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Majlinda Bello,Mirela Cini,Frederik ?ucllari
Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis Arad, Seria Stiinte Economice , 2012,
Abstract: This paper focuses on the process of euroisation of the Albanian economy. Like any other process, even euroisation has its benefits and costs. The prevailing opinion is that the advantages of euroisation, at least for a short period, are profoundly evident especially in developing countries where aspirations for EU entry are great. The Albanian economy has experienced the financial euroisation since 1992. Considering the actual conditions, for Albania, an alternative to be considered would be the unilateral euroisation. Costs and benefits of unilateral euroisation are related to each-other, but in the case of Albania, they tend to benefit especially from a considerable expansion of trade. We all understand that the road towards European integration will pass through the euroisation of the economy. The question that arises is not if will be the Albanian economy euroised but when this will happen.
Majlinda BELLO,Frederik ?U?LLARI,Mirela CINI
Management & Marketing , 2011,
Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to analyze the informal economy in Albania. The measurement of informal economy may be realized through direct and indirect methods. The collection of data about informal economic activities, the frequency and the volume of the underground activities present a challenge, because of the data limitations. Therefore, to measure it used more indirect methods. Albanian governments have always adopted a philosophy that aims to formalize the economy through legal and institutional improvements, reducing taxes, fighting corruption and tax evasion; improvement in revenue collection from customs and taxes in general, improving governance and increasing efficiency of public institutions. Albania is on the way of the integration in the EU. The integration perspective should be supported by concrete politics on the improvement of government functioning and decrease of the informal sector, so that the people think that their country is on the right way toward modernization and prosperity.
Results based management in Albanian local governments. Case study municipality of Korca
Eva Dhimitri,Majlinda Bello,Elda Dollija
Manager , 2012,
Abstract: Public Management has been a constant concern for all politicians and public administrators at all levels of governance in Albania. Increase of public demand for higher accountability, efficiency in the administration of public goods and services is now challenging the traditional means of governance by so aiming tangible results in the public management. Results Based Management (RBM) is a new approach in the public management, a practice already developed in the western countries. RBM is defined as an approach that integrates in one whole instrument the strategies, human resources, processes and their evaluation, with the aim of improving decision-making, transparency, and accountability of public institutions. This study makes an effort to approximate and clarify as simply as possible such a management scheme which remains a relatively new approach for Albania and especially for local governance stakeholders. RBM is not only a planning-monitoring -evaluation tool but also a model that can facilitate the activity and development of Local Government Units in order for them to improve their “product/services”. From empirical data deriving from this prior assessment it results that municipality of Korca in Albania have the willingness and the institutional and technical capacities, though very fragmented and not integrated in one whole clear model, to embrace the RBM as a new approach in their institution’s management.
Effects of Preschool Education in Preparing Children for the First Grade in Terms of Linguistic and Mathematical Development  [PDF]
Majlinda Gjelaj
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.44039

The purpose of this research is to determine the level of childrens readiness for the first grade, in terms of mathematical and linguistic development. This research is quantitative and includes 466 children who were enrolled in the first grade in September 2011, as well as their parents. They belong to various schools in towns and villages of Kosovo. The sample was randomly selected. Children are assessed for their intellectual readiness, separately in mathematical and linguistic development through standardized measuring instrument by the Brainline author Joey Du Plooy. The questionnaire was translated and adapted. In this paper it will be focused only mathematical and linguistic development of children who have just started the first grade. Children are evaluated by a team of pedagogy who have been previously trained in the use of this questionnaire. Each child is individually assessed and the questions that were impossible to take from the children are taken from their parents. The survey results raise awareness about the importance of preschool institutionalized education and provide advices of the importance of preparing children for starting the first grade without fear and with self-esteem.

The Impact of Natural Water Quality on Baking Products in Albania  [PDF]
Valbona Sinani, Majlinda Sana, Elton Seferi, Abdyl Sinani
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2014.618149
Abstract: Water, a simple chemical ingredient, is so important during the process of cooking and baking product as flour. Its functions in baking processes are numerous, some of which are not entirely clear, while others are evaluated by characteristics of the mature product. Regardless of its origin, the water shall be drinkable to be used in processes of baking. In this study, four types of water of the country which are Spring water, Lajthiza, Tepelena and Trebeshina are evaluated. Three factors that must be considered in relation to water quality, such as taste, content of chemicals and mineral content are evaluated. Identification of an unusual taste or bad smell in water can change the taste of the final product. Chlorine is considered a chemical ingredient that has significant effects on the quality of the dough, especially in the fermentation activity. Yeast, being a natural microorganisem, is sensitive to chlorine. Also a high level of chlorine affects the function of flour and enzymes especially. Mineral content of the water determines the hardness and softness of the water, where strong water contains a large amount of minerals, while soft water contains a very limited amount of minerals. Dough characteristics may be affected by the minerals content in water: minerals used by the yeast nutrient, so a change in their concentration in the water affects at the fermentation process. As a result, a change in fermentation will affect at the dough characteristics, making it stronger or weaker. In a wider sense of functionality of baking ingredient products, it is very important to control the baking process and final production of a consistent quality. Often, when quality is not within the required standards and used not adequately, water can be a determining factor for obtaining the desired dough and final product characteristics.
Mediterranean Spotted Fever Complicated with Thrombosis of the Left Central Retinal Vein: A Case Report and Literature Review  [PDF]
Ermira Muco, Arta Kushi, Neada Hoxha, Anila Monka, Ali Tonuzi, Majlinda Kota, Artan Bego, Dhimiter Kraja
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2018.64005
Abstract: We describe a case of Mediterranean spotted fever complicated with thrombosis of the left central retinal vein. A 41-year-old woman patient living in the city Scodra was referred to our hospital in October 2017 for high fever 40°C, muscular and articular pains, severe headache, maculopapular rash, chills, photophobia and visual loss in his left eye. Ocular examination showed vision acuity: OD 8/10, OS 2/10. Funduscopic examination complemented with fluorescein angiography showed: optic nerve papilla with clear contours, diffuse hemorrhages in the contest off retinal vein thrombosis, white retinal lesions, vascular sheathing and macular cystoids edema. R. conorii antibodies were identified by ELISA anti Rickettsia conorii IgM, IgG and Weil-Felix Ox-19 test. Investigation of other infective agents and the immunological panel were negative. After treatment with doxycycline 200 mg/day for 10 days vision acuity was OD: 8/10 OS: 6/10; FO: There are less hemorrhages in fluorescein angiograph and OCT showed a reduced macular cystoids edema. Mediterranean spotted fever should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a patient who presents with an acute febrile disease accompanied by maculopapular rash especially in the seasons of spring, summer or autumn.
On a Subordination Result of a Subclass of Analytic Functions  [PDF]
Risikat Ayodeji Bello
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2017.711038

