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Research on Broken Expand and Press Solid Characteristics of Rocks and Coals

Miao Xiexing,Mao Xianbiao,Hu Guangwei,Ma Zhanguo,

实验力学 , 1997,
Abstract: The characteristics of broken expand and press solid for rocks and coals in Yanzhou mine are examined based on a carefully designed experimental plan and relevant equipment. The broken expand coefficient, broken expand curve, press solid curve and lean press curve for these rocks and coals are determined.

Zhang Zhennan,Mao Xianbiao,GuoGuangli,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Through the experimental research on the compaction of friable rock block, the relationship among deformation modulus, axial stress and strain were obtained. The result of this experiment reveals that the tangential modulus is exponential with axial stress, and varies with rock block size and rock property. The secant modulus is linear with axial stress. Both the tangential modulus and secant modulus are exponential with axial strain. The conclusion of this research is valuable to analysis of deformation mechanism of friable rock compaction.

Zhang Dongsheng,Mao Xianbiao,Ma Wending,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2002,
Abstract: The technique of gob-side entry retaining in fully-mechanized coal face with top-coal caving is the key measure with which the Y type ventilation manner can be used to solve the problem of face gas accumulation. According to the given conditions of Changchun Coal Mine,Luan Bureau,the equivalent material simulation testing is made,and the broken situation and shape of main roof,the influence of different support on roof activity are analysed. The study results provide scientific basis for the determination of the support of gob-side entry and the parameters of roadside filling.

LI Shuncai,CHEN Zhanqing,MIAO Xiexing,MAO Xianbiao,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In fields of coal mining,geotechnical engineering,the flow in broken rock is nonlinear,instable and time-varying for seepage parameters.Under the external disturbance,the gradual variation of the seepage parameter is apt to result in the catastrophe of the dynamic responses of the flow system and induces disasters such as water inrush and gas outburst.The study of the flow stability on the broken rock mass induced by mining is a basic subject of a series of important research topics such as controlling the stability of the surrounding rock,preventing the outburst disaster,exploiting and using the underground resources.The theories of bifurcation and catastrophe in nonlinear science are used to study the dynamic mechanism of instability of gas flow in broken rock.The nonlinear dynamical equations of one-dimensional non-Darcy and unsteady gas flow in broken rock are established.The solution diagram of dimensionless velocity under steady-state is given and the distribution laws along the direction of flow are obtained for the pore pressure and the steady-state flow velocity;namely,along the flow direction,the product of the pore pressure and the flow velocity of the dimensionless steady-states is a constant and the square of the pore pressure descends linearly.With low relaxation iteration,the dynamical responses corresponding to the different flow parameters of seepage system are also given.The results indicate that there is a saddle-node bifurcation in dynamic system of flow in broken rock;and at the bifurcation point,the breaking of edges and corners of rock grains is remarkable;thus an arbitrary weak perturbing at this point may result in a fold catastrophe of flow system and induce some dynamic disasters such as gas outburst,etc..

Cheng Yikang,Chen Zhanqing,Miao Xiexing,Mao Xianbiao,
,陈占清 缪协兴 茅献彪

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2004,
Abstract: It is of practical importance to investigate the permeability of rock under high stress,especially under post-peak stress with low confining pressure. A patented device,combined with MTS815.02 Rock Mechanics System,makes the measurement of non-Darcy permeability possible. The configuration of test system of permeability measurement of non-Darcy flow in post-failure rock,test principle and plan,and the processing method for test data are presented. The permeability of non-Darcy flow in post-peak rock is carefully measured by using steady seepage method. Sandstone specimens are divided into five groups. Every group consists of ten specimens,which undergo same axial strain before permeability measurement. The permeability of each specimen is obtained by fitting the seepage velocity-pressure gradient curve. The statistical indexes of every group of specimens are calculated. The relation between the indexes and axial strain are established by linear regression. It is shown that the permeability of post-peak rock is remarkably larger than that of pre-peak rock. The permeability of post-peak rock varies parabolically with axial strain. This study provides the method and technique for measuring permeability of non-Darcy flow in post-peak rock,which can be employed in mining,civil and other engineerings.

