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Interdisciplinary research on autism: Behavioral measures in the development of a mouse model of autism
Mu?oz Blanco,María I; Parrott Hayes,Linda J; Hunter, Jr,Kenneth J;
Suma Psicológica , 2011,
Abstract: a great deal of biomedical research has provided experimental evidence of the function of specific neuropeptides in the development of autistic symptomatology. interdisciplinary research in this area would provide a more comprehensive understanding of autism by integrating the findings and contributions from both behavior analysis and biology. in this preliminary interdisciplinary study, pregnant mice were injected with lipopolysaccharide - lps (experimental group) on the 17th day of gestation and their litters were compared to the litters of mice that were not injected. measures of social interaction were taken in two periods, namely when the pups were juveniles and when they were young adults, using an abab design consisting on the presence/absence of the mother in the chamber. the social interaction of each pup was assessed by observing the number of approaches it made towards its mother. average velocity, calculated as distance traveled over time, for each mouse during the session was also collected. it was concluded that further refinement of the measure of social interaction was needed, and that a measure of behavioral development may prove useful in the construction of a mouse model of autism.
Interdisciplinary Research on Autism: Behavioral Measures in the Development of a Mouse Model of Autism
María I. Mu?oz Blanco,Linda J. Parrott Hayes,Kenneth J. Hunter, Jr
Suma Psicológica , 2011,
Abstract: Un gran número de investigación biomédica ha reportado evidencia empírica respectoa la función de neuropéptidos específicos en el desarrollo de la sintomatologíadel autismo. Se sugiere que con el fin de obtener una mayor comprensión delautismo es necesario establecer un campo de investigación interdisciplinario enel cual es integren contribuciones tanto del Análisis Comportamental como de laBiología. En este estudio interdisciplinario preliminar, ratonas gestantes fueroninyectadas con lipopolisacárido – LPS (grupo experimental) en el 17avo día degestación. Las camadas de estas ratonas fueron comparadas con camadas controlque no fueron inyectadas. Las mediciones de interacción social se realizaronen dos periodos, juvenil y adulto joven, utilizando un dise o ABAB que consistióen la presencia o ausencia de la madre en la cámara experimental. La interacciónsocial de cada cría se evaluó observando el número de acercamientos haciala madre. El promedio de velocidad, entendida como distancia recorrida sobretiempo, de cada ratón también fue calculado para cada sesión. Se concluye quees necesario un mayor refinamiento de la medida de interacción social utilizada,y que la introducción de una medida de desarrollo comportamental sería útil enla construcción de un modelo animal de autismo.
Entre cifras y normas legales: el trabajo de los menores en Bolivia Entre cifras y normas legales: el trabajo de los menores en Bolivia
María Yamile Hayes Michel
Revista Sobre la Infancia y la Adolescencia , 2012, DOI: 10.4995/reinad.2012.1074
Abstract: El presente artículo aborda la temática del trabajo de ni os, ni as y adolescentes en Bolivia, a partir de una revisión de la normativa legal vigente, que pretende protegerlos, las cifras y datos estadísticos sobre este tipo de trabajo, y la relación entre las disposiciones legales y la realidad del trabajo en la calle y fuera de ella, evidenciando que resta mucho camino por recorrer para que se produzca una auténtica tutela de los derechos de los menores trabajadores. This The present article have the issue of child and teenager labor in Bolivia, from a review of the current legislation, that pretends to protect them, the statistics number about this kind of works and the relation between the legal dispositions and the job reality in the street and also outside it, showing that much remains to be done to produce a real protection of the rights of working children.
P,T-Violating Nuclear Matrix Elements in the One-Meson Exchange Approximation
I. S. Towner,A. C. Hayes
Physics , 1994, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.49.2391
Abstract: Expressions for the P,T-violating NN potentials are derived for $\pi$, $\rho$ and $\omega$ exchange. The nuclear matrix elements for $\rho$ and $\omega$ exchange are shown to be greatly suppressed, so that, under the assumption of comparable coupling constants, $\pi$ exchange would dominate by two orders of magnitude. The ratio of P,T-violating to P-violating matrix elements is found to remain approximately constant across the nuclear mass table, thus establishing the proportionality between time-reversal-violation and parity-violation matrix elements. The calculated values of this ratio suggest a need to obtain an accuracy of order $ 5 \times 10^{-4}$ for the ratio of the PT-violating to P-violating asymmetries in neutron transmission experiments in order to improve on the present limits on the isovector pion coupling constant.
