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Description of socioeconomic and demographic profile of young women vulnerable to infection by human papillomavirus and risk behavior in a school in Rio de Janeiro  [PDF]
M.C. de Melo Pessanha Carvalho, Ana Beatriz Azevedo Queiroz, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos Moura
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.511246
Abstract: Background: HPV is one of the main sexually transmitted diseases, especially among the female population. This is an important etiologic agent for the development of cervical intraepithelial lesions and cervical cancer. It is considered a public health problem, since young women are the most vulnerable group to this virus. Therefore, it is important that the socioeconomic and demographic profile of these women and their risk behaviors are known, so that it is possible to contribute in reducing infection occurrences in the studied population. Objectives: To describe the socioeconomic and demographic characteristics and investigate the behavioral sexual-affective aspects of risk of adolescents and young students from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil when tackling HPV infection. Methods: A group composed by 128 individuals susceptible to HPV—classified as adolescent women and young women who are students at a high school in one unity of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. The studied period was from May to November. A quantitative descriptive approach was used, in which data were highlighted in variables, divided into economic, demographic and behavioral characteristics. Data were entered into an Excel spreadsheet and organized by descriptive statistics performed by simple frequency (%). Results: The age range of the young women who have the possibility of being infected with HPV was from 15 to 25. The focused family income among these young women was up to 2 minimum wages. The risk behavior detected in 37.5% of adolescent women and in 43.8% of young women is that these women never used condoms in sexual intercourse. Conclusion: The research showed that the studied women are vulnerable due to risk behavior practices that may lead to the virus acquisition. More focuses on educational actions of preventive measures regarding HPV infection should be emphasized, favoring a lower incidence of human papillomavirus infection and cervical cancer.
A percep??o das enfermeiras sobre a competência social no desenvolvimento da assistência pré-natal
Lima, Yara Macambira Santana;Moura, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos;
Escola Anna Nery , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452008000400010
Abstract: this study, an extract from a dissertation in progress, aims to analyze a social competence of the nurses when delivering pre-natal assistance. forty-two nurses, engaged in the politics national women's health care, carried out at the municipal health care centers in belem, pará, have taken part in the project. this is a qualitative research based on claus moller's quality standards (1992) which describes the human aspect of personal quality. data has been collected through questionnaires completed under the researcher's supervision. the ethical issues raised were in compliance with the national health board resolution number 196/96. as a result of the data analysis, the category of social competence emerged. according to the subjects interviewed , it comprises the nurses' professional commitment to the pregnant women they assist; their need to have a more critical attitude towards reality and their willingness to overcome the difficulties inherent in the public health services. this reseach shows that not only good professional performance, but also institutional support are essential to ensure personal development.
Hegemonia e contra-hegemonia no processo de implanta??o da Casa de Parto no Rio de Janeiro
Pereira, Adriana Lenho de Figueiredo;Moura, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342009000400019
Abstract: this study addressed the process of implementing the first casa de parto birth center in the unified health system in the city of rio de janeiro. the purpose of this qualitative study was to identify the determinants of the process of implementing the birth center and analyze the influence that hegemonic and counter-hegemonic groups have on that process. the theoretical framework used was the concept of hegemony. data analysis was guided by the dialectic method of contradiction, totality and historicity. semi-structured interviews were performed, from january to july 2007, with four municipal health administrators and 11 technical-administrative professionals assigned to implement the birth center. this study showed that the implementation of the birth center was determined by the counter-hegemony established in providing care during pregnancy and physiological deliveries.
Ciência, natureza e nascimento humano: interfaces com o movimento de humaniza o do parto
Adriana Lenho de Figueiredo Pereira,Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos Moura
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 2008,
Abstract: A sociedade industrial transformou a compreens o da natureza e do homem. O movimento de humaniza o do parto e nascimento critica o excessivo controle e interven o desta fase do ciclo vital humano, sendo este o ponto principal de embate com a tecnociência. Este artigo busca refletir as inter-rela es entre as concep es de natureza e nascimento humano decorrentes do pensamento científico na contemporaneidade e o ideário da humaniza o do parto e nascimento. Consideramos que o controle e artificializa o da natureza interna e externa ao homem est o alicer ados sob uma racionalidade instrumental. Este processo se deu no corpo, principalmente da mulher. O movimento de humaniza o do parto e nascimento pode contribuir com uma reflex o ontológica da dimens o humana nas ciências da saúde, possibilitando ampliar o debate sobre a racionalidade estruturante das práticas em saúde.
