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Nazeema.T.H,Manoah Martin.I
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2013,
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to evaluate the possible genetic variation occurred due to the action of transposons. Hibiscus rosasinensis was selected for the study as it had the transposable elements similar to the one found in maize, which can be useful for the differentiation of colors in this plant. In this study an attempt was made to identify the transposable elements and to study the dynamics of the cryptic plant species. The plant DNA was successfully extracted and run with 0.8% Agarose gel electrophoresis. After isolation of DNA specific transposable element primers were used to amplify the 300bp of fragment. These fragments were subjected to RAPD which identified the transposon sequence (106bp) named as En/Spm. These fragments represent ribulose 1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase large subunit (rbcL) gene which were confirmed with NCBI-BLAST. The sequences were initially aligned with Clustal-X software. Based on this alignment, 224bp of sequence were used to construct phylogenetic tree. Hence, the relationship shows that Hibiscus rosasinasesis (Brown) and Hibiscus rosasinensis (Pink) are closely related, but the Hibiscus rosasinasesis (Red) is distantly related. The same results were shown in RAPD technique when the transposable element sequence was compared with RAPD marker. It can be concluded that the Hibiscus rosasinensis plant has more than 80% of transposons which was responsible for the color changes.
Contributions to the Bryophyte Flora of Republic of Macedonia
Andrej Martin i
Hacquetia , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10028-009-0008-9
Abstract: The author presents the results of his own research of bryophyte flora carried out in years 1962-1972 in R. Macedonia. He mentioned 269 bryophyte taxa (41 liverworts and 228 mosses), among them 75 taxa (18 liverworts and 57 mosses) are reported for the first time in Republic of Macedonia. Six species are included in the Red data book of European bryophytes (ECCB 1995).
Mahovna Flora Smrekov kega Pogorja (Kamni ko-Savinjske Alpe, Slovenija)
Andrej Martin i
Hacquetia , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10028-008-0003-6
Abstract: The study gives results on new bryophyte records of Smrekov ko pogorje Mts. as well as the previous reports from the literature. In total 229 species are reported from the investigated region, 173 mosses and 56 liver-worts. Among them 3 are reported for the first time for Slovenia (Sciuro-hypnum oedipodium, Calypogeia integristipula, Lophozia sudetica), 20 species are reported for the first time for the Kamni ko-Savinjske Alps (Alpine phytogeographical region of Slovenia). 26 species are included in the national Red List and 4 species in the Red Data Book of European Bryophytes (ECCB 1995), in the rare (R) category: Scapania verrucosa, Brachythecium geheebii, Fissidens asplenioides and Paraleucobryum sauteri.
Formal education and the quality of librarian's work
Martin ?nidar?i
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 1999,
Abstract: The paper deals with the relations between formal education of librarians within the Department of Library Science on the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, and the quality of work of librarians. The university must give to the students more then only specialized knowledge needed on their working places in libraries. The profile of a librarian is rapidly changing and the information technology has brought to librarians new contents of work. But the book will not be superseded by the computer, but book and computer will coexist in the third millenium library. The curriculum on the Department of Library Science will have to take into account these developments. But for the high quality of librarian's work more is required then formal education: the personal drive to achieve more than average in his or her everyday work is the quality that will make a good librarian.
DOI - Digital Object Identifier : A revolution in the management and trading of copyrighted information over the Internet in the third millenium
Martin ?nider?i
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 1997,
Abstract: Rapid development of information technology in recent years has brought over also the problem of the protection of author's rights related to copyrighted works on electronic media. Information and law specialists were intensively working on this problem for several years and the result has been a new system of labelling copyrighted works on the Internet, called DOI (Digitial Object Identifier). The system was developed in the United States. At the time of the presenta tion of DOI at the Bookfair in Frankfurt, 250.000 author works were labelled with DOI. The system is universal and enables the inclusion of the present standard identifiers (ISBN, ISSN, SICI). The fact that DOI identifier stays "glued on" forever, makes the identification of the carrier of copyright possible at any moment. The DOI system presents the infrastructure system for trading in and use of copyrighted works over the Internet in the third millenium.
Change Management in Adult Educational Organizations: A Slovenian Case Study
Romana Martini
Managing Global Transitions , 2010,
Abstract: Successful implementing andmanaging of change is urgently necessary for each adult educational organization. During the process, leading of the staff is becoming a key condition and the most significant factor. Beside certain personal traits of the leader, change management demands also certain leadership knowledges, skills, versatilities and behaviour which may even border on changing the organizational culture. The paper finds the significance of certain values and of organizational climate and above all the significance of leadership style which a leader will adjust to the staff and to the circumstances. The author presents a multiple qualitative case study of managing change in three adult educational organizations. The paper finds that factors of successful leading of change exist which represent an adequate approach to leading the staff during the introduction of changes in educational organizations. Its originality/value is in providing information on the important relationship between culture, leadership styles and leader’s behaviour as preconditions for successful implementing and managing of strategic change.
On Some Stability Properties of Compactified D=11 Supermembranes
I. Martin,A. Restuccia
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1007/BFb0104600
Abstract: We desribe the minimal configurations of the bosonic membrane potential, when the membrane wraps up in an irreducible way over $S^{1}\times S^{1}$. The membrane 2-dimensional spatial world volume is taken as a Riemann Surface of genus $g$ with an arbitrary metric over it. All the minimal solutions are obtained and described in terms of 1-forms over an associated U(1) fiber bundle, extending previous results. It is shown that there are no infinite dimensional valleys at the minima.
Charge dynamics and Kondo effect in single electron traps in field effect transistors
I. Martin,D. Mozyrsky
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.71.165115
Abstract: We study magneto-electric properties of single electron traps in metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors. Using a microscopic description of the system based on the single-site Anderson-Holstein model, we derive an effective low energy action for the system. The behavior of the system is characterized by simultaneous polaron tunneling (corresponding to the charging and discharging of the trap) and Kondo screening of the trap spin in the singly occupied state. Hence, the obtained state of the system is a hybrid between the Kondo regime, typically associated with single electron occupancy, and the mixed valence regime, associated with large charge fluctuations. In the presence of a strong magnetic field, we demonstrate that the system is equivalent to a two level-level system coupled to an Ohmic bath, with a bias controlled by the applied magnetic field. Due to the Kondo screening, the effect of the magnetic field is significantly suppressed in the singly occupied state. We claim that this suppression can be responsible for the experimentally observed anomalous magnetic field dependence of the average trap occupancy in ${\rm Si-Si0_2}$ field effect transistors.
On Global Analysis of Duality Maps
I. Martin,A. Restuccia
Physics , 1997,
Abstract: A global analysis of duality transformations is presented. It is shown that duality between quantum field theories exists only when the geometrical structure of the quantum configuration spaces of the theories comply with certain precise conditions. Applications to S-dual actions and to T duality of string theories and D-branes are briefly discussed.It is shown that a new topological term in the dual open string actions is required. We also study an extension of the procedure to construct duality maps among abelian gauge theories to the non abelian case.
Measurement induced quantum-classical transition
D. Mozyrsky,I. Martin
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.89.018301
Abstract: A model of an electrical point contact coupled to a mechanical system (oscillator) is studied to simulate the dephasing effect of measurement on a quantum system. The problem is solved at zero temperature under conditions of strong non-equilibrium in the measurement apparatus. For linear coupling between the oscillator and tunneling electrons, it is found that the oscillator dynamics becomes damped, with the effective temperature determined by the voltage drop across the junction. It is demonstrated that both the quantum heating and the quantum damping of the oscillator manifest themselves in the current-voltage characteristic of the point contact.

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