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PARANISM AND THE PROCESS OF THE HISTORIOGRAPHIC PRODUCTION OF PARANá: THE SIEGE OF LAPA EPISODE O Paranismo e o processo de produ o historiográfica paranaense: o episódio do Cerco da Lapa
Maria Julieta Weber Cordova
Revista de História Regional , 2008,
Abstract: This research is the result of the master degree dissertation, about the local/regional history and the construction of the Paranaense identity, taking in consideration the production of the memory of the heritage buildings at Lapa/PR. It was understood that the interaction between local/regional history with the memory from the heritage buildings is directly connected to the determination of a historiographic production. The analysis had as a background the siege of Lapa episode, because it constitutes in a representative historic landmark of Paraná historiographic production, which aimed at the construction of a historic discourse of regional identification for the Paranaenses A pesquisa é resultado de disserta o de mestrado, cuja temática sobre a história local/regional e a constru o de uma identidade paranaense, levou em conta a produ o da memória do patrim nio tombado na Lapa/PR. Entendeu-se que a intera o da história local/regional com a memória do patrim nio tombado está estreitamente ligada à determina o de uma produ o historiográfica. A análise teve como pano de fundo o episódio do Cerco da Lapa, por constituir-se em um marco histórico representativo da produ o historiográfica paranista, que visou a constru o de um discurso histórico de identifica o regional aos paranaenses.
Maria Julieta Weber Cordova
Revista Emancipa??o , 2007,
Abstract: Resumo: Procurou-se tratar de alguns aspectos presentes na teoria sociológica contemporanea de Talcott Parsons, especialmente no que se refere à análise sistêmica e funcionalista da a o humana integrada em sistemas e com vistas ao equilíbrio, à sistematiza o e à reprodu o de padr es sociais normativos. Priorizou-se nesta análise, enquanto ponto de partida, o esquema conceitual geral da a o elaborado por Parsons, tendo como referência norteadora a obra The Social System (O Sistema Social), na qual est o fundamentados pontos chaves do pensamento do autor, buscando-se discutir particularmente os conceitos de status e a distribui o de papéis na estrutura social, bem como a quest o integrativa dos sistemas familiares que implicam em vincula es sociais e em critérios de estratifica o social. Abstract: This work intended to deal with some aspects present in the contemporary sociological theory of Talcott Parsons, specifically what concerns to the systemic analysis and functionalist of the human action integrated into systems with views to the balance, to the systematization and to the reproduction of normative social patterns. It was a main concern in this analysis, as a start, the general action conceptual scheme elaborated by Parsons, having as a reference his work entitled The Social System, in which are cemented key words of the author’s thoughts, seeking to discuss particularly the concepts of status and the role distribution in the social structure, as well as the integrative issue of the familiar systems that imply in social linking and in the criteria of the social stratification.
Será Que Eu Contei Tudo?
Ormastroni Maria Julieta Sebastiani
Psicologia USP , 1998,
Social Merchandising: Human Trafficking in Brazilian Soap Opera  [PDF]
Denise Avancini Alves, Maria Helena Weber
Advances in Journalism and Communication (AJC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajc.2015.34010
Abstract: Human trafficking is one of today’s largest shadow economies. This theme was included in plot of Salve Jorge, a soap opera in Brazil (broadcasted by Globo Network between October 2012 and May 2013). This article analyzes the social merchandising, an approach given to international human trafficking in entertainment venues of television, especially, from the telenovela Salve Jorge. The strategy of inclusion of social issues in the plots is recognized as social merchandising. So, it is in this privileged media space that the story of a social problem is also constituted. The study focuses on the discussion of the power of the telenovela to dramatize issues of public interest, having main broadcasting and audience of Salve Jorge. One seeks to question the maintenance and the impact of the subject of human trafficking as a dialogue between fiction and reality portrayed by Brazilian television. The show, Salve Jorge, is based on the real-life story of a Brazilian woman who was led to Israel and forced into prostitution. Therefore, human trafficking emerges as the central theme of this study over the main plot of Salve Jorge.
Science Education at the Polytechnic University of Baja California, México  [PDF]
Maria Amparo Oliveros Ruiz, Benjamín Valdez Salas, Michael Schorr Wienner, Lidia Vargas Osuna, Eduardo Cabrera Cordova, Ulises Castro Penaloza
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.326150
Abstract: The educational model that is currently being implemented with the Polytechnic University of Baja California (UPBC) students of Engineering in Manufacturing Technology is presented in this paper. This model gives us the pattern of how to deal with the problem of teaching the nature of science and technology with quality, in particular, questions about how science and technology validate their knowledge and how it works in today's world. The nature of science includes aspects of epistemology and sociology, and the relationships with science, technology and society (STS): complex and innovative contents in science education (Acevedo, 2000). Also shown is the result of applying the Opinions Questionnaire on Science, Technology and Society (OQSTS), which allows an assessment of the views and attitudes of students on STS issues. Understanding these concepts: Science, Technology and Society is considered by specialists as a central axis of scientific alphabetization for all and as such, should be incorporated into the curricula of higher education and especially in Engineering as it enables awareness and changing attitudes of the student to confront ethical and moral dilemmas.
