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Computational Analysis of .NET Remoting and Mobile agent in Distributed Environment
Vivek Tiwari,G. Shailendra,Renu Tiwari,Malam Kirar
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: A mobile agent is a program that is not bound to the system on which it began execution, but rather travels amongst the hosts in the network with its code and current execution state (i.e. Distributed Environment).The implementation of distributed applications can be based on a multiplicity of technologies, e.g. plain sockets, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Java Message Service (JMS), .NET Remoting, or Web Services. These technologies differ widely in complexity, interoperability, standardization, and ease of use. The Mobile Agent technology is emerging as an alternative to build a smart generation of highly distributed systems. In this work, we investigate the performance aspect of agent-based technologies for information retrieval. We present a comparative performance evaluation model of Mobile Agents versus .Net remoting by means of an analytical approach. A quantitative measurements are performed to compare .Net remoting and mobile agents using communication time, code size (agent code), Data size, number of node as performance parameters in this research work. The results depict that Mobile Agent paradigm offers a superior performance compared to .Net remoting paradigm, offers fast computational speed; procure lower invocation cost by making local invocations instead of remote invocations over the network, thereby reducing network bandwidth.
A Ricardian Analysis of the Impact of Temperature and Rainfall Variability on Ag-riculture in Dosso and Maradi Regions of Niger Republic  [PDF]
Garba Hima Mamane Bello, Maman Nafiou Malam Maman
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/as.2015.67070
Abstract: The impact of climate variability on Maradi and Dosso agriculture was estimated taking into account farmer adaptations. The study used a Ricardian analysis of 200 farms to explore the effects of climate variability on net revenue. It also simulates the impact of different climate scenarios on agriculture incomes. This analysis bespeaks that if temperature increases 1°C annually, the annual crop net revenues for both frameworks will decrease up to 582170.7 FCFA2 for model without adaptation (M1) and up to 1316 FCFA for model with adaptation (M2). An increase of Precipitation of 1 mm/month will increase crop receipts for the frameworks up to 721,917 FCFA for M1 and 1,861,455 FCFA for M2. In order to predict climate change impacts for these regions, the RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5 of IPCC scenarios were examined. The crop net receipts will fall between 10% and 26% if the scenarios happen. Another finding of this study is that each farmer who is practicing adaptation is able to cover the potential loss from climate variability up to 8.95% and 12.71% per ha respectively in Maradi and in Dosso. The study proposes that these regions should start planning measures for unexpected event of climate conditions. Irrigated systems need to be encouraged in order to minimize the vulnerability of the agricultural sector.
Numerical Analysis of Tube-Fin Heat Exchanger using Fluent
M. V. Ghori,R. K. Kirar
International Journal on Theoretical and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Three-dimensional CFD simulations are carried out to investigate heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of two-row plain Tube and Fin heat exchanger using FLUENT software. Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of the heat exchanger are investigated for Reynolds numbers ranging from 330 to 7000. Model geometry is created and meshed by using GAMBIT software. Fluid flow and heat transfer are simulated and results compared using both laminar and turbulent flow models k-, and SST k-omega, with steady-state solvers to calculate pressure drop, flow, and temperature fields. Model validation is carried out by comparing the simulated value friction factor f and Colburn factor j to experimental results investigate by Wang. Reasonable agreement is found between the simulations and experimental data, and the fluent software has been sufficient for simulating the flow fields in tube-fin heat exchangers.
An Optimal Assignment Schedule of Staff-Subject Allocation  [PDF]
Suleiman Kabiru, Bello Malam Saidu, Abdullahi Zubairu Abdul, Uba Ahmad Ali
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2017.74042
Abstract: This research is an optimal allocation of assignment schedule in science subjects. Two methods of assignment problem were used, namely; the Hungarian method (Algorithm) and Linear interactive & discrete optimization (LINGO) technique. The results from both methods yielded the same optimal outcome. It reveals that the total minimum opportunity that will maximize the educational quality is 84 and the total maximum effectiveness that will maximize the educational quality is 416. Therefore, we recommend to the school management to adopt these methods in staff-subject allocation schedule to science, management and arts subjects for optimal benefits. Accordingly, the government should also apply the findings of this research to other schools.
