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Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Aromatic Homopropargyl Alcohols  [PDF]
Christian A. Uma?a, María L. Arias, Jorge A. Cabezas
International Journal of Organic Chemistry (IJOC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijoc.2017.73023
Abstract: Several aromatic homopropargyl alcohols, and derivatives were prepared by one-pot reaction of 1,3-dilithiopropyne (or its equivalent) with aldehydes and ketones. The antibacterial activity, of alcohols thus prepared, against Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria was tested. This activity varies depending upon substitution on the homopropargyl alcohol unit. Apparently, the benzene ring and the free hydroxyl group (or its alcoxide) are needed, in the homopropargyl alcohol unit, to be biologically active.
Synthesis and Determination of Antitumor Activity of Jacaranone and Synthetic Analogs  [PDF]
María L. Arias, Eugenia Corrales, Rebeca Poveda, Jorge A. Cabezas
International Journal of Organic Chemistry (IJOC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ijoc.2018.81007
Abstract: Natural product jacaranone, 1, and three analog derivatives were synthesized and their apoptotic and necrotic activity against four cancer cell lines was tested. One of these derivatives 7, was more active than the natural product, and exhibited an important necrotic effect against three of the cell lines tested (ovarian carcinoma, liver cancer and breast cancer cells). Derivative 6 was more active than the natural product, and showed a significant apoptotic activity against breast cancer and ovarian carcinoma cells. Some derivatives analyzed in this study showed promising anti-tumor results, nevertheless, further studies have to be done in order to determine their in vivo activity, their mechanism as well as their safety and stability.
Mapping Metabolic Brain Activity in Three Models of Hepatic Encephalopathy
Natalia Arias,Marta Méndez,Camino Fidalgo,María ángeles Aller,Jaime Arias,Jorge L. Arias
International Journal of Hypertension , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/390872
Abstract: Cirrhosis is a common disease in Western countries. Liver failure, hyperammonemia, and portal hypertension are the main factors that contribute to human cirrhosis that frequently leads to a neuropsychiatric disorder known as hepatic encephalopathy (HE). In this study, we examined the differential contribution of these leading factors to the oxidative metabolism of diverse brain limbic system regions frequently involved in memory process by histochemical labelling of cytochrome oxidase (COx). We have analyzed cortical structures such as the infralimbic and prelimbic cotices, subcortical structures such as hippocampus and ventral striatum, at thalamic level like the anterodorsal, anteroventral, and mediodorsal thalamus, and, finally, the hypothalamus, where the mammillary nuclei (medial and lateral) were measured. The severest alteration is found in the model that mimics intoxication by ammonia, followed by the thioacetamide-treated group and the portal hypertension group. No changes were found at the mammillary bodies for any of the experimental groups. 1. Introduction Portal hypertension is one of the main complications of human cirrhosis that frequently leads to a neuropsychiatric disorder known as hepatic encephalopathy (HE). The genesis of portal hypertension implies an increase in vascular resistance that can occur at any level within the portal venous system [1]. Elevated blood flow and brain ammonia levels have been strongly implicated in the pathogenesis of HE [2]. Ammonia is a common etiological factor in HE as well as in various hyperammonemic conditions, including inborn errors of the urea cycle, Reye’s syndrome, valproate toxicity, idiopathic hyperammonemia, and other conditions [3–6]. Elevated ammonia and its chief metabolite, glutamine, are believed to be important factors responsible for altered cerebral functions, including multiple neurotransmitter system failures, altered bioenergetics, and oxidative stress [7]. Likewise, patients with liver disease have HE, which incorporates a spectrum of manifestations including psychomotor dysfunction, increased reaction time, sensory abnormalities, and poor concentration [8]. Depending on the definition used, HE prevalence varies between 30–84% in patients with cirrhosis [9], a common disease in Western countries [10]. In humans, few studies have been carried out on memory alterations in patients with cirrhosis who develop HE, and, although some authors argue that memory disturbances are not a major symptom of HE [11], others state that patients with HE present clear mnesic alterations. Hence,
Teaching research: the experience in the collective health master program.at the University of Antioquia, Colombia
Arias V, María Mercedes;López L, María Victoria;Jaramillo V, Diva Estela;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692007000300019
Abstract: the idea that one learns to do research only by taking methodological courses is false, as it is false the idea that one learns how to do research only through investigative practice. we consider both strategies pertinent and necessary and that is the reason we believe graduated courses based on investigation must contemplate both. this study aims to share with the academic community the concept, the intention, the context, and how the seminar on lines of research in the collective health master's program at the university of antioquia, colombia has been developed. this study emphasizes the development and the results of such experience in the education of researchers, describes its onset, the curriculum structure and the relationship with the research groups, the transformation of students and the professor's role.
