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Evaluacion del albendazol, ivermectina y nitazoxanida en infeccion causada por trichinella spiralis en modelo suino
Chávez Ruvalcaba,María Isabel; Reveles Hernández,Rosa Gabriela; Saldivar Elias,Sergio J; Mu?oz Escobedo,José Jesús; Morales Vallarta,Marío R; Moreno García,María Alejandra;
Archivos Venezolanos de Farmacología y Terapéutica , 2006,
Abstract: trichinellosis is a zoonotic parasitary disease which is accidentally transmitted to men by ingestion of meat products not well cooked, of infected animals. in mexico the pig is the main source of contamination the applied treatment has been unspecific. the effective treatment for this disease is not truly known. this study is led to know if albendazole (abz), nitazoxanide (nzx) and ivermectin (ivm) are effective in the treatment of intestinal phase (ip) and muscular phase (mp) of trichinellosis. therefore we consider convenient to know what medicament is more effective against the t. spiralis parasite in both phases. 18 york pigs were used, 10 groups were made: 1- healthy control in ip 2- infected control in ip, 3 - infected treated with abz in ip, 4 - infected and treated with ivm in ip, 5 - infected and treated with nzx in ip, 6.-healthy control in mp, 7.- infected control in mp, 8- infected and treated with abz in muscular phase (mp), 9 - infected and treated with ivm in mp, 10 - infected and treated with nzx in mp. the statistic analysis was an experimental design completely by random and a factorial treatment design. concluding that the abz besides being but effective in fi in fm it presents an effectiveness of 100% against the infection.
Increased Expression of Fatty-Acid and Calcium Metabolism Genes in Failing Human Heart
Vanessa García-Rúa, Manuel Francisco Otero, Pamela Virginia Lear, Diego Rodríguez-Penas, Sandra Feijóo-Bandín, Teresa Noguera-Moreno, Manuel Calaza, María álvarez-Barredo, Ana Mosquera-Leal, John Parrington, Josep Brugada, Manuel Portolés, Miguel Rivera, José Ramón González-Juanatey, Francisca Lago
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0037505
Abstract: Background Heart failure (HF) involves alterations in metabolism, but little is known about cardiomyopathy-(CM)-specific or diabetes-independent alterations in gene expression of proteins involved in fatty-acid (FA) uptake and oxidation or in calcium-(Ca2+)-handling in the human heart. Methods RT-qPCR was used to quantify mRNA expression and immunoblotting to confirm protein expression in left-ventricular myocardium from patients with HF (n = 36) without diabetes mellitus of ischaemic (ICM, n = 16) or dilated (DCM, n = 20) cardiomyopathy aetiology, and non-diseased donors (CTL, n = 6). Results Significant increases in mRNA of genes regulating FA uptake (CD36) and intracellular transport (Heart-FA-Binding Protein (HFABP)) were observed in HF patients vs CTL. Significance was maintained in DCM and confirmed at protein level, but not in ICM. mRNA was higher in DCM than ICM for peroxisome-proliferator-activated-recept?or-alpha(PPARA), PPAR-gamma coactivator-1-alpha (PGC1A) and CD36, and confirmed at the protein level for PPARA and CD36. Transcript and protein expression of Ca2+-handling genes (Two-Pore-Channel 1 (TPCN1), Two-Pore-Channel 2 (TPCN2), and Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate Receptor type-1 (IP3R1)) increased in HF patients relative to CTL. Increases remained significant for TPCN2 in all groups but for TPCN1 only in DCM. There were correlations between FA metabolism and Ca2+-handling genes expression. In ICM there were six correlations, all distinct from those found in CTL. In DCM there were also six (all also different from those found in CTL): three were common to and three distinct from ICM. Conclusion DCM-specific increases were found in expression of several genes that regulate FA metabolism, which might help in the design of aetiology-specific metabolic therapies in HF. Ca2+-handling genes TPCN1 and TPCN2 also showed increased expression in HF, while HF- and CM-specific positive correlations were found among several FA and Ca2+-handling genes.
Comportamiento de la eucriptita a alta temperatura mediante estudio in situ por difracción de Rayos X
García-Moreno, O.,Khainakov, S.,Torecilas, R.
