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Eleina QIRICI,Mamica NENE
Revista de Turism : Studii si Cercetari in Turism , 2011,
Abstract: The Kor a Region is located in the Southeast of Albania and borders Greece and Macedonia to the South and the East. It is a mountainous region with two major lakes, Lake Ohrid, the oldest lake in Europe, which is shared with Macedonia and Lake Prespa which is shared with Greece and Macedonia (100km2 in Albania). If we consider the last years, there is an increasing tendency to improve the tourist facilities and to attract the tourist market which is interested for activities in open nature and relax in fresh and pure air. These demands could be met very well in Korca destination which is characterized by suitable climatic conditions and tourist services. Eventually a combination of development of town tourism and tourist villages helped the sustainability of the development of Korca as tourist destination in general. The main purpose of this paper is to present the using of important - performance analysis in marketing destination for the development of tourism. Highlights: (1) the paper considers multifarious goals of the destination management; (2) a computer booking system is used by hotels and guest houses in the region; (3) the relationship between what a tourists wants to find in a destination and that he finds in fact.
Mamica NENE,Eleina QIRICI
Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi : Economic Sciences Series , 2010,
Abstract: FDI are very important especially for the developing countries like Albania. The worldwide competition in attracting FDI is intensified the efforts concerning the reforms in improving the business climate. The efforts done toward the increase of the political stability, improvement of infrastructure, stimulating policies and the establishment of institutions which promote Albania in investors’ community show how much Albania has been trying to attract the foreign investors. The goal of this survey is to study the relation between such indicators as: political stability, GDP per capital, working power, promotion of investments and FDI. The survey contributes modestly in discussing scientifically what is needed for improving the climate of foreign direct investments in Albania.
Financial Incentives and their Impact for Attracting FDI Survey with Foreign Investitures in Albania
Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology , 2011,
Abstract: Introduction to market economy brought the need to attract FDI in Albanian economy. Governments of different countries often used several incentives to attract foreign investors. In this aspect, Albania has attempted to attract FDI by applying several measures in order to create a favorable environment to foreign investments. This study considers the relation between demanders of financial aspects taking into account thus the incentive packages, the business sector where these packages are applied, tax levels and the opportunity for foreign investments in the coming years. In order to provide thorough information, the study will be focused on analyzing the conclusions of the interviews made to foreign investors who have their activity on Albania. The study will include also the results of a statistical analysis. It is used to verify if there exist a relation between incentives and FDI level. The contingency test is χ2.
Mamica Nene,Eleina Qirici
Contemporary Marketing Review , 2011,
Abstract: This study tried to identify the impact of qualitative parameters such as language, geographic and cultural vicinity between Albania and its neighbor countries for attracting foreign investments. In the beginning, there is a general overview of FDI in Balkan Region and then the study follows with a general overview of FDI in Albania. In this aspect, resources of secondary data were used. Information from these resources shows that foreign investors in Albania originate mostly from EU countries. The study is completed with collecting primary data which consisted on the personal interviews to 122 foreign businesses having their activity in Albania out of a total of 1347 businesses. Two hypotheses were identified related with the cultural and geographical vicinity between the host country and origin country of foreign investors and their reasons of investing in Albania. The statistical analysis of the questionnaires was made through SPSS17 program, which calculates the frequency of answers, creation of cross tables and verifies the hypotheses through x2test.
Interface-Localized Mode In Bilayer Film Ferromagnetic Resonance Spectrum
H. Puszkarski,S. Mamica
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: Ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) in exchange-coupled bilayer films has been the subject of intensive studies in recent years. From the experimental viewpoint, a characteristic feature of this FMR is that some specimens show single resonance, whereas others show double resonance. Moreover, double resonance can exhibit a regular pattern, in which the high-field (HF) line intensity surpasses that of the low-field (LF) line, or it can exhibit an inverted pattern with the HF line less intense than the LF line. There is a general belief that the inverted FMR pattern occurs when the HF line is an "optic mode", i.e. an out-of-phase composition of individual sublayer modes, and the LF line is an "acoustic mode", or an in-phase mode composition. The existing theoretical explanations of bilayer ferromagnetic resonance are, as a rule, based on phenomenological equation of motion of the magnetization vector. In this paper, we propose a theory of FMR in ultrathin bilayers based on an entirely microscopic approach, using the Heisenberg model of localized spins and assuming that the two ferromagnetic sublayers are exchange-coupled through their interface. This rigorous microscopic FMR theory does explain the inverted pattern of the bilayer FMR spectrum by assuming the HF line to correspond to an in-phase mode, but of interface-localized nature; this gives a possibility to explore the HF resonance line corresponding to the interface-localized mode as a potential source of information concerning the bilayer interface.
