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Ideas y Valores , 2007,
Abstract: abstract there is an aporia in kant’s analysis of evil: he defines radical evil as an invisible disposition of the will, but he also demands an inferential connection between visible evil actions and this invisible disposition. this inference, however, undermines the radical invisibility of radical evil according to kant’s own definition of the latter. noting how this invisibility of moral worth is a distinctive feature of kant’s approach to the moral problem, the paper then asks why, in the groundwork, he nonetheless forecloses a question about evil that seems to be consistent with this approach. it is argued that to account for this aporia and this foreclosure, one has to interrogate the way in which the category of religion orients kant’s incipient philosophy of history in die religion.
Aplica??o de toxina botulínica tipo A para reduzir a saliva em pacientes com esclerose lateral amiotrófica
Manrique, Dayse;
Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72992005000500004
Abstract: aim: to demonstrate the effect of local application of botox? in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als), following our 2002 institutional protocol of sialorrhea treatment. study design: clinical prospective. material and method: five patients with als assisted at clinic of otolaryngology of aacd (associa??o de assistência à crian?a deficiente). they were all submitted to local application of botox? in salivary glands and followed up for a year. the protocol consisted of clinical questionnaire about the inability of swallowing saliva and its repercussions in quality of life. patients were submitted to previous odontological treatment, had intolerance to the adverse effects of anti-cholinergic agents and had not used botox? for at least six months. the application was guided by ultrasound and the doses were 30u in one point for submandibular gland, and 20u in two points for each parotid gland, after topic anesthetic with prilocaine. results: five patients with als with sialorrhea, aged 45 to 59 years, were submitted to botox? salivary glands application. we observed that the symptoms of sialorrhea changed dramatically in four patients. three patients stayed almost four months without complaints with repercussion in quality of life. no patient presented local or systemic effects with local injection of botox?.
Radical Evil
Carlos Manrique
Ideas y Valores , 2007,
Abstract: There is an aporia in Kant’s analysis of evil: he defines radical evilas an invisible disposition of the will, but he also demands an inferential connection between visible evil actions and this invisible disposition. This inference,however, undermines the radical invisibility of radical evil according to Kant’s own definition of the latter. Noting how this invisibility of moral worth is a distinctive feature of Kant’s approach to the moral problem, the paper then asks why, in the Groundwork, he nonetheless forecloses a question about evil that seems to be consistent with this approach. It is argued that to account for this aporia and this foreclosure, one has to interrogate the way in which the category of religion orients Kant’s incipient philosophy of history in Die Religion.
La palabra transgresiva y la otra vida: de la literatura al gesto cínico (entre Foucault y Raúl Gómez Jattin)
Carlos Manrique
Revista de Estudios Sociales , 2012,
Abstract: This article reflects on the ethical-political summon that modulates Foucault's thoughts regarding the necessity to invent other ways of being, so as to reject the type of subjectivity that is imposed on us and the mechanisms of power to which we are thus subjected, from the perspective of the question: How can this invention and transformation of oneself come to happen in certain practices with language? Thus, the article focuses on two chronologically and analytically disperse instances in Foucault's work: on the one hand, his early reflection on the relation between madness and literary language, and on the other hand, his late reflection on the cynics' way of life in ancient Greece, and on the political dimension of the practice of a certain "truth-telling" (parrhesia) characteristic of the bios cynikus. From these two instances, the article seeks to highlight how in each case the notion of "ethical subjectivation" seems to become insufficient to take into account the ethical-political effects of these practices with language. And mobilizing the conceptual resources that are explored in this reading of some of Foucault's texts, the article seeks, as well, to reflect on the ethical-political effects of some acts of writing from the Colombian poet, Raúl Gómez Jattin.
Personalidad y neoconductísmo
Pedronel Manrique
Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología , 1977,
Abstract: The concept of personality is studíed within the frame of reference of "neo-behavíorism", and compared with the concept of personalíty in psyehoanalysis. A number of psyehoanalytic constructs have been ínvestigated from the behavíorlstic point of víew, and found to be valid. Personalíty, as studied by behaviorists, seems to be the core of habíts, that form a hierarchy and appear with different probability of response. However, the behavíorístíc approach to personality is simple and not well elaborated. The emphasis on the objetive and not subjeetive aspect of personality has been very fructiful, A number of psychological motives are probably "primary" and not related to physiological needs.
Injection of botulinum toxin type a to reduce saliva in patients with neurological diseases
Dayse Manrique
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2005,
Abstract: Objective: To demonstrate the effect of local injection of Botox inpatients with neurological diseases, following our protocol for thetreatment of sialorrhea. Study design: clinical prospective study.Methods: Twenty-one patients with neurological diseases seen atthe Otorhinolaryngology of the Associa o de Assistência à Crian aDeficiente. They were all submitted to local injection of Botox insalivary glands and followed up for one year. The protocol consistsof a clinical questionnaire about inability to swallow saliva and itsrepercussions in general health and quality of life. Patients must nothave periodontal disease or intolerance to adverse effects ofanticholinergic agents and must not have used Botox at least inthe last six months. The injection was ultrasonographically guidedand the dose was 30 U in one site of the submandibular glands, and20 U in two sites in each parotid gland. Results: Twenty-one patientswith sialorrhea resulting from several neurological diseases (chronicencephalopathy, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,neuromuscular diseases, cerebral tumor, trauma), aged 2 to 66 yearsold, were submitted to Botox injection in their salivary glands. Weobserved a markedly improvement of sialorrhea in all but one patient.Seventeen patients had no complaints of sialorrhea or salivaaspiration for approximately four months with good repercussion intheir quality of life. No patient presented local or systemic effectswith local injection of Botox . Conclusion: the injection of Botox asindicated in the present study was able to reduce sialorrhea resultingfrom several neurological conditions.
