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Influence of Inflammation on Poststroke Plasticity
Monika Liguz-Lecznar,Malgorzata Kossut
Neural Plasticity , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/258582
Influence of Inflammation on Poststroke Plasticity
Monika Liguz-Lecznar,Malgorzata Kossut
Neural Plasticity , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/258582
Abstract: Age-related brain injuries including stroke are a leading cause of morbidity and mental disability worldwide. Most patients who survive stroke experience some degree of recovery. The restoration of lost functions can be explained by neuronal plasticity, understood as brain ability to reorganize and remodel itself in response to changed environmental requirements. However, stroke triggers a cascade of events which may prevent the normal development of the plastic changes. One of them may be inflammatory response initiated immediately after stroke, which has been found to contribute to neuronal injury. Some recent evidence though has suggested that inflammatory reaction can be also neuroprotective. This paper attempts to discuss the influence of poststroke inflammatory response on brain plasticity and stroke outcome. We also describe the recent anti-inflammatory strategies that have been effective for recovery in experimental stroke. 1. Introduction Ischemic stroke results from two main pathological processes: a loss of oxygen and an interruption of glucose supply to a particular brain region. The collapse of energy provision leads to the dysfunction of ionic pumps, loss of membrane potential, and uncontrolled release of neurotransmitters. The consequence of those processes is the increase of intracellular calcium concentrations that, among many deleterious effects, result in the generation of free radicals, leading to disintegration of cell membranes and subsequent neuronal death in the core of infarction [1]. Necrosis in the center of infarction can start a few minutes after stroke and is followed by peri-infarct depolarizations, excitotoxicity, edema, and oxidative stress [2]. The more delayed processes accompanying stroke are inflammation and apoptosis. They are initiated several hours after ischemic attack and can persist even for several weeks [3]. Although a great progress has been made in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of ischemic tissue damage, the only approved therapy is still thrombolysis achieved by intravenous administration of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). Unfortunately, short therapeutic window for this therapy strongly limits the fraction of patient that can benefit from the treatment. Moreover, stroke induces a complex cascade of inflammatory response which contributes to the postischemic damage. The complex nature of phenomena after ischemic event hampers a successful design of effective therapeutic strategies (Figure 1). Figure 1: Acute cerebral ischemia, neuroinflammation, and plasticity.
Fear Learning Increases the Number of Polyribosomes Associated with Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapses in the Barrel Cortex
Malgorzata Jasinska, Ewa Siucinska, Ewa Jasek, Jan A. Litwin, Elzbieta Pyza, Malgorzata Kossut
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054301
Abstract: Associative fear learning, resulting from whisker stimulation paired with application of a mild electric shock to the tail in a classical conditioning paradigm, changes the motor behavior of mice and modifies the cortical functional representation of sensory receptors involved in the conditioning. It also induces the formation of new inhibitory synapses on double-synapse spines of the cognate barrel hollows. We studied density and distribution of polyribosomes, the putative structural markers of enhanced synaptic activation, following conditioning. By analyzing serial sections of the barrel cortex by electron microscopy and stereology, we found that the density of polyribosomes was significantly increased in dendrites of the barrel activated during conditioning. The results revealed fear learning-induced increase in the density of polyribosomes associated with both excitatory and inhibitory synapses located on dendritic spines (in both single- and double-synapse spines) and only with the inhibitory synapses located on dendritic shafts. This effect was accompanied by a significant increase in the postsynaptic density area of the excitatory synapses on single-synapse spines and of the inhibitory synapses on double-synapse spines containing polyribosomes. The present results show that associative fear learning not only induces inhibitory synaptogenesis, as demonstrated in the previous studies, but also stimulates local protein synthesis and produces modifications of the synapses that indicate their potentiation.
New Method for Measurement of Plant Roots Specific Surface  [PDF]
Grzegorz , Jozefaciuk, Malgorzata Lukowska
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2013.45135

To provide enough space to carry all surface charges responsible for high cation exchange capacity of plant roots, large area of the root specific surface is necessary, however all experimental methods used up to date give too small surface area values. In this paper, we propose to measure the plant roots surface area using water vapor adsorption isotherm. This method gives roots specific surface areas compatible to CEC. Methodical aspects of the measurements are described along with theoretical background for calculating specific surface area on the example of roots of barley grown in nutrient solution.

Diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum dots: an extreme sensitivity of the hole Zeeman splitting on the aspect ratio of the confining potential
F. V. Kyrychenko,J. Kossut
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: The valence band states confined in infinitely deep quantum dots made of diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS) are considered theoretically. A complex anisotropic structure of the valence bands in DMSs with cubic symmetry described by the full Luttinger Hamiltonian is taken into account. It is found that the Zeeman splitting is very sensitive to the shape of the confining potential and, in particular, to its orientation relative to the direction of an external magnetic field. This sensitivity has its origin in a mixing of different spin components of a hole wave function which takes place for finite hole wave vectors ${\bf k}$. Several consequences of the effect are discussed, including a possibility to control the inter-dot tunneling by an external magnetic field. It is shown also that the polarizations of optical transitions in a single DMS quantum dot depend on details of geometry of its confining potential as well as on the strength of the magnetic field.
National frameworks' survey on standardization of e-Government documents and processes for interoperability
Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-18762008000200006
Abstract: e-government can be defined as internet applications for public administration processes and decisión making on local, regional, national as well as cross-national level. therefore, the strong necessity to ensure vertical and horizontal interoperation of administrative units is arrived. the main goal of the paper is to reveal how interoperability is built into the public administration engineering process. the paper covers explanations how interoperability is important for e-governmental processes covering documents flows and what activities have been realized with eu agencies to ensure interoperability development. the first part of the paper comprises explanation of e-government document engineering and administrative process development. the second part covers consideration on interoperability for e-business and public administration. the third part includes analysis of what standardization is demanded for interoperability of e-government agencies and how different countries' governments are prepared to ensure such interoperability in public administration in the light of documents, institutional norms and open standards.
Differential top pair cross section and top anti-top plus jets Physics
Worek, Malgorzata
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2013,
Abstract: A brief summary of the current status of the next-to-leading order QCD corrections to top quark pair production and the associated production of top anti-top with jet(s) in different configurations, i.e. with one jet, two jets and another top anti-top pair, is presented.
Monte Carlo Generators for the LHC
Worek, Malgorzata
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007,
Abstract: The status of two Monte Carlo generators, HELAC-PHEGAS, a program for multi-jet processes and VBFNLO, a parton level program for vector boson fusion processes at NLO QCD, is briefly presented. The aim of these tools is the simulation of events within the Standard Model at current and future high energy experiments, in particular the LHC. Some results related to the production of multi-jet final states at the LHC are also shown.
Sensibiliser les enfants à une langue étrangère par le biais d'une activité musicale
Malgorzata Pamula
Synergies Espagne , 2008,
Abstract: Face à la séparation en compartiments étanches des divers enseignementsque re oivent les jeunes apprenants, l’enseignement intégral éveille chez euxl’activité cognitive, développe leur créativité et l’envie d’entreprendre. L’auteuranalyse l’impact de cette méthode nouvellement appliquée dans l’enseignementdes écoles élémentaires polonaises. L’apprentissage du fran ais dans ce cadred’enseignement intégral (musique, arts plastiques) peut parfaitement être menédès les premières étapes de l’éducation musicale. L’on met surtout l’accent surla formation de la perception des phénomènes acoustiques relevant d’une oeuvremusicale, de la musique. Mais en même temps on prend en considération uneaptitude perceptive importante: la sensibilité phonétique. à travers des exercicesqui préparent les jeunes apprenants à la découverte de l’écrit en langue étrangèrese développe ainsi la sensiblilsation à cette langue et la conscience phonologiquede l’enfant.
An Evaluation of the American Models of Public Library Service for Disabled Users for Poland An Evaluation of the American Models of Public Library Service for Disabled Users for Poland
Malgorzata Fedorowicz
Türk Kütüphanecili?i , 2007,
Abstract: The service of disabled people is an extremely important segment of public libraries activity. In the United States, Canada and Scandinavian countries a great importance is attached to expanding library offer by adding services aimed to this category of users. In this work three American models of library service in public libraries are discussed. The models are: delivering library services outside a library, in other words, an outreach program, rendering services in special needs centers and integrated service, which is provided in the same place and in the same way as for the remaining members of the community (it is also called mainstreaming). Next, the models are compared with actions taken in this field in Polish libraries, which after many years of isolation from the latest trends currently are trying to overtake backlogs.
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