A Comparative Study on Efficacy of Fludrocortisones versus Glucocorticoids and Vasodilators in the Treatment of Idiopathic Sensorineural Cochlear Hearing Loss  [PDF]
Daniel López-Campos, Daniel López-Aguado, Eugenia M. Campos-Ba?ales, José Luis de Serdio-Arias, Mar García-Sáinz
International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (IJOHNS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijohns.2015.42021
Abstract: Introduction and Objectives: The idiopathic sensorineural cochlear hearing loss is one of the most frequent human sensory deficits and there is no specific drug therapy for it. The possible hearing recovery is related with the reestablishment of normal ionic homeostasis of the endolymph controlled by the mineralocorticoid as could be demonstrate experimentally. The purpose of this clinical trial was to confirm the efficacy of mineralocorticoids to the recovery of hearing level in patients suffering idiopathic sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) against the glucocorticoids and vasodilator drugs. Material and Methods: The research lasted three months and involved 90 patients allocated into four different groups: Placebo group, consisted of 20 patients (10 men and 10 women); the group consisting of 22 patients treated with glucocorticoid therapy (12 men and 10 female); the group treated with mineralocorticoid therapy encompassed 26 patients (13 males and 13 females) and the group of vasodilators formed by 22 patients (12 men and 10 women). The level of hearing loss was estimated by the tests Liminal Tone Audiometry (LTA) and Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR). Results: The main features in this research were overall better response in improving the hearing level with the mineralocorticoid therapy. This improvement in hearing levels was greater in women than in men, and a higher response was found in the left ear regardless of patient’s gender. Conclusions: The hearing gain was significantly superior in the mineralocorticoids group followed by the glucocorticoids group whereas the response to vasodilators was lesser and with no statistical significance.
Análisis multicaracter para estimar parámetros genéticos para crecimiento en bovinos de raza Braford en Corrientes
López,María V.; Arias Ma?otti,Adolfo A.; Slobodzian,Ana;
BAG. Journal of basic and applied genetics , 2007,
Abstract: this study was carried out at inta corrientes experimental station with data from a stabilized braford 3/8 brahman x 5/8 hereford herd. the objective was to estimate the genetic and environmental parameters for birth weight (pnac), weight adjusted to 210 days of age (p_aj_210), and weight adjusted to 570 days of age (p_aj_570). we used a multivariate animal model and mtdfreml software. a database of growth and genealogy data from 658 samples of braford males and females corresponding to the period 1992-2004 was processed. estimates of variance and covariance components and the genetic and environmental parameters were: a) for pnac: s2a = 6,57, s2 m = 2,21, sam = -0,32, s2pe = 0,72, s2e = 7,31, s2p = 16,50, h2a = 0,40, h2m = 0,13, ram = -0,09, c2 = 0,04, e2 = 0,44; b) for p_aj_210: s2a = 153,89, s2m = 62,18, sam = -56,47, s2pe = 10,35, s2e = 223,05, s2p = 393,02, h2a = 0,39, h2m = 0,16, ram = -0,58, c2 = 0,02, e2 = 0,57; c) for p_aj_570: s2a = 292,95, s2e = 419,02, s2p = 711,97, h2a = 0,41, e2 = 0,59. genetic correlations among the characters analyzed were also calculated: pnac-p_aj_210: 0,83, pnac-p_aj_570: 0,31, p_aj_210-p_aj_570: 0,74. finally, the genetic value of each individual was obtained (expected progeny differences - epds). the combination of these values will allow to improve the characteristics of this breed.
Parámetros genéticos y ambientales para caracteres de crecimiento en bovinos de raza Hereford en la provincia de Corrientes, Argentina
López,María V.; Arias Ma?otti,Adolfo A.; Slobodzian,Ana;
BAG. Journal of basic and applied genetics , 2007,
Abstract: the objective of this research was to estimate genetic and environmental dispersion parameters of hereford cattle raised in corrientes, a subtropical province in northeastern argentina. data were taken in inta eea corrientes between 1974 to 2002. records were 4990 weaning weights adjusted to 210 days (ww210) and 3440 weights adjusted to 570 days of age (w570). data were analyzed using single trait animals models with maternal effects for ww210. for ww210 the model included fixed effects of contemporary group (herd by year of birth by sex subclasses), month of birth, age of dam, prior lactation status of the cow. whereas for w570 the fixed effects were contemporary group, month of birth, and age in days of the individual at final weight as a covariable. the method of estimation was reml by means of the derivative free algorithm implemented in the mtdfreml package. the random effects were direct and maternal breeding values and permanent environment of the dam for ww210, and direct breeding values for w570. the estimates of (co)variance components, and genetic and environmental parameters obtained were: a) for w210: ó2a = 68,45, ó2m = 113,29, óam = -14,51, ó2pe = 54,73, ó2e = 214,93, ó2p = 436,90, h2a = 0,16, h2m = 0,26, ram = -0,16, c2 = 0,12, e2 = 0,49; b) for weight adjusted to 570 days: ó2a = 480,03, ó2e = 320,47, ó2p = 800,50, h2a = 0,60, e2 = 0,40. the estimated values of the (co)variance components suggest that selection for growth traits is feasible in this subpopulation.