Boletín de la Sociedad Espa?ola de Cerámica y Vidrio , 2012, DOI: 10.3989/cyv.212012
Abstract: Eucryptite is a lithium aluminosilicate with striking thermal expansion properties: it has negative expansion, i. e. it contracts upon heating in one of its crystallographic dimensions. Due to this characteristic, eucryptite is used in the fabrication of very low coefficient of thermal expansion materials. Two different eucryptite solid solution compositions were synthesized in this study with Li2O:Al2O3:SiO2 contents of 1:1:3 and 1:1:2. The synthesis was prepared using kaolinite, lithium carbonate and TEOS and γ- Al2O3, respectively. High resolution X Ray diffraction characterization was performed at high temperature for both compositions between 25 and 1200 oC. The temperature effect on structure and composition was studied by determining cell parameters and crystal structures. The relation between the observed changes and the CTE variations with the sintering temperature of materials based in these compositions was finally determined. La eucriptita es un aluminosilicato de litio con peculiares propiedades de expansión térmica: posee expansión negativa, es decir, se contrae con el aumento de la temperatura en una de sus orientaciones cristalográficas. Debido a esta singularidad la eucriptita se utiliza en la fabricación de materiales con coeficiente de expansión térmica (CTE) próximo a cero. Para este trabajo, se han sintetizado dos composiciones de eucriptita solución sólida con contenidos en Li2O:Al2O3:SiO2 iguales a 1:1:3 y 1:1:2. La síntesis se ha realizado a partir de caolín, carbonato de litio y TEOS o γ- alúmina respectivamente. Los polvos de las dos composiciones de eucriptita se han caracterizado mediante difracción de Rayos X de alta resolución a alta temperatura entre 25 y 1200 oC. Se ha estudiado el efecto de la temperatura en la estructura y la composición mediante la determinación de los parámetros de red y la estructura cristalina. Los cambios observados se han relacionado con las variaciones del CTE con la temperatura de sinterización de materiales basados en estas composiciones.
An Integrated AI and RFID System for People Detection and Orientation
Bonifacio Casta?o,María D. R-Moreno
Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics , 2009,
Abstract: A common problem that visitors have to face in big buildings, with several floors, corridors and departments, is their accurate location and orientation. The problem gets even worst when there are a big number of users and they have time constraints. A typical example is a medical centre where the patients have got scheduled doctor's appointments and, in some cases, severe movement difficulties. A possibility for solving this problem is to provide the building with an intelligent system for user detection and orientation. In addition, this strategy would allow to find and locate all the people inside the building and to carry out an individual search if it were necessary. This is the framework we have chosen in this article. We have developed a complete hardware and software system for people detection, location and orientation in this scenario. The hardware part of the system is based on the RFID technology and it has been successfully implemented in a fully operational prototype. The software uses artificial intelligence techniques, specifically planning and scheduling.
La conservación de los tejidos
Mantilla de los Ríos Rojas, María Socorro,Moreno García, Mónica
Arbor : Ciencia, Pensamiento y Cultura , 2001,
Abstract: Not available No disponible
Universitas Psychologica , 2006,
Abstract: this investigation pretended to establish the association between the burnout syndrome in internal medicine residents, the report of their sub optimal medical practices and the report of their hospitalized patients in charge, by using a multitrait-multimethod with a concurrent design that allows the research of two objects in the same investigation with convergent results. the translated version by moreno (2004) of the maslach burnout inventory (mbi) and the semi structured interview were used in medical residents, and a questionnaire to patients based on the scales proposed by mckinley, manku-scott, hastings, french and baker (1997) in their research. the results showed no association between the burnout syndrome and the report of the sub optimal practices from residents and patients. on the contrary, it was found a significant association between the communication category and the report of patients. finally, suggestions are formulated for improvements of these sub optimal practices and complementary studiesare proposed.
