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Inbreeding effect on reproductive traits in a herd of Mangalarga Marchador Brazilian horses Efeito da endogamia sobre características reprodutivas em um rebanho da ra a Mangalarga Marchador
Renderson Welington Gon?alves,Maria Dulcineia Costa,Vicente Ribeiro Rocha junior,Márcia Regina da Costa
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2011,
Abstract: This work aimed to evaluate the effect of inbreeding on the reproductive characteristics such as age at first foaling, gestation length, foaling interval in a “Mangalarga Marchador” herd in the North of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The relationship matrix involved 2186 animals from the general register of the Catuni Farm. The inbreeding coefficient (F) was calculated using the subroutine MTDFNRM present in the MTDFREML program and its effect on the reproductive indexes was evaluated through simple linear regression. Average F of the population was of 1.45% and, of the total, 27.59% of the animals were inbred. Among the inbred animals, average F reached 5.28% (minimum of 0.1 and maximum of 28.13%). The average age of the stallions, when their foals were born, was 9.06 years while for mares it was of 8.90 years giving a medium interval of 8.98 years. The age at first foaling, gestation length and foaling interval were on average 4.71 ± 1.832 years, 327.94 ± 15.58 days and 547.78 ± 316.62 days, respectively while the herd effective size was of 185.25 animals. Effect of inbreeding on the reproductive characteristics was not significant. The inbred matings did not affect the reproductive characteristics of the Mangalarga Marchador herd. Controlled mating keep inbreeding at low values, what avoids inbreeding depression. Objetivou-se com este trabalho avaliar o efeito da endogamia sobre as características reprodutivas idade ao primeiro parto, dura o da gesta o e intervalo de partos em equinos da ra a Mangalarga Marchador criados em um rebanho na regi o Norte de Minas Gerais. A matriz de parentesco envolveu 2186 animais do arquivo zootécnico da Fazenda Catuni. O coeficiente de endogamia (F) foi calculado mediante utiliza o da subrotina MTDFNRM presente no programa MTDFREML e seu efeito sobre os índices reprodutivos por meio de regress o linear simples. O F médio da popula o foi de 1,45% e, do total de animais, 27,59% mostraram-se endogamicos. Entre os animais endogamicos, o F médio foi de 5,28% (mínimo de 0,1 e máximo de 28,13%). A média de idade dos garanh es, quando nasceram seus filhos, foi 9,06 anos enquanto a das m es foi de 8,90 anos, proporcionando um intervalo médio de gera es de 8,98 anos. A idade ao primeiro parto, a dura o da gesta o e o intervalo de partos tiveram médias de 4,71 ± 1,832 anos, 327,94 ± 15,58 dias e 547,78 ± 316,62 dias, respectivamente enquanto o tamanho efetivo para o rebanho foi de 185,25 animais. Os acasalamentos endogamicos n o comprometeram as características reprodutivas do rebanho da ra a Mangalarga Marchador. Acasalamen
Lipid peroxidation and antioxidants in hyperlipidemia and hypertension
Biological Research , 2000, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-97602000000200010
Abstract: lipid peroxidation and lipid-derived oxidized products have been implicated in the pathogenesis of a variety of human diseases. to clarify the role of oxidative stress in essential hypertension and hypercholesterolemia the in vitro oxidative susceptibility of ldl, the antioxidant status and the lipid peroxide content of blood plasma were examined in hypercholesterolemic (hc), hypertensive (h), hypercholesterolemic/hypertensive (hh) and normolipidemic/normotensive subjects (n). plasma ascorbate and lipid-soluble antioxidants were lower, while ldl oxidizability, ce-ooh and tl-ooh were higher in h, hc, and hh groups than in the n group. no difference was observed among groups for pl-ooh and isoprostanes. in summary, the results show that: 1) lipid- and water-soluble antioxidants are lower in hypercholesterolemic and hypertensive patients as compared to normal subjects, whereas the lipid peroxide content and the ldl susceptibility to oxidation were higher; 2) total cholesterol, ldl-cholesterol, apob and ce-ooh were negatively correlated with the content of a-tocopherol; 3) there was a positive correlation between the content of lipid-soluble antioxidants and the resistance of ldl to oxidation; and 4) ce-ooh and tl-ooh were positively correlated with total cholesterol and ldl-cholesterol.
Somatic Condition, Growth and Reproduction of Hake, Merluccius merluccius L., in the Portuguese Coast  [PDF]
Ana Maria Costa
Open Journal of Marine Science (OJMS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2013.31002

Weight/length relationships, condition factor, gonadosomatic and hepatosomatic indices, conversion factor for gutted to total weight and spawning season of hake in the Portuguese Coast (36.92 to 42.22 degrees latitude N; 9.61 to 6.07 degrees longitude W) were investigated for the first time, aiming to fill the lack of information on the biology of hake of the Portuguese waters. Data were obtained from commercial samples collected between 2005 and 2010 and pooled by month. Sex ratio observed in fish below 40 cmwas close to 1:1; females were always dominant above50 cmlength. All the parameters were analysed by month and by sex and by combined sexes. The relationships obtained for combined sexes for the entire period concerning the growth in length and weight were: total length-total weight =0.0038L3.172, total length-gutted weight =0.0052L3.059. The relationship total weight-gutted weight was Wt = 15.8112 + 0.8480Wg and the conversion factor was of 1.1524. The growth rate is similar for both sexes but different when based on total weight or gutted weight. The analysis of the condition factor, gonadosomatic index, hepatosomatic index and the monthly distribution of the maturity stages seem to indicate that hake from thePortugueseCoasthas a long spawning season, with three spawning peaks in March, May and August but the start of the spawning season seems independent of the fish length.


