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La Representación Teatral Como Dispositivo de Investigación Cualitativa para la Indagación de Sentidos Sobre la Experiencia Escolar con Jóvenes
Paulín,Horacio Luis; Tomasini,Marina; D'Aloisio,Florencia; López,Carlos Javier; Rodigou Nocetti,Maite; García Bastán,Guido;
Psicoperspectivas , 2011, DOI: 10.5027/psicoperspectivas-Vol10-Issue2-fulltext-149
Abstract: in this paper we analyze a theatrical device aimed at inquiring senses built by secondary school youngsters about inter and intragenerational relations at school. we propose a working model that fosters the expression of conflict concerning school living together, through dramatic representations, recorded documentation, and the register of situations and critical incidents which occur at school and have students as protagonists. such research approach is positioned at collaborating research, which implies the construction of dialogic relations with the group of actors, tending to the cooperation of the university research team to cope with specific institutional demands. we analyze the accomplishments of this kind of technique in the inquiry of problems with youngsters because of the possibility to gain access to the expressive and emotional registers that contribute to the understanding of the analytic categories built from conversational strategies.
Maite García Martín
Abstract: En este artículo se aborda la autorregulación académica, actualmente un tema considerado central en las diferentes etapas educativas y, especialmente, en la etapa universitaria. De acuerdo a los parámetros comprendidos en el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior, la ense anza universitaria debe capacitar a los alumnos para desenvolverse en la sociedad del conocimiento y afrontar los retos de un futuro laboral que exige aprender a lo largo de la vida. Eneste sentido, con la intención de contribuir al desarrollo en los alumnos universitarios de lacompetencia denominada "aprender a aprender", en este trabajo se presenta una revisión teórica de las líneas básicas que definen y encuadran la autorregulación académica como variableexplicativa y necesaria en el desarrollo de dicha competencia. Así, se presentan los aspectos relativos al constructo de autorregulación académica (concepto, dimensiones y fases), las características del alumno autorregulado, las claves de la práctica educativa para el desarrollo de éstas y, por último, los instrumentos asociados a su evaluación o medida.
Predicted proteins of Neisseria meningitidis as potential vaccine candidates: from in silico analyses to experimental corroboration
García,Darien; Yero,Daniel; Niebla,Olivia; Cobas,Karem; Perera,Yasser; Caballero,Evelin; Delgado,Maite; Pajón,Rolando;
Biotecnolog?-a Aplicada , 2012,
Abstract: neisseria meningitidis serogroup b infections are a serious health threat to the world that cannot be prevented by vaccination. here, we report an analysis of the mc58 neisseria meningitidis genome aimed at the identification of new potential vaccine candidates. 'hypothetical' and 'conserved hypothetical' annotated genes, together with those with putative functions related to the cell envelope, were subjected to extensive sequence similarity searches, as well as motif, cellular location, and domain analyses complemented with manual curation. as a result, a set of 35 uncharacterized orfs, predicted to encode for surface exposed or virulence related proteins, was identified. the candidates were subdivided in three categories: 1) predicted outer membrane proteins (omps) unique of the neisseria genus; 2) conserved omps from various genus and 3) proteins homologous to known omps or to proteins previously found to be immunogenic in animal models. two of the final candidates, nmb1126 and nmb0181, were cloned and expressed in escherichia coli. the resulting products were purified by metal chelating chromatography and used to immunize mice. the recombinant proteins were capable of inducing antibodies against the native antigen in preparations of a panel of three strains and displayed bactericidal activity against the homologous strains.
