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Cardiac arrest in children
Tress Erika,Kochanek Patrick,Saladino Richard,Manole Mioara
Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and Shock , 2010,
Abstract: Major advances in the field of pediatric cardiac arrest (CA) were made during the last decade, starting with the publication of pediatric Utstein guidelines, the 2005 recommendations by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation, and culminating in multicenter collaborations. The epidemiology and pathophysiology of in-hospital and out-of-hospital CA are now well described. Four phases of CA are described and the term "post-cardiac arrest syndrome" has been proposed, along with treatment goals for each of its four phases: immediate post-arrest, early post-arrest, intermediate and recovery phase. Hypothermia is recommended to be considered as a therapy for post-CA syndrome in comatose patients after CA, and large multicenter prospective studies are underway. We reviewed landmark articles related to pediatric CA published during the last decade. We present the current knowledge of epidemiology, pathophysiology and treatment of CA relevant to pre-hospital and acute care health practitioners.
Embryonic-like stem cells derived from postpartum placenta delivered after spotaneous labor emerging as universal prophylactic cancer vaccine  [PDF]
Manole Corocleanu
Stem Cell Discovery (SCD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/scd.2013.34029

In the eighth decade of the last century extensive clinical delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) skin tests to an intradermal injection of a pharmaceutical allogeneic human Placenta Suspension (phPS) performed in obstetrical, gynecological and control group patients have shown positive reaction in 239 patients with clinical conditions having been as histopatrhological substratum, a hypoxia-induced adaptive/reactive epithelial cell proliferation, e.g. syncytiotrophoblastic cell hyperplasia, endometrial cell hyperplasia, or different gynecological cancers. Because the immune response against phPS has shown antigenc similarities between normal placental and endometrial hyperplastic cells and different kinds of cancer cells and because many cancers adopt an embryonic stem-like gene expression pattern, it is suggested that the profile of hypoxia-promoting placental and endometrial stem cell proliferation is more embryonic-like, and that the immune respose against phPS is expected to cross-react with tumor cells in vivo. In the process of persistent growth and accelerated oxygen consumption by hyperplastic cytotrophoblastic cells and neoplastic cells in a hypoxic microenvironment, a basic shift in energy metabolism is accompanied by appearance of heat shock proteins (HSPs), of fetal isoenzymes and of membrane glycoproteins (reappearance of oncofetal antigens, OFAs), which, as result of their overexpression/amplification may induce a host immunological response. Thus, it is assumed that phPS prepared from full-term human placentas delivered after a spontaneous labor comprises stem/progenitor cells reverted to a proliferative embryonic stem cell-like-state upon

Professional performance evaluation within the Romanian administrative system
Cristina MANOLE
Economia : Seria Management , 2010,
Abstract: The current economic crisis, manifested in the entire world, highlights the need for sustained involvement of the local and regional authorities in each country, in conceiving and implementing Community policies (which already exist at European level) having an essential role in implementing the economic plans achievement. This view was shared by all European Union Member States, of which Romania is part, since 2007. Therefore, the economic crisis which is reflected in the Romanian society today, requires prompt and sustained intervention by the authorities in the execution of the economic recovery plan, implying the community strategies, due to sharply budgetary expenses cut, which is found in all European countries. In order to achieve this major objective, the Romanian authorities should have qualified and properly motivated personnel through an adequate remuneration, according to the training, skills, responsibilities and especially individual performance obtained at each position, as it happens in most developed countries of the European Union. In this context, this study approaches the issues related to the performance evaluation of the public sector’s employees. Considering the fact that strengthening and developing the human resources segment is a strategic goal of the Romanian administration for the period 2008 - 2013, which will lead to modernizing it and making it more efficient (at both central and local level), the personnel performance evaluation, at the organizational level represents a fundamental activity from the human resources’ management perspective.
Techniques of Turnovers’ Evolution and Structure Analysis Using SQL Server 2005
Alexandru Manole
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2007,
Abstract: The turnovers’ evolution and structure analysis can provide many useful information for the construction of a viable set of policies for products, prices and retail network. When the analysis deals with large quantities of raw data, one of the solutions that guarantees the rigorous treatment of the data is the use of a software system based on a data warehouse.
