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Effect of light colour on forced hyacinth
Ma gorzata migielska , Marek Jerzy
Folia Horticulturae , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/v10245-011-0003-8
Abstract: Three cultivars of Hyacinthus orientalis L. were forced under artificial light using fluorescent lamps emitting white, blue, green, yellow and red light. Quantum irradiance was determined as 12.5 and 25 μmol m-2 s-1. Day length was 12 and six hours, respectively. Daily light integral was 0.54 mol m-2. A significant effect of light colour on flowering date and plant quality was observed. Plants forced in blue and red light were the first to flower. Plants exposed to red light formed longer inflorescences. Plants forced under lamps emitting blue light formed shorter, more rigid flower shoots with shorter leaves. There were no significant differences between plants grown under 25 μmol m-2 s-1 of quantum irradiance for six hours per day and plants grown under light with a quantum irradiance of 12.5 μmol m-2 s-1 for 12 hours per day. This means that the light-dosing variant did not exert any effect on the growth and flowering of hyacinths.
Holocene diatom biostratigraphy of the SW Gulf of Gdańsk, Southern Baltic Sea (part III)
Ma gorzata Le niewska, Ma gorzata Witak
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10009-008-0017-x
Abstract: The palaeoenvironmental changes of the south-western part of the Gulf of Gdańsk during the last 8,000 years, with reference to the stages of the Baltic Sea, were reconstructed. Diatom analyses of two cores taken from the shallower and deeper parts of the basin enabled the conclusion to be drawn that the microflora studied developed in the three Baltic phases: Mastogloia, Littorina and Post-Littorina. Moreover, the so-called anthropogenic assemblage was observed in subbottom sediments of the study area.
Journal of Central European Agriculture , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of article was to show the importance of information technology in a farm tourism household. The research focused on the use of internet tools for self-development and promotion. It has been concluded that in spite of availability of many tools and technology, the promotion potential of farms in Kujawsko-Pomorskie region is not fully exercised. Thus, development of some districts could be affected.
A Dependent Hidden Markov Model of Credit Quality
Magorzata Wiktoria Korolkiewicz
International Journal of Stochastic Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/719237
Abstract: We propose a dependent hidden Markov model of credit quality. We suppose that the "true" credit quality is not observed directly but only through noisy observations given by posted credit ratings. The model is formulated in discrete time with a Markov chain observed in martingale noise, where "noise" terms of the state and observation processes are possibly dependent. The model provides estimates for the state of the Markov chain governing the evolution of the credit rating process and the parameters of the model, where the latter are estimated using the EM algorithm. The dependent dynamics allow for the so-called "rating momentum" discussed in the credit literature and also provide a convenient test of independence between the state and observation dynamics. 1. Introduction Credit ratings summarise a range of qualitative and quantitative information about the credit worthiness of debt issuers and are therefore a convenient signal for the credit quality of the debtor. The estimation of credit quality transition matrices is at the core of credit risk measures with applications to pricing and portfolio risk management. In view of pending regulations regarding the calculation of capital requirements for banks, there is renewed interest in efficiency of credit ratings as indicators of credit quality and models of their dynamics (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision [1]). In the study of credit quality dynamics, it is convenient to assume that the credit rating process is a time-homogeneous Markov chain, with past changes in credit quality characterised by a transition matrix. The assumptions of time homogeneity and Markovian behaviour of the rating process have been challenged by some empirical studies; see, for example, Bangia et al. [2] or Lando and Sk?deberg [3]. In particular, it has been proposed that ratings exhibit “rating momentum” or “drift,” where a rating change in response to a change in credit quality does not fully reflect that change in credit quality. As pointed out by L?ffler in [4, 5], these violations of information efficiency could be the result of some of the agencies’ rating policies, namely, rating through the cycle and avoiding rating reversals. In recent years, a number of modelling alternatives were suggested to address departures from the Markov assumption. In Frydman and Schuermann [6], a mixture of two independent continuous time homogeneous Markov chains is proposed for the ratings migration process, so that the future distribution of a firm’s ratings depends not only its current rating but also on the past history of
Synthesis of a New Group of Aliphatic Hydrazide Derivatives and the Correlations between Their Molecular Structure and Biological Activity
Magorzata Kostecka
Molecules , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/molecules17033560
Abstract: In view of the growing demand for new compounds showing biological activity against pathogenic microorganisms, such as pathogenic and phytopathogenic fungi, the objective of this study was to synthesize a new group of aliphatic and aromatic derivatives of hydrazide. In consequence of the reactions observed during synthesis, the resulting compounds retained their linear structure. Their structure and lipophilicity, measured by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), were analyzed. Correlations were determined between the compounds’ molecular parameters and biological activity against Fusarium solani and Fusarium oxysporum fungi. The investigated compounds were also examined for their antifungal activity against Aspergillus fumigatus. The obtained results indicate that compounds with fluorine-containing substituents penetrate the cell structure more effectively and are characterized by higher antifungal potential than analogues with different substituents.
Fungal Strains as Catalysts for the Biotransformation of Halolactones by Hydrolytic Dehalogenation with the Dimethylcyclohexane System
Magorzata Grabarczyk
Molecules , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/molecules17089741
Abstract: Bicyclic chloro-, bromo- and iodo-γ-lactones with dimethylcyclohexane rings were used as substrates for bioconversion by several fungal strains (Fusarium, Botrytis and Beauveria). Most of the selected microorganisms transformed these lactones by hydrolytic dehalogenation into the new compound cis-2-hydroxy-4,6-dimethyl-9-oxabicyclo[4.3.0]- nonan-8-one, mainly the (?)-isomer. When iodo-γ-lactone was used as the substrate, two products were observed: a hydroxy-γ-lactone and an unsaturated lactone. The structures of all substrates and products were established on the basis of their spectral data. The mechanism of dehalogenation of three halolactones was also studied.
