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Genetic diversity among Puntius sophore complex using restriction fragment length polymorphism
Smitha Balaraj,Madompoyil Basheer
Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of genomic DNA was employed to characterize species of Puntius sophore complex, a benthopelagic freshwater fish species. Samples of five species of Puntius viz, Puntius sophore, Puntius amphibius, Puntius chola, Puntius bimaculatus and Puntius dorsalis from the East-flowing Tamiraparani and Kuzhithurai and West-flowing Tamiraparani river basins (Western Ghats) were analyzed. The restriction enzyme employed (Hind III) generated species-specific DNA patterns for each of the five species. DNA exhibited considerable polymorphism among species. All samples showed relatively high values of diversity. The relation between species is discussed.
Studying the Importance of VacA Gene of Helicobacter pylori in Identifying the Pathogenicity of Strains by Comparing It with the Disease Status of the Subjects  [PDF]
Khawaja Shakeel Ahmed, Basheer Madompoyil, Anghesom Ambesajir Ghebremedhin, John Issac, Janak Dulari Ahi, Aleem Ahmed Khan, Santosh Kumar Tiwari
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2013.41A010

Introduction: H. pylori is a primary pathogen isolated by Warren and Marshall in 1983. They called it as Campylobacter Pylori and in 1989 Goodwin et al. renamed it as Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylorus is one of the responsible factors for causing gastritis, Peptic ulcer disease and is strongly associated with gastric carcinoma and gastric Malt lymphoma. Materials and Methods: In this study 300 biopsies were collected at Deccan College of Medical Sciences and Allied Hospitals, Hyderabad, India. Of these, 101 patients had peptic ulcer, 95 patients had gastritis and 4 had gastric carcinoma. A total of four gastric biopsy specimens were collected. One was used for culturing H. pylori, one for histological lesions and the remaining two one each from the antrum & corpus was collected in phosphate buffered saline for the DNA analysis. Results: Helicobacter pylori were isolated from many of the biopsies and the identification of Helicobacter pylori was confirmed in 200 biopsies with colony characteristics, Biochemical tests, and 16S rRNA amplification. The presence of VacA marker was detected by using appropriate primers. From the data obtained in our study, in a total of 169/200 isolates s1 region was found in 84.1% and s2 was found in 36/200 i.e. 18% of the isolates. In the middle region, m1awas found in 60/200 which was 30%, m1b was found in 60/200 i.e. 60% and m2 was found in 114/200 i.e. 57.1% of the isolates. Conclusion: Thus, VacA detection might be helpful for determination of which patients are at highest risk for severe clinical outcomes such as duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer or gastric carcinoma and eventually, to define strategies for the treatment or prevention of H. pylori infection.

A study on the transmission of helicobacter pylori from food prepared and consumed under hygienic and unhygienic conditions: A first study using biopsy samples  [PDF]
Khawaja Shakeel Ahmed, Basheer Madompoyil, Janak Dulari Ahi, Aleem Ahmed Khan, Santosh Kumar Tiwari, Mohammed Aejaz Habeeb
Health (Health) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.64040

Objective: A comparative analysis on transmission of Helicobacter pylori in people who consumed food prepared in both hygienic and unhygienic conditions. Method: The study was carried out in 1000 people across India. The Ratio of Male: female was 700: 300 with age group ranging from 20 - 39. Three gastric biopsies were collected for identification of Helicobacter pylori. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) amplification was done by using 16srRNA primers. Result: The analysis showed the prevalence of H. pylori as 70.8% in individuals frequently consuming food prepared under less hygienic condition (street vendor’s food) whereas 60% (less prevalence) in individuals consuming food prepared under hygienic conditions. Conclusion: The results showed that most of the food that we consume daily is not involved much in the transmission of Helicobacter pylori. The study also showed that the street vendor’s food is not directly involved in the transmission of this bacterium. The unhygienic preparation of food and poor personal hygiene play a vital role in the transmission of these bacteria.

