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Vigilancia Entomológica para Culicidos a través de larvitrampas en el Departamento del Atlántico (Colombia) 2004-2008
Maestre-Serrano,Ronald; Goenaga-Olaya,Sergio;
Boletín de Malariología y Salud Ambiental , 2010,
Abstract: the department of atlántico presents risk factors for the transmission of vector-borne diseases. the objective of this paper was to report culicidae species using an entomological system of surveillance based in larvitraps located in urban and periurban areas in the department of atlántico - colombia between 2004 and 2008. it was obtained weekly with information of the entomological material collected in fourteen larvitraps located in the international airport (2004-2008) and in four larvitraps placed in the transport terminal (2007-2008) in the municipality of soledad and in ten larvitraps settled in the army battalion (2005-2008) in the municipality of malambo. 83.369 mosquitoes larvae (culicidae) were collected: 37.370 (45%) from the airport, 35.376 (42%), from the transport terminal and 10.623 (13%) from the army battalion. aedes aegypti was the most abundant species (89,21%), followed by culex nigripalpus (3,45%), culex quinquefasciatus (2,46 %), haemagogus equinus (2,25%), culex coronator (1,19%), uranotaenia lowii (0,91%), culex stigmatosoma (0,52%) and aedes taeniorhynchus, anopheles albimanus, toxorhynchites spp with 0.01 % respectively. it is necessary to maintain a permanent entomological surveillance system in urban and periurban areas of the department of atlántico, in order to take prevention and control measures on time.
Presencia de Haemagogus equinus Theobald, 1903 (Diptera: Culicidae) en los municipios de Soledad y Malambo en el departamento del Atlántico, Colombia, 1998-2005
Maestre-Serrano,Ronald; Vergara-Sanchez,Consuelo; Berrueco-Rodriguez,Guillermo; Bello-Novoa,Betsy; Brochero,Helena;
Biomédica , 2008,
Abstract: introduction. yellow fever is a serious illness public health importance and is transmitted by mosquitoes of the genera haemagogus and sabethes in the rural and forest environments, and by aedes aegypti in the urban setting. in colombia, haemagogus janthinomys and h. equinus are considered efficient vectors of this viral disease. objective. the presence of the mosquito haemagogus equinus was recorded over an 8 year period, in the periurban areas of the soledad and malambo municipalities (atlantico province) of northern colombia. materials and methods. the data was obtained from records of the entomological collections from two collection sites: (1) 14 larva traps located at the erneasto cortissoz airport in the municipality of soledad between 1997-2005 and (2) 10 larva traps located at vergara and velasco batallion in the municipality of malambo in 2005. results. haemogogus equinus was reported for the first time in soledad in 1998. in the following 8 years, 197 larvae were reported. the individuals were found sharing the trap with aedes aegypti, culex nigripalpus and uranotaenia lowii. in malambo, the first discovery of h.equinus occurred in 2005, with a total of 641 larvae. no other culicidae were associated with it. conclusion. the presence of h. equinus in larvitraps located near the urban zone, shows adaptation to the use of artificial containers as larval habitats, urbanization of this species in zones with a high ae. aegypti infestation index increases the potential introduction of sylvan yellow fever virus and constitutes a risk for re-emergence of urban cycles of yellow fever.
Expresión de osoenzimas de L-lactato: NAD+ óxido-reductasa (LDH; EC. durante el desarrollo embrionario del pez combatiente siames Betta splendens (REGAN, 1909)
Maestre-Serrano,Ronald; Guevara-Rozo,Edilma; Colmenares-de Escamilla,Irma; Pachón-Mu?oz,Ernesto;
Universitas Scientiarum , 2008,
Abstract: expression of the l-lactate: nad+ oxide-reductase (ldh; ec. isoenzymes, was reported during embryonic development of betta splendens using electrophoretic methods. two hundred eggs were taken in each state of embryonic development (fertilized oocite, clivajes, blástulas, gástrula and neurula), from four sexually mature couples of fish betta splendens. oocites without fertilizing from two females of the same species were collected. each sample of 200 embryos and 200 eggs without fertilizing, were homogenized and centrifugated during 15 minutes to 10.000 rpm. electrophoresis was run in agarosa gel. all the stages of embryonic development studied were characterized by expression of isoenzymes ldh- 3 and ldh-4. gastrula and neurula stadiums also expressed isoenzima ldh-2.
