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Impresiones sobre el Concurso Internacional: “área de remodelación en el centro de Santiago de Chile, U.I.A. 1972”, y sobre nuestro funcionamiento. / Impressions relating to the International Competition: “Redevelopment Area in Down Town Santiago – Chile –U.I.A. 1972”, and our performance.
Marcos Winograd [agosto de 1972]
Revista de Urbanismo , 2011, DOI: doi: 10.5354/0717-5051.2011.15496
Abstract: El autor relata sus impresiones y participación en el Concurso internacional “área de remodelación en el centro de Santiago de Chile, U.I.A. 1972” como miembro del jurado. /The author recounts his impressions of and participation in the International Competition: “Redevelopment Area in Down Town Santiago – Chile –U.I.A. 1972”, as a juror.
Associative behaviour and antagonism of bovine rumen ciliate (Protista, Ciliophora) from Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
D'Agosto, Marta;Guedes, Paulo Marcos da Matta;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752001000400011
Abstract: aiming at obtaining the community profile and verifying the occurrence of antagonism and association among ciliates, samples of rumen content were analysed in 100 bovines soon after their death. the animals were killed at the juiz de fora municipal slaughter house (juiz de fora, minas gerais state, brazil) between august 1996 and may 1997. ciliates occurred, respectively, in the following percents and samples number: entodinium stein, 1859 (50,48; 100), diplodinium schuberg, 1888 (5,59; 98), eudiplodinium dogiel, 1927 (6,91; 97), ostracodinium dogiel, 1927 (9,68; 95), hotricha stein, 1859 (4,15; 93), dasytricha schuberg, 1888 (3,31; 93), metadi nium awerinzew & mutafowa, 1914 (3,06; 90), eremoplastron kofoid & maclennan. 1932 (7,39; 87), epidinium crawley, 1923 (5,31; 73), charonina strand, 1928 (1,33; 65), eodinium kofoid & maclennan, 1932 (1,49; 59), diploplastron kofoid & maclennan, 1932 (0,88; 24), elytroplastron kofoid & maclennan, 1932 (0,36; 16), polyplastron dogiel, 1927 (0,04; 03) and buetschlia schuberg, 1888 (0,02; 01). when the antagonistic behaviour and the association were analyzed, it was observed that eudiplodinium was detected in the absence of polyplastron and in the presence of epidinium in 94% and 73% of the samples, respectively. these data confirm the antagonism and the coexistence among particular populations of rumen ciliates and allowed the identification of 94% of the samples examined as being of profile type b, none of type a and 3% of mixed a-b community and of type o. it is suggested the use of the term community profile instead of population profile, as the respective types involve associations of various ciliate populations.
Freud e Brentano: mais que um flerte filosófico = Freud and Brentano: more than a philosophical flirt
CataldoMaria, Thiago Marcellus de S.,Winograd, Monah
Psico , 2013,
Abstract: N o seria exagerado afirmar que a importancia da rela o entre Freud e Brentano tem sido negligenciada. Embora o tema n o tenha sido ignorado, dentre os nomes que comp em a fileira dos que influenciaram Freud, o de Brentano certamente é um dos mais apagados. Este ensaio pretende sublinhar algumas marcas do filósofo nas formula es do metapsicólogo. Para tanto, come amos destacando as evidências históricas da estreiteza da rela o Freud- Brentanto. Em seguida, investigamos o conceito de intencionalidade tendo em vista a proximidade das concep es de Freud e Brentano a respeito da representa o em dois pontos principais: o primeiro é a impossibilidade de um ato de representa o ocorrer na ausência de objeto representado e o segundo é o fato de o objeto representado n o necessariamente existir enquanto coisa real. Após estes desenvolvimentos, finalizamos, apontando para outras marcas das concep es brentanianas na teoria freudiano e, portanto, para a riqueza desta linha de pesquisa. It would not be exaggerated to to say that the importance of the relationship between Freud and Brentano has been neglected. Although the issue has not been ignored, among the names that influenced Freud, Brentano’s is certainly one of the most deleted. This essay aims to highlight some imprints of the philosopher in the formulation of metapsychology. We begin by highlighting the historical evidence of the closeness of the relationship Freud-Brentanto. Next, we investigated the concept of intentionality in order to emphasize the proximity of Brentano and Freud’s conceptions about the representation in two main points: the first is the impossibility that an act of representation occurs in the absence of the represented object and the second is the fact that the represented object does not necessarily exist as a real thing. After these developments, we conclude by pointing to other brentanians imprints on Freudian theory and therefore to the richness of this research.
Hybridizing localized and itinerant electrons: a recipe for pseudogaps
E. A. Winograd,L. de' Medici
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.89.085127
Abstract: In a system where selective Mott localization is realized, some electrons show a gap to charge excitations while others do not. A hybridization between these two kind of electrons will lead to a smoothening of this sharp difference and can even bring the system back to a complete delocalization. We show here that there is a large region of parameters at finite hybridization where the selective localization persists and the system shows a partial filling of the selective gap with incoherent states, giving rise to a pseudogap. This result is illustrated here in a two orbital Hubbard model with Hund's coupling, but is based on quite general assumptions and should hold for a larger class of systems, and possibly be a paradigm for the pseudogap mechanism in cuprates.