Shell-model calculations of neutrino scattering from 12C
A. C. Hayes,I. S. Towner
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.61.044603
Abstract: Neutrino reaction cross-sections, $(\nu_\mu,\mu^-)$, $(\nu_e,e^-)$, $\mu$-capture and photoabsorption rates on $^{12}$C are computed within a large-basis shell-model framework, which included excitations up to $4\hbar\omega$. When ground-state correlations are included with an open $p$-shell the predictions of the calculations are in reasonable agreement with most of the experimental results for these reactions. Woods-Saxon radial wave functions are used, with their asymptotic forms matched to the experimental separation energies for bound states, and matched to a binding energy of 0.01 MeV for unbound states. For comparison purposes, some results are given for harmonic oscillator radial functions. Closest agreement between theory and experiment is achieved with unrestricted shell-model configurations and Woods-Saxon radial functions. We obtain for the neutrino-absorption inclusive cross sections: $\bar{\sigma} = 13.8 \times 10^{-40}$ cm$^2$ for the $(\nu_{\mu},\mu^{-})$ decay-in-flight flux in agreement with the LSND datum of $(12.4 \pm 1.8) \times 10^{-40}$ cm$^2$; and $\bar{\sigma} = 12.5 \times 10^{-42}$ cm$^2$ for the $(\nu_{e},e^{-})$ decay-at-rest flux, less than the experimental result of $(14.4 \pm 1.2) \times 10^{-42}$ cm$^2$.
Etiología nutro-viral de la neuropatía epidémica
Rodríguez,María Pilar; Berlanga,Jorge; Hayes,Orlando;
Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical , 1998,
Abstract: viral sequences of the cerebrospinal fluid were amplified by using olygonucleotides that are homologous to region 5′of the enteroviruses. the results showed a great variability in the amplified sequences, suggesting the presence of enteroviral quasi-species with altered biological properties in the stressed individuals that may play an important role in the neurological damage.
Open Ended Microwave Oven for Packaging
K. I. Sinclair,T. Tilford,M. Y. P. Desmulliez,G. Goussetis,C. Bailey,K. Parrott,A. J. Sangster
Computer Science , 2008,
Abstract: A novel open waveguide cavity resonator is presented for the combined variable frequency microwave curing of bumps, underfills and encapsulants, as well as the alignment of devices for fast flip-chip assembly, direct chip attach (DCA) or wafer-scale level packaging (WSLP). This technology achieves radio frequency (RF) curing of adhesives used in microelectronics, optoelectronics and medical devices with potential simultaneous micron-scale alignment accuracy and bonding of devices. In principle, the open oven cavity can be fitted directly onto a flip-chip or wafer scale bonder and, as such, will allow for the bonding of devices through localised heating thus reducing the risk to thermally sensitive devices. Variable frequency microwave (VFM) heating and curing of an idealised polymer load is numerically simulated using a multi-physics approach. Electro-magnetic fields within a novel open ended microwave oven developed for use in micro-electronics manufacturing applications are solved using a de icated Yee scheme finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) solver. Temperature distribution, degree of cure and thermal stresses are analysed using an Unstructured Finite Volume method (UFVM) multi-physics package. The polymer load was meshed for thermophysical analysis, whilst the microwave cavity - encompassing the polymer load - was meshed for microwave irradiation. The two solution domains are linked using a cross-mapping routine. The principle of heating using the evanescent fringing fields within the open-end of the cavity is demonstrated. A closed loop feedback routine is established allowing the temperature within a lossy sample to be controlled. A distribution of the temperature within the lossy sample is obtained by using a thermal imaging camera.