Multicentric Study of 148 New Cases of Female Genital Fistula Niger  [PDF]
N. Idi, N. A. Harouna Malam Brah, A. Idrissa, L. Djangnikpo, Z. Assoumana
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2018.814162
Abstract: Introduction: Obstetric fistula is a public health problem but its prevalence remains unknown in Niger. We report epidemiological and anatomopathological status of new cases of female genital fistula. Method: Multicentre prospective study over 15 months (January 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2017) in 5 national centers for the therapeutic management of female genital fistula. Data were collected from focus groups, observations and pre-established individual survey form and hospital records. Results: During the 15-month survey period, 148 new cases of female genital fistula of obstetric origin were recorded. Patients aged 15 to 19 accounted for 40% of cases. They were married before the age of 16 (55.4%), out of school in 89.2% and 77.2% lived outside the matrimonial home. The patients came from rural areas (96%) of the cases, the labor of delivery lasted more than 24 hours in 71.6% and in 95.3% of the cases the delivery was initiated at home and then finished in a health facility, 33.8% had assisted vaginal delivery (forceps/suction cup), 23% by caesarean section and 10.81% by laparotomy for uterine rupture. Fistula occurred during first delivery (47.3%) and recurrence accounted for 5.4% of cases. Perinatal death accounted for 85.1%. Conclusion: Female genital fistula of obstetric origin remains a major public health problem in Niger despite the efforts made.
Data Pre-processing and Neural Network Algorithms for Diagnosis of Type II Diabetes: A Survey
Raj Anand,Vishnu Pratap Singh Kirar,Dr. Kavita Burse
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Diagnosis of type II diabetes in early stages is very challenging task due to complex inter dependence on various factors. It requires the critical need to develop medical diagnostic support systems which can be helpful for the medical practitioners in the diagnostic process. Neural network techniques have been successfully applied to the diagnosis of many medical problems. In this survey we compare the various neural network techniques for the diagnosis of diabetes. The Pima Indian data set is used to study the classification accuracy of the neural network algorithms. The various data pre-processing techniques are surveyed to improve the predictive accuracy of the neural network algorithms.
Design a Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Dual Band
Arun Singh Kirar,Veerendra Singh Jadaun,Pavan Kumar Sharma
International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Technology , 2013,
Abstract: This paper presents a circular patch microstrip antenna operate in dual band (1.66 GHz and 2.777GHz). The proposed Circular patch antenna will be in light weight, flexible, slim and compact unit compare with current antenna used in dual band [1]. The paper also presents the detail steps of designing the circular patch microstrip antenna and the simulated result. IE3D software is used to compute the gain, power, radiation pattern, and S11 of the antenna.
Effect of Wind velocity At different Yaw Angle On Top Loss Coefficient of Solar Flat Plate collector An Experimental Study.
A.V. Rabadiya,Ravindra Kirar,S.V. Ballar
International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology , 2012,
A comparative study of low dose weekly paclitaxel versus cisplatin with concurrent radiation in the treatment of locally advanced head and neck cancers
Jain R,Kirar P,Gupta G,Dubey S
Indian Journal of Cancer , 2009,
Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare low dose weekly paclitaxel versus cisplatin with concurrent radiation in locally advanced head and neck cancers. Materials and Methods: From August 2005 to July 2006, a total of 100 biopsy proven, locally advanced head and neck cancers were enrolled for the study. All the patients were stratified in two groups, study group A and control group B. Study group patients received injection Paclitaxel 20 mg/m 2 , I/V 1 hr infusion weekly for 6 weeks and control group patients received injection Cisplatin 30 mg/m 2 , I/V 2 hrs infusion weekly for 6 weeks. All patients received 66-70 Gy concurrent radiation at the rate of 2 Gy/day, 5 #/week, in 6-7 weeks by cobalt theratron phoenix - 80 teletherapy units. Result: Complete response achieved in 73% of patients in study group and 64% of patients in control group. There was no statistically significant difference observed between the study group and the control group (χ2 = 1.167, df = 1, level of significance 0.05). On 3-10 months of follow-up 59% of patients in the study group and 42% of patients in the control group are alive and disease free. Local toxicities including mucositis, dysphasia and skin reactions were more in the study group but tolerable. Conclusion: Efficacy of paclitaxel in low dose weekly schedule is comparable to cisplatin in locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Further analysis and follow-up are needed to evaluate if this benefit will translate into prolonged survival.
K-Fold Cross Validation and Classification Accuracy of PIMA Indian Diabetes Data Set Using Higher Order Neural Network and PCA
Raj Anand,Vishnu Pratap Singh Kirar,Dr. Kavita Burse
International Journal of Soft Computing & Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: Neural network techniques have been successfully applied for diagnosis of Type II diabetes. We propose a K-Fold cross validation method for classification of PIMA Indian diabetes data set. The classification accuracy is computed with PCA preprocessing and higher order neural network. The problem of missing data in the analysis and decision making process is handled through PCA. PCA also scales the data in the same range of values.
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