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Epigenetic Silencing of the Circadian Clock Gene CRY1 is Associated with an Indolent Clinical Course in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Maher Hanoun, Lewin Eisele, Masako Suzuki, John M. Greally, Andreas Hüttmann, Semra Aydin, René Scholtysik, Ludger Klein-Hitpass, Ulrich Dührsen, Jan Dürig
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0034347
Abstract: Disruption of circadian rhythm is believed to play a critical role in cancer development. Cryptochrome 1 (CRY1) is a core component of the mammalian circadian clock and we have previously shown its deregulated expression in a subgroup of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Using real-time RT-PCR in a cohort of 76 CLL patients and 35 normal blood donors we now demonstrate that differential CRY1 mRNA expression in high-risk (HR) CD38+/immunoglobulin variable heavy chain gene (IgVH) unmutated patients as compared to low-risk (LR) CD38?/IgVH mutated patients can be attributed to down-modulation of CRY1 in LR CLL cases. Analysis of the DNA methylation profile of the CRY1 promoter in a subgroup of 57 patients revealed that CRY1 expression in LR CLL cells is silenced by aberrant promoter CpG island hypermethylation. The methylation pattern of the CRY1 promoter proved to have high prognostic impact in CLL where aberrant promoter methylation predicted a favourable outcome. CRY1 mRNA transcript levels did not change over time in the majority of patients where sequential samples were available for analysis. We also compared the CRY1 expression in CLL with other lymphoid malignancies and observed epigenetic silencing of CRY1 in a patient with B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL).
Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Wings Effect on Turbulent Flow between two contra-rotating cylinders  [PDF]
Maher Raddaoui
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2011.25048
Abstract: Many industries in the world take part in the pollution of the environment. This pollution often comes from the reactions of combustion. To optimize these reactions and to minimize pollution, turbulence is a funda- mental tool. Several factors are at the origin of turbulence in the complex flows, among these factors, we can quote the effect of wings in the rotating flows. The interest of this work is to model and to simulate numeri- cally the effect of wings on the level of turbulence in the flow between two contra-rotating cylinders. We have fixed on these two cylinders eight wings uniformly distributed and we have varied the height of the wings to have six values from 2 mm to 20 mm by maintaining the same Reynolds number of rotation. The numerical tool is based on a statistical model in a point using the closing of the second order of the transport equations of the Reynolds stresses (Reynolds Stress Model: RSM). We have modelled wings effect on the flow by a source term added to the equation tangential speed. The results of the numerical simulation showed that all the average and fluctuating variables are affected the value of the kinetic energy of turbulence as those of Reynolds stresses increase with the height of the wings.
Hyers-Ulam Stability of a Generalized Second-Order Nonlinear Differential Equation  [PDF]
Maher Nazmi Qarawani
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.312252

In this paper we have established the stability of a generalized nonlinear second-order differential equation in the sense of Hyers and Ulam. We also have proved the Hyers-Ulam stability of Emden-Fowler type equation with initial conditions.

Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability for the Heat Equation  [PDF]
Maher Nazmi Qarawani
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.47137
Abstract: In this paper we apply the Fourier transform to prove the Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability for one dimensional heat equation on an infinite rod. Further, the paper investigates the stability of heat equation in  with initial condition, in the sense of Hyers-Ulam-Rassias. We have also used Laplace transform to establish the modified Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of initial-boundary value problem for heat equation on a finite rod. Some illustrative examples are given.
Using Capillary Pressure Derived Parameters for Improving Permeability Prediction  [PDF]
Amir Maher S. Lala
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.49126

This paper presents the construction and verification of a new better semi-analytical, statistically derived universal model than that modified from Huet and Blasingame equation for estimating absolute permeability from mercury injection capillary pressure data. The foundation of my new model is the petrophysical relation between absolute permeability and capillary-pressure/wetting phase saturation properties. I also incorporate characteristics of capillary pressure behavior using the classic Brooks-Corey power-law model. The final form of my new proposed model allowed us to predict absolute permeability as a function of effective porosity, irreducible wetting phase saturation, displacement or threshold pressure corresponding pore throat radius, and basic pore size characteristics. I built my model using 189 sets of mercury—injection (Hg-air) capillary pressure data and measured permeability-including core samples from several reservoirs both carbonate and sandstone lithologies. I identified this correlation by quantifying its accuracy and precision based on regression analysis. I compared permeability estimates obtained from Huet and Blasingame mercury-injection capillary-pressure-based model and my new universal predicted permeability model to a set of laboratory measured permeability of my studied core sample and previously published data results respectively, where I quantified the methods accuracy and precision based on error analysis. The measured permeability samples range is from 0.003 mD to 5341 mD. I review current employed models that are classified as belonging to Poiseuille model.

Radiographic study of the root canal system of mandibular incisors in Palestinian population  [PDF]
Raed Mukhaimer, Maher Jarbawi
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2013.38075

Aim: The aim of this study was to survey the root canal morphology of mandibular incisor teeth in a Palestinian population using radiographic approach. Materials and Methods: Five hundred and twenty two extracted mandibular incisor teeth were randomly collected from Palestinian population. The teeth were radiographed from a mesiodistal direction and examined for the presence of a second canal and for the type of canal configuration. Results: All teeth had single root. Three hundred and sixty nine teeth (70.7%) had one canal (type I Vertucci classification). The rest (29.3%) had a second canal (type II and III). Conclusion: Mandibular central and lateral teeth were mostly found to have one root and Type I canal system.