Using Lyman-alpha to detect galaxies that leak Lyman continuum
A. Verhamme,I. Orlitova,D. Schaerer,M. Hayes
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201423978
Abstract: We propose to infer ionising continuum leaking properties of galaxies by looking at their Lyman-alpha line profiles. We carry out Lyman-alpha radiation transfer calculations in two models of HII regions which are porous to ionising continuum escape: 1) the so-called "density bounded" media, in which massive stars produce enough ionising photons to keep the surrounding interstellar medium transparent to the ionising continuum, i.e almost totally ionised, and 2) "riddled ionisation-bounded" media, surrounded by neutral interstellar medium, but with holes, i.e. with a covering factor lower than unity. The Lyman-alpha spectra emergent from these configurations have distinctive features: 1) a "classical" asymmetric redshifted profile in the first case, but with a small shift of the maximum of the profile compare to the systemic redshift (Vpeak < 150 km/s); 2) a main peak at the systemic redshift in the second case (Vpeak = 0 km/s), with, as a consequence, a non-zero Lyman-alpha flux bluewards the systemic redshift. Assuming that in a galaxy leaking ionising photons, the Lyman-alpha component emerging from the leaking star cluster(s) dominates the total Lyman-alpha spectrum, the Lyman-alpha shape may be used as a pre-selection tool to detect Lyman continuum (LyC) leaking galaxies, in objects with well determined systemic redshift, and high spectral resolution Lyman-alpha spectra (R >= 4000). The examination of a sample of 10 local starbursts with high resolution HST-COS Lyman-alpha spectra and known in the literature as LyC leakers or leaking candidates, corroborates our predictions. Observations of Lyman-alpha profiles at high resolution should show definite signatures revealing the escape of Lyman continuum photons from star-forming galaxies.
Quantifying the Accuracy of LiDAR-Derived DEM in Deciduous Eastern Forests of the Cumberland Plateau  [PDF]
Marco A. Contreras, Wesley Staats, Jian Yiang, David Parrott
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2017.93021
Abstract: Digital elevation models (DEMs) derived from light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology are becoming the standard in representing terrain surfaces. They have numerous applications in forestry, agriculture, and natural resources. Although elevation errors are much lower than those derived from traditional methods, accuracies have been reported to decrease with terrain slope and vegetation cover. In this study, we quantified the accuracy of airborne LiDAR-derived DEM in deciduous eastern forests of the Cumberland Plateau. We measured relative elevation changes within field plots located across different slope and ruggedness classes to quantify DEM accuracy. We compared elevation change errors of DEMs derived from three LiDAR datasets: a low-density (~1.5 ptsm2), a high-density (~40 ptsm2), and a combined dataset. We also compared DEMs obtained by interpolating the ground points using four interpolation methods. Results indicate that mean elevation change error (MECE) increased with terrain slope and ruggedness with an average of 73.6 cm. MECE values ranged from 23.2 cm in areas with lowest slope (0% - 39%) and ruggedness (0% - 28%) classes to 145.5 cm in areas with highest slope (50% - 103%) and ruggedness (46% - 103%) classes. We found no significant differences among interpolation methods or LiDAR datasets; the latter of which indicates that similar accuracy levels can be achieved with the low-density datasets.
Etiología nutro-viral de la neuropatía epidémica
José de la Fuente,María Pilar Rodríguez,Jorge Berlanga,Orlando Hayes
Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical , 1998,
Abstract: Se amplificaron secuencias virales del LCR empleando líquido cefalorraquídeo de pacientes con el empleo de oligonucleótidos homólogos con la región 5′de los Enterovirus, los resultados arrojaron una gran variabilidad en las secuencias amplificadas, sugiriendo la presencia de cuasiespecies enterovirales con propiedades biológicas alteradas en los individuos estresados, que pueden desempe ar una función fundamental en el da o neurológico. Viral sequences of the cerebrospinal fluid were amplified by using olygonucleotides that are homologous to region 5′of the Enteroviruses. The results showed a great variability in the amplified sequences, suggesting the presence of enteroviral quasi-species with altered biological properties in the stressed individuals that may play an important role in the neurological damage.
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