Application of the Scaling Functions to Nonparametric Regression
Informatica Economica Journal , 2007,
Abstract: For estimating regression function we can use many proceedings. In this paper, we have chosen to apply scaling functions to the estimation of regression functions. When one knows many bivariate date with the values of two variables, in the goal to express a correlation between the two variables we use the regression function. The raw estimator of this function must be "smoothed out" in some way to get a final estimator. For this, we use the scaling functions, examples of such function being the Battle-Lemarié family and Daubechies family. After introducing several notions (multiresolution analysis, filter and projection of function onto approximation spaces), these are applied to obtain the estimators. In the last part, we present the algorithm for estimating nonparametric regression function through the scaling functions.
Journal of Science and Arts , 2010,
Abstract: This presentation argues a case for a broad concept of “education outdoors” as the natural corollary to “education indoors”. It argues that programs should provide independent learning experiences that address the capacities of learners and the value contexts in which they learn; and that taking responsibility for actions should be an important program focus. I’ve experienced the Outdoor Environmental Education Concept during the course “Outdoor Environmental Education. Experiential Approaches to Learning” that has been organized by Kinda Municipality from Sweden, at Blairvadach Outdoor Centre din Helensburgh, Scotland, UK. This course has been financed by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Comenius Program.
The Macroeconomic Outlook and the Impact of the Global Crisis in the Euro Area
Annals of Dun?rea de Jos University. Fascicle I : Economics and Applied Informatics , 2010,
Abstract: This paper provides general analysis and evolution of macroeconomic and financial indicators in the euro area, during the recent crisis 2008-2009. The financial market turmoil that began in 2007 led to a severe global economic downturn. The causes of the crisis, the effects on global financial markets, and the spillover to the economy are permanently examined by the analysts, but the final conclusions are not clear yet. The conclusion of this paper is that the global activity is recovering at varying speeds in some countries, tepidly in many of the advanced economies but solidly in most emerging and developing economies.
Usefulness of Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Financial and Economic Crisis
Annals of Dun?rea de Jos University. Fascicle I : Economics and Applied Informatics , 2012,
Abstract: The objective of the present study is to explore the issue of the forecasting of economic crisis using the neural network. The subject is of great importance in the economy, more so as that most countries affected by crisis, declared at the end of 2010, the economic growth but the crisis paralyzed the financial world over the past three years. Neural network techniques have been frequently applied in order to predict problems like economic forecasting. The results show that creating a model using the neural networks might be a powerful tool and could be applied to prevent economic crises.
Lacramioara Manole,Fran?ois Plas,Vasile Manole
Citius Altius Fortius , 2009,
Abstract: L’utilité et la valeur ajoutée de la kinésithérapie pour la société roumaine renvoie au projet de société de notre pays et à la place qu’elle réserve à la santé. Aujourd’hui il s’agit de proposer un projet de la Kinésithérapie pour notre société en retour du projet que la société réserve à la Kinésithérapie.Cette question d’intérêt général doit être construite en tenant compte de tous les acteurs, décideurs, chercheurs et plus particulièrement des patients.Nous voyons tous les jours notre société bouger et en même temps la conception de la santé change. Si pendant longtemps la santé se caractérisait par l’absence de maladies’ aujourd’hui nous voyons émerger une vision plus subjective, plus individuelle fondée sur de nouveaux rapports à la vie . Nous constatons que la santé est devenue une véritable obsession de l’homme moderne. Les progrès technologiques, l’accroissement de l’espérance de vie et l’envie du mieux-être ont déplacé la frontière entre le normal et le pathologique.Pour notre société l’objectif de la Kinésithérapie c’est de ré-insèrer le patient dans son contexte familial et professionnel afin que lui-même puisse assurer ses missions d’acteur social.La question est alors de savoir ce que fait le Kinésithérapeute - référentiel d’activités - et ce que lasociété attend du Kinésithérapeute - référentiel de compétences – pour s’inscrire dans cette nouvelle vision de la Santé.Pour répondre à cette question nous proposons une approche sociologique scientifique par la description des référentiels qui sont à la base de la Kinésithérapie. Ces référentiels sont des schémas d’intelligibilité construits en vue d’une identification à partir d’une analyse de situation . ( J. Ardoino, France ).
Social cohesion – a post-crisis analysis
Alina Magdalena MANOLE
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2012,
Abstract: Social cohesion is a complex notion, subject to various different approaches that we set out to analyse. Thus, the article presents the scientific views regarding social cohesion, both at an individual or group level and at a macro-social level. The concluding section presents the consequences for public policy of a pluralist approach to defining social cohesion, while underlining the importance of a bi-dimensional view – disparities/inequality/social exclusion and social relations/social bonds/social capital – in order to achieve a comprehensive vision of a society’s social cohesion.
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