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Enunciative Texts Present in Physical Issues of Editions of a Brazilian National Exam as Possible Triggers of Socio-Scientific Discussions  [PDF]
Marcos Fernandes-Sobrinho
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.92021
Abstract: In this article we identify and analyze texts on physics questions in seven editions of a Brazilian national exam, with the purpose of bringing contributions to teaching planning and pedagogical actions with the perspective of supporting the creation of socio-scientific discussions (SSD), capable of inducing students in their citizenship development, in view of the difficulties of being worked in Sciences/Physics teaching environments appointed by the literature. A Brazilian state was chosen as a field, whose locus included six municipalities and 12 public institutions of basic education. Given that the results seem to distort the reality of the school context, the aforementioned difficulties were then theoretically and empirically disassembled, proving to be potentially minimized with the establishment of trails that enable the teacher to work on SSD identified in materials of easy and universal access, which contributes with advancement in the field of Science-Technology-Society education.
Epistemological Contributions of Toulmin’s Argumentative Model in Scientific Education  [PDF]
Tiago Clarimundo Ramos, Marcos Fernandes-Sobrinho
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.94039
Abstract: On the basis of a theoretical study, the objective of this article is to analyze questions around the scientific rationality, with an indication of the potentialities of Toulmins model of argument that can subsidize the confrontation of the problem of scientific education practices landmarked of an absolute and neutral science. The use of this argumentative model is legitimated, mainly, with the possibility of refutation as a way of demonstrating that the theoretical knowledge is provisional conjectures. Thus, it is emphasized that any conception of science linked to the activity of isolated individuals in search of truth is not resonant even with social reality itself.
The political economy of corruption in Brazil
Silva, Marcos Fernandes da;
Revista de Administra??o de Empresas , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-75901999000300004
Abstract: this article is the first part of a research on corruption in brazil and it is theoretical. despite this, it provides an economic interpretation of corruption using brazil as a case study. the main objective of this research is to apply some microeconomic tools to understand the "big corruption"?. however, i am going to show that corruption is not simply a kind of crime. rather, it is an ordinary economic activity that arises in some institutional environments. firstly, some corruption cases in brazil will be described. this article is aimed at showing that democracy itself does not ensure control over corruption. secondly, i am going to do a very brief survey of institutional changes and controls over corruption in some western societies in which i am going to argue that corruption, its control and its illegality depend on institutional evolution by streamlining the constitutional and institutional framework. thirdly, i am going to explain how some economic models could be adopted for a better understanding of corruption. finally, i will present a multiple-self model applied to the public agent (politician and bureaucrat) constrained by institutions and pay-off systems.
Marcos Fernandes Passos
Revista da SJRJ , 2011,
Abstract: N o é mais surpreendente o adensamento das rela es entre nacionais de diferentes Estados. Diante desse aumento, os litígios internacionais também crescem. Além de distinguir as hipóteses de jurisdi o brasileira – competência concorrente e exclusiva –, é importante saber se o ordenamento jurídico pátrio reconhece a litispendência internacional. Em caso negativo, seria interessante refletir se é ou n o importante que assim o fa a. O estudo sobre litispendência é necessário para saber como o juiz nacional se comportará ao se deparar com uma demanda idêntica, em curso perante uma jurisdi o estrangeira, ou, ainda, com casos de homologa o da senten a dessa demanda idêntica. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Competência internacional. Litispendência internacional. Processo civil internacional. ABSTRACT: It is no longer surprising the intensification of relations between nationals of different States. Due to this increase, international disputes do also increase. Besides distinguishing the hypothesis of Brazilian jurisdiction – concurrent or exclusive jurisdictions – it is important to know whether the law recognizes international lis pendens. If not, to ponder whether this recognition would be worth is also interesting. The study of lis pendens is necessary to analyze how national courts behave when faced with an identical demand, pending before a foreign jurisdiction, or even with cases of recognition and enforcement of foreign court decision approval of an identical demand. KEYWORDS. International jurisdiction. International lis pendens. International civil procedure.
Fratura do acr?mio associada a les?o arterial: relato de caso
Fernandes, Marcos Rassi;Fernandes, Rui José;
Jornal Vascular Brasileiro , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-54492010000200015
Abstract: fracture of the acromion and arterial injury are a rare association. the clinical picture is characterized by shoulder pain, functional disability and swelling of the affected limb with decreased distal pulse and temperature. radiography of the shoulder and arteriography define the diagnosis and assist in postoperative follow-up. the authors report a rare case of fracture of the acromion associated with injury of the ipsilateral ulnar artery and describe its treatment, as well as pre- and postoperative evaluations.