Assessing Cleaner Energy Alternatives for Bus Transit in Rio de Janeiro: A Life Cycle Inventory Analysis  [PDF]
Márcio de Almeida D’Agosto, Cintia Machado de Oliveira, Fabiana do Couto Assump??o, Ana Carolina Peixoto Deveza
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2015.611107
Abstract: From 2003 to 2009 in Brazilian municipalities of over 60,000 inhabitants, buses accounted for more than 25% of urban trips. This trend is not expected to change in the medium term. Worldwide, buses rely on petroleum diesel as fuel. In Brazil, alternative fuels such as biodiesel, natural gas and ethanol are available and the choice among them should depend on the assessment of the entire life cycle of such fuels. This paper uses a Life Cycle Inventory, which is essential to the implementation of a Life Cycle Assessment, to assess six energy alternatives: petroleum diesel, biodiesel, petroleum diesel with 5% of biodiesel, compressed natural gas, additivated hydrous ethanol and dual-fuel system composed by petroleum diesel with 5% of biodiesel and compressed natural gas. In saving total energy consumption, pure petroleum diesel or mixed with 5% biodiesel and dual-fuel systems stand out, in that order. If renewable energy use and net carbon dioxide emissions reduction are the goals, ethanol and biodiesel should be given preference. The addition of 5% of biodiesel in petroleum diesel increases the share of renewable energy in the supply chain of petroleum diesel by 47.5% with an increase of 0.58% in total energy consumption and a reduction of 3.8% in net CO2 emissions during the life cycle. In the case of biodiesel, the addition of 5% of biodiesel in petroleum diesel increases the share of renewable energy in the supply chain by 51.15% with an increase of 0.03% in the total energy consumption and a decrease of 7% in net CO2 emissions in the life cycle. The use of 5% of biodiesel in petroleum diesel does not significantly affect the use of renewable energy (+0.69%) or total energy consumption (+0.04%) in ethanol supply chain, which already shows a great use of renewable energy input. However, a decrease of 9.29% in the net CO2 emissions in the supply chain occurs, which reaches 5.28% in the life cycle.
Influência do hospedeiro no perfil populacional e nas popula??es de ciliados do rúmen de bovinos
D'Agosto, Marta;Rosa, Milden Rodrigues de Santa;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81751998000200012
Abstract: the influence of the host on the population profile and on the ciliate populations of the bovine rumen was investigated using three suckling crossbred friesian-zebu (gir) cows, with fistulas. the genera of ciliate observed in the three hosts examined have characterized the populations as type a. the occurrence of the genera of ciliate was related to the host. lt was verified that the rumen ciliate were quantitatively influenced by inherent factors in the host animais, showing a significam difference in the total of ciliate among the hosts in ali stages of the experiment.
Aspectos morfológicos de ciliados de rúmen (Entodiniomorphida, Ophryoscolecidae) revelados pelas técnicas do Protargol e da rea??o de Feulgen
D'Agosto, Marta;Santa-Rosa, Milden Rodrigues de;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 1994, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81751994000200005
Abstract: the resulls of the protargol's technique and feulgen's reactions on ciliates of the genus entodinium stetn. 1859, diplodinium schuberg. 1888. eodinium kofoid & maclennan. 1932, eudiplodinium dogiel. 1927 and ostracodinium dogiel. 1927 are presented. the ciliates were obtained from samples of bovine's ruminal content.
Análise comparativa da eficiência energética entre os ciclos de vida do gás natural veicular comprimido e da energia termelétrica a gás para uso final em automóveis leves
Mauro Pereira Hill,Márcio de Almeida D'Agosto
Transportes , 2011,
Abstract: Análise comparativa da eficiência energética entre os ciclos de vida do gás natural veicular comprimido e da energia termelétrica a gás para uso final em automóveis leves
Psicologia e biologia: algumas interse??es
Sollero-de-Campos, Flávia;Winograd, Monah;
Psicologia USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642009000100002
Abstract: aiming at analyzing the possibilities of approximation between the fields of biology and psychology, the article selects key concepts relevant to the understanding of the importance of contemporary biology. firstly it presents some often neglected theoretical, methodological and epistemological questions involved in the approximation between psychology and biology. afterwards, it describes a brief historical account of the developments of biology and some of their appropriations by other theoretical fields in the course of the twentieth century. after a brief presentation of the theoretical approximations already done between the fields, it suggests that this movement constitutes a first step towards an informed and interested interlocution between these two fields.
La paz perpetua
Emanuel Kant Tomado de Emanuel Kant, La paz perpetua, México, Espasa Calpe colección Austral, 1972, traducción de Manuel García Morente.
Revista de Estudios Sociales , 1998,
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