A qualidade na aten??o à saúde da mulher idosa: um relato de experiência
Moura, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos;Domingos, Ana Maria;Rassy, Maria Elizabete de Castro;
Escola Anna Nery , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452010000400027
Abstract: report of experiences on the integral care to elderly women in an extension program developed at the school hospital of the federal university of the rio de janeiro. it presents a pedagogic and assistance proposal with a high social significance and an academic formation, which was a result from the commitment of a high skilled team of professionals. it describes the profile of the elderly that search for the specialized service and analyze the situation of the care it self, focused in the improvement of the quality in the assistance provided. they have used the concepts of the health quality and the pact for life. it answers why this space exists, built for the development of actions under the vision of a humanized model, where the nurses support themselves in the practices of education in health. it concludes that the pedagogical proposal is a care tool, making it possible to analyze the expectations and needs of the customer from a perspective of the improvement of life quality, searching for the level of customer's satisfaction.
Perfil sociodemográfico de mulheres em situa??o de violência assistidas nas delegacias especializadas
Moura, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos;Netto, Le?nidas de Albuquerque;Souza, Maria Helena Nascimento;
Escola Anna Nery , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452012000300002
Abstract: it's a historic, quantitative and descriptive research, whose goals are: characterize the demand assisted at specialized police stations in assistance to women (deams) located in the city of rio de janeiro according to the socio-demographic profile, type of violence and the relationship between the woman and the accused of the assault, and analyze these data on a situation of violence to get a thematic discussion. data were collected through 38,009 records of violence reports to women during the period of 2003 to 2008, provided by the public safety institute after the approval from the ethics committee. the women were young, white, have completed the elementary school, unmarried and employed. the majority lives in the northern area of the city. the place where the crime occurred was their residence. psychological aggression was predominant. the aggressors are close family members. violence is the way these families use to express, which requires a paradigm change on the civilization.
O trabalho em saúde no contexto hospitalar: processos e necessidades como subsídios para a forma??o profissional
Nunes, Isa Maria;Moura, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos;Amancio Filho, Antenor;Telles, José Luiz;
Escola Anna Nery , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452006000300021
Abstract: this study presents a theoretical reflection about the work process in health, based on marxist thought. the study illustrates the hypothesis that this social construction legitimizes itself through the accomplishment of each specialized practice. the study is based on the technical and practical knowledge of the professionals involved. this study shows the elements of the work process in the context of institutionalized assistance, mainly in the hospital environment. it discusses the repercussion of the capitalist production model on the organization of health services. the contradictions of this process are highlighted and there is evidence that this process has resigned itself in a retro-feeding cycle and has shown difficulties to identify and answer to the needs, not only of the population, but also of the health professionals. these agents need to be seen as historical subjects who are active and are inserted in a work context where there are dilemmas and conflicts and where it is possible to envision through processes of formation and inclusion more attuned with reality, the construction of healthier relationships at work.
Conflicto gerado por la designación de enfermeras para la dirección hospitalaria: una visión periodística
Torres, Danelia Gómez;Leite, Joséte Luzia;Moura, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos;
Escola Anna Nery , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452008000100016
Abstract: the article of investigation presents a conflict of national transcendence generated because of the designation of nurses as directors of public hospitals, in two chilean institutions. the vision of the journalist has as its objectives to realize a critical analysis of the socio-political impact of the taking of the power of the nurses during this hospitals management and to discuss the intervention of the different groups based on a scientific refletion of the power presenting the political laborers positions of the differents social actors in the opoinion of the journalist. the justifiction of this investigation is the maganitud of the problems understudy showing that the conflict is illustrative of the real problem that affect the public administration, ratifying the willingness of the medical guild that permanently pushes to maintain the power of the public hospitals in the hands of their members manifesting reactions of admittance of professionals of other disciplines to the management directive.