In this paper, we investigate a subordination property and the coefficient inequality for the class M(1, b), The lower bound is also provided for the real part of functions belonging to the class M(1, b).

Quality of Antenatal Care: Comparison between Secondary and Tertiary Health Facilities in Ibadan, Nigeria  [PDF]
Oluwasomidoyin Olukemi Bello
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2018.86063
Abstract: Background: Patient satisfaction is related to the quality of services received and the extent to which specific needs are met. Satisfied patients are likely to come back for the health services and recommend it to others. Objective: To assess and compare patients’ satisfaction with the quality of prenatal/antenatal care (QPC) services received at a tertiary and secondary health facility in Ibadan, Nigeria. Methods: A comparative cross sectional study used an interviewer administered questionnaire to assess and compare the quality of antenatal care among women who had antenatal care and delivered live baby in two government health facilities—Adeoyo Maternity Hospital (secondary health facility) and University College Hospital (tertiary health facility). A total of 500 women were interviewed within 48 hours post delivery and data obtained was analyzed with SPSS version 20. Results: The mean age was 29.7 (SD = 4.95) years. About half of the respondents had more than four antenatal visits, almost two-thirds (61.4%) were primipara, and 55.6% delivered per vagina. Almost all (98.4%) the women were very satisfied with the QPC received while a little above half (54.0%) received high QPC. Health facility and mode of delivery were found to be significantly associated with the satisfaction of the QPC. Factors predicting high QPC comparing the tertiary and secondary health facility are “availability” (OR = 0.341, 95%CI = 0.173 - 0.672) and “support and respect” (OR = 5.599, 95%CI = 3.621 - 8.659) of health care
Using Of Redox Agents In Conditory Products, Cakes And Biscuits
Majlinda Sana,Gafur Xhabiri,Elton Seferi,Abdyl Sinani
Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Using of additive tested has a reduction effect on hydrogen’s links of gluten proteins in preparing of dough for confectionary production. Effects is attributed the action of the additives (redox agents) that have at their optimum from 12 in 20 ppm, which affect in decreasing of the dough resistance increasing extension ranged. The activity of the additive has a correlative connection with cultivars of the wheat and radius of flours. Redox agents (additives) are the products with chemical-based, which through oxidation or reduction reactions that develop in the dough, change the physical and rheological properties of confectionary product. Structures and formations quantitatively of gluten proteins determine the quality of the dough for cakes and biscuits. Reductants are substances that affect in the gluten soften, weakening the links from –SS- in –SH. Their impact is reducing of overall molecular weight to aggregates of the gluten proteins. The first stage of the reaction is interaction of reluctant with gluten proteins that is an exchange of SH/SS, which release a unit of proteins and leaves a link –SS- between proteins and reluctant, leaving so second group of proteins –SH free and giving the oxidized form to the reluctant. The most used of reluctant are L-Cysteine and Sodium Metabisulphites. By tests made results that using of these reductants leads to an advanced extension of the confectionary dough and to a very good form of the final product.
Influence of soy flour in baked products
Majlinda Sana,Gafur Xhabiri,Elton Seferi,Abdyl Sinani
Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Adding of chronic diseases has increased the interest of researchers in the production of food products with biological balanced value. The purpose of this study is to increase the nutritional value of bread produced with soybean flour mixture, and the determination of the optimal level of harmonization with flour produced in our country and from import. The ability to produce an acceptable and appropriate bread rely on interactions between starch and gluten, and other ingredients. In this study, it shows the chemical-technological effect of soybean mixtures in reports 7%, 12%, 16% and 22%. Tests with pharinograph have shown some changes in the incorporation of soy flour with wheat flour, such as increasing of water absorption and dough weakening. Mixing time remains constant at low levels of soy flour content. High percentages show a molecular stickiness in the dough, which makes treatment more difficult. In high concentrations also have a decrease in the bread volume, while measures and humidity increases with increasing the amount of soya flour. Our results confirm that the harmonization of soybean with wheat flour in bakery products increases the amount of protein, which increases the content of iron, calcium, zinc and components with high biological value.
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