Secreted phospholipase A2-IIA-induced a phenotype of activated microglia in BV-2 cells requires epidermal growth factor receptor transactivation and proHB-EGF shedding
Rubén Martín, Claudia Cordova, Maria L Nieto
Journal of Neuroinflammation , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1742-2094-9-154
Abstract: Primary and immortalized microglial cells were stimulated by sPLA2-IIA in order to characterize the cytokine-like actions of the phospholipase. The hallmarks of activated microglia analyzed include: mitogenic response, phagocytic capabilities and induction of inflammatory mediators. In addition, we studied several of the potential molecular mechanisms involved in those events.The direct exposure of microglial cells to sPLA2-IIA stimulated, in a time- and dose-dependent manner, their phagocytic and proliferative capabilities. sPLA2-IIA also triggered the synthesis of the inflammatory proteins COX-2 and TNFα. In addition, EGFR phosphorylation and shedding of the membrane-anchored heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (pro-HB-EGF) ectodomain, as well as a rapid activation/phosphorylation of the classical survival proteins ERK, P70S6K and rS6 were induced upon sPLA2-IIA treatment. We further demonstrated that the presence of an EGFR inhibitor (AG1478), a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor (GM6001), an ADAM inhibitor (TAPI-1), and a HB-EGF neutralizing antibody abrogated the phenotype of activated microglia induced by the sPLA2-IIA.These results support the hypothesis that sPLA2-IIA may act as a potent modulator of microglial functions through its ability to induce EGFR transactivation and HB-EGF release. Accordingly, pharmacological modulation of EGFR might be a useful tool for treating neuroinflammatory diseases characterized by sPLA2-IIA accumulation.
Sujeto auto-mejorando, sociedad de laboratorio, universidad de mercado. Ensayo desde una perspectiva teórica de gubernamentalidad
Susanne Maria Weber
Nómadas , 2005,
Did China follow the East Asian development model?
Boltho, Andrea,Weber, Maria
The European Journal of Comparative Economics , 2009,
Abstract: China is located in East Asia and, just as Japan, Taiwan or (South) Korea at earlier stages of their development, has now grown very rapidly for some three decades. That is not enough, however, for it to qualify for membership of the club. The East Asian development model has a number of additional and important characteristics. Four are selected for discussion: the almost constant encouragement given to investment, the manufacturing sector and external competitiveness, and pursued via a variety of fairly interventionist industrial, trade and financial policies; a concomitant belief in the virtues of intense domestic (Japan and Taiwan) and foreign (Korea) competition; a set of broadly sensible and appropriate macroeconomic policies; and a number of favourable (pre-)conditions, such as the presence of a homogeneous population, a relatively high stock of human capital, reasonable income equality and fairly authoritarian governments. China, since reforms began in the late 1970s, has shared some of these characteristics, but not all. In particular, it is still much more of a command economy than the other three countries have ever been, yet, at the same time, has embraced globalization with, arguably, much greater enthusiasm than was done, in earlier times, by Japan, Taiwan or Korea. If China's experience, however, is compared with that of other, more or less successful, developing countries, the similarities with the East Asia development model would seem to dwarf such differences
A Comunica o do Fórum Social Mundial
WEBER, Maria Helena
Contemporanea : Revista de Comunica??o e Cultura , 2006,
Abstract: The article approaches the World Social Forum (WSF) from the perspective of communications in a worldwide public sphere. Every year since 2001, thousands of people get together to discuss and argue in favor of a concept that has become a slogan: another world is possible. A world that goes against the international economic order, through actions, speeches and political, economic, social and environmental debates at the WSF. Issues, movements, ethnic groups, and injustices have gained a great deal of visibility in the international media at the same time that the Forum’s structure has created its own spaces for communication. The Forum’s existence has instigated, theoretically and technically, the elds of politics, sociology and communications which is the main issue of this article. The World Social Forum is understood as a privileged object of research to discuss concepts of spectacularization, mediation and mediatization in relation to new con guratios of the public sphere; the communications networks and the new media; the strategic power relations between the media, politics and society; and the construction of a public image for the citizens’ rights and participation.
Gordillo,Sandra; Bayer,Maria Sol; Martinelli,Julieta;
Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-686X2010000200009
Abstract: in the isla grande of tierra del fuego, the marine holocene (ca. 8.000 years bp) is represented by littoral deposits, mostly up to 10 m a.s.l. raised marine terraces, extending along the modern coast, and characterized by the presence of mollusk shells, mainly bivalves and gastropods. in this work, which is focused on holocene mollusk assemblages from the beagle channel, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of both fossil and modern shell assemblages, respectively collected from raised marine deposits and their adjacent beaches, was performed. for each assemblage, species richness, abundance and various taphonomic attributes were analyzed. the results indicate that the differences between assemblages do not correlate with climate changes that occurred during the mid-late holocene, but reflect local differences among the sites taking into account the habitat heterogeneity in the beagle channel.
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