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Agathos : an International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: The university membership supposes the recognition of a high scientific level and peculiar relationship skills. The work of a teacher in the contemporary Romanian university is a real challenge. Being overwhelmed by frequent and not always wise changes as regards the academic demands, teachers have developed abilities to continuously adapting in new contexts. Instead of focusing upon the necessary improvement of their lectures, they had to orient themselves towards the increase of the quantity of various courses and towards their manifestation first of all as project managers and researchers. So, teachers twisted from the status of mentors for the students toward the position of a kind of “workaholics” under the threatening slogan: “publish or perish”. In the Romanian university of nowadays, teacher became more and more a walker face to a crossing point where a difficult choice must be made, seeing that three ways are to be followed at the same time: the didactic, the research and the management activities.
Agathos : an International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: From Aristotle to nowadays, most of thinkers believe that ethicscan be taught. The research demonstrates that the students’ moral profile is strongly shaped during the academic years. The actors of the university field are influencing each other and the university teacher, as a moral agent, has an important influence on students’ moral development. The communication of the two main actors must fulfil certain criteria in order to teaching and changing on each side. The discourse of the professor has not only to communicate a scientific message but, more importantly, it has to create relationships, to help the transformation of youth into adults, and to recreate themselves within interpersonal relationships. The article is focusing on the importance of the teacher-student relationship during the academic years, aiming to emphasize that such a relationship really can influence the moral profile and behaviour of the student.
The Moral Values and Dilemmas in Romanian University. The Influence of Prosperity on Ethical Behavior
Magdalena IORGA
Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala , 2012,
Abstract: Upon analysis, it appears that education is the only solution to prevail over this moral crisis; the dilemma of contemporary society, faced with this moral challenge, lies at the crossroads between philosophy and pedagogy. Moral value education cannot be reduced to “civic education” or to “human rights education”, as it lies at the crossroads between the logic of the mind and the logic of the heart, which generate values together. A “new ethics” is necessary, one which must reflect our historical standpoint, because the overthrow of a set of values and the inauguration of a “new moral” cannot be achieved by one “brilliant Zarathustra”.The questions of our papers are: What was and what is it now the University? And what are university professors’ responsibilities? Are the social-economical changes influencing the academic activity?
Non-lethal Self-Harm in the Prison Environment
Revista de Cercetare ?i Interven?ie Social? , 2013,
Abstract: The prison environment represents a supplemental risk factor in the increased frequency of non-lethal self-harm among inmates, by comparison with the general population. The paper aims at defining the socio-demographic characters of those inmates who carried out the act by chemical means (drug intoxication or the consumption of other toxic substances) – classified as substance abuse, in contrast with the inmates who chose to act by physical means (plagues at various levels and/or ingestion of alien bodies). Between January 2009 – December 2009, 771 patients with autolytic acts were registered at the ER of the Sf. Ioan Emergency Hospital in Ia i; 175 of these were inmates of the Ia i Maximum Security Prison. The following variables were registered for all patients: sex, age, date of hospitalisation (the month and the day of the week are of special interest), time of the autolytic act, number of previous autolytic attempts, psychiatric disorders, method of choice, whether treatment was accepted or refused and whether the person needed hospitalisation or was treated as an outpatient. The data was processed by SPSS 10.0 for Windows. It resulted that the patients who had used mechanical means had a significantly higher average age, more frequent relapses, a maximum of hospital registrations in the months of May and February, and on Mondays. Self-injury by means of substance abuse was carried out by averagely younger patients, who had fewer relapse episodes, by whom the act was carried out most often in May and September, and on Saturdays. Regardless of the means chosen, most of these acts took place throughout the morning, when staff in charge with surveillance was present in the highest numbers. Given that numerous patients refuse treatment, or receive sufficient treatment as outpatients, the hypothesis takes shape that many of these acts are demonstrative.
Low-Order GAM Admire System in Landing Preparation Phase
INCAS Bulletin , 2011, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2011.3.3.8
Abstract: In this paper the symbolic and numeric computations for the simplified GAM (Generic Aerodynamic Model) Admire system are presented . The numeric computations were performed into the MatLab environment with the aim of presenting to the reader the details of the preparation for landing of the airplane generic model. Regarding the symbolic computations that have been made it's worth to mention here the fact that they concerned the issues of stability in the manner that the trim point for the low order non-linear system was computed and an analysis of the eigenvalues of the Jacobian matrix associated to the system, which has been evaluated in the trim point, was performed. The case of the stable longitudinal level descending flight and the case of transition to a state appropriate for the touch-down are presented. It is shown the fact that the plane can regain stability if the real moment for touch-down is missed by reentering into the stable longitudinal level descending flight (by usage of the control e).