A teoria transcultural e sua aplica??o em algumas pesquisas de enfermagem: uma reflex?o
Moura, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos;Chamilco, Rosilda Alves da Silva Isla;Silva, Leila Rangel da;
Escola Anna Nery , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452005000300012
Abstract: this is a theoretical reflection, elaborated from specific bibliographical referencial and experiences of the authors in the practical one of the nursing, on the beddings of the theory of the diversity and universality of the cultural care. it deals with the attempt to establish an entailing enters the application of the acquired knowledge in the field of the nursing and this theoretical boarding. one argues the relations between the practical one of the nursing, the rites and the beddings of this theory and its application in the nursing research. the bibliographical survey was carried through by means of electronic and manual search in quantities of libraries. the analyses had been pautadas in the detailing of the theoretical beddings of this boarding and research based on this theory. the conclusion detaches that the beddings of this theory can describe the totality of the factors, different but next and integrated, that compose the sóciocultural structure of the care of nursing and the vision of world of the people who receive it.
Manejo da dor de pacientes com aids: análise da estrutura gerencial em hospital de referência Manejo del dolor en pacientes con sida: análisis de la estructura administrativa en hospital de referencia Pain management in patients with aids: analysis of the management structure of a reference hospital
Roberta Meneses Oliveira,Lucilane Maria Sales da Silva,Maria Lúcia Duarte Pereira,Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos Moura
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2013,
Abstract: O objetivo deste estudo foi analisar a estrutura gerencial para o manejo da dor em pacientes com aids em um hospital de referência de Fortaleza, CE, Brasil. Pesquisa descritiva com enfoque qualitativo, desenvolvida no ano de 2010. Foram realizadas 20 entrevistas com profissionais de saúde (médicos e enfermeiros), analisadas segundo o referencial da análise de conteúdo. Os dados foram organizados em categorias: condi es estruturais favoráveis e desfavoráveis. Constatou-se prevalência de condi es desfavoráveis no discurso dos entrevistados, como ênfase no tratamento farmacológico, inexistência de atendimento específico para dor, insuficiência de profissionais experientes no manejo da dor, demanda elevada e falhas no sistema de referência e contrarreferência. Sugere-se instituir novo modelo gerencial de cuidado aos pacientes com aids, enfatizando atendimento interdisciplinar à dor, treinamento de profissionais e aprimoramento de registros em prontuários para utiliza o de métodos de avalia o e tratamentos mais eficazes. El estudio objetivó analizar la estructura administrativa para el manejo del dolor en pacientes con SIDA en un hospital de referencia de Fortaleza-CE, Brasil. Investigación descriptiva, con enfoque cualitativo, desarrollada en 2010. Fueron realizadas 20 entrevistas con profesionales de salud (médicos y enfermeros), analizadas según referencial de análisis de contenido. Los datos se organizaron en las categorías: Condiciones estructurales favorables y desfavorables. Se constató prevalencia de condiciones desfavorables en el discurso de los entrevistados, con énfasis en el tratamiento farmacológico, inexistencia de atención específica del dolor, insuficiencia de profesionales expertos en manejo del dolor, demanda elevada y fallas en el sistema de referencia y contra-referencia. Se sugiere instituir un nuevo modelo administrativo de cuidado al paciente con SIDA, enfatizando atención interdisciplinaria del dolor, capacitación de profesionales y mejora de historias clínicas para utilizar métodos de evaluación y tratamientos más eficaces. The objective of this study was to analyze the structure for the management of pain in patients with AIDS in a reference hospital in Fortaleza, Brazil. This is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach, developed in 2010. Twenty interviews were performed with health care professionals (physicians and nurses), and analyzed according to the methodology of content analysis. Data were organized into categories: favorable and unfavorable structural conditions. A prevalence of unfavorable conditions was found

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