Impacto clínico de la PET con 18FDG en la selección de la terapia de los pacientes oncológicos
Simó,M.; Cirera,L.; García-Garzón,J. R.; Bastús,R.; Soler,M.; Serra,M.; García-Domingo,M.; González,S.; Lome?a,F.;
Oncología (Barcelona) , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S0378-48352006000400003
Abstract: purpose: to determine the impact of (f18)2-fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose positron emission tomography (pet-18fdg) in cancer patients. materials and methods: a standardized questionnaire of one hundred consecutive pet-18fdg oncologic studies (72 men and 22 women, with a median age of 67 years) was sent to all involved referring physicians. the questionnaire was designed to determine how the results of the pet-18fdg imaging changed the patients management. the changes were categorized as intramodality and intermodality. results: the three leading causes of referral were lung cancer (34%), colorectal cancer (24%) and solitary lung nodules (15%). pet changed patients management in 53 out of 97 evaluated cases (55%) (intramodality management in 5 and intermodality management in 48). curative surgery was changed to chemotherapy plus radiotherapy in 17 patients (17.5%). pet had some decision-making value in 69% patients and avoided unnecessary aggressive diagnostic procedures in 56%. conclusions: pet has shown to be a useful diagnostic tool in the oncological setting. it improves the initial staging of neoplasms, especially of patients with lung cancer, and characterizes the tumour recurrence, particularly in colorectal neoplasms. pet selects the most appropriate treatment in each case, avoiding unnecessary surgical interventions.
High Mitochondrial DNA Stability in B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
María Cerezo,Hans-Jürgen Bandelt,Idoia Martín-Guerrero,Maite Ardanaz,Ana Vega,ángel Carracedo,áfrica García-Orad,Antonio Salas
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0007902
Abstract: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) leads to progressive accumulation of lymphocytes in the blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic tissues. Previous findings have suggested that the mtDNA could play an important role in CLL.
A survey on the inverse integrating factor
Isaac A. García,Maite Grau
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: The relation between limit cycles of planar differential systems and the inverse integrating factor was first shown in an article of Giacomini, Llibre and Viano appeared in 1996. From that moment on, many research articles are devoted to the study of the properties of the inverse integrating factor and its relation with limit cycles and their bifurcations. This paper is a summary of all the results about this topic. We include a list of references together with the corresponding related results aiming at being as much exhaustive as possible. The paper is, nonetheless, self-contained in such a way that all the main results on the inverse integrating factor are stated and a complete overview of the subject is given. Each section contains a different issue to which the inverse integrating factor plays a role: the integrability problem, relation with Lie symmetries, the center problem, vanishing set of an inverse integrating factor, bifurcation of limit cycles from either a period annulus or from a monodromic $\omega$-limit set and some generalizations.
Una aproximación conceptual relacionada con el desarrollo de la profesión docente
García,Aníbal José; Andrés Z.,María Maite;
Investigación y Postgrado , 2003,
Abstract: within the notion of professional teaching growth, this article analyses the antecedents and legal regulations associated with it in venezuela. the main objective is to describe and differentiate aspects related to teachers? actualization, improvement and training as well as their links to the working environment. from the conceptual perspective assumed in the study, we examine the specific case of the experimental science teachers. by assessing the actual situation of these educators in venezuela, we are able to propose several actions directed to a professional improvement that may allow the noteworthy social projection of the teaching career.
Enrique Rivera García,Carmen Trigueros Cervantes,Maite Pavesio Estero
ágora para la Educación Física y el Deporte , 2003,
Abstract: : The purpose of this paper is to offer a general overview of the research in PE carried out in Spain during the last years. In doing so, we show our concern about the limitations of some of the works which, in our opinion, is due to the meritocratic constraints that constitute the background of most of them. In this context, we propose a new, emergent, paradigm integrating the qualities of those in use.Resumen: En este artículo se ofrece un resumen general de las principales investigaciones en la Educación Física Escolar llevadas a cabo en los últimos a os. Mostramos nuestra preocupación ante las limitaciones de algunos trabajos que achacamos a la finalidad meritocrática que los ha provocado y guiado. Nos mostramos a favor de un paradigma de investigación emergente que integre lo mejor de los ya existentes.
