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Geometric Programming Approach to an Interactive Fuzzy Inventory Problem
Nirmal Kumar Mandal
Advances in Operations Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/521351
Abstract: An interactive multiobjective fuzzy inventory problem with two resource constraints is presented in this paper. The cost parameters and index parameters, the storage space, the budgetary cost, and the objective and constraint goals are imprecise in nature. These parameters and objective goals are quantified by linear/nonlinear membership functions. A compromise solution is obtained by geometric programming method. If the decision maker is not satisfied with this result, he/she may try to update the current solution to his/her satisfactory solution. In this way we implement man-machine interactive procedure to solve the problem through geometric programming method. 1. Introduction In formulating an inventory problem, various parameters involve in the objective functions and constraints which are assigned by the decision maker (DM) from past experiences. But in real world situation, it is observed that the possible values of the parameters are often imprecise and ambiguous to the DM. In different situations, different circumstances, it takes different values. So, it is difficult to assign the precise values of the parameters. With this observation, it would be certainly more appropriate to interpret the DM’s understanding of the parameters as fuzzy numerical data which can be represented by fuzzy numbers. In the conventional approaches the objective goals are taken as deterministic. The objective goals, however, may not be exactly known. The target may vary to some extent, which is then represented by the tolerance value. Due to inexactness of the objective goals, the objective functions may be characterized by different types of membership functions. In a multiobjective nonlinear programming (MONLP) problem DM plays an important role to achieve his/her optimum goal. He/she has every right to choose or rechoose the suitable set of membership functions for different objective functions. He/she decides the types of fuzzy parameters and also free to assign the reference values of each objective functions/membership functions for the desired optimal solutions. In this way an interactive procedure can be established with the DM. Sakawa and Yano [1, 2] proposed a new technique to solve such type of problems. Zadeh [3] first introduced the concept of fuzzy set theory. Later on, Bellman and Zadeh [4] used the fuzzy set theory to the decision-making problem. Fuzzy set theory now has made an entry into the inventory control systems. Park [5] examined the EOQ formula in the fuzzy set theoretic perspective associating the fuzziness with the cost data. Roy and Maiti
Structural intensity fields of naturally orthotropic plates
Nirmal K. Mandal
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: For locating and ranking vibration sources and sinks on structures, the structural intensity (SI) technique is an essential tool. It can enumerate vibration fields by plotting a vector map of energy transmission on the structures. A different strategy, changing coordinate systems of orthotropic plate equations, is used to develop intensity formulation components in both x and y directions. The formulation is carried out in the frequency domain considering flexural waves. Orthotropic plate theory, far-field conditions, Fourier transform, and finite difference approximation are considered. The same intensity definition is obtained using this different strategy.
Tissue Culture of Anthurium andreanum: A Significant Review and Future Prospective
Saikat Gantait,Nirmal Mandal
International Journal of Botany , 2010,
Abstract: Anthurium, with over 108 described genera and 3750 species, is one of the most popular tropicals, highly appreciated for its brightly coloured and long lasting flowers. The exotic Anthurium industry plays a significant role in the global floriculture trade. To overcome the demerits of conventional propagation of Anthurium, plant tissue culture proved to be an influential tool that can complement conventional breeding and accelerate Anthurium development. This review presents a consolidated explanation of in vitro propagation and focuses upon contemporary information on biotechnological advances made in Anthurium.
Fuzzy economic order quantity model with ranking fuzzy number cost parameters
Mandal Nirmal Kumar
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/yjor110727014m
Abstract: In this paper, a multi-objective economic order quantity model with shortages and demand dependent unit cost under storage space constraint is formulated. In real life situation, the objective and constraint goals and cost parameters are not precisely defined. These are defined in fuzzy environment. The cost parameters are represented here as triangular shaped fuzzy numbers with different types of left and right branch membership functions. The fuzzy numbers are then expressed as ranking fuzzy numbers with best approximation interval. Geometric programming approach is applied to derive the optimal decisions in closed form. The inventory problem without shortages is discussed as a special case of the original problem. A numerical illustration is given to support the problem.
An Engineering Analysis of Insulated Rail Joints: A General Perspective
Nirmal Kumar Mandal,,Brendan Peach
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: The insulated rail joint (IRJ) is considered as a necessary evil by the rail transportation and maintenance industry. For automated block signalling it is required to have sections of track electrically insulated from each other, disallowing the rail to be continuously welded as is done where possible. The IRJ is however substantially weaker than the rail and so is subjected to large stresses, causing failure. This paper investigates an engineering analysis of different designs and failure modes of the IRJ and a 3D finite element model for analysing the stresses experienced by three different joint bar sizes, one of 30mm width, one of 34mm width and one of 40mm width. The paper is part of a greater study into the IRJ and searching for ways to improve the performance of the assembly.
