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Stegocornu and associated brachiopods from the Silurian (Llandovery) of Central Iran
Vachik Hairapetian,Mansoureh Ghobadi Pour,Leonid E. Popov,Tatiana L. Modzalevskaya
Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3176/earth.2012.2.02
Abstract: A Llandovery (mid-upper Aeronian) brachiopod fauna is described for the first time from the Niur Formation of Central Iran. It is dominated by two succeeding rhynchonellide species Stegocornu procerum Dürkoop, 1970 and Stegocornu denisae sp. nov. In addition, there are three common and four rarer brachiopod species, including Dalejina? rashidii sp. nov., Isorthis (Ovalella) inflata sp. nov. and Striispirifer? ocissimus sp. nov. The Stegocornu Association gives a distinct biogeographic signature to the mid to late Llandovery rhynchonellide-dominated shallow-water brachiopod faunas of Central Iran, Kope-Dagh and Afghanistan. Its proliferation in temperate latitude peri-Gondwana was one of the earliest signs of biogeographical differentiation of the brachiopod faunas in the early Silurian. The affinities of Stegocornu and Xerxespirifer are discussed.
Early Ordovician (Tremadocian) brachiopods from the Eastern Alborz Mountains, Iran
Mansoureh Ghobadi Pour,Mohammad Reza Kebriaee-Zadeh,Leonid E. Popov
Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3176/earth.2011.2.01
Abstract: Six linguliform and two rhynchonelliform brachiopods, including three new species Eurytreta ahmadii, Wahwahlingula kharbashi and Nanorthis bastamensis are described from Tremadocian strata (Paltodus deltifer deltifer conodont Biozone) in the Deh-Molla area southwest of Shahrud, Northern Iran. The fauna is dominated by micromorphic lingulides and acrotretides and shows distinct similarity to the contemporaneous micromorphic brachiopod association from Tremadocian chalcedonites of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland. New data on the early ontogeny of the enigmatic lingulide Diencobolus show a very distinct pattern, including the presence of a metamorphic protegulum ornamented with flat-based pits and a single pair of larval setal bundles, which links this taxon to Paterula and suggests close phylogenetic relationships of both taxa to the Discinoidea.
Effect of Zingiber Extract on Histopathologic Changes in Mice Kidneys
Mehrdad Modaresi,Mozhgan Ghobadi Pour
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/rjasci.2011.295.298
Abstract: The use of botanical medicine is ancient and plant chemicals are still the backbone of the pharmacopoeia because >50% of drugs used in western pharmacopoeia are isolated from herbs or derived from modification of chemicals first found in plants. Zingiber officinale Roscoe. (Ginger) is a spice that has been used from 2,000 years ago as a medicine in several Asian countries. Recent studies showed that it has various pharmacological effects. So, in this study the effect of Zingiber on mice renal system has investigated. Ginger ethanol extract was administered every 48 h for a period of 20 days, Intraperitoneally (IP) to male mice. The liver, kidney and bladder were collected as tissue samples from executed animals for pathological examination. On pathological examination, there were no morphological changes under light microscope in the liver. A histological examination of kidneys shows that after treatment with the low and middle doses (10, 20 mg/kg/48 h) the ginger produced little damaging effects on the kidney, it appears that ginger has no adverse effects in renal function but the extract in higher doses (40 mg/kg/48 h) may have some negative effects on the renal function. Undergo observable chances the renal toxicity was significantly enhanced there were interstitial inflammation. Formation of hyaline cast, regeneration of renal tubules, glomerulosclerosis, hypertrophy of glomeruli and basement membrane thickening. This indicated that with regards to the results ginger in high doses induce histological changes in the kidneys indicating the need to identify a safe dose range for ginger.
Marzieh Ghobadi Pour,Moslem Cherabin,Razieh Rahmani
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: As a useful and innovative educational technology tool, podcasting can be applied like a pedagogic gadget to progress students' learning. Podcasting has a lot of advantages which is helpful in educational setting. It is not limited to students; everyone can use it for learning. This article speaks about the role of podcast in education for better learning.
Review of the Early to Mid Ordovician orthoconic cephalopods from Iran
Evans D H,Ghobadi Pour M,Popov L E
Bulletin of Geosciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3140/bull.geosci.1355
Abstract: Cephalopods from the late Tremadocian of the Eastern Alborz and the Darriwilian of the Eastern Alborz and Derenjal Mountains consist of relatively poorly preserved, low diversity assemblages of endocerids and orthoceratoids. Bactroceras sp. from the late Tremadocian of the Eastern Alborz is one the earliest occurrences of the genus; similar in age to those from the Montagne Noire, France, and consistent with other high latitude records during the Early Ordovician. Darriwilian taxa consist of an unnamed troedssonellid previously recorded from Sweden, three taxa ascribed to Virgoceras Flower, Sactorthoceras sp. and Gangshanoceras? sp. By comparison with the coeval cephalopod faunas of South China and Baltica, those described here are of very low diversity, but are common to both areas. Darriwilian cephalopod assemblages from other parts of high latitude peri-Gondwana remain poorly known, but consist of eothinoceratids, bathmoceratids, endocerids and orthoceratoids. The Iranian faunas provide a glimpse of the generic composition of part this high latitude assemblage, and indicate clear links with those of South China and Baltica.