Catechol-O-methyltransferase gene haplotypes in Mexican and Spanish patients with fibromyalgia
Gilberto Vargas-Alarcón, José-Manuel Fragoso, David Cruz-Robles, Angélica Vargas, Alfonso Vargas, José-Ignacio Lao-Villadóniga, Ferrán García-Fructuoso, Manuel Ramos-Kuri, Fernando Hernández, Rashidi Springall, Rafael Bojalil, Maite Vallejo, Manuel Martínez-Lavín
Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/ar2316
Abstract: Fibromyalgia (FM) is a frequent illness. Epidemiological studies from different parts of the world have shown a prevalence rate of 2% to 3% in the general population. Approximately 90% of affected individuals are female [1]. The severity of the illness diminishes the quality of life of afflicted persons [2] and imposes a heavy economic burden on society [3]. Therefore, FM can be considered a major health problem among contemporary women.Different groups of investigators have shown that autonomic dysfunction is frequent in patients with FM. Heart rate variability analyses have demonstrated signs of ongoing sympathetic hyperactivity. This hyperactivity is accompanied by a blunted sympathetic response to different stressors. It has been proposed that this autonomic dysfunction explains the multifaceted complaints of FM [4]. The defining characteristics of FM (namely, widespread pain and allodynia) could be explained by a pathogenesis known as 'sympathetically maintained pain' [5].Naturally occurring sympathetic neurotransmitters are catecholamines known as norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. All three substances act within the central nervous system. Norepinephrine acts also in peripheral postganglionic nerve endings and exerts local effects in close proximity to the area where it is released, whereas epinephrine is the circulating hormone of the adrenal medulla and influences processes throughout the body.The major systemic transformation of catecholamines is catalyzed by the catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) enzyme. The COMT gene is located in region 22q11.1 to 22q11.2 of chromosome 22. There are different single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the COMT gene which induce important functional alterations of the enzyme. The best-studied SNP (rs4680) occurs in codon 158 with valine-to-methionine transition (Val-158-Met). The Val-158-Val genotype gives rise to an effective enzyme, whereas the Met-158-Met genotype produces a defective enzyme, which is incapabl
Breast Feeding, Parity and Breast Cancer Subtypes in a Spanish Cohort
Carmen M. Redondo, Manuela Gago-Domínguez, Sara Miranda Ponte, Manuel Enguix Castelo, Xuejuan Jiang, Ana Alonso García, Maite Pe?a Fernández, María Ausencia Tomé, Máximo Fraga, Francisco Gude, María Elena Martínez, Víctor Mu?oz Garzón, ángel Carracedo, J. Esteban Castelao
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0040543
Abstract: Background Differences in the incidence and outcome of breast cancer among Hispanic women compared with white women are well documented and are likely explained by ethnic differences in genetic composition, lifestyle, or environmental exposures. Methodolgy/Principal Findings A population-based study was conducted in Galicia, Spain. A total of 510 women diagnosed with operable invasive breast cancer between 1997 and 2010 participated in the study. Data on demographics, breast cancer risk factors, and clinico-pathological characteristics were collected. The different breast cancer tumor subtypes were compared on their clinico-pathological characteristics and risk factor profiles, particularly reproductive variables and breastfeeding. Among the 501 breast cancer patients (with known ER and PR receptors), 85% were ER+/PR+ and 15% were ER-&PR-. Among the 405 breast cancer with known ER, PR and HER2 status, 71% were ER+/PR+/HER2- (luminal A), 14% were ER+/PR+/HER2+ (luminal B), 10% were ER?/PR?/HER2- (triple negative breast cancer, TNBC), and 5% were ER?/PR?/HER2+ (non-luminal). A lifetime breastfeeding period equal to or longer than 7 months was less frequent in case patients with TNBC (OR = 0.25, 95% CI = 0.08–0.68) compared to luminal A breast cancers. Both a low (2 or fewer pregnancies) and a high (3–4 pregnancies) number of pregnancies combined with a long breastfeeding period were associated with reduced odds of TNBC compared with luminal A breast cancer, although the association seemed to be slightly more pronounced among women with a low number of pregnancies (OR = 0.09, 95% CI = 0.005–0.54). Conclusions/Significance In case-case analyses with the luminal A cases as the reference group, we observed a lower proportion of TNBC among women who breastfed 7 or more months. The combination of longer breastfeeding duration and lower parity seemed to further reduce the odds of having a TNBC compared to a luminal A breast cancer.
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