Enhancing the Performance of Current Online Education System—A Study of Cloud Computing and Virtualization  [PDF]
Basheer Riskhan, Raza Muhammed
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2015.310006
Abstract: Online Education (OE) system is an effective and efficient way to perform the education in all sectors of government and non-government educational organization. Low performance and minimum speed are major overhead in the current ongoing OE system due to the increase of users and some system issues. Base on the previous study and recent practical issues, a model is proposed to Enhancing the Performance of Online Education System (EPOES) to examine the bare metal virtualization, isolation and virtual machine templates. Bare metal virtualization has led the native execution, isolation isolated the running application and Virtual Machine Template has help to increase efficiency, avoiding the repetitive installation and operate the server in less time. The proposed model boosts the performance of the current OE system, and examines the benefits of the adaptation of cloud computing and virtualization which can be used to overcome the existing challenges and barriers of the current OE System.
The Professional Medical Journal , 2006,
Abstract: Objective: To calculate the frequency of vaccinated children in measles casesand to determine association of age and sex with vaccination status of measles. Design: Descriptive Study. Place andduration of study: Department Of Paediatric Medicine, Military Hospital (MH), Rawalpindi from October 2001 toSeptember 2002. Patients and Methods: 250 cases of clinical measles, selected by convenient sampling, reportingin out patient department or admitted were registered. Age, sex and vaccination status were noted. Statistical analyseswere carried out employing “t Test” and “Chi-Square test”, utilizing SPSS version 10.0 for Windows (SPSS Inc.,Chicago). Test of significance was applied at a confidence limit of 95%. Results: 71.6% were vaccinated and 28.4%were unvaccinated. Ages ranged from 1 to 12 years with a mean age of 5.4±2.4 years. Vaccinated cases had asignificantly (p<0.05) higher mean age (5.9±2.1) as compared to unvaccinated ones (4.0±2.5). Majority (46%) were4-6 years old. Among vaccinated 50.3% were 4-6 years old but among the unvaccinated 52.1% were 1-3 years of age.Male to female ratio was 1.4:1. Proportion of males was significantly more (p value < 0.05) than females in both groups.Conclusion: Vaccination failure observed in this study, that is 71.6% patients contracting measles despite beingvaccinated, is clearly higher than that accepted for measles vaccine (2-10%). Though high immunization coverage(>90%) in the first dose is still crucial for eradication there is need to revise the in-vogue vaccination schedule to reducethe incidence and so is the measles related morbidity and mortality.
Nanofiber-Membrane-Supported TiO2 as a Catalyst for Oxidation of Benzene to Phenol
Chanbasha Basheer
Journal of Chemistry , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/562305
Application of Titanium Dioxide-Graphene Composite Material for Photocatalytic Degradation of Alkylphenols
Chanbasha Basheer
Journal of Chemistry , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/456586
Usefulness of Plastic Hoffman Apparatus in Chemistry Classes: A Case Study of Its Implementation with High School Teachers  [PDF]
Muhamad Hugerat, Ahmad Basheer, Naji Kortam
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.47064

In this article we present simple and feasible idea to introduce electrolysis experiments using accessible materials in the classroom. We use plastic syringes and pipettes to build different shapes of Hoffman apparatus for electrolysis. This activity was introduced to a group of 20 teachers from the Arab sector in Israel to examine their impressions about the activity and investigate the feasibility of implementing the activity in their classrooms.

Fischer matrices of Dempwolff group $2^{5}{^{cdot}}GL(5,2)$
Ayoub Basheer Mohammed Basheer,Jamshid Moori
International Journal of Group Theory , 2012,
Abstract: In cite{Demp2} Dempwolff proved the existence of a group of theform $2^{5}{^{cdot}}GL(5,2)$ (a non split extension of theelementary abelian group $2^{5}$ by the general linear group$GL(5,2)$). This group is the second largest maximal subgroup of thesporadic Thompson simple group $mathrm{Th}.$ In this paper wecalculate the Fischer matrices of Dempwolff group $overline{G} =2^{5}{^{cdot}}GL(5,2).$ The theory of projective characters isinvolved and we have computed the Schur multiplier together with aprojective character table of an inertia factor group. The fullcharacter table of $overline{G}$ is then can be calculated easily.
Evaluating the Adoption and Use of Internet-based Marketing Information Systems to Improve Marketing Intelligence (The Case of Tourism SMEs in Jordan)
Basheer AL-allak
International Journal of Marketing Studies , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ijms.v2n2p87
Abstract: The study investigates the nature of marketing information systems within tourism small- and medium- sized enterprises and focuses on the usefulness of the Internet for external information gathering. The findings indicate that tourism SMEs make use of informal marketing information systems which concentrate on immediate operating data at the expense of external data, and that the Internet has not yet been recognized as an important source for marketing intelligence despite having the benefits of providing much of the necessary data for good decision- making more quickly and at a lower cost compared with many other sources. The study identifies obstacles and challenges that reduce the uptake of the Internet, and suggests practical solutions.

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