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Lean Manufacturing And Productivity Improvement In Coal Mining
Manoj Ade,Dr. V.S.Deshpande
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The economic reforms- Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization, (LPG) started in 1991 in India. The main objective of the government was to achieve high economic growth and industrialize the nation for the well-being of Indian citizens. Thus Indian market became Global and open market. Coal industry was not an exception to this phenomena of globalization. The improvement in productivity has become need of coal industry to take the competitive advantage of global market.The challenge to the coal Industry is to identify the wastes and meet the market price by maintaining a good profit. The only solution is to reduce total production cost. Lean manufacturing is a systematic approach to identify and eliminate the waste through continuousimprovements and synchronizing the production process to obtain manufacturing excellence. This can be achieved by Lean thinking (to identify and eliminate wastes) and Lean production (to improve efficiency and effectiveness of equipment). Earlier the lean manufacturing concept was limited to manufacturing organizationnow it is used invariably in operation industries.In this paper researcher has applied lean manufacturing concept in order to increase productivity and to minimize the production cost of mining.
Role of Infrared Spectroscopy in Coal Analysis—An Investigation  [PDF]
Manoj Balachandran
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2014.56044
Abstract: Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy is a widely used analytical technique for determining the different functional groups of a coal structure. This method, being able to reveal carbo-hydrogenated structures (aromatic and aliphatic) and heteroatomic functions (mainly oxygenated), as well as to detect the presence of minerals, is currently one of the most powerful techniques for coal characterization and thus is of paramount importance in the various utilization procedures of coal (industrial combustion, coke production processes, etc.). FT-IR study shows the presence of aliphatic -CH, -CH2 and -CH3 groups, aliphatic C-O-C stretching associated with -OH and -NH stretching vibrations and HCC rocking. It is conjectured that, the two-stage leaching using HNO3 followed by HF remarkably reduced the ash content as well as the minerals including Al, Si and Ca. The solubilization of samples with buffered EDTA could not eliminate the minerals in coal. The silicate and kaolinite bands showed a systematic lowering on EDTA and carboxylic acid treatment. The fungal leaching was most beneficial for aromatic molecules with different degrees of substitution. The intensity of bands due to carbonyl groups was increased, when treated with fungi, whereas that due to oxygen functional groups showed a reverse trend. The mineral bands due to silicates also decreased in intensity, on post treatment with fungal culture.
Changing Wisdom of Metallic Alloys Development  [PDF]
Manoj Gupta
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2018.913074
Abstract: Metallic alloys have been instrumental through the ages in shaping the progress of human civilization. The development of the alloys from ancient to present time initiated from accidents to through the use of well-defined scientific principles. This article provides a snapshot of the alloys development from ancient to present time and the likely future direction.
Politics as a Profession  [PDF]
Ankit Kumar Manoj, Dinesh Sridharan, Manoj Kulandaivel
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2016.62018
Abstract: The proposed research is about the people’s perception about “Politics as profession”. This paper examines multiple case studies of people’s opinion about making career in politics and further explains why most of the people are not interested in politics. By and large, people in India consider Politics as “dirt”. The word “Uneducated” is directly linked with politicians in India. We have our own Indian Political history as background information for us to understand people’s mentality towards politics and why most of us never want to join it. The purpose of this paper is to study the mentality of Indian parents about letting their children pursue politics as their profession. The main objective of this research is to make people understand that we can never clean the dirt by just staying away from it. Results of various surveys have been included to support the fact that people are afraid to take politics as a career. Post-Independence Era has seen kith and kin of late famous political figures that have entered politics in spite of being uneducated. Education doesn’t just mean acquiring degrees from some university, but to have a sense of honor towards leading people. This paper also stresses on the fact that most people agree on having an educated politician but most of the educated people are not interested in joining politics. As we know, many Indian politicians shroud in fake degree scandal, which shows the education status of politicians in India. Our proposal signifies that people need to change their mentality about politics and join it in true professional spirit so that we can be a developed nation and present an example to the rest of the world.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of pain and immobility-associated osteoarthritis: consensus guidance for primary care