Effectiveness of Music Therapy on Social Skill Growth in Educable Intellectual Disability Boys  [PDF]
Peyman Hashemian, Mansoureh Mohammadi
Open Journal of Pediatrics (OJPed) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojped.2015.54054
Abstract: Social skills include the ability to establish interpersonal relationships with others in a way that is acceptable in terms of norms of society and it should be beneficial to society and have mutual interest. Method: Sample was taken from especial elementary school for educable intellectual disability children in Mashhad, Iran. The sample was boys between 9 - 11 years. After the initial selection of students, they were randomly assigned to two groups of twenty (experimental and control groups). 7 sessions of music therapy were performed for each one in the experimental group whereas no sessions were applied for anyone in the control group. Winelend Social Growth Scale was used to measure their social skill before and after intervention. Result: The mean difference in social skill between the two groups were statistically less than the 0.01 which is highly significant (P-value = 0.0005). This shows that art and music therapy are effective on the growth of social skills in educable intellectual disability children. Conclusion: This research shows that music therapy is effective for improvement of social skills in educable intellectual disability children.
Band gap determination using absorption spectrum fitting procedure
Nader Ghobadi
International Nano Letters , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/2228-5326-3-2
Abstract: In this article, using the Tauc model, the absorption spectrum fitting method was applied to estimate the optical band gap and width of the band tail of the CdSe nanostructural films that requires only the measurement of the absorbance spectrum, and no additional information such as the film thickness or reflectance spectra is needed. Samples are prepared by chemical bath deposition method. Fabricated nanostructural thin films are thick but are composed from nanoparticles.
Common Type of Damages in Composites and Their Inspections  [PDF]
Amin Ghobadi
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2017.72003
Abstract: This paper is a short introduction to the common type of damages in composite structures and different ways of their inspection. Due to the high increase of interest in composite materials in past decades and their usage in different structures, there is a need to discuss the damage types in them along with different ways of inspection. This paper provides a short review of these facts in order to fill out the gap that there is in the literature. Major emphasis is placed on the damage types and their mechanisms and inspection methods, mostly focused on wave propagation based structural health monitoring (SHM).
The Position of the Foreign Students’ Union in Iran
Mansoureh Kashanidoust
International Journal of Nations Research , 2018, DOI: -
Abstract: Student scientific unions are groups that volunteer to conduct academic activities; students come together for scientific and specialized purposes and through their activities in scientific unions, while promoting and deepening the field of science in universities, they pave the way for their progress. As per the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, known associations and unions can freely act, provided that they do not violate the principles of independence, liberty, national unity, Islamic norms and principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, no one is prevented from or forced to participate in one of them. By such an introduction, the activities of these associations in some cases are accompanied by the presence of some foreign students who have been able to study at universities of the country and the level of their activities depends on the university's status and policies. In some cases it has consequences for the politic, security, economic, culture and even geographic and morphologic aspects of the population. Particularly, the adverse effects of their presence on the vital factors of the country will be far greater in some cases. This makes the government and the higher legislator to apply restrictions on the rights of foreigners in order to prevent these negative consequences and preserve the political, economic, and social interests of the country as well as the citizens. This research, using a descriptive-analytical method, studies the position of the Foreign Students’ Union in Iran. Based on the results at the Foreign Students' Union is not usually supervised by a particular institution or organization, whereas, acts like an independent organization that as an example we can only refer to the Islamic Association of Students of Afghanistan in Iran, founded in 1992.
The effects of different autumn-seeded cover crops on subsequent irrigated corn response to nitrogen fertilizer  [PDF]
Gholam Reza Mohammadi, Mohammad Eghbal Ghobadi
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/as.2010.13018
Abstract: A common crop rotation in the west Iran is wheat-fallow-corn. The fallow period after wheat harvest (during fall and winter) can lead to soil erosion, nutrient losses (e.g. nitrate leaching) and offsite movement of pesticides. This period is an ideal time to establish a cover crop. In order to investigate the effects of different autumn-seeded cover crops on subsequent irrigated corn response to nitrogen fertilizer, field studies were carried out during the 2007-2008 growing season at the Agricultural Research Farm, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran. The experiment was conducted in a split plot arrangement based on a randomized complete block design with three replications. The main plots consisted of four cover crops including alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.), berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum L.), common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) and winter rye (Secale cereale L.) and a control (no cover crop). The sub plots consisted of two fertilizer N rates (0 and 250 kg ha-1). Cover crops were grown for nearly 5 months and then were incorporated into the soil as green manures. The results indicated that corn plant traits including seed yield, the number of seeds per ear and leaf chlorophyll content were significantly influenced by cover crops. Whereas, the cover crops had no signif-icant effects on the number of ears per plant, 100-seed weight and harvest index of corn. Among the cover crop species, common vetch produced higher dry weight and showed the highest positive effects on the corn plant traits. Dry weight produced by this cover crop was 56.41, 120.16 and 124.19% higher than those of winter rye, berseem clover and alfalfa, respectively. Common vetch enhanced seed yield, the number of seeds per ear and leaf chlorophyll content of corn by 46.30, 21.95 and 8.52%, respectively, compared to control. All of the corn traits under study, except the number of ears per plant and harvest index were significantly improved by nitrogen fertilizer. In general, this study revealed that the autumn-seeded cover crops, especially common vetch can be used to improve corn yield. However, the cover crops should be supplemented with nitrogen fertilizer to obtain optimal results.
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