Let Rhoda Speak Again: Identity, Uncertainty, and Authority in Virginia Woolf's The Waves
Ma gorzata Myk
Text Matters - A Journal of Literature, Theory and Culture , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/v10231-011-0008-5
Abstract: Performing a rereading of Virginia Woolf's 1931 experimental modernist masterpiece of The Waves, in this article I focus on the elusive and conflicted character of Rhoda, whose significance has been either overlooked or marginalized in the available criticism of the narrative. By pointing out a number of problems in the existing scholarship devoted to Rhoda, I propose to define her as a transgressive figure of uncertainty through which Woolf develops a critique of the unitary self. My point of departure for the following essay is Toril Moi's perspective on Woolf's oeuvre as openly feminist and deconstructive. Consequently, I begin with Moi's emphasis on Woolf's commitment to the problematization of the Western male humanism's underlying concept of the unitary self. Drawing from a number of critical and philosophical perspectives, I turn to Kim L. Worthington's idea of subjectivity as a sustained process of interpersonal narrativization in order to offer a more nuanced account of Rhoda's identity as compound and implicated in the dynamics of inter-subjective processes. I also consider Rhoda's much criticized rejection of identity vis-à-vis Woolf's strategy of impersonality, and, contrasting it with Maurice Merleau-Ponty's phenomenological concepts of the flesh and anonymous existence, I contend that Rhoda renounces the unitary selfhood, which corroborates Moi's critique of Woolf. Through a close analysis of Rhoda's position versus the other characters, as well as by examining how Rhoda's ego boundaries are delineated in the narrative, I demonstrate that Woolf's conflicted heroine emerges as an astute critic of gendered reality, since she is the one who most acutely feels the dualistic nature of selfhood and it is chiefly through her that Woolf points to the need to overcome this dualism. Shannon Sullivan's feminist revision of the Merleau-Pontian perspective on the anonymity and the body as well as the Deweyan notion of transactionality further helps to elucidate the ways in which Rhoda's experimental and subversive discourse engages in a polemic with the Cartesian conceptualization of identity presupposed on the dualism of mind and body simultaneously inquiring about a possibility of a non-dualistic and non-unitary conception of subjectivity. As a consequence, Rhoda gains authority and agency through uncertainty which prompts her to adopt an uncompromisingly and insistently questioning stance. Finally, I suggest reconsidering Rhoda's suicide as a metaphorical act of ‘distancing,’ as discussed by Zygmunt Bauman, via Adorno, in his 2006 Liquid Fear, another context for approaching Rhoda's uncertainty.
The state of knowledge of Macromycetes in xerothermic grasslands in Poland
Ma gorzata Stasińska
Annales UMCS, Biologia , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10067-008-0005-2
Abstract: The short history of research on and the current state of knowledge of macromycetes occurring in xerothermic swards of the class Festuco-Brometea in Poland over the last 50 years are presented. Mycological investigations in most communities, e.g. Sisymbrio-Stipetum capillatae and Thalictro-Salvietum pratensis have been carried out rather occasionally and the information concerning steppe fungi has been reported in few papers only. Regular mycological studies have been conducted in five plant associations only: Festucetum pallentis, Origano-Brachypodietum, Koelerio-Festucetum rupicolae, Potentillo-Stipetum capillatae and Adonido-Brachypodietum pinnati. The list of species of fungi recorded in xerothermic swards in Poland is not long and comprises approximately 40 species. Some are very rare and put on the red-list as threatened macrofungi in Poland (36), e.g. Calvatia candida, Disciseda bovista, D. candida, Gastrosporium simplex, Geastrum minimum, G. schmidelli, Leucopaxillus lepistoides, Montagnea radiosa, Myriostoma coliforme, Polyporus rhizophilus and Tulostoma melanocyclum. The mycological profile of xerothermic swards in Poland has been under-explored. Further investigations on macrofungi occurring in steppe swards, their distribution and ecology as well as threats resulting from the disappearance of this type of plant communities in Poland are necessary.
Predation follows competition in depth selection behaviour of Cladocera in a deep lake (E Poland)
Ma gorzata Adamczuk
Biological Letters , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10120-009-0011-3
Abstract: Observations of the vertical distribution of Cladocera in the pelagic zone of the deep Lake Piaseczno (38.8 m) focused on 6 species: Diaphanosoma brachyurum, Daphnia longispina, D. cucullata, Bosmina coregoni, B. longirostris, and Chydorus sphaericus. The animals displayed clear depth preferences, and their migration patterns were limited to small depth amplitudes. The results show that vertical habitat segregation of cladocerans in the lake consists mostly in the mechanism of competition for accessible food resources, rather than in the mechanism of predation avoidance.
Postawa cia a dzieci z domów dziecka w wieku 8-13 lat
Ma gorzata Grabara
Physiotherapy , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10109-010-0032-9
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to compare body posture in orphan children with body posture in children from full families of the same age. The study was carried out in an experimental group consisting of 28 orphan girls and 27 boys and in a control group numbering 36 boys and 36 girls. The age of all the examined children ranged from 8 to 13 years. Body posture evaluation was carried out by means of photogrammetric method - the Moiré technique. The results showed greater flattening of thoracic kyphosis in orphan children as well as more frequent asymmetries of the waist's triangles and scoliosis of inclination over 10mm. In both the experimental and control group evaluation of the body posture in the sagittal plane revealed a high percentage of defective posture cases according to the Wolańki's typology and in the orphan children they were more common and lordotic posture type was the predominant one.
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