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Tradition and Modernity in the Occupational Structure of the Population from Gurghiu Morphohydrographic Basin
Maria Luminia NEAGU
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning , 2011,
Abstract: This paper approaches aspects referring to the tradition and ancient customs of the region of the Gurghiu Basin, the specific characteristics of mountain villages, emphasizing at the same time the aspects which are connected to the modernization of the Romanian village, in terms of tourism related development (agro-tourism, ecologic tourism, cultural tourism), generating a modern infrastructure, and also their impact on the rural traditional structure. The purpose of this paper is to relieve the fact that tradition and folklore represent the most important poles on which the economic development of the villages stands up, combining both tradition and modernity. The Gurghiu Valley Festival is one of the events whose main aim is to promote tradition and customs of Gurghiu`s Valley area, a region situated at the interference of many cultures, but which is unique because its residents have guarded and handed down the traditional customs. However, the modern accents marked their influence on the Romanian village, mostly by generating a modern infrastructure providing the economic development of the area.
Riscuri ?i Catastrofe , 2012,
Abstract: This paper presents the analysis of the likelihood of floods occurrence in the Gurghiu basin. The most important events occurred in 1970, 1975 and 1995. The main factors which influence the floods are the rainfall fallen in a short period, the slope and the soil’s properties. For the probability of 1%, the area presenting a high vulnerability to floods is the meadow of Gurghiu between Zim i (Ib ne ti commune) and the confluence with Mure River, at which adds a small area of L pu na village. The measures realized to reduce population’s vulnerability to floods involve works of banks anchorage using gabions and works of water flow regularization. The methodology is based on the field observations, statistical data analysis and acquisition, GIS analysis.
Governance or Governing – the Missing Link?
Luminia Maria Cr?ciun
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Oeconomica , 2010,
Abstract: Governance and governing are two distinct concepts, but they intertwine. “Good governing” exercises good influence on development. “Good governance” supposes first a relationship of power focused on a series of reforms structured at three levels: the political – administrative level, the economic level, and the level of civil society. As this dimension is difficult to measure, the qualitative evaluation of the governing act raised the interest of the World Bank researchers, who elaborated and monitored the dynamics of a set of indicators, which includes six major dimensions of the governing. A retrospective concerning the image of governing in Romania during the period from 1996 to 2005 suggests a modest increase of the score: from -0.138 (1996) to 0.008 (2002); that was partially achieved based on the voice and responsibility index and on the political stability index, not on those that measure more directly the administrative performance or the integrity of the governing act. For a comparative study, we chose seven countries for the purposes of analysis (two new European Union member states: Romania and Bulgaria; two older member countries of the European Union: Slovenia and Latvia; three non-member states: Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia), which reveal the quality of the governing from a comparative perspective. Corruption control completes the image created by the analyzed indicators. The mere formal accomplishment of commitments made in the pre-accession activity, doubled by recent internal evolutions, bring doubts about the credibility of the anticorruption reforms, as Romania continues to be considered the country with the highest CPI in the European Union. The pessimism of public opinion and the fact that only 34% of the Romanian people consider that the level of corruption will decrease in the following three years constitutes an alarm signal addressed to the governance, in view of the real reformation of the administration system, of giving a sense of responsibility to the public and private sectors, of imposing, observing and materializing a real commitment for preventing and fighting corruption, the risk of which may be a threat to national security. Human governance creates a favorable environment for human development and elimination of poverty. If the preoccupations of the governance institutions are centered on the interests, needs, and fundamental rights of the population, progress may be achieved in the fight against poverty. If a country tries to apply economic policies in order to promote a beneficial increase to the poor ones, along w
Influence of Social and Cultural Expenses on the Population’s Pauperization Process
Luminia Maria Cr?ciun
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Oeconomica , 2009,
Abstract: Eradication of poverty and economic development are essential for a durable development. High access to production resources and theactivity of effective public institutions are the most important conditions for the fight against poverty. Public and private investments in education,health care and social programs are indispensable for offering market economy integration opportunities to the paupers and to contribute to aneconomic development for everyone’s benefit. The satisfaction of social needs, aiming the improvement of life conditions for each person in a givensociety, defines an aspect of the importance of public expenses. (Economy dictionary, 1999) The amount of public expenses allocated for socioculturalactions has an essential economic and social role and has effect on the education, the professional training and qualification, the cultural,artistic and civilisation level, the quality of medical assistance and infant mortality, the system of social protection.
