgegengewirkt werden: In Einklang mit ethnographischen Grundannahmen wurden in den Workshops Lern- und Erfahrungsprozesse m glich, da das teilnehmende Pflegepersonal über einen gemeinsamen Sprach- und Symbolraum verfügte, und weil der Ausdruck von Subjektivit t für die Beteiligten – als Forschende und Beforschte – erlaubt und erwünscht war. Die Workshops stehen für ein alternatives epistemologisches Modell, das die Interaktion nachzuvollziehen erlaubt, die sich ereignet, wenn Welt (von Forschenden) verstanden und (von/mit Beforschten) geteilt wird. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0302423 Nursing is a privileged space for expression of creative emotions, intuition and sensibility in private and subjective matters which may constitute the basis for the construction of research problems and for the process of generation of data in a qualitative investigation. The authors describe the production of a doctoral dissertation that used ethnographic methodology. The data were collected through workshops of sensibility, creativity and expressivity, which represent a space for reflection and action, in which the search is to explicate the reality where theory and practice merge. They are also a space of collective construction of knowledge with transforming power, capable of articulating the body of the participants as producer of subject and source in the research process. This tool reduces the asymmetry between researched and researchers and is in accordance with the presuppositions of ethnographic method once it makes it possible to learn and to experience with subjects studied, specially when they are nurses dealing with the same language and symbolic system, permitting the expression of subjectivity of both and their insertion in the research process. It also represents an alterna
Sele??o de acessos e progênies de Citrullus spp. para resistência a três potyvirus
Silveira, Lindomar M. da;Queiróz, Manoel A. de;Lima, J. Albérsio de A.;Negreiros, Maria Z. de;Ramos, Najara F.;Nascimento, Aline K. Q. do;
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582005000400009
Abstract: six watermelon (citrullus spp.) accessions (87-019, 87-029, 91-080, pi-244018, 91-043 and pi-195927) and two samples (pi-244019a and pi-244019b) from the acession pi-244019b from embrapa cucurbit germplasm bank in petrolina-pe, northeast of brazil were evaluated in an attempt to select accessions and progenies of watermelon as sources of resistance to papaya ringspot virus type watermelon (prsv-w), watermelon mosaic virus (wmv) and zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv). endogamic and open pollinated progenies from these accessions were also evaluated for resistance to prsv-w, wmv and zymv. the evaluations were carried out in a greenhouse at the plant virus laboratory of the federal university of ceará where the plants were mechanically inoculated and serological screened by elisa. the selected plants were grown in the experimental station of bebedouro in petrolina-pe, where the virus inoculations were made, naturally, by vectors. according to the results, plants were not infected by prsv-w in the following accessions: 87-019, pi-244019a, 91-080, pi-244018, pi-244019b and pi-195927; plants were not infected by wmv in the accessions: 87-019 and 87-029; and plants were not infected by zymv in the accessions: pi-244019a, 87-029, 91-080,91-043, pi-244019b and pi-195927. the progenies showed differentiated behavior with the percentage of selected plants ranging from 20 to 100% for prsv-w and 60 to 100% for wmv. the progenies evaluated against zymv did not show resistant plants. therefore, it can be postulated that resistance for prsv-w and wmv in the progenies differs from that for zymv, since all progenies were submitted to the same number of self-pollinations.
Oral candidiasis in HIV+ patients under treatment with protease inhibitors
Witzel, Andréa Lusvarghi;Silveira, Fernando Ricardo Xavier da;Pires, Maria de Fátima Costa;Lotufo, M?nica Andrade;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242008000400015
Abstract: the purpose of this work was to evaluate the influence of protease inhibitors (pi) on the occurrence of oral candidiasis in 111 hiv+ patients under pi therapy (group a). the controls consisted of 56 patients that were not using pi drugs (group b) and 26 patients that were not using any drugs for hiv therapy (group c). the patient's cd4 cell counts were taken in account for the correlations. one hundred and ninety three patients were evaluated. the pi did not affect the prevalence of oral candidiasis (p = 0.158) or the frequency of c. albicans isolates (p = 0.133). patients with lower cd4 cell counts showed a higher frequency of c. albicans isolates (p = 0.046) and a greater occurrence of oral candidiasis (p = 0.036).