Perception of and Attitudes toward the Nigerian Federal Population Policy, Family Planning Program and Family Planning in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Helen Nene Avong
African Journal of Reproductive Health , 2000,
Abstract: This paper discusses the perceptions of the Nigerian population policy, family planning program and family planning using data obtained from a 1995 survey of 600 Atyap women aged 15–49 years, in Nigeria. Additional qualitative data were obtained from married and unmarried women and men, clergymen, government officials, and respected community elders. The predominantly Christian and rural Atyap community generally accepts modern contraception and the need for family size reduction but considers the “four-is-enough” policy to be unacceptable. Religion may be important in determining the success of the federal government to reduce family size to four children by the year 2000. (Afr J Reprod Health 2000; 4 [1]: 66-76) Key Words: Population policy, family planning program, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Prof. A.P. Misra Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award (2008-09) - Y.L. Nene
Y.L. Nene
Indian Phytopathology , 2011,
Vended foods in Lagos, Nigeria: A potential reservoir for the spread of emerging strains of drug resistant bacteria  [PDF]
Kabiru Olusegun Akinyem, Muibat O. Fashola, Nene Habib, Esther Akinwande
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.54089
Abstract: Background and Aims: Food is of paramount importance to the sustenance of human health, on that basis this study was initiated with a view to determining bacterial agents associated with the vended foods and to investigating antibacterial resistance of the isolates. Methods: Twelve food samples from vendors were randomly collected from ten locations within Lagos environs. The food samples were analyzed bacteriologically by standard methods. The isolates were identified and subjected to antimicrobial susceptibility testing using standard procedures. Results: The total plate counts of bacteria recorded was between 2.98 × 103 cfu/g in Jollofrice and 4.09 × 104 cfu/g in Salad. Seventy-six bacterial isolates made up of six genera; Escherichia coli, Salmonella Typhimurium, Alcaligenes spp., Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacter spp., Serratia marcensens and Proteus spp. were identified. Most of the bacterial isolates were moderately sensitive to cotrimoxazole, nalidixic acid, amoxicillin and nitrofurantion except in S. Typhimurium with less than 50% susceptibility. Also over 60% of the pathogens isolated were inhibited by ceftazidime, cefpodoxime, and levofloxacin antibiotics and most strains of E. coli
Fe3O4 and Fe Nanoparticles by Chemical Reduction of Fe(acac)3 by Ascorbic Acid: Role of Water  [PDF]
Ajinkya G. Nene, Makoto Takahashi, Prakash R. Somani
World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering (WJNSE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/wjnse.2016.61002
Abstract: Nanoparticles of Fe3O4 and Fe are chemically synthesized by reduction of Fe(acac)3 using ascorbic acid in controlled condition. It was observed that addition of water during the chemical synthesis process yields Fe3O4 nanoparticles, whereas if the reaction is carried out in absence of water yields Fe nanoparticles—which get oxidized upon exposure to air atmosphere. Fe3O4 (15 ± 5 nm) and Fe/iron oxide nanoparticles (7 ± 1 nm) were successfully synthesized in the comparative study reported herewith. Mechanism for formation/synthesis of Fe3O4 and Fe/iron oxide nanoparticles is proposed herewith in which added water acts as an oxygen supplier. Physico-chemical characterization done by SEM, TEM, EDAX, and XPS supports the proposed mechanism.
Perspectives on Employment Integration, Mental Illness and Disability, and Workplace Health
Nene Ernest Khalema,Janki Shankar
Advances in Public Health , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/258614
Abstract: This paper reviews the literature on the interplay between employment integration and retention of individuals diagnosed with mental health and related disability (MHRD). Specifically, the paper addresses the importance of an integrative approach, utilizing a social epidemiological approach to assess various factors that are related to the employment integration of individuals diagnosed with severe mental illness. Our approach to the review incorporates a research methodology that is multilayered, mixed, and contextual. The review examines the literature that aims to unpack employers’ understanding of mental illness and their attitudes, beliefs, and practices about employing workers with mental illness. Additionally we offer a conceptual framework entrenched within the social determinants of the mental health (SDOMH) literature as a way to contextualize the review conclusions. This approach contributes to a holistic understanding of workplace mental health conceptually and methodologically particularly as practitioners and policy makers alike are grappling with better ways to integrate employees who are diagnosed with mental health and disabilities into to the workplace. 1. Introduction Employment is an important social determinant of health and participation in employment can enhance health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals with serious mental illness are unemployed [1–5]. For those with mental illness who are employed there is increasing evidence that current workplace environments are contributing to the development and/or exacerbation of mental illness and disability [6, 7]. Limited mental health literacy among employers has been identified as a major barrier to people diagnosed with mental health and related disability (MHRD), making a successful return to work or sustaining employment difficult [8]. Although there is a considerable body of the clinical literature on the experiences of individuals with severe mental health illness in the workplace, much less has been written about an epidemiological approach to understanding employers’ perspectives on hiring workers who experience mental illness and related disability and the kinds of support they need for reintegrating these workers in the workplace. A research approach proposed in this paper makes it possible to assess employers’ perspectives on employing workers with mental illness and related disability, their attitudes and concerns about employing workers with these conditions, and the kinds of information and support they need to facilitate the worker’s return to work.
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