Avalia??o das concentra??es plasmática e urinária de isoflavonas purificadas de soja
Pereira, Isabela Rosier Olimpio;Damasceno, Nágila Raquel Teixeira;Pereira, Edimar Cristiano;Tavares, Leoberto Costa;Abdalla, Dulcineia Saes Parra;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-93322002000300005
Abstract: soy isoflavones show antioxidant and estrogenic effects and have been related to decreased risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. the goal of the present study was to standardize the extraction of isoflavones from soy molasses and to evaluate the plasmatic and urinary concentrations of isoflavones in rabbits after consumption of extracted isoflavones. isoflavones were extracted with 90% ethanol and purified with a c18 column. the extraction yield was 81%. the purified isoflavone extract was added to the chow (5 mg isoflavone/ kg body weight/ day) used for feeding rabbits during 6 months. the concentration of isoflavones (genistein and daidzein) in the extracts, chow, blood plasma and urine was determined by high performance liquid chromotagraphy. the mean concentration of isoflavones in blood plasma was 4 mm and the urinary excretion was 22 μmol/24 h. the extraction of isoflavones from soy molasses resulted in a suitable preparation for experimental studies.
Nutri o e doen as cardiovasculares: preven o primária e secundária
Dulcineia Saes Parra Abdalla
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/s1516-93322004000400014
Molecular mechanisms of atherosclerosis
Dulcineia Saes Parra Abdalla
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/s1516-93322006000400022
Dulcineia Saes Parra Abdalla
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/s1516-93322008000100001
Dulcineia Saes Parra Abdalla
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/s1516-93322002000300017
Molecular characteristics and chromatin texture features in acute promyelocytic leukemia
Mariana R B De Mello, Dulcineia M Albuquerque, Fernanda Pereira-Cunha, Krizzia B Albanez, Katia B B Pagnano, Fernando F Costa, Konradin Metze, Irene Lorand-Metze
Diagnostic Pathology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1746-1596-7-75
Abstract: In a prospective study, we analyzed peripheral (PB) leukocyte count, immunophenotype, methylation status of CDKN2B, CDKN2A and TP73; FLT3 and NPM1 mutations besides nuclear chromatin texture characteristics of the leukemic cells. We also examined the relation of these features with patient’s outcome.Among 19 cases, 4 had a microgranular morphology, 7 presented PB leukocytes >10x109/l, 2 had FLT3-ITD and 3 had FLT3-TKD (all three presenting a methylated CDKN2B). NPM1 mutation was not observed. PB leukocyte count showed an inverse relation with standard deviation of gray levels, contrast, cluster prominence, and chromatin fractal dimension (FD). Cases with FLT3-ITD presented a microgranular morphology, PB leukocytosis and expression of HLA-DR, CD34 and CD11b. Concerning nuclear chromatin texture variables, these cases had a lower entropy, contrast, cluster prominence and FD, but higher local homogeneity, and R245, in keeping with more homogeneously distributed chromatin. In the univariate Cox analysis, a higher leukocyte count, FLT3-ITD mutation, microgranular morphology, methylation of CDKN2B, besides a higher local homogeneity of nuclear chromatin, a lower chromatin entropy and FD were associated to a worse outcome. All these features lost significance when the cases were stratified for FLT3-ITD mutation. Methylation status of CDNK2A and TP73 showed no relation to patient’s survival.in APL, patients with FLT3-ITD mutation show different clinical characteristics and have blasts with a more homogeneous chromatin texture. Texture analysis demonstrated that FLTD-ITD was accompanied not only by different cytoplasmic features, but also by a change in chromatin structure in routine cytologic preparations. Yet we were not able to detect chromatin changes by nuclear texture analysis of patients with the FTLD-TKD or methylation of specific genes.Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) is a well characterized subtype of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) defined by a specific cytogenetic
Lipid peroxidation and nitric oxide inactivation in postmenopausal women
Pereira, Isabela Rosier Olimpio;Bertolami, Marcelo Chiara;Faludi, André Arpad;Campos, Maria Fernanda;Ferderbar, Simone;Lima, Emersom Silva;Aldrighi, José Mendes;Abdalla, Dulcineia Saes Parra;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2003000400005
Abstract: objective: to assess the effect of endogenous estrogens on the bioavailability of nitric oxide (·no) and in the formation of lipid peroxidation products in pre- and postmenopausal women. methods: nox and s-nitrosothiols were determined by gaseous phase chemiluminescence, nitrotyrosine was determined by elisa, cox (cholesterol oxides) by gas chromatography, and cholesteryl linoleate hydroperoxides (ce18:2-ooh), trilinolein (tg18:2-ooh), and phospholipids (pc-ooh) by hplc in samples of plasma. results: the concentrations of nox, nitrotyrosine, cox, ce18:2-ooh, and pc-ooh were higher in the postmenopausal period (33.8±22.3 mm; 230±130 nm; 55±19 ng/ml; 17±8.7 nm; 2775±460 nm, respectively) as compared with those in the premenopausal period (21.1±7.3 mm; 114±41 nm; 31±13 ng/ml; 6±1.4 nm; 1635±373 nm). in contrast, the concentration of s-nitrosothiols was lower in the postmenopausal period (91±55 nm) as compared with that in the premenopausal p in the premenopausal period (237±197 nm). conclusion: in the postmenopausal period, an increase in nitrotyrosine and a reduction of s-nitrosothiol formation, as well as an increase of cox, ce18:2-ooh and pc-ooh formation occurs. therefore, ?no inactivation and the increase in lipid peroxidation may contribute to endothelial dysfunction and to the greater risk for atherosclerosis in postmenopausal women.
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