Prevalence of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grades II/III and cervical cancer in patients with cytological diagnosis of atypical squamous cells when high-grade intraepithelial lesions (ASC-H) cannot be ruled out
Cytryn, Andréa;Russomano, Fábio Bastos;Camargo, Maria José de;Zardo, Lucília Maria Gama;Horta, Nilza Maria Sobral Rebelo;Fonseca, Rachel de Carvalho Silveira de Paula;Trist?o, Maria Aparecida;Monteiro, Aparecida Cristina Sampaio;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802009000500007
Abstract: context and objective: the latest update of the bethesda system divided the category of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ascus) into asc-us (undetermined significance) and asc-h (high-grade intraepithelial lesion cannot be ruled out). the aims here were to measure the prevalence of pre-invasive lesions (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, cin ii/iii) and cervical cancer among patients referred to instituto fernandes figueira (iff) with asc-h cytology, and compare them with asc-us cases. design and setting: cross-sectional study with retrospective data collection, at the iff cervical pathology outpatient clinic. methods: ascus cases referred to iff from november 1997 to september 2007 were reviewed according to the 2001 bethesda system to reach cytological consensus. the resulting asc-h and asc-us cases, along with new cases, were analyzed relative to the outcome of interest. the histological diagnosis (or cytocolposcopic follow-up in cases without such diagnosis) was taken as the gold standard. results: the prevalence of cin ii/iii in cases with asc-h cytology was 19.29% (95% confidence interval, ci, 9.05-29.55%) and the risk of these lesions was greater among patients with asc-h than with asc-us cytology (prevalence ratio, pr, 10.42; 95% ci, 2.39-45.47; p = 0.0000764). pre-invasive lesions were more frequently found in patients under 50 years of age with asc-h cytology (pr, 2.67; 95% ci, 0.38-18.83); p = 0.2786998). there were no uterine cervical cancer cases. conclusion: the prevalence of cin ii/iii in patients with asc-h cytology was significantly higher than with asc-us, and division into asc diagnostic subcategories had good capacity for discriminating the presence of pre-invasive lesions.
Avalia??o do grau de satisfa??o de pacientes renais cr?nicos em hemodiálise
Cesarino, Claudia Bernardi;Ribeiro, Rita de Cássia Helú Mendon?a;Lima, Isanne Carolina Pantale?o Cintra;Bertolin, Daniela Comelis;Ribeiro, Daniele Fávaro;Rodrigues, Ana Maria Silveira;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002009000800013
Abstract: objective: to identify the level of satisfaction in patients with chronic renal disease on hemodialysis regarding their care and the physical structure of the hemodialysis unit of the hospital "de base" of sao josé do rio preto, sp. methods: this descriptive study used a liket-type scale to collect data from 81 patients from the nephrology department. results: almost all patients were very satisfied (53 %) or satisfied (47%) regarding their care and the physical structure of the hemodialysis unit. a few limitations of the service were also reported. conclusion: patients' satisfaction with the service led to reflection among health care providers regarding their practice and served as an indicator for continuous improvement of the hemodialysis service.
Chromosomal Polymorphism in the Sporothrix schenckii Complex
Alexandre A. Sasaki, Geisa F. Fernandes, Anderson M. Rodrigues, Fábio M. Lima, Marjorie M. Marini, Luciano dos S. Feitosa, Marcus de Melo Teixeira, Maria Sueli Soares Felipe, José Franco da Silveira, Zoilo P. de Camargo
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086819
Abstract: Sporotrichosis is a polymorphic disease caused by a complex of thermodimorphic fungi including S. brasiliensis, S. schenckii sensu stricto (s. str.), S. globosa and S. luriei. Humans and animals can acquire the disease through traumatic inoculation of propagules into the subcutaneous tissue. Despite the importance of sporotrichosis as a disease that can take epidemic proportions there are just a few studies dealing with genetic polymorphisms and genomic architecture of these pathogens. The main objective of this study was to investigate chromosomal polymorphisms and genomic organization among different isolates in the S. schenckii complex. We used pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) to separate chromosomal fragments of isolated DNA, followed by probe hybridization. Nine loci (β-tubulin, calmodulin, catalase, chitin synthase 1, Internal Transcribed Spacer, Pho85 cyclin-dependent kinase, protein kinase C Ss-2, G protein α subunit and topoisomerase II) were mapped onto chromosomal bands of Brazilian isolates of S. schenckii s. str. and S. brasiliensis. Our results revealed the presence of intra and interspecies polymorphisms in chromosome number and size. The gene hybridization analysis showed that closely related species in phylogenetic analysis had similar genetic organizations, mostly due to identification of synteny groups in chromosomal bands of similar sizes. Our results bring new insights into the genetic diversity and genome organization among pathogenic species in the Sporothrix schenckii complex.