Mao Xianbiao,Chen Zhanqing,Xu Sipeng,Li Tianzhen,
茅献彪 陈占清 徐思朋

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2001,
Abstract: The relations are determined systematically between the burst tendency and water content, the water content and porosity in coal seam by experiment. It is found that the burst tendency of coal seam depends inversely on the water content, and it is most sensitive in original water content. The saturated water content in coal seam depends on porosity in coal. A reliable quantitative basis is provided for preventing rockburst in coal mine by using water injection method.
Research on How Internet Political Participation Influences Government Trust in Emergencies Using Mobile Internet Environment as Basis  [PDF]
Xianbiao Wei, Weiguang Gong, Jinhan Jiao, Yuzhen Duan
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.52010
Abstract: In the mobile network era, governments at all levels realize that after incidents, the attention and participation of Internet users on the incidents through their mobile phones significantly influence political trust. How to deal with the adverse effects of Internet political participation during emergencies has become a focus in academia. This study investigates the effects of Internet political participation on government trust using quantitative analysis methods, including questionnaire survey and data analysis, and explores whether government information disclosure moderates the effects. Results show that after emergencies, the more relevant information the public obtains from mobile Internet, the higher the public assessment on the ability and benevolence dimensions of government trust. However, such information negatively affects assessment on the integrity dimension. In addition, the more political behaviors the public express through mobile Internet, the lower they view the ability dimension. The findings also suggest that government information disclosure positively moderates all the relations. Nevertheless, human interaction with others through mobile Internet is not directly and significantly related to government trust.
National Innovation-Oriented City Evaluation Study Based on Two-Stage DEA Model  [PDF]
Xianbiao Wei, Yuzhen Duan, Mo Wang, Junxing Zhou, Xiaobao Peng
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2017.59156
Abstract: The research on the evaluation indicator system of innovation-oriented cities has a long history. It presents different characteristics in different countries or regions. In 2006, China proposed the national strategy to build an innovation-oriented nation and subsequently approved more than 60 pilot cities in the country. The research on China’s innovation-oriented city assessment system is also increasing. On the basis of predecessors, this paper constructs innovation-oriented city evaluation indicator system with more links based on innovation link. It has three categories with 44 indicators in total according to input, intermediate output and final output. It creatively introduces in two-stage DEA model on sharing input and constructs the evaluation model based on the above evaluation indicator system. This paper makes an empirical analysis on the innovation-oriented cities in Yangtze River Delta including Hefei, arrives at innovation efficiency difference and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions for the analysis results.
The Study on Urban Agglomeration Environmental Rights Trading Paradigm—With the Emission Trading Model of Wan-Jiang City Belt  [PDF]
Xianbiao Wei, Mo Wang, Yuzhen Duan, Xiaobao Peng
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2017.59020
Abstract: As the deterioration of the modern environmental problems, developed countries started to explore concrete ways of internalization of external effects produced by environmental problems. The theory of new institutional economics which produced the environmental property theory is widely used in the research of environmental management. On the premise of total amount control of pollution, the subjects of public power distribute or sell the rights is the basic paradigm of this method. Buyers take possession of the rights and utilize, profit from or dispose of them. The coordinated development of urban agglomeration is the main direction of China’s regional development strategy. As there are differences in environmental governance in different cities, the environment property trading system of urban agglomeration needs to be established urgently. Due to environmental property’s complexity and its attributes of public goods, the transaction of environmental property is restricted by amounts of factors. This research concludes that it is necessary to define the possessor of environmental property, strengthen the construction of trading platform, improving the public participation and supervision mechanism and control transaction cost by establishing and analyzing the emission trading model of the city-cluster along the Yangtze River in Anhui Province.
Two-Edge-Corner Image Features for Registration of Geospatial Images with Large View Variations  [PDF]
Parvaneh Saeedi, Mao Mao
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.511109
Abstract: This paper presents a robust image feature that can be used to automatically establish match correspondences between aerial images of suburban areas with large view variations. Unlike most commonly used invariant image features, this feature is view variant. The geometrical structure of the feature allows predicting its visual appearance according to the observer’s view. This feature is named 2EC (2 Edges and a Corner) as it utilizes two line segments or edges and their intersection or corner. These lines are constrained to correspond to the boundaries of rooftops. The description of each feature includes the two edges’ length, their intersection, orientation, and the image patch surrounded by a parallelogram that is constructed with the two edges. Potential match candidates are obtained by comparing features, while accounting for the geometrical changes that are expected due to large view variation. Once the putative matches are obtained, the outliers are filtered out using a projective matrix optimization method. Based on the results of the optimization process, a second round of matching is conducted within a more confined search space that leads to a more accurate match establishment. We demonstrate how establishing match correspondences using these features lead to computing more accurate camera parameters and fundamental matrix and therefore more accurate image registration and 3D reconstruction.
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