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Standardisation of an Ayurvedic formulation "Sanjivani Vati"
Parameswaran Sandhya,Mandar Nandan
International Journal of Green Pharmacy , 2010,
Abstract: Sanjivani vati is official in Ayurvedic formulary of India and is prescribed for the treatment of cough and fever. It is a polyherbal preparation containing ten ingredients. In this research paper, an attempt has been made to develop standardisation methods for some of the ingredients of Sanjivani vati. Quantitative estimation of tannins was done by Folin Denis method using gallic acid as standard. Embelin and Piperine were estimated by reverse phase HPLC. A standard laboratory reference sample of Sanjivani vati and two marketed samples were evaluated as per the developed method. The methods developed were validated in terms of linearity, accuracy, precision and recovery. Results indicated that only one marketed sample complied with all the standards prescribed and its content of tannin, piperine and embelin were equivalent to standard reference values.
Role of Multidetector CT in Evaluation of Polytrauma Patients  [PDF]
Amit Nandan Dhar Dwivedi
Open Journal of Emergency Medicine (OJEM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojem.2014.23009

Trauma is the leading cause of death in age group less than 45 years. In trauma, time is one of the most crucial factors in predicting prognosis. Outcomes are greatly improved when critical interventions are provided within the golden hour following injury. Whole body multidetector computerised tomography (WBMDCT) can decrease this critical time and increase survival. Emergency CT plays a major role in diagnostic workflow in the evaluation of patients with polytrauma. MDCT scanners are widely used because they rapidly produce high-resolution scans of large areas, offering short examination times for multiple body regions under emergency conditions. Such examinations most often include the head, cervical spine, and thorax to pelvis. Role of MDCT in head trauma remains unparalleled for reasons like its widespread availability and capability to reveal skull fractures, primarily because it is a fast and efficient method to triage the patients with treatable conditions mandating urgent surgical intervention such as extra axial hematomas, mass effect, herniations of brain, hydrocephalus, and midline shift and hence preventing secondary brain injury. MDCT angiography is an important tool to screen patients with suspected vascular injury.

Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting Methods and Structures Using Analytical Hierarchy Process for a Large Scale Industrial Area  [PDF]
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2009.16052
Abstract: In India, with ever increasing population and stress on natural resources, especially water, rejuvenation of rainwater harvesting (RWH) technique which was forgotten over the days is becoming very essential. Large number of RWH methods that are available in the literature are demand specific and site specific, since RWH system depends on the topography, land use, land cover, rainfall and demand pattern. Thus for each and every case, a detailed evaluation of RWH structures is required for implementation, including the analy-sis of hydrology, topography and other aspects like site availability and economics, however a common methodology could be evolved. The present study was aimed at evaluation of various RWH techniques in order to identify the most appropriate technique suitable for a large scale industrial area to meet its daily wa-ter demand. An attempt is made to determine the volume of water to be stored using mass balance method, Ripple diagram method, analytical method, and sequent peak algorithm method. Based on various satisfying criteria, analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is employed to determine the most appropriate type of RWH method and required number of RWH structures in the study area. If economy alone is considered along with hydrological and site specific parameters, recharging the aquifer has resulted as a better choice. However other criteria namely risk, satisfaction in obtaining required volume of water for immediate utilization etc. has resulted in opting for concrete storage structures method. From the results it is found that AHP, if used with all possible criteria can result in a better tool for evaluation of RWH methods and structures. This RWH structures not only meets the demand but saves transportation cost of water and reduces the dependability of the industry on irrigation reservoir. Besides monetary benefits it is hoped that the micro environment inside the industry will improve due to the cooling effect of the stored water.
National rural health mission: Turning into reality
Nandan Deoki
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 2010,
Whose Teaching Hospital, is it Any Way!
Nandan D
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 2006,
Notes Towards an Autobiography Patrick White-- Writing, Politics and the Australia-Fiji Experience
Satendra Nandan
Coolabah , 2012,
Spectral domain ghost imaging
Nandan Jha
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: In the last few years,the field of ghost imaging has seen many new developments. From computational ghost imaging to 3D ghost imaging, this field has shown many interesting applications. But the method of obtaining an image in ghost imaging experiments still requires data to be recorded over long duration of time due to averaging over many shots of data. We propose a method to get the intensity correlated images in one shot by averaging over different wavelength components rather than different time components.
Local Implementations of Non-Local Quantum Gates in Linear Entangled Channel  [PDF]
Debashis Saha, Sanket Nandan, Prasanta K. Panigrahi
Journal of Quantum Information Science (JQIS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jqis.2014.42010

In this paper, we demonstrate n-party controlled unitary gate implementations locally on arbitrary remote state through linear entangled channel where control parties share entanglement with the adjacent control parties and only one of them shares entanglement with the target party. In such a network, we describe the protocol of simultaneous implementation of controlled-Hermitian gate starting from three party scenarios. We also explicate the implementation of three party controlled-Unitary gates, a generalized form of Toffoli gate and subsequently generalize the protocol for n-party using minimal cost.

Biomonitoring of Four Contrasting Wetlands of Kolkata, West Bengal Based on Zooplankton Ecodynamics and Biotic Indices  [PDF]
Poulomi Sanyal, Nandan Bhattacharya, Susanta Kumar Chakraborty
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2015.67062
Abstract: East Kolkata Wetland (EKW) has been assigned the status of Ramsar Site because of its vastness as well as self purification capabilities which have been utilized by local people for the massive agricultural and aquaculture production for more than one century. In this context, an attempt has been made in the present paper to evaluate the existing environmental health of four selected contrasting wetlands of this eco-zone of global importance by qualitative and quantitative hydro-biological studies. Two of the selected wetlands (study site-III and study site-IV) used to receive water from raw sewage after undergoing phytoremediation process. The study site-II has been selected with a view to evaluate the pollution stress on the structural components of this wetland ecosystem as it receives waste water because of anthropogenic activities, and the study site-I is away from any pollution impact as it is located in a well managed natural park. Quantification of the variabilities of different biotic components caused by water pollution has been assessed by recording binary distribution patterns of zooplankton and similarity indices. Besides, new Biotic Indices (Species Pollution Value—SPV and Community Pollution Value—CPV) have been developed using data on the distributional patterns of zooplankton in order to assess the degree of pollution of the studied wetlands. Seasonal water quality data along with qualitative and quantitative information of biological parameters have also been taken into consideration to highlight the impact of phytoremediation on wetland ecosystem dynamics on one hand and pollution stress on the structural and functional components of the water body on the other hand.
Shefali Nandan,Shefalika Ghosh Samaddar,Tanuj Nandan
Serbian Journal of Management , 2010,
Abstract: Faculty Development Progammes are a means to expose the faculty in higher education to new theories and technology in their field. However, evaluation component of such programmes is usually not well-planned. An attempt has been made to identify the determinants of usefulness of FDPs in the area of Business Management as perceived by faculty and the extent of impact of these factors on usefulness. The study identifies four determinants. A dynamic model of sefulness of FDPs is presented as an outcome of the study.

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