Cistoadenocarcinoma hepático: Diagnóstico diferencial de tumores quísticos hepáticos Hepatic cystoadenocarcinoma: Differential diagnosis of hepatic cystic tumors
C. Bernardos García,I. Alarcón del Agua,M. D. Casado Maestre,I. Serrano Borrero
Revista Espa?ola de Enfermedades Digestivas , 2009,
Sialometaplasia necrotizante Necrotizing sialometaplasia
C. Moreno García,F. Monje Gil,H. Serrano Gil,O. Maestre
Revista Espa?ola de Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial , 2008,
Carga inmediata con implantes en maxilar superior Immediate loading of implants in the maxilla
F. Monje Gil,C. Moreno García,H. Serrano Gil,O. Maestre
Revista Espa?ola de Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial , 2007,
Abstract: La carga inmediata en la mandíbula se ha incorporado a la práctica clínica en primer lugar y, por las características del hueso, se realiza de forma protocolizada. Sin embargo, en el maxilar superior no hay evidencia científica para realizarlo de forma cotidiana. Las razones son debidas a que el maxilar superior, en general, alberga una masa ósea de menor densidad. Por otro lado, en el maxilar superior pueden coexistir diferentes densidades óseas (según la clasificación de Misch) en el mismo individuo. Además, por las características anatómicas del maxilar superior (reabsorción labiopalatina) el alineamiento axial es asumible pero, sin embargo, el paralelismo de los implantes es difícil.16,17 El objetivo del presente trabajo es analizar la información científica de la que disponemos para confirmar si es posible la carga inmediata sobre el maxilar superior. Para ello estudiaremos varios aspectos de la carga inmediata en el maxilar superior: Sobredentaduras Prótesis fija completa Prótesis parcial fija Prótesis unitaria fija Requerimientos protésicos Contraindicaciones Immediate loading in the mandible has been introduced into clinical practice taking first place and, and because of the characteristics of the bone, this is carried out following a protocol. However, in the maxilla there is no scientific evidence for routinely carrying this out. This is because the maxilla, in general, has a lower bone mass density. Moreover, in the maxilla various densities may coexist (according to Misch’s classification) in the same individual. In addition, given the anatomic characteristics of the maxilla (lip and palate resorption), axial alignment can be carried out, but implant parallelism is difficult.16,17 The aim of this paper is to analyze the scientific information that we have at our disposal in order to confirm whether immediate loading in the maxilla is possible. For this we will study various aspects of immediate loading in the maxilla: Overdentures Fixed complete prostheses Fixed partial prostheses Fixed single tooth prostheses Prosthetic requirements Contraindications
Variaciones en el patrón espacial a peque?a escala de los componentes de la costra biológica en un ecosistema mediterráneo semiárido
Revista chilena de historia natural , 2003, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-078X2003000100004
Abstract: biological crusts are a common feature of soil surface in arid and semiarid ecosystems, where they play a major role in ecosystem functioning and dynamics. in recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the ecophysiology, taxonomy, and dynamics of these crusts, but little is known about the effect of vascular plants on their small-scale spatial distribution. with the aim to increase our understanding about the interactions between biological crusts and vegetation in semi-arid areas, in this paper i evaluate the spatial pattern and interaction of two biological crusts components, foliose lichens and mosses, at two microsites in semi-arid stipa tenacissima l. steppes of se spain. the aim of this paper was to determine if the microsite provided by s. tenacissima tussocks promoted changes in the individual patterns and in the spatial covariation of these crustal components. i used spatial analysis by distance index (sadie) to explore the individual patterns and the spatial relationships between them. sadie detected a significant clumped pattern in the spatial distribution of both species, but the effect of s. tenacissima tussocks promoted changes in the spatial pattern only in the foliose lichens. i did not find any microsite effect on the spatial relationships between the foliose lichens and the mosses. the results showed that the microenvironment provided by s. tenacissima is able to modify the small-scale spatial pattern of foliose lichens in semi-arid steppes, and suggested the presence of facilitation between s. tenacissima and these lichens.
Los alumnos se aburren con la poesía?
José Coloma Maestre
Foro de Profesores de E/LE , 2011,
Abstract: Con la pregunta del título de la experiencia, los alumnos de E/LE se aburren con la poesía?, quiero reflexionar sobre qué motiva o no motiva realmente a nuestros alumnos cuando llevamos un texto a clase para trabajar con ellos. Veremos como para mí la actitud del profesor y las actividades que se generen a partir de ese texto serán fundamentales para conseguir el éxito y la atención de los alumnos.
Entre cartas y poemas
José Coloma Maestre
Foro de Profesores de E/LE , 2007,
Abstract: Esta experiencia docente trata de acercar el mundo poético a la ense anza del espa ol como lengua segunda o extranjera (L2/E).
James F. Reynolds
Fernando T. Maestre
Ecosistemas , 2004,
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