The Sexual Behaviour of Chagas' Disease Vectors: Chemical Signals Mediating Communication between Male and Female Triatomine Bugs
Gabriel Manrique,Marcelo Lorenzo
Psyche , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/862891
Abstract: Chemical communication mechanisms that mediate sexual behaviour in triatomine bugs are reviewed with regard to source, identity, and function of sex pheromones. Males attempt to copulate but may be rejected, depending on female age and nutritional status. Triatomine males locate partners through sex pheromones emitted by the metasternal glands (MGs) of females. These activate males, inducing them to leave their refuges and initiate flight. Wandering males display anemotactic orientation modulated by chemical signals emitted from female MGs. Analyses of the MG secretions of several species resulted in the identification of numerous ketones, acetals, and alcohols. Occlusion experiments showed that Brindley’s gland products were not required for mating. Metasternal gland volatiles are emitted by virgin male and female bugs, with detection over females occurring more consistently, especially during the early scotophase, suggesting female calling behaviour. Mating triatomine females have been reported to attract males that tend to copulate successively with them. Mating males prolong mating and postcopulatory mate guarding in the presence of other males. This is indicative of a polyandrous mating system in several triatomine species. Its potential advantages remain unknown, and comparative studies are required to increase our understanding of triatomine reproductive strategies.
Enhanced Oil Recovery: An Update Review
Vladimir Alvarado,Eduardo Manrique
Energies , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/en3091529
Abstract: With the decline in oil discoveries during the last decades it is believed that EOR technologies will play a key role to meet the energy demand in years to come. This paper presents a comprehensive review of EOR status and opportunities to increase final recovery factors in reservoirs ranging from extra heavy oil to gas condensate. Specifically, the paper discusses EOR status and opportunities organized by reservoir lithology (sandstone and carbonates formations and turbiditic reservoirs to a lesser extent) and offshore and onshore fields. Risk and rewards of EOR methods including growing trends in recent years such as CO 2 injection, high pressure air injection (HPAI) and chemical flooding are addressed including a brief overview of CO 2-EOR project economics.
Simpatectomía toracoscópica: una revisión de la literatura
Bejarano,B.; Manrique,M.;
Neurocirugía , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S1130-14732010000100001
Abstract: introduction: since its first description by kux in 1954, the thoracic endoscopic (thoracoscopic) sympathectomy has rendered the open techniques obsolete in the treatment of the hyperhidrosis and other sympathetic-related diseases. aim: the goal of this article is to present a critical review of the current indications, results and complications of the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. material and methods: an extensive search and review of published papers on the thoracoscopic sympathectomy was undertaken. results: the thoracoscopic sympathectomy has evolved as a therapeutic choice in patients with focal hyperhidrosis, pain syndromes and peripheral vascular disorders, particularly. the results, recurrences and complications are similar to the previously established open procedures; nevertheless, the morbidity, the hospital stay and the time to return to activities of daily living are substantially reduced. the highest success and satisfaction rates (over 95%) were observed among patients treated for focal hyperhidrosis. conclusions: the success and complication rates of thoracoscopic sympathectomy are comparable to those of open techniques, with an easier postoperative period and an earlier return to labor and daily living.
Acta Colombiana de Psicología , 2008,
Abstract: the aim of this paper is to show how knowledge, in the sense of certainty, has received criticisms from several disciplines (philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, epistemology, biology, among others), which has implicated a re-formulation of some perspectives about it. the difference between knowing and knowledge, already examined by several authors, is tackled here from a point of view that shows the possibility of reflection about knowing and knowledge taken from contemporary epistemology in psychology, ethics, philosophy, and other fields. this text is divided into five sections: a) theory and practice: the main topic is introduced along with the problem of the connection between theory and practice and their diffuse limits, which is the beginning of criticism about knowledge in its positivistic form, b) some assumptions about knowledge and its transmission: this second part discusses several assumptions about knowledge that gave shape to the traditional idea about it, c) outlook of science in the xx century in relation to the problem of knowledge: this section presents a panoramic view of the criticisms made by contemporary epistemology about the concept of knowledge assumed by logical positivism, d) tacit knowledge: this part deals in detailed manner with one of the stronger criticisms that has ever been made to the positivistic conception of knowledge: tacit knowledge. moreover, a distinction between knowing and knowledge is proposed, e) conclusion: the present situation of knowing and knowledge as an effect of the route designed throughout this text is shown in this section, taking into account some reflections about plato and his distinction between doxa and episteme (terms which to some extend could be equivalent to knowing and knowledge, respectively -ramírez, 1996; lopera, 2004).

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