High Precision Bidirectional Heat Pulsed Flow Sensor  [PDF]
Jasmin Radadia, Maher E. Rizkalla
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2014.73015

In this work we have designed and simulated a thermal bi-directional integrated circuit mass flow sensor. The approach used here was an extension to the gas flow model given by Mayer and Lechner [1]. The design features high precision response received from analog integrated circuits. An established mathematical model for the heat flow equation including CFD parameters were used within COMSOL simulation (COMSOL Multiphysics, Sweden). Heat pulses of 55°C for a period of nearly 120 seconds and 50% duty cycles were applied as thermal sources to the flowstream. The boundary conditions of the heat equations at the solid (heating element) fluid interface were set up in the software for the thermal response. The hardware design included one heating element and two sensing elements were used to detect the bi-directional mass flow. Platinum sensors were used due to their linear characteristics within 0°C to 100°C range, and their high temperature coefficient (0.00385 Ω/°C). Polyimide thin film heater was used as the element due to its high throughput and good thermal efficiency. Two bridge circuits were used to sense the temperature distribution in the vicinity of the sensing elements.

Protective Effects of Combined Therapy of Rutin with Silymarin on Experimentally-Induced Diabetic Neuropathy in Rats  [PDF]
Maher M. Al-Enazi
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2014.59098

The management of diabetic neuropathy (DN) is still a challenge for physicians. Hyperglycemia induced oxidative stress involves in the development of diabetic neuropathy, which could be reversed by supplementation of antioxidants. In the present study, it has targeted the oxidative stress mediated nerve damage in DN by using combined therapy of rutin (RT) and silymarin (SM). Diabetes was induced by single streptozotocin (STZ, 65 mg/kg i.p.) injection. The diabetic rats were treated daily with RT (100 mg/kg), SM (60 mg/kg) and RT (50 mg/kg) + SM (30 mg/kg) for 6 consecutive weeks. Pain-related behavior tests were performed including tail flick, paw-pressure analgesia and Rota-rod treadmill performance. Serum glucose, insulin, tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), interleukine-6 (IL-6) and interleukine-1β (IL-β) levels were estimated. Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), reduced glutathione (GSH) levels and enzymatic activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), glutathione-S-transferase (GST), glutathione reductase (GR) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx) were measured. Diabetic rats that developed neuropathy were revealed by decreased tail-flick latency, paw-withdrawal latency and motor coordination. RT (100 mg/kg/day) and SM (60 mg/kg/day) dosed to diabetic rats, ameliorated hyperalgesia, analgesia and led to improved motor coordination. However, the combined therapy of RT (50 mg/kg/day) with SM (30 mg/kg/day) showed more significant effects in these parameters. STZ significantly increased TBARS and decreased GSH levels in sciatic nerve whereas combined therapy of RT and SM produced higher significant protection compared to individual. Similarly, combined therapy showed more significant amelioration in decreased levels of SOD, CAT, GST, GS and GPx activities in sciatic nerve of diabetic rats. Present results concluded that the combined therapy of phenolic compounds such as RT and SM had higher protective effects than their individual supplementations against DM.

Smartphone Based Fall Detection and Logic Testing Application Using Android SDK  [PDF]
Vinay Kumar Suryadevara, Maher Rizkalla
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2015.89057
Abstract: Smart systems aimed at detecting the fall of a person have increased significantly due to recent technological advances and availability of modular electronics. This work presents the use of embedded accelerometer and gyroscope in mobile phones to accurately detect and classify the type of fall a person is experiencing before suffering an impact. Early classification of fall type helps in optimizing the algorithm of the fall detection. User acceptance, feasibility and the limitations in the accuracy of the existing devices have also been considered in this study. High efficiency and low power approaches were emphasized with wireless capability that enhanced the system performance for variety of applications. There is a need of reducing the time for analyzing the smart algorithms designed. It is also emphasized that this application will be a good platform that can be used to test various algorithms and multiple sensors at a time with ease and obtain data analysis in a short period.
Studying the Impact of Pollution from Wadi Gaza on the Mediterranean Sea Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques  [PDF]
Maher A. El-Hallaq
Advances in Remote Sensing (ARS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ars.2019.81003
Wadi Gaza is considered as one of the most important coastal wetlands located on the Eastern Mediterranean Basin. It is witnessing rapid degradation due to anthropogenic activities including but not limited to discharge of municipal sewage, dumping of solid wastes, rampant use of pesticides and illegal poaching. They form a river of untreated wastewater, more than 5 km long, before its discharge into the Mediterranean Sea. This study aims to perform an analytical study of Wadi Gaza and study its effects on the pollution of the seawater opposite to it using GIS and remote sensing techniques. The flow accumulation, the watershed and the stream orders inside and outside the Gaza Strip are determined based on a DEM which involves a radar terrestrial scanning of Palestine carried out by NASAs Endeavor Space Shuttle. The area of the watershed inside Gaza is estimated to be equal to 58.792 km2. The Study also shows that the total amount of contaminated water that flows into the sea can be estimated to reach 146.5 mm3/year. The total area of coastal sea contamination approximately reaches 38.8 km2 and is oriented to the north direction along the coastal shore and its influence extends to Gaza seaport, 10 km apart from the Wadi.
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