An Economic Analysis of Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bert.) Cultivation through Stem Cutting and Tissue Culture Propagule in India
Arpita Das,Mainak Biswas,Nirmal Mandal
Trends in Agricultural Economics , 2010,
Abstract: The present study has been formulated to study the cost of cultivation of stevia to encourage the farmer regarding cultivation of this plant and also provide information regarding profitability of cultivation. Stevia become a potential and renewable raw material in the food market because the increase in the number of diabetic and health conscious individual boost up the international market of high quality stevia leaves which is a non-caloric natural sugar. Lack of information regarding the cost of cultivation of stevia specially in Indian context generate plenty of confusion with regard to cultivation of this plant and also about selection of the profitable propagating material. The present study thus concerned with calculating the cost of cultivation, return and cost benefit ratio to identify economic viability and technical feasibility of stevia cultivation through cutting and tissue culture propagated planting material. For this an experimental plot size of 100x100 m each was used for cultivation for 3 years with cutting and tissue cultured plantlets as propagating material. The cost of cultivation refers to the total expenses incurred in cultivating stevia, expressed on a per hectare basis and worked out using operation wise approach in both the cases for three years. Lastly benefit cost ratio was incurred which is the ratio of the present worth of gross costs and represents the economic viability of the two projects. From the two project it was revealed that fixed as well as variable cost was more in tissue culture plantlets propagated field but tissue cultured plants favour disease free clean cultivation with high foliage production as compared with cutting where disease and pest infection was severe. For this during three years of economic life total sales of dry stevia leaves was generate more income in tissue cultured propagule established fields than cutting propagated field. From the cost benefit ratio of the two projects it was clear that profit of the two projects was comparable with each other and was technically feasible and economically viable.
The Keith Edward scoring system: A case control study
Sarkar Supriya,Paul Dilip,Chakrabarti Sudipta,Mandal Nirmal
Lung India , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: The World health organization (WHO) has accepted Keith Edward scoring system for the diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis (TB). In the present study, we evaluated this scoring system. Methods and Results: We included 53 children with confirmed TB involving different organs, admitted in NB Medical College, during two years period as cases; and 50 randomly selected, age, sex, and organ matched confirmed non-TB cases as controls. We noticed 15.1% false negative and 22% false positive results in our study, and the scoring system had 84.9% sensitivity, 78% specificity, and 80.36% positive predictive value. Likelihood ratio positive (LR+) was 3.86, likelihood ratio negative (LR-) was 0.19, and overall agreement was 81.55%. We observed that Keith Edward scoring system was less effective in children suffering from non-TB chronic diseases (false positive rate: 45.5%). We found no significant difference in nutritional status between study and control groups (P = 0.65). We noticed that more than 15-mm indurations for tuberculin test were specific for TB in children. Conclusion: We concluded that Keith Edward scoring system is good for public health purpose, but there is a scope for improvement, and further study is required for this purpose.
Investigation of death due to fever in patrasayer block in the district of Bankura, West Bengal
Mandal Nirmal,Mukhopadhyay Dipta,Saren Asit,Panja Tanmay
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 2009,
Multi-item fuzzy inventory problem with space constraint via geometric programming method
Mandal Kumar Nirmal,Roy Kumar Tapan,Maiti Manoranjan
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/yjor0601055m
Abstract: In this paper, a multi-item inventory model with space constraint is developed in both crisp and fuzzy environment. A profit maximization inventory model is proposed here to determine the optimal values of demands and order levels of a product. Selling price and unit price are assumed to be demand-dependent and holding and set-up costs sock dependent. Total profit and warehouse space are considered to be vague and imprecise. The impreciseness in the above objective and constraint goals has been expressed by fuzzy linear membership functions. The problem is then solved using modified geometric programming method. Sensitivity analysis is also presented here.
Nonpolar compounds from Canna indica rhizomes
Nirmal S.A.,Kolhe N.M.,Pal S.C.,Mandal Subhash C.
Facta Universitatis Series : Physics, Chemistry and Technology , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/fupct0801141n
Abstract: The hydrocarbons from petroleum ether extract of Canna indica L. (Cannaceae) were investigated by GC-MS. Results showed presence of 5, 8- henicosdiene (3.27 %), 7- henicosyne (3.70 %), 3, 15- dihydroxy-2-octadecene (45.12 %), 6- hydroxy eicosane (5.18 %), tricosane (2.40 %), and tetracosane (1.89 %).
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