Color vision loss in patients treated with chloroquine
Ventura, Dora F.;Silveira, Luiz Carlos L.;Nishi, Mauro;Costa, Marcelo F.;Gualtieri, Mirella;Santos, Ruth M. A. dos;Pinto, Carolina T.;Moura, Ana Laura A. de;Rodrigues, Anderson R.;Sakurada, Claudio;Sauma, Maria de Fátima L. C.;Souza, John M. de;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492003000600002
Abstract: patients that make use of chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine, drugs which are frequently administered for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erithromatosus or malaria, may suffer alterations in color vision and in contrast sensitivity. the present work evaluates the visual function of these patients in a joint study of the university of s?o paulo (usp), in s?o paulo, and of the federal university of pará (ufpa), in belém. thirty two chloroquine user patients without alterations in the eye fundus exam were evaluated in s?o paulo (n=10; aged 38 to 71 years; mean=55,8 years) and in belém (n=22; aged 20 to 67; mean=40 years). the prescribed accumulated chloroquine dose was 45 to 430 g (mean=213 g; sd = 152 g) for the s?o paulo group, and 36 to 540 g (mean=174 g; sd=183 g) for the belém group. tests were performed monocularly with corrected eye refractive state. color discrimination was evaluated using the cambridge colour test (cct): the color discrimination threshold was measured first in the protan, deutan and tritan axes and, in succession, three macadam's ellipses were determined. the patient's color vision was also evaluated with color arrangement tests: the farnsworth-munsell 100 hue (fm100), the farnsworth-munsell d15, and the lanthony desaturated (d15d) tests. we also measured the contrast sensitivity for black-and-white sine wave grating of twenty two patients. the results were compared with controls without ophthalmologic or neuro-ophthalmologic pathologies. twenty four patients presented acquired dyschromatopsia. there were cases of selective loss (11 patients) and of diffuse loss (13 patients). although losses were present in the fm100 there was no correlation between the fm100 error score and the ellipse area measured by the cct. moreover, three patients that scored normal in the fm100, failed to reach normal threshold in the cct. the lanthony test was less sensitive than the other two tests, since it failed to indicate loss in about half the patients,
Synovial cyst of the thoracic spine: case report
Oliveira, Helio A.;Jesus, Alan Chester F. de;Prado, Roberto César P.;Santos, Augusto César E.;Sobral, Paulo Marcelo S.;Oliveira, Arthur Maynart P.;Marcena, Sonia Maria L.;Silveira, Douglas Rafaele A.;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2007000500021
Abstract: spinal cord compressing syndrome due to synovial cyst (sc) of the thoracic spine is a rare clinic condition. we report a case of sc located in the thoracic spine causing spastic paraparesis in a 14 year-old female patient. the sc was removed thoroughly by laminectomy. the patient had an excellent recovery. the etiological and therapeutic aspects are discussed.
Staphylococcal toxin genes in strains isolated from cows with subclinical mastitis
Freitas, Manuela F.L. de;Luz, Isabelle da S.;Silveira-Filho, Vladimir da M.;W.P. Júnior, José;Stamford, Tania L.M.;Mota, Rinaldo A.;Sena, Maria J. de;Almeida, Alzira M.P. de;Balbino, Valdir de Q.;Leal-Balbino, Tereza C.;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2008001200010
Abstract: the present study was carried out in 11 dairy herds in four municipal districts of the rural area of the state of pernambuco, brazil. out of 984 quarter milk (246 cows), 10 (1.0%) were positive for clinical mastitis, 562 (57.1%) for subclinical mastitis and 412 (41.9%) were negative. a total of 81 staphylococcus spp. isolates were obtained from milk samples from the cows diagnosed with subclinical mastitis. from these, 53 (65.0%) were s. aureus, 16 (20.0%) coagulase-positive staphylococci (cps) and 12 (15.0%) coagulase-negative staphylococci (cns). the isolates were further investigated for the presence of toxin genes by multiplex and uniplex pcr. the main gene observed was seg followed by seh, sei and sej. the distribution of these observed genes among the isolates obtained from different areas showed a regional pattern for the ses. the presence of toxin genes in the strains isolated from bovine milk demonstrates a potential problem for public health.
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