Descompress?o artroscópica indireta do cisto espinoglenoidal com neuropatia do supraescapular: relato de dois casos e revis?o da literatura
Fernandes, Marcos Rassi;Fernandes, Rui José;
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-36162010000300015
Abstract: suprascapular nerve compression is rare and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of patients with shoulder pain and lateral rotation strength deficit. spinoglenoidal cyst may be the reason for compression and a posterior superior glenoid lip rupture may be the most probable hypothesis for their appearance. magnetic resonance imaging and electromyography define the diagnosis. indirect arthroscopic decompression of the cyst and repair of glenoid lip allow for a neurologically complete recovery. the authors report two cases of isolated paralysis of the infraspinatus muscle caused by compression of spinoglenoids cysts treated by arthroscopy, as well as its pre- and post-operative assessment.
Artroscopia no tratamento da tendinite calcária refratária do ombro
Fernandes, Marcos Rassi;Fernandes, Rui José;
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-36162010000100010
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the results of arthroscopic treatment in patients with calcific tendonitis of the shoulder. methods: between september 2001 and june 2006, 55 patients with calcific tendonitis of the shoulder that was resistant to prior conservative treatment were evaluated, with follow-up of 12 to 70 months. the mean age was 42 years, ranging from 30 to 64 years; 44 patients were female (80%), with 37 right shoulders, with a predominance of 63.63% . pain was the main symptom, and the mean time between onset of symptoms and arthroscopy was 38 months (five to 120 months). in relation to the affected tendons, the supraspinatus tendon was predominant, with 42 cases, the infraspinatus in 11, and an association between the two in 2 cases. acromioplasty was carried out in 12 patients (21.82%) and subacromial bursectomy was performed in all cases. results: according to the ucla evaluation system, 46 cases were classified as excellent and 6 as good, making a total of 52 satisfactory results achieved (94.54%). conclusion: arthroscopic treatment of calcific tendonitis of the shoulder appears to be an effective method, with high rates of satisfactory results. associated acromioplasty is not necessary.
Repetition-free longest common subsequence of random sequences
Marcos Kiwi,Cristina G. Fernandes
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: A repetition free Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) of two sequences x and y is an LCS of x and y where each symbol may appear at most once. Let R denote the length of a repetition free LCS of two sequences of n symbols each one chosen randomly, uniformly, and independently over a k-ary alphabet. We study the asymptotic, in n and k, behavior of R and establish that there are three distinct regimes, depending on the relative speed of growth of n and k. For each regime we establish the limiting behavior of R. In fact, we do more, since we actually establish tail bounds for large deviations of R from its limiting behavior. Our study is motivated by the so called exemplar model proposed by Sankoff (1999) and the related similarity measure introduced by Adi et al. (2007). A natural question that arises in this context, which as we show is related to long standing open problems in the area of probabilistic combinatorics, is to understand the asymptotic, in n and k, behavior of parameter R.
Tolerance to Salinity of Sesame Genotypes in Different Phenological Stages  [PDF]
Janivan Fernandes Suassuna, Pedro Dantas Fernandes, Marcos Eric Barbosa Brito, Nair Helena Castro Arriel, Alberto Soares de Melo, Josely Dantas Fernandes
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.88129
Abstract: The sesame crop is usually avoided in salt-affected areas because of the various effects of saline stress on plants. Besides varying between species, salinity effects are known to vary for genotypes of the same species as well as plant development stages. Thus, through the irrigation of plants with saline water, this study evaluates tolerance to saline stress of new sesame genotypes in different phenological stages. Three experiments were carried out under greenhouse conditions, using the sesame genotypes BRS Seda, LAG-927561 and LAG-26514. Water with different levels of electrical conductivity (ECw = 0.6, 1.6, 2.6, 3.6 and 4.6 dS m-1) was used to irrigate plants during germination and initial growth stages, as well as the entire crop cycle. Tolerance to saline stress (3.6 dS m-1) during growth and production stages was also studied. Salinity did not affect sesame germination, but seedling growth was hindered from the ECw of 1.6 dS m-1 onwards, and plant height was the most affected growth variable. Seed production is affected by salinity, regardless of the phenological stage in which plants are exposed to salinity. The strains LAG-927561 and LAG-26514 show promising signs in studies on adaptation to saline stress.
Temperature Dependent Luminescence Spectra of Synthetic and Natural Alexandrite (BeAl2O4:Cr3+)  [PDF]
Neilo Marcos Trindade, Américo Tabata, Rosa Maria Fernandes Scalvi, Luis Vicente de Andrade Scalvi
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2011.24037
Abstract: Results of photoluminescence measurements for natural and synthetic alexandrite (BeAl2O4:Cr3+) are presented, where the samples are excited by the 488 nm line of an Ar+ laser, at different temperatures. The main issue is the analysis of the Cr3+ transition in the chrysoberyl matrix (BeAl2O4), with major technological application as active media for laser action. Results indicate anomalous behavior of Cr33+ transition depending on the measurement temperature. A simple model to explain the phenomena is suggested.
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