Ade Adebajo
BMC Family Practice , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2296-13-23
Abstract: A multi-disciplinary group that included primary care professionals (PCPs) developed an evidence-based consensus statement with an accompanying flowchart that aimed at providing concise and specific guidance on NSAID use in osteoarthritis treatment. An open invitation to meet and discuss the issue was made to relevant healthcare professionals in South Yorkshire. A round table meeting was held that used a modified nominal group technique, aimed at generating opinions and ideas from all stakeholders in the consensus process. A draft developed from this meeting went through successive revisions until a consensus was achieved.Four statements on the use of tNSAIDs and COX-2 inhibitors (and an attached category of evidence) were agreed: 1) tNSAIDs are effective drugs in relieving pain and immobility associated with osteoarthritis. COX-2 inhibitors are equally effective; 2) tNSAIDs and COX-2 inhibitors vary in their potential gastrointestinal, liver, and cardio-renal toxicity. This risk varies between individual treatments within both groups and is increased with dose and duration of treatment; 3) COX-2 inhibitors are associated with a significantly lower gastrointestinal toxicity compared to tNSAIDs. Co-prescribing of aspirin reduces this advantage; 4) PPIs should always be considered with a tNSAID and with a COX-2 inhibitor in higher GI risk patients. An accompanying flowchart to guide management was also agreed.Individual patient risk is an important factor in choice of treatment for patients with osteoarthritis and the consensus statement developed offers practical guidance for GPs and others in primary care. Where there are clinical uncertainties, guidance developed and agreed by local clinicians has a role to play in improving patient management.Osteoarthritis is a common presentation in primary care, responsible for an estimated 2.4% of all GP consultations in the UK, and a major contributor to the annual 10.1 million consultations for musculoskeletal conditions ove
Vida ?ade
Ribarstvo : Croatian Journal of Fisheries , 2005,
Abstract: In this article all diseases of shellfish that are regulated by the law in Republic Croatia are elaborated. These diseases are iridovirosis (gill disease), bonamiosis, microcystosis, haplosporidiosis and perkinsosis (N. N. 179/04). They are also cited in the International Bureau for Epizootics (O I E , 2004) as diseases that must be reported if are noticed in some area (except iridovirosis which is cited as disease of a potential international importance). Upper mentioned diseases cause important lowering of shellfish production in the world and there are impossible to eradicate and to cure. Until now, no cases of big mortality at shellfish farms, that are caused by some of law regulated diseases, have been recorded in Croatia.
Ade Febransyah
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2006,
Abstract: It has always been a great challenge to any product development team to forecast the success of a new product at the design stage. For any product concept, it is of interest to assign an accurate probability to any event or state of the world that reflects the new product success. This probability is then required in decision tree analysis for selecting the best product concept. In practice, the probability is determined solely on intuition or subjective judgment due to impreciseness, lack of information during the design stage, and the cognitive limitation of decision makers. This paper presents an approach integrating fuzzy set theory and multi criteria decision making (MCDM) approach in forecasting accurately the success of a new product. The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is used due to its simplicity as a prescriptive approach that will help decision makers select the best decision with respect to a set of criteria. Fuzzy numbers are used to describe any judgment on design criteria and the event probability of a product concept. A numerical example is given to illustrate the use of this approach. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Selalu menjadi tantangan besar bagi setiap tim pengembang produk untuk dapat mengestimasi tingkat kesuksesan suatu produk baru pada tahap desain. Tingkat kesuksesan yang dinyatakan dengan besar probabilitas berbagai state of the world dari suatu konsep produk selanjutnya digunakan dalam analisa keputusan untuk memilih konsep produk terlayak. Selama ini besar probabilitas ditentukan lebih banyak berdasarkan intuisi dan subyektifitas pengambil keputusan. Praktik ini cenderung menghasilkan keputusan yang bias mengingat keterbatasan kapabilitas kognitif manusia dalam mensintesa berbagai keunggulan maupun kekurangan dari sekumpulan konsep produk. Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk menyampaikan satu pendekatan yang mengintegrasikan logika fuzzy dan pendekatan pengambilan keputusan berkriteria jamak (multi criteria decision making /MCDM) dalam menentukan tingkat kesuksesan suatu konsep produk yang lebih akurat. MCDM digunakan karena pada dasarnya problem pemilihan konsep produk terbaik selalu mempertimbangkan sekumpulan kriteria. Pendekatan analitic hierarchy process (AHP) dipilih karena pendekatan ini menawarkan perspektif preskriptif yang akan menuntun pengambil keputusan untuk melakukan apa yang sebaiknya dan dapat dilakukan dalam membuat keputusan. Bilangan fuzzy digunakan untuk merepresentasikan penilaian terhadap berbagai kriteria dan besar kemungkinan dari berbagai tingkat kesuksesan suatu produk. Dengan menggunakan pendekatan Fuz
Ade Febransyah
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2005,
Abstract: High-level process planning plays an important role in determining candidate process domains at the configuration design stage. Changing the process domains later increases the product development cycle and the product development cost. Therefore, determining the most appropriate manufacturing processes at the beginning stages of the design process becomes critical. However, high-level process planning systems have traditionally lacked integration of design synthesis and design evaluation. The objective of this paper is to propose a CAD-based high-level process planning system that will help designers decide whether or not the designs are worth pursuing. A hybrid approach incorporating design by feature and feature recognition approaches is proposed and implemented. Synergizing both advantages of both approaches will reduce the complexity of feature recognition algorithm without sacrificing the flexibility in creating a part model.
Antecedents and Performance Outcomes of Strategic Planning in Nigerian Public Universities
Ade Oyedijo
International Journal of Asian Social Science , 2012,
Abstract: This study examined the organizational and environmental antecedents and performance outcomes of strategic planning practices in 46 federal and state owned universities in Nigeria. We used a multiple – informant survey research method to obtain information on the extent to which the strategic planning practices of the respondent universities conform with established normative criteria of vision and mission development, external environmental analysis, setting of long-term objectives, the development of action plans and implementation guidelines, and the existence of a planning and budget department. The results of the Pearson correlation tests show the universities whose planning practices approximate the ideal strategic planning model respond to external environmental pressure better than those whose practices are distant from the ideal model of strategic planning. The first category of universities also performed better on several indices of performance including goal driven and attainment behavior, priorities setting, fund allocation, external fund acquisition, internal revenue generation, as well as innovation and staff commitment among others. Furthermore, the study found that the size and complexity of a university, the amount of environmental pressure, the rate of internal growth and resource munificence positively and significantly correlated to and are the key factors influencing the strategic planning effort of a university. The study concludes that the use of strategic planning is becoming increasingly recognized by Nigerian public universities and is a response to the shift in the forces in the environment within which the universities are operating. The universities that have adopted this management paradigm appear to be getting value for their efforts enabling them in particular to redefine their vision and mission and to align themselves with the realities of their changed environment and improve their resource allocation process.
Studies on Chromate Removal by Chromium-Resistant Bacillus sp. Isolated from Tannery Effluent  [PDF]
Manoj Kumar Chaturvedi
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2011.21008
Abstract: A chromate-removing strain was isolated from spent chrome effluent and identified as Bacillus circulans strain MN1. The isolated strain was studied for resistance to Cr (VI) and its ability to remove Cr (VI). The strain was found to tolerate Cr (VI) concentration as high as 4500 mg/L, but the cells growth was heavily influenced when initial Cr (VI) concentration was increased between 1110 mg/L and 4500 mg/L while Cr(VI) at 500 mg/L to 1110 mg/L did not suppressed the cells growth. The experiments also demonstrated that the cells removed toxic Cr (VI) more efficiently at 30?C compared with that at 25?C and 35?C. The optimum initial pH for Cr (VI) removal was 5.6 and final pH values of 5.1-5.6 were observed for initial pH 5.2-5.7.
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