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Integral Model of Sand-Cleaning Machine Structure Modelo integral de la estructura móvil de una máquina limpia-playa
María Eugenia García Domínguez
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2010, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v1i3.31
Abstract: A proposes of model of sand-cleaning machine structure for the analysis of loaded structure is presented in this paper. The analysis of the structure is developed in the principal components such as the pull bar, chassis and supports. Using this rational model of the structure of the sand-cleaning machine, it can be carried out an analysis of the tensions and displacements in the two more critical situations of operation: Sieved and discharge. By finite elements method was developed a physical-mathematical model for the sand-cleaning machine and were analyzed the tensions and displacements in the structure. According to the characteristics of the Cuban beaches and results derivate of this study, the machine analyzed and exposed in this paper fulfills all the technical, economic and ecological requirements for good operation. Se propone el modelo de la estructura móvil de una máquina limpia-playa, con un análisis integral de la estructura y sus componentes fundamentales como la barra de tiro, bastidor y el soporte del puente. Utilizando este modelo racional de la estructura de la máquina limpia-playa, se realiza un análisis de las tensiones y desplazamientos que ocurren en los dos estados más críticos de operación de la máquina: cribado y descarga. Para el análisis de las tensiones y los desplazamientos en la máquina limpiadora de playa fue elaborado el modelo físico-matemático de la estructura por el método de los elementos finitos y siguiendo las reglas establecidas. Con el estudio realizado y considerando las características que ofrecen las playas cubanas, se pretende que la máquina analizada en este trabajo cumpla con los requerimientos técnicos, económicos y ecológicos para su óptima puesta en marcha.
The ICT as a Teaching Aid in the Formation of Professional Competence Within Engineering Students Las TIC como medios de ense anza en la formación de competencias profesionales de estudiantes de ingeniería
Gonzalo González Rey,Alejandra García Toll,María Eugenia García Domínguez
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2011, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v2i3.53
Abstract: In present days, the application of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in teaching processes has made great changes in engineering teaching. In this article, the possibilities that the application of ICTs offers in the educational process as a teaching aid are exposed. In the career of Mechanical Engineering during the courses of Machine Elements Design some ICTs application as a teaching medium are used in a systematic and consistent manner. After which, the impact of its application is evaluated with regard to the formation of professional competence within mechanical engineering students. En la actualidad, la aplicación de las tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones en el proceso de ense anza producen grandes cambios en las ense anzas de las ingenierías. En este trabajo se muestran algunas de las posibilidades de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (TIC) en el proceso docente-educativo como medios de ense anza y en la formación de las competencias profesionales de estudiantes de la carrera de Ingeniería Mecánica. Los ejemplos de aplicación de las TIC como medios de ense anza y la valoración de su impacto en la formación de las competencias profesionales son analizados después de un trabajo sistémico y sostenido en los cursos de Elementos de Máquinas de la disciplina de Mecánica Aplicada de la carrera de Ingeniería Mecánica.
The Activity of Standardization and the Development of Professional Competence in Engineering Students Actividad de normalización y desarrollo de competencias profesionales en estudiantes de ingeniería
Gonzalo González Rey,Alejandra García Toll,María Eugenia García Domínguez,Pablo Frechilla Fernández
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2011, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v2i1.35
Abstract: The following article shows that work done on the standardization results in the cultivation of professional competence among engineering students. In particular, professional competence can be considered as: good communication and interpersonal skills, computer literacy, ability to work in team and to dominate well those principles and practices that define a good professional. Also, the Standardization Cuban Committee of Machine Elements (CTN-108) shows that it helps to instil professional competence in those students of the career mechanical engineering. Se muestran resultados en la formación de competencias profesionales de estudiantes de carreras de ingeniería derivados del trabajo en la normalización. En particular, son consideradas competencias profesionales como: buena comunicación y colaboración, utilización de la computación y las tecnologías de información y comunicación, visión interdisciplinaria y dominio de los fundamentos y conocimientos teórico-prácticos de la profesión. Adicionalmente, se exponen evidencias del aporte de las actividades del Comité de Normalización Cubano de Elementos de Máquinas (CTN-108) en la formación de competencias profesionales básicas de estudiantes de las carreras de Ingeniería Mecánica.
El proyecto de curso en la formación de competencias profesionales en estudiantes de ingeniería mecánica
González-Rey,Gonzalo; García-Toll,Alejandra; Wellesley-Bourke-Funcasta,Jorge; García-Domínguez,María Eugenia;
Ingenier?-a Mec??nica , 2011,
Abstract: the professional specific competences constitute a range of competences associated fundamentally with the action and apprehension of the reality. these competences are very influence by the professional formation and experience in the profession. for that reason, in the case of professional specific competences is very important and necessary an organized formation professional characterized by the accumulation of learning and abilities in specific tasks linked with the profession. in the present paper, two experiences in projects of courses developed by engineering students in the learning process are showed; moreover some results in the formation and development of professional specific competences associated with mentioned projects are illustrated. these experiences allow affirming that the professional specific competences can be developed during the professional formation with the introduction in the learning process of certain activities practical-professionals. in this sense, the practical activity in the academic with reproduction of frequent problems in relation with the profession is a very appropriate environment to develop the formation of professional specific competences demand in the current context of action for the graduate of careers of mechanical engineering.
Transfoma es musicais e religiosidades no Chaco argentino: à procura da coerência do movimento
María Eugenia Domínguez
Religi?o & Sociedade , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/s0100-85872007000200010
Sleep Loss as a Factor to Induce Cellular and Molecular Inflammatory Variations
Gabriela Hurtado-Alvarado,Lenin Pavón,Stephanie Ariadne Castillo-García,María Eugenia Hernández,Emilio Domínguez-Salazar,Javier Velázquez-Moctezuma,Beatriz Gómez-González
Journal of Immunology Research , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/801341
Abstract: A reduction in the amount of time spent sleeping occurs chronically in modern society. Clinical and experimental studies in humans and animal models have shown that immune function is impaired when sleep loss is experienced. Sleep loss exerts a strong regulatory influence on peripheral levels of inflammatory mediators of the immune response. An increasing number of research projects support the existence of reciprocal regulation between sleep and low-intensity inflammatory response. Recent studies show that sleep deficient humans and rodents exhibit a proinflammatory component; therefore, sleep loss is considered as a risk factor for developing cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases (e.g., diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and multiple sclerosis). Circulating levels of proinflammatory mediators depend on the intensity and duration of the method employed to induce sleep loss. Recognizing the fact that the concentration of proinflammatory mediators is different between acute and chronic sleep-loss may expand the understanding of the relationship between sleep and the immune response. The aim of this review is to integrate data from recent published reports (2002–2013) on the effects of sleep loss on the immune response. This review may allow readers to have an integrated view of the mechanisms involved in central and peripheral deficits induced by sleep loss. 1. Introduction Sleep is a vital phenomenon, classically divided into two distinct phases: sleep with rapid eye movements (REM) and sleep without rapid eye movements (non-REM) [1]. In humans, three stages of non-REM sleep have been characterized by electroencephalography (EEG); these include low-frequency slow wave sleep (SWS) with EEG synchronization, light sleep, and an intermediate sleep stage 2. In contrast, REM sleep is characterized by EEG activity similar to that of waking and by the loss of muscle tone [2, 3]. Both phases, REM sleep and non-REM sleep, alternate throughout total sleep time [2, 3]. REM sleep is amply studied because it is considered important for learning, memory consolidation, neurogenesis, and regulation of the blood-brain barrier function [4–8], while non-REM sleep is related to hormonal release (e.g., growth hormone secretion), the decline in the thermal set point, and is characterized by a reduction of cardiovascular parameters (e.g., lowering of blood pressure) [9, 10]. Although sleep constitutes a considerable portion of the mammalian lifetime [2], specific sleep function still remains controversial. Many hypotheses have been proposed, including tissue
Integración social de la juventud cubana hoy: Una mirada a su subjetividad
Domínguez García,María Isabel;
Revista argentina de sociolog?-a , 2008,
Abstract: this article analyzes areas of cuban youth subjectivity that are key to the processes of social integration. it also reveals the interfaces between individual, group, and social and cultural context at large. the research includes and relates different areas of meaning for the cuban youth, contrasting different social groups. thus, and beyond general trends or specific views, it is possible to speak of the diversity of youth in their commonalities and differences at significant moments for cuban society in general, particularly as regards youth social policy in the last years.
Subjective Aspects of Burnout Syndrome in the Medical Profession  [PDF]
José Manuel García-Arroyo, María Luisa Domínguez-López
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.518209
Abstract: Burnout is a syndrome related to work over load and associated, generally, with the helping professions. Here we will study it in relation to the medical profession, considering the doctor’s personal aspects. For this purpose, we start with a group of physicians treated psychotherapeutically for suffering from burnout. The method is qualitative and consists of recording as accurately as possible the verbal expressions of the patients. Since there was plenty of verbal material waste, we had to differentiate between “useful statements” (type I) and “useless” (type II), whose characteristics we defined exactly. As a result we find that these professionals show emotional mismanagement due to lack of subjective recognition of affective experiences. This causes an overflow that physically manifests itself in the absence of any mental processing, resulting eventually in the triad features of the syndrome. Subjectively, we find the origin of this in the “medical ideals” that hinder these professionals from recognizing the above mentioned experiences since they consider them as inadequate for the performance of their work and contravene their values. At the same time, these subjects were busy helping others, but were unable to help themselves or ask for help.
NDT-Suite: A Methodological Tool Solution in the Model-Driven Engineering Paradigm  [PDF]
Julián Alberto García-García, María José Escalona, Francisco José Domínguez-Mayo, Alberto Salido
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2014.74022