Sensitivity of cloud albedo to aerosol concentration and spectral dispersion of cloud droplet size distribution
Atmósfera , 2007,
Abstract: both the enhancement of the aerosol number concentration and the relative dispersion of the cloud droplet size distribution (spectral dispersion) on a regional scale can modify the cloud reflectivity. this work is focused on the role that pre-cloud aerosol plays in cloud reflectivity. log-normal aerosol size distributions were used to describe two aerosol types: marine and rural. the number of aerosols that activate to droplets was obtained based on abdul-razzak and ghan's (2000) activation parameterization. the cloud albedo taking into account the spectral dispersion effect in the parameterization of cloud effective radius and in the scattering asymmetry factor has been estimated. two different scaling factors to account for dispersion were used. the sensitivity of cloud albedo to spectral dispersion-cloud droplet number concentration relationship in connection to the changes in liquid water content (lwc), and the cloud droplet effective radius has been also investigated. we obtained higher values of effective radius when dispersion is taken into account, with respect to the base case (without considering dispersion). the inferred absolute differences in effective radius values between calculations with each of the scaling factors are below 0.8 |am as lwc ranges between 0.1 and 1.0 g m-3. the optical depth decreased by up to 14% (marine), and up to 29% (continental) when dispersion is considered in both effective radius and asymmetry factor (βldr scaling factor). correspondingly, the relative change in cloud albedo is up to 6% (marine) and up to 11% (continental) clouds. for continental clouds, the calculated effective radius when dispersion is considered fits well within the measured range of effective radius in scar-b project. the calculated cloud albedo when dispersion is considered shows better agreement with the estimated cloud albedo from measured effective radius in scar-b project than the cloud albedo calculated without dispersion. in cleaner conditions of
Contracting Parties in the International Successive Transport
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Juridica , 2010,
Abstract: Sometimes, the carrier, in order to accomplish the task of moving goods to its destination, he appeals to other carriers, for various reasons, concluding another contract of carriage, whichcircumscribes the initial contract and it entrusts the achievement of the entire transportation or only a part of it. Sometimes, there are precise stipulations in the main contract of carriage concerning thisissue. Besides the movement of goods, which we may call traditional, defined as using means of transportation of the same kind, lately we can observe the proliferation of more complex operations, which have the generic name of successive transportation. In such shipments, the multimodal transport plays an important role. Thus, the present approach focuses on some features of the legal relationships which may arise between the contracting carrier, surrogate carrier, consignor and consignee, and also on the results from the analysis of the concerned international conventions.
Numerical considerations regarding the simulation of an aircraft in the approaching phase for landing
Ionel Cristinel IORGA
INCAS Bulletin , 2010, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2010.2.1.3
Abstract: This paper deals with numerical considerations regarding the simulation of the attitude of an aircraft in the approaching phase for landing. The state of the art is analyzed in the first section; the description of the process by means of which the steady state vector of the initial system, given in the second section, is obtained in the fourth section. An improved system is given in the third section and this system is further enhanced with perturbations, in the fifth section. The second section describes the process leading to the initial required conditions. The conclusions are given in the sixth section.
Absolute stability for the lateral-directional BWB model with rate limited actuator
Claudia STATE,Ionel IORGA
INCAS Bulletin , 2012, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2012.4.2.12
Abstract: In this paper the authors present a study regarding the interaction between the human pilot and the aircraft which may result in a dangerous phenomenon called Pilot Induced Oscillations (PIO), in the context of the lateral directional motion. The theoretical model of the airplane used is a Blended Wing Body (BWB) configuration and the human operator is expressed by the Synchronous Pilot Model (represented by a simple gain). The Popov criterion, in the case of the infinite parameter, is applied in order to investigate the absolute stability of the pilot-airplane linearized system in the presence of the rate saturation of the actuator.
Invented genealogies as political mythologies: definitionand examples
Filip-Lucian Iorga
Sfera Politicii , 2012,
Abstract: The genealogical imaginary is a subcategory of the imaginary referring to the origin and it comprises a wide range of genealogical myths: fictitious ancestors, whether divine or human, fabulous kinships, invented genealogies, descendancies which are impossible to certify with documents, erroneous interpretations of certain degrees of kinship, real genealogies that have received unexpected interpretations and historiographic clichés grown on more or less attestable genealogies. The case of the Bal family is one of the most interesting: trying to integrate in the political structures of the Austrian and Russian Empire, some members of this old Moldavian family invent a fictitious genealogy that links the French counts of Baux, the Balsa family, a Serbian medieval dynasty and the Bal family, Moldavian boyars.
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