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An Acidic Thermostable Recombinant Aspergillus nidulans Endoglucanase Is Active towards Distinct Agriculture Residues
Eveline Queiroz de Pinho Tavares,Marciano Regis Rubini,Thiago Machado Mello-de-Sousa,Gilvan Caetano Duarte,Fabrícia Paula de Faria,Edivaldo Ximenes Ferreira Filho,Cynthia Maria Kyaw,Ildinete Silva-Pereira,Marcio Jose Po?as-Fonseca
Enzyme Research , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/287343
Abstract: Aspergillus nidulans is poorly exploited as a source of enzymes for lignocellulosic residues degradation for biotechnological purposes. This work describes the A. nidulans Endoglucanase A heterologous expression in Pichia pastoris, the purification and biochemical characterization of the recombinant enzyme. Active recombinant endoglucanase A (rEG A) was efficiently secreted as a 35?kDa protein which was purified through a two-step chromatography procedure. The highest enzyme activity was detected at C/pH 4. rEG A retained 100% of activity when incubated at 45 and C for 72?h. Purified rEG A kinetic parameters towards CMC were determined as ?mg/mL, ?mmol/min, and 55.8?IU (international units)/mg specific activity. Recombinant P. pastoris supernatant presented hydrolytic activity towards lignocellulosic residues such as banana stalk, sugarcane bagasse, soybean residues, and corn straw. These data indicate that rEG A is suitable for plant biomass conversion into products of commercial importance, such as second-generation fuel ethanol. 1. Introduction One of the major challenges of modern society is to promote economic growth in a sustainable model. Global demands of energy consumption stimulate the research on alternative fuels, aiming the reduction of the dependence on nonrenewable energy sources. For some decades now, Brazil and the USA have successfully produced bioethanol from sugarcane and corn, respectively. Nonetheless, plant biomass generated by extensive cultures, and which is not totally converted into useful by-products such as fertilizers and animal feed, tends to accumulate and cause environmental problems. Numerous efforts have been made in order to develop biotechnological routes to produce the so-called second-generation bioethanol from agriculture residues such as corn stover, rice straw, sorghum bagasse, corncobs, wheat bran, wheat straw, and sugarcane bagasse. The limiting step of this process is the availability of low-cost efficient enzymes to convert lignocellulose into fermentable glucose units. Filamentous fungi can produce and secrete enzymes which efficiently degrade cellulose, a linear polymer of glucopyranose units connected by β-1,4 bonds, to oligosaccharides and glucose. Based on model organisms from the genera Trichoderma and Phanerochaete, fungi cellulolytic enzymes acting in synergism have been classified as (1) endoglucanases or endo-β-1,4-glucanases (EC, responsible for the random attack of internal glycosidic bonds of the cellulose amorphous region, generating oligosaccharides of various sizes and new chain ends
Diversity of endophytic fungal community of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) and biological control of Crinipellis perniciosa, causal agent of Witches' Broom Disease
Rubini Marciano R.,Silva-Ribeiro Rute T.,Pomella Alan W. V.,Maki Cristina S.
International Journal of Biological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: The basidiomycete fungus Crinipellis perniciosa (Stahel) Singer is the causal agent of Witches' Broom Disease of Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) which is the main factor limiting cacao production in the Americas. Pod losses of up to 90% are experienced in affected areas as evidenced by the 50% drop in production in Bahia province, Brazil following the arrival of the C. perniciosa in the area in 1989. The disease has proven particularly difficult to control and many farmers in affected areas have given up cacao cultivation. In order to evaluate the potential of endophytes as a biological control agent of this phytopathogen, the endophytic fungal community of resistant and susceptible cacao plants as well as affected branches was studied between 2001 and 2002. The fungal community was identified by morphological traits and rDNA sequencing as belonging to the genera Acremonium, Blastomyces, Botryosphaeria, Cladosporium, Colletotrichum, Cordyceps, Diaporthe, Fusarium, Geotrichum, Gibberella, Gliocladium, Lasiodiplodia, Monilochoetes, Nectria, Pestalotiopsis, Phomopsis, Pleurotus, Pseudofusarium, Rhizopycnis, Syncephalastrum, Trichoderma, Verticillium and Xylaria. These fungi were evaluated both in vitro and in vivo by their ability to inhibit C. perniciosa. Among these, some were identified as potential antagonists, but only one fungus (Gliocladium catenulatum) reduced the incidence of Witches' Broom Disease in cacao seedlings to 70%.
Riscos da vacina o antiinfluenza em crian as com infec o pelo HIV
Rubini Norma
Jornal de Pediatria , 2003,
Non-Intrusive Context Aware Transactional Framework to Derive Business Insights on Big Data  [PDF]
Siva Chidambaram, P. E. Rubini, V. Sellam
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2015.62007
Abstract: To convert invisible, unstructured and time-sensitive machine data into information for decision making is a challenge. Tools available today handle only structured data. All the transaction data are getting captured without understanding its future relevance and usage. It leads to other big data analytics related issue in storing, archiving, processing, not bringing in relevant business insights to the business user. In this paper, we are proposing a context aware pattern methodology to filter relevant transaction data based on the preference of business.
La ética teológica en Espa a
Vidal, Marciano
Isegoría , 1994,
Towards inhomogeneous loop quantum cosmology: triangulating Bianchi IX with perturbations
Antonino Marciano
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: This brief article sums up results obtained in arXiv:0911.2653, which develops a constrained SU(2) lattice gauge theory in the "dipole" approximation. This is a further step toward the issue of a (inhomogeneous) loop quantum cosmology and its merging into loop quantum gravity.
Breves indica??es para o ensino de teoria sociológica hoje
Liedke, élida Rubini;
Sociologias , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222007000100011
Abstract: the article seeks to present synthetic arguments for the relevance of studies on sociologic theory considered in terms of interpretive models, which point to subject-object relations as well as the meaning connections between themes and micro and macro societal problems. five sets of aspects are proposed in order to build references for the analysis of distinct theoretical approaches, namely: cultural, psychosocial, psychoanalytical, political-economic and power-based relations. finally, the article presents two diagrams illustrating classic and contemporary sociological theories, from 1830 to the present.
A teoria sociológica e os novos desafios para a pesquisa
Liedke, Elida Rubini;
Sociologias , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222003000100002
Abstract: the paper presents a set of six articles on sociological theory, published on the ninth issue of revista sociologias of the graduate program in sociology of universidade federal do rio grande do sul. it emphasizes the challenges sociological theory oriented towards democracy has to face in a context of globalization.
A teoria sociológica e os novos desafios para a pesquisa
Liedke Elida Rubini
Sociologias , 2003,
Abstract: O artigo apresenta os seis textos que integram o dossiê Teoria Sociológica, publicados neste número 9 da Revista Sociologias, do Programa de Pós-Gradua o em Sociologia da UFRGS. Nesta apresenta o busca-se salientar os desafios que se colocam, no contexto da globaliza o, à teoria sociológica orientada para a democracia.
An Analysis of China—Cote d’Ivoire Bilateral Trade  [PDF]
Magby Henri Joel Regis Sahui
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2018.64067
The intensity of trade between China and Cote d’Ivoire has considerably risen in the recent years. However, very few scholars have accurately analyzed the relationship between these two trade partners. This present paper highlights the trade importance between China and Cote d’ Ivoire, by exploring questions related to trade intensity, intra industry trade and also comparative advantage. The findings point out the trade deficit of Cote d’Ivoire in its trade relationship with China, which definitely needs political actions in order to improve the trade balance and ensure a better future to the China—Cote d’Ivoire bilateral trade.
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