Although the Model-Driven paradigm is being accepted in the research environment as a very useful and powerful option for effective software development, its real application in the enterprise context is still a challenge for software engineering. Several causes can be stacked out, but one of them can be the lack of tool support for the efficient application of this paradigm. This paper presents a set of tools, grouped in a suite named NDT-Suite, which under the Model-Driven paradigm offer a suitable solution for software development. These tools explore different options that this paradigm can improve such as, development, quality assurance or requirement treatment. Besides, this paper analyses how they are being successfully applied in the industry.

Cálculo analítico de la potencia nominal en transmisión por correa dentada
González Rey,Gonzalo; García Domínguez,Maria Eugenia;
Ingenier?-a Mec??nica , 2010,
Abstract: in the current context of the international standards, there is not enough information to face the analytical calculation of the power rating of synchronous belt drives. it's practical habitual to use power rating diagrams or tables offered by belt manufacturers with limitation to implement computational procedures, and for calculating ratings which are out of the range of speed or number of teeth of pulleys conditions shown in the power rating diagrams or tables. for such a reason, this article presents some useful results and detailed formulae based in iso standard 5295 for power ratings, together with appropriate correction terms and analytical factors used in the calculation of power rating of synchronous belt drives. formulae and analytical factors for the study and design of synchronous belt transmissions are presented. moreover, some results of optimal values of belt velocity for maximum power capacity are offered. results presented in this paper were the bases for an informative proposal annexed to the cuban standard nc-iso 5295:2010 referred to the analytical calculation of power ratings in synchronous belt drives.

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