Gestión y Ambiente , 2012,
Abstract: El sector agrícola en Colombia y en el mundo presenta índices de crecimiento, indicando clientes potenciales para el uso de insumos en la producción. El uso de este tipo de productos es cada vez más restringido por factores ambientales y de salubridad. De esta forma, el mercado de los bioinsumos de uso agrícola crece considerablemente, aún lejos de alcanzar las cifras de ventas de agroinsumos químicos.En Colombia, existen medianas y peque as compa ías dedicadas al desarrollo y producción de tecnologías que compiten con grandes multinacionales por un mercado habituado al uso de productos químicos de marcas tradicionales.Implementar estrategias sólidas del manejo de las relaciones con los clientes (CRM) será una alternativa para aumentar la participación en el mercado.
Infección de la herida quirúrgica: Aspectos epidemiológicos Infection in surgical wound: Epidemiological features
Daimilé López Tagle,María Hernández Ferrer,Tamara Saldivar Arias,Teresa Sotolongo Hernández
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar , 2007,
Abstract: Se realizó una revisión bibliográfica sobre las infecciones de la herida quirúrgica y sus aspectos epidemiológicos, debido a que continúan siendo un importante problema para muchas instituciones hospitalarias. La tasa de infección de la herida quirúrgica es uno de los índices más importantes para establecer la calidad de un servicio quirúrgico por el enorme costo económico y en salud que esta ocasiona. Esto se debe en gran medida a la falta de estudios en las instituciones hospitalarias para identificar aquellos factores que incrementan el riesgo de infección de la herida quirúrgica y la falta de métodos de vigilancia posoperatoria después del alta, lo que trae consigo un subregistro de las tasas de incidencia y un inadecuado control de las infecciones. De ahí el interés de conocer la incidencia real y la comparación con las cifras obtenidas en otros centros, que pueden servir de referencia, para mejorar la práctica asistencial. A bibliographic review on surgical wound infections and its epidemiological features was made, because of they remain as a significant problem for many hospital institutions. Rate of surgical wound infection is one of more important indexes to establish the quality of surgical service due to its huge economical and health cost. This is provoked by lack of studies on hospital institutions to identify those factors increasing risk of infection of surgical wound, and also lack of postoperative surveillance methods after discharge, resulting in a sub-registry of incidence rates, and a inappropriate control of infections. From that we can deduce interest to know real incidence and comparison with figures obtained in other centers, that may be a reference to improve assistance practice.
Análisis de la localización, dinámica intracelular y producción de 02 - por el sistema NADPH oxidasa de las células fagocíticas
Andrés Augusto Arias Sierra,María Teresa Rugeles López,Juan Matute,Pablo Pati?o
Iatreia , 2001,
Abstract: El sistema NADPH oxidasa, un sistema encargado de producir anión superóxido (O2 -) en las células fagocíticas, está formado por las proteínas: gp91 phox, p22 phox, p47 phox, p67 phox, p40 phox y la proteína Rac. Las células COS-7, una línea celular de ri ón de simio, que expresa endógenamente Rac1, y que por transfección estable expresan gp91 phox, p47 phox y p22 phox, pueden ser cotransfectadas adicionalmente con vectores episomales pGFP-N3, pEGFP-C1 y pCDNA3.1zeo(+) que contengan el cDNA tipo silvestre y mutante de la proteína p67 phox obtenidos por mutagénesis sitio-dirigida. Estos vectores contienen el gen de la proteína verde fluorescente (GFP), útil para explorar la localización intracelular y la dinámica de los componentes del sistema oxidasa. Después de la cotransfección, se estimulan las células con PMA y se determina la producción de O2 - y la se al de fluorescencia generada por GFP de forma directa en células vivas por microscopía confocal.
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