Some Properties of Motion Equations Describing the Nonlinear Dynamical Response of a Multibody System with Flexible Elements
Maria Luminia Scutaru,Sorin Vlase
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/628503
Abstract: The industrial applications use instruments and machines operating at high speeds, developing high forces, low temperatures, corrosive environments, extreme pressures, and so forth. Under these conditions, the elasticity of elements such a machine is built of cannot be ignored anymore, and models are needed to more accurately “grasp” the mechanical phenomena accompanying the operation. The vibrations and the loss of stability are the main effects occurring under these conditions. For the study on this kind of systems with rigid motion and elastic elements, numerous models have been elaborated, the main idea being the discretization of the elements and the use of finite element method. Finally, second-order differential equations with variable coefficients are obtained; these equations are strong nonlinear ones due to the time-dependent values of angular speed and acceleration, and they can be linearized considering a very short period of time, in which the motion is considered to be “frozen.” The aim of this paper is to present some characteristic properties of these systems. 1. Introduction A mechanical system, a machine or instrument, is made up of elastic elements, the elasticity manifesting itself more or less. The rigid elements assumption generally made when studying such technical systems represents a first approximation leading to rapid results closer to reality. Depending on the given instrument operation conditions, this assumption may lead to correct results or to results considerably deviating from the real situation. If the instrument or the machine works with low operation speeds or if it is subjected to lower loads, then the model built based on the rigid elements assumption may lead to excellent results. The elasticity becomes a significant element if the loads occurred are high and/or the operation speeds are high (Figure 1). In this case, the deformations of the machine element will influence, usually in a negative way, the correct operation of the system. The resonance and the loss of stability represent the main forms of manifestation of elasticity. They will occur in the case of an inadequate design leading to a fast machine damage. The main method of approach of such a problem is the method of finite elements, a method used in a lot of works for elaborating models describing the behavior of machines containing elastic elements. Figure 1: Mechanical system with elastic elements [ 1]. As a result of modeling a set of differential equations having a complex nonlinear form is obtained. It contains a series of additional terms due to
Scientific Annals of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. New Series, Section 2. Vegetal Biology , 2011,
Abstract: The species subjected to the study belong to Asteraceae family, Artemisia genus found in Romania’s spontaneous flora. This work presents an anatomic study of petiole from Artemisia santonica and Artemisia scoparia plants. The petiole secretory structures are represented by hairs and ducts.
Analytical method (HPLC), validation used for identification and assay of the pharmaceutical active ingredient, Tylosin tartrate for veterinary use and its finite product Tilodem 50, hydrosoluble powder
Maria Neagu
Medicamentul Veterinar , 2010,
Abstract: In SC DELOS IMPEX ’96 SRL the quality of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for the finite product Tilodem 50 - hydrosoluble powder was acomkplished in the respect of last European Pharmacopoeia.The method for analysis used in this purpose was the compendial method Tylosin tartrate for veterinary use” in EurPh. in vigour edition and represent a variant developed and validation in house”.The parameters which was included in the methodology validation for chromatographic method are the followings: Selectivity, Linearity, Linearity range, Detection and Quantification limits, Precision, Repeatability (intra day), Inter-Day Reproductibility, Accuracy, Robustness, Solutions’ stability and System suitability. According to the European Pharmacopoeia, the active pharmaceutical ingredient is consistent, in terms of quality, if it contains Tylosin A - minimum 80% and the amount of Tylosin A, B, C, D, at minimum 95%. Identification and determination of each component separately (Tylosin A, B, C, D) is possible by chromatographic separation-HPLC. Validation of analytical methods is presented below.
Luminia-Maria BRENCI,Camelia COSEREANU,Ivan CISMARU,Adriana FOTIN
Pro Ligno , 2012,
Abstract: The paper presents the results of the researchwork performed on the behaviour of the door framesmade of laminated MDF (cherry and walnut foil) onimmersion in water. The MDF boards were purchasedfrom two different suppliers. The immersion wasmade untill the critical limit was reached, when thedimensional characteristics of the frame came out ofthe field of tolerances. The dimensionalmeasurements, together with the mass weights wereperformed at different times, finaly achieving differentcritical limits for the two types of materials. The finalconclusion of the research showed that, after a periodof 24 hours of immersion in water, both materialshave suffered major dimensional changes thataffected the use of the door frame. The paperprovides information on the relative and absolutevariations of sizes and mass, including percentagechanges.
Journal of Science and Arts , 2013,
Abstract: Having as goal an optimum adaptation and reporting to the actual world in which we live, it is a clear direction in the actual education to “break” the traditional pattern of school disciplines (keeping in mind that the actual curriculum is still centered on disciplines) and to create several “bridges” between them, trying to observe effectively what is “beyond the disciplines”. In this respect, it was proposed the teachers’ training programme “PROFILES - Education through Sciences”, organized in the frame of the FP7 project “PROFILES - Professional Reflection Oriented Focus on Inquiry-based Learning and Education through Science”, which aims to the development of the professional-didactic competences of Science teachers (Chemistry, Physics and Biology), in strong relation to scientific investigation, valorization of pupils’ individual experiences, integrated approaches in the Science field and achievement of an educational demarché, in accordance with the constructivist paradigm principles. A modern education for and through Science, centered on competences, implies the promotion of an integrated curriculum that gathers Science fundamental scientific contents and abilities, practical skills, attitudes and values.
Analysis of Transport Processes Management for a Romanian Food Market
Maria NEAGU,George DUDA
Annals of Dun?rea de Jos University. Fascicle I : Economics and Applied Informatics , 2012,
Abstract: This paper presents the study of optimization process for the products transportation for a Romanian food-market. The vehicle routing problem was solves using Lingo 13.0 software and an analysis was conducted in order to determine the optimal routes for the vehicles in the conditions of products request variation. The program developed is considering one storing place from where the products are transported to other six delivery points using three vehicles. Each vehicle has a constant capacity and a constant travel velocity.

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