Características del síndrome nefrótico primario en edades no habituales en un hospital pediátrico de tercer nivel en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Ríos Moreno, Mildred Paola;Pati?o García, Germán;
Boletín médico del Hospital Infantil de México , 2011,
Abstract: background. nephrotic syndrome (ns) is diagnosed by the presence of massive proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema and hypercholesterolemia. the usual onset is between 2 and 10 years of age. this study was conducted to determine the features of idiopathic ns in patients at an unusual age. methods. a retrospective study was carried out in the nephrology department at the pediatrics hospital, centro medico nacional de occidente, guadalajara, mexico from january 2007-june 2009. twenty three cases were analyzed to evaluate clinical features, biochemical parameters and histopathological spectrum. medical management and outcome were established. results. we analyzed 10 patients <2 years of age and 13 patients >10 years of age. there were 11 females and 12 males. mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis was found in seven (30.4%) patients, diastolic hypertension in 16 (69.5%) patients, hematuria in 15 (65.2%) patients, and positive igm immunofluorescence in renal biopsy in 13 (56.5%) patients. there were 13 patients who did not achieve remission (56.5%). conclusions. there was no gender predominance in idiopathic ns patients with unusual age presentation. mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis was the most common histopathological subtype.
Sinterización reactiva de Hexaluminato de Calcio mediante “Spark Plasma Sintering”
De La Iglesia, P. G.,García-Moreno, O.,Torrecillas, R.,Menéndez, J. L.
Boletín de la Sociedad Espa?ola de Cerámica y Vidrio , 2012, DOI: 10.3989/cyv.312012
Abstract: Calcium hexaluminate (CaAl12O19) is the most alumina-rich intermediate compound of the CaO-Al2O3 system. The formation of this aluminate is produced by the reaction between calcium oxide and alumina with the consequent formation of intermediates compounds with lower alumina content with increasing temperature (CaAl2O4, CaAl4O7…). In this study we studied the variation of sintering parameters for obtaining dense and pure calcium hexaluminate by reaction sintering by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS). A mixing of Al2O3 and CaCO3 were used as reactive. Final densities close to the theoretical and phase transformation over 93% were achieved by this method. El hexaluminato de calcio (CaAl12O19 o CA6) es el material más rico en Al2O3 entre los compuestos intermedios en el sistema CaO-Al2O3. La formación de este aluminato se produce por la reacción entre el CaO y la Al2O3 con la consecuente formación de compuestos intermedios con menores contenidos en Al2O3 con el aumento de la temperatura (CaAl2O4, CaAl4O7,…). En este trabajo se ha estudiado la variación de los parámetros de sinterización para la obtención de hexaluminato de calcio (CA6) denso y puro por sinterización reactiva mediante Spark Plasma Sintering (Sinterización mediante corriente eléctrica pulsada o SPS), utilizando como reactivos Al2O3 y CaCO3 para su formación. Se han obtenido densidades cercanas a las teóricas y transformaciones superiores al 93% por este método.
Análisis de la relevancia de las revistas latinoamericanas a través de un factor de impacto renormalizado
García, E. O.,del Río, J. Antonio,Ramírez, Ana María
Revista Espa?ola de Documentación Científica , 2002,
Abstract: In this work we use a renormalized impact factor to analyze the time evolution of Latin American scientific journals from 1991 to 2000. Our analysis shows oscillant behavior in journals’ relevance in the international context in the last years. En este trabajo usamos el factor de impacto renormalizado para obtener la evolución temporal de un indicador de relevancia de las revistas científicas latinoamericanas en el periodo de 1991 a 2000. Nuestro análisis muestra un comportamiento oscilante en la relevancia en el contexto internacional en los últimos a os.
Revista Galega de Economía , 2012,
Abstract: The intense competition between the tourism industries has led companies to inte-grate into their management and quality differentiation strategies, improving the quality of ser-vice which generates positive, measurable results. This article presents the results of the empiri-cal study conducted in 186 tourist accommodation businesses nationally certified under the Q for tourist Quality , established with the aim of analyzing the impact / benefits received by the tourism industry arising from the implementation and certification of its Quality Management System. After the theoretical review, the methodology consists of a descriptive analysis of the benefits perceived by the hotels, as well as an analysis of T-Student and ANOVA in order to identify whether their differences depending on the perceived benefits certain variables that de-fine the characteristics of tourist accommodation businesses. As well as conducting a factor analysis in order to determine the structure of these benefits in this sector. The results indicate that the main perceived benefits are clearly defined processes and responsibilities, improving customer satisfaction and increased quality awareness of employees. The structure of benefits in this sector is made up of three groups: internal benefits, external benefits-customers, external--financial benefits. This work is part of a wider investigation carried out with the aim of develo-ping a practical framework to guide companies in the tourism sector to implement